Nick Lachey: Why We’ll Raise Camden in Cincinnati

04/18/2013 at 02:00 PM ET

Nick Lachey Camden Cincinnati
Vince Flores/ AFF

Nick Lachey‘s days in Los Angeles are numbered — and he couldn’t be more excited.

Gearing up to reunite with brother Drew for 98 Degrees‘ upcoming summer tour, the singer is planning a more permanent reunion with his sibling in the coming years: He will close the curtain on California’s celebrity scene in time for Camden John, his 7-month-old son with wife Vanessa, to start school back in his home state of Ohio.

“I’ve never embraced the idea of raising my kid in L.A.,” Lachey, 39, tells

The big move will take place “in a few years,” according to the new dad, and the tight-knit trio will settle in Cincinnati, reestablishing their roots right next door to a few familiar faces: Drew, wife Lea and the couple’s two children Isabella, 7, and Hudson, 3 next month.

“Vanessa and I share a common understanding that family is the most important thing and we both appreciate the idea of raising our kids around their grandparents and cousins,” Lachey explains.

“I can’t wait until [our kids] are running through the woods together like Drew and I used to. It’s going to be a lot of fun to watch them grow up together!”

If Lachey and Vanessa have their way, there will be another baby trailing after the troops.

“We’ve definitely talked about having more than one [baby] and having one has only strengthened that,” he says.  “But my brother and I are almost three years apart, so I thought that was a nice age difference.”

Admitting that fatherhood is “far better than anything I could have imagined,” the proud papa looks forward to the future as a family.

“I want to support [Camden] in whatever he wants to do in life,” says the singer, who recently released his new album, A Father’s Lullaby, inspired by the birth of his baby boy.

— Anya Leon

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Sarah S. on

I think that’s great! 🙂

Megan on

I love nick! He has always been such a sweet, genuine guy! And Camden is by far the cutest newborn baby I have ever seen!

Jessfromohio on

That’s so great! I was born, raised, and still residein Cincinnati. It’s a great place to live and I hope Camden has a great childhood like I did, growing up in Cincinnati.

Anonymous on

I’m not at all surprised to hear this, seeing as how Vanessa tweeted “Baby LA, toddler Cinci”, in response to someone asking during her pregnancy where they were going to raise Camden. 🙂

Katie on

Good Choice. Cinnci is a good area and they U of Cinnci is the best university in Ohio! Good for them!

Ohanna on

Well except for the best university being UC..I agree..

Crystal on

Where is Vanessa from? I loooooove them!! Such a great couple! Camden is ADORABLE!!! 🙂

Wendy on

Crystal, I think she won Miss Teen USA as a contestant from South Carolina. Her mom abandoned her as a kid so I am sure a healthy family life is important to her. She was raised by her dad. She talked about it on their TLC wedding special

Marguerite on

hmmm lets see ohio is cheaper, healthier than LA but what about work? dont see too many shows filmed in ohio

Dawn on

Camden is adorable!!

Annie on

Love it. He seems like a nice, down to earth guy. I always liked him.

Meg on

they’ll have to get real jobs then, only in LA can you be in a boy band 10 years ago and somehow live in a mansion making money off of….what do they do? sell pictures of their wedding? how do they earn money? dont’ get me wrong, these two seem very level headed and it makes sense they’re moving back to the midwest instead of the La LA land, but they can’t make money on ‘appearances’ or whatever it is they do right now

Ava on

They could have been very smart with the money they have made, Meg. After a while your old money can make you new money.

Mia on

Gorgeous baby + Nick looks even sexier singing to his baby boy. I think my heart just melted….

Megan on

Him and Jessica Simpson were never meant to be. I couldn’t imagine her wanting to raise a kid in Ohio.

SC on

I actually just laughed thinking about Jessica moving to Ohio!! Thanks for that image! I think it’s great what theyre deciding to do. Give him a normal childhood not being chased by the paparazzi and stuff. And nick and Vanessa are an adorable couple!

Snow on

Much respect, but I must have been living in a cloud, because I didn’t even know Drew had a second child.

Carmel on

Improves your chances of raising a healthy, sane kid! I say move tomorrow!

Kristen on

We just moved to the area last summer. Cincinnati is a great place to raise kids! We are loving our community – everyone is so friendly and helpful. Our school district is great too! Good for them! They will be a welcome addition to the neighborhood!

