Sarah Wright: My Husband’s Sweet Pregnancy Ritual

04/18/2013 at 03:00 PM ET

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Eric Christian Olsen is used to solving mysteries, so it’s no surprise the actor has managed to crack the code to pampering his pregnant wife, Sarah Wright.

“Eric has been the most amazing husband,” the expectant actress told PEOPLE exclusively, after debuting her baby bump in a L’Agence gown Wednesday for the Kaleidoscope Ball in Beverly Hills.

“In my first three months he cooked me food, did all the laundry and cleaning while working 60 hours a week on the show!”

The doting dad-to-be, who isn’t shy about showing his feelings, has been making sure to give the baby belly plenty of love, too.

“Every day he kisses the baby bump one time for every week old the baby is,” Wright explains. “This morning he was running late, but I still got 22 kisses on the belly before he ran out the door.”

Now into her second trimester with the couple’s first child — it’s a boy! — Wright reveals that the NCIS: Los Angeles actor, 35, has been incredibly “attentive” to her needs. Only a few short weeks ago, those needs could have included keeping specific foods out of sight — and smell.

“I felt like the first trimester was a haze of nausea and weird food aversions. Before I even knew I was pregnant, I was cooking burgers on our griddle and I told Eric that the meat had gone bad,” the mom-to-be says.

“It smelled horrible. But it was perfectly fine — I just couldn’t eat red meat in those first three months. I literally held my nose while I ate the burger.”

After consistently craving grapefruit “every day, all day,” the Parks and Recreation and Men at Work guest-star is reveling in the turnaround during second trimester. “Now I have so much energy! Eric takes me on hikes in the Santa Monica mountains, trips to the beach and I love doing prenatal yoga,” she shares.

Only adding to her happy pregnancy high was the news that the first-time parents are expecting a son, a discovery that had Wright counting her lucky stars.

“My little brother was such a loving little boy and so sweet and sensitive,” she recalls. “In contrast, I was a little nightmare, far too independent and — my mother tells me — very bossy. So I was a little worried about having a mini-me!”

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Pauline on

What a sweet and loving husband!

Jeeny on

Seriously that guy is a babe…what a great husband too!!

Sam on

Aww, I love it! What a sweet and loving husband. He sounds like he is going to be a great daddy. Happy and healthy rest of the pregnancy to you!

jbt3618 on

Aww, he is so sweet and going to be a great Daddy. Good luck on the rest of your pregancy.

Kat on

Lucky, lucky girl.

And I’m thinking Ben Flajnik could learn a thing or two about haircare from this guy seeing as they have similar heads of hair. He looked awful during his season of Bachelor.

Anonymous on

Too much of a feminine energy in him. Just saying….


What a SEXIST article.

She’s grateful to be having a boy because she’s afraid her daughter owuld be too “bossy” and “independent”?!

Hopefully she NEVER has a daughter. She doesn’t deserve one.

Sigh. I can’t believe it’s 2012 and people still speak this way.

Pam on

It’s 2012?!? Lol! No it’s 2013!

Anonymous on


Tarah on

Let’s see if she still thinks it’s cute when she is 39 weeks pregnant, swollen and sore EVERYWHERE and he is trying to kiss her belly once for every week… lol 😉

kimmy on

He’s from IOWA. Of course he is great. There is nothing like good ole Midwest values. Good luck to the happy couple!

meghan on

Jenn, piss off.

Torgster on

Make me gag, and not on a hamburger either lol. What an immature twit. If she found it repulsive, why eat it at all?

klutzy_girl on

Hey Jenn did you even read!??! She was saying it in reference to how SHE was when SHE was little according to HER own mom – not all girls in the world. Stop looking for things to get offended over.

a on

@JENN chill. Some people would prefer a son over a daughter and vice versa. Some people don’t care. Any child is a gift, but you’re allowed to have a preference.

Cindy on

Just wondering why he had to do all the work/cooking/cleaning etc..I had five kids. Just because you are pregnant, doesn’t mean you are an invalid, morning sickness or not! Sorry, just seems a bit lazy to me.