Angela Menne on

This song that he sung for his son is absolutely beautiful! I love how this is truly a beautiful expression of fatherly love for his son and that he is the first, to put a record for his son. 🙂 Most lullabys are sung by mothers for their babies. We need more good father role models like Nick Lachey in this world! 🙂

DaisyMoon on

LOL…the moms look more excited than the kids…

gwen on

I think its great, but what about work? Its not like they are A list- but still.. Wonder who’s going to pay the bills..

Anonymous on

He’s smart. He’ll have a more down to earth childhood there.

Michelle on

Good for them!! We’re raising our two kids in Ohio and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else! Great people, values matter, all seasons of weather and awesome sports teams! GO BUCKS, GO BENGALS and GO REDS!!

Lu on

Good for them! I’m from the Ohio valley too, it was a wonderful place to grow up. They clearly are more interested in having a healthy, stable family for the long term than many other celebrities appear to be.

Jessica on

Jessica screwed up BIG time when she let this man go.

As for work, I’m sure they will fly back and forth if (when) they are needed in L.A.. They are not exactly hurting for money.

The way Nick handled money on “Newlyweds”, I’m sure he put plenty back in savings.

There is no way in hell would I have divorced this man if he was my husband. he’s a very rare type of guy, esp. for a celeb.

Vanessa is very lucky and blessed to be married to him.

I wish them nothing but the best.

Yumyums on

Plus he got a big ol’ chunk of Jessica’s money when they divorced. She had made millions more since and I agree he more than likely saved his wisely. I think both he and Jessica are with their soul mates now and each have gorgeous babies.

MD on

Nice & refreshing to see a celeb admit LA is a horrible place to raise a family! I’m sure they will thoroughly enjoy life in Cincinnati! 🙂

Guest2012 on

Love him. I hear him talk and he’s just so sweet and down to earth and really cannot believe he was ever married to that other one.

Susan on

This is the best ! They will have the best of both worlds….calmer city and family around ! He and his brother “get it” .

Alicia on

Cutest baby I have seen.

Anonymous on

I great up in L.A. and I turned out great. It’s about instilling good values in your kid, and making sure he or she goes to a great school.

Ohanna on

This is ao true!! It is the parents who raise a child not a city.

manda on

There are always three sides to a story his, hers and the truth. We all make choices in our lives we need to live with.

Cip on

No crime there???????????

Robin on

I love it! I’ve lived here in Cincinnati my whole life, it’s a great place to be! The Lachey’s are so visible and involved here. They guest co-host on the radio all the time, go to the local sporting events, they are pretty in demand. It’s so nice to have positive people representing our area!

Anonymous on

That was just beautiful! He seems like such a great man.

kim on

good for them. midwest is the best place to live and raise a family. L.A. has got to be one of the worst. i like them even better now than before 🙂

Mad on

That is one of the most beautiful babies I’ve ever seen. Perfect face and no Im not a Nick Lachey fan, lol.

simplyjane86 on

Why do people blame a city for there family issues problem ls, health of raising there children? I’m born & raise here came out great healthy happy well educated. LA has some of the best weather, schools, doctors jobs & people believe it or not. I think it sicken people calling LA crazy everywhere you go there’s a good bad smog or whatever. Health has nothing to do with a city. That’s why your suppose to eat good & exercise. With the smog that’s overrated la Is not even in the top 100 cities.when it comes to asthma in ppl. Why put a date on a move just move if its that bad it dont take years for a move.He just seems home sick. I doubt they move but I wish them well.

Anonymous on

This is a nice thing to hear. Celebrities that put family first. I knew Nick years ago when we attended the same church in Cincinnati. He was just a kid then. Seems he has grown up to be a good guy,

Tina on

I love that he’s going to be right down the road! Welcome back to Cincinnati!

kay pasa on

Good for them! They have their heads on straight!

Lizzie on

VANESSA, NICK & Baby CAMDEN are absolutely ADORABLE, their Fam IS HEAVENLY!!!! BLESSINGS(SSSS) to them daily!! 🙂

Kate on

I’m glad to hear they’re doing the best for their family/future. how they’ll support each other financially is none of our business folks.

Carmen on

I love Nick and Vanessa!! Camden is such a gorgeous baby. I think it’s awesome that they want to be close to family. Babies grow up so fast and family is so important!!

Melissa on

I follow all BSB on twitter and if I had to guess they might just fly back and forth between Ohio And Cali. Brian from Bsb has a house in GA. and I think that’s what he does. Just stays in his LA house when he is in town. All things are possible if you want to raise your kids to have a normal life outside of LA

Curly Fry on

Camden is one beautiful baby.

Jess on

I’m surprised to hear nick and Vanessa will be moving from LA. I mean, they’re both such attention seekers and I’m sure they’re aren’t too many paps in Ohio. I don’t understand why he’s a “celebrity” he was in a horrific boy band over 15 years ago and he doesn’t do anything except marry rich to take care of him. If those are the qualities he’s going to instill in his child I feel bad for the poor kid.

And clearly all those trashing on LA haven’t traveled very far. I’d rather raise my child with street smarts than book smarts. Children here are incredible. They have things to do, supportive parents who can afford good after school programs and many options. Unlike the country where you get bored quick, end up pregnant at 15 and never amount to anything.

But I’m glad they’re going. LA needs a few less scum like these 2!

Tara Patenaude on

Jess u have no idea what ur talking about. It was Nick with the bigger bank account when he married jessica. She made a big chunk of change during their marriage, entitling him to a settlement, just like any other Hollywood married. You rarely see them in the news so I don’t get how u call them attention seekers. Get, seriously. You sound.jealous and pathetic.

Ashley on

I have Nick’s album, “A Father’s Lullaby.” It is beautiful and bound to be a classic. I know of no other singer who has reached out to the very little people. The Lacheys seem to be down to earth, the kind of people I would love to have as neighbors. I wish them all the very best. Looking forward to Nick’s tour, his two new hosting musical shows and to seeing Vanessa co-starring in Dads.

Anonymous on

Don’t they know that the most critical years in raising a child is from birth to six years old. They need to relocate to Ohio now not years from now when their child’s personality is already developed and tainted by L.A.’s plastic phoniness.

michelle on

i think that’s great!….so long as he makes sure to tell him that skyline is WAY better than gold star 😉

michelle on


Tracy on

Very nice!! Between Nick in Cin. & Katie Holmes in Toledo Ohio is becoming quite the state!! Go Bucks!

cal on

I was born and raised in Midwest Ohio.
It is a great place to live and raise a family.
I applaud Nick & Vanessa, also, Drew and
his wife, for choosing what is BEST for their
families! Have a wonderful life in Ohio!

guest on

Thought the exact same thing Megan…cant imagine Jessica ever living there either!

KC on

I have nothing but respect for these two. I love them and I love them as a couple. I love that they are moving to Ohio to raise Camden. What a beautiful family.

Summer on

Jess, I used to live in California, in both San Francisco and LA. I now live in Ohio, having moved here for my husband. San Francisco is a great place to raise a child, but definitely not LA.

While it’s true that there is more diversity, in general I find people to be hyper-focused on “the industry,” obsessed with money and youth, and fake and shallow. I didn’t understand how bad it was until I moved to Central Ohio.

The cliche about Midwestern manners and values is so true. People here may not have the best fashion sense or the most money, but they definitely are kinder and seem to value their families more.

I now have a 4 month old son and couldn’t imagine raising him in LA. Ohio gets a bad rap as being “the country,” which isn’t the case. It’s the 7th most populous state and very important in politics. There are 3 major cities, the country’s biggest university, and several other major research areas in medicine and science here.

Plus, the cost of living allows one to raise a family decently here. Here, you can buy a nice home for less than $200k that would be $5-600k in LA.

Tefray on

I’m so sick of people saying Nick Lachey took all of Jessica Simpson’s money. When they first got married, they were on Live (then with Regis & Kelly) and one of them asked Jessica about not signing a prenup. She said something to the effect of “we’re married, whatever money we earn, we earn together”. However that attitude quickly changed when she got a big head from her “success” from being on The Newlyweds, which is why she earned the money in the first place! And she’s went on to earn a lot more. Not from being an entertainer, but from her clothing line at Macys. His settlement didn’t put a dent in her fortune. I’m sure her daddy gets more than Nick Lachey did. And its not like he asked for alimony or a portion of her future profits. The point is, he helped make her rich!!! So why shouldn’t he have gotten a portion? Her words to Regis (or Kelly) exactly!!

Lola on

I love Nick, he seems to be a really cool guy with great values. And, I think he chose a good partner this time. She seems to be on the same page as him, and she LOVES HIM. I like that!!

Lola on

I like the fact that Nick finally seems to be happy. He has a good partner and they appear to love each other. She wants the same things he wants and I like that!!