Happy 7th Birthday, Suri Cruise!

04/18/2013 at 10:00 AM ET

Suri Cruise 7th Birthday Tom Cruise Katie Holmes
Jackson Lee/Splash News Online

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes‘s little girl is growing up!

Suri, here on her way to an Easter party in N.Y.C. on March 31, turns 7 today.

And the fashionista-in-training has a lot of milestones to celebrate.

Not only did she start first grade at a new school, but she also tried out a new hairstyle — super short bangs!

On Wednesday, Cruise called into Ryan Seacrest‘s KIIS-FM radio show and the actor discussed his plans for Suri’s birthday celebration.

“Done already. All done. I take care of the kids early. You’ll know — you have to plan ahead for these things. It’s all done and all celebrated,” he said.

Although he remained mum on the details, the one thing he did divulge is that there will be sweets.

“I’ll eat cake, cupcakes. I eat all that stuff!”

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itznia on

He called in before anyone could give Katie the credit for the work I am sure only she did. He is a self absorbed a** – I hope Suri gows up just like her mother cuz this dude is a total freak.

American Mom on

Whatever you think of someone’s religious beliefs, it’s awfully cruel to claim that that they don’t love and care for their own child! Obviously he loves his children very much and while I’m sure he could care less what less you think, it’s just plain mean to say something like that about someone you don’t even know. Are you a parent? I am, and if someone suggested I didn’t love my children I couldn’t think of a worse insult. That’s very cruel and ignorant.

Anonymous on

Suri tries so hard to be grown up and glamorous in the way she dresses but still carries the teddy bear for comfort. Nothing wrong with it if it makes her more comfortable. As my sister said about her kids…”I’m pretty sure by the time they get married they won’t be carrying the blankie”. I wanted to get this in first cause for sure everyone here is going to jump all over her for the teddy bear.

Skylar on

Really? She’s 7? I truly thought she was maybe 4 or 5. It’s time for her parents to stop treating her like a baby if they don’t want to have an unmanageable teenager.

Bianca on

Bright rainbows and sunshine are wished for you on your special day.

May rain clouds never bother you, and only good things come your way.

Happiness on your Happy Birthday!

Pips on

Wow, she can walk??

Anonymous on

Sweet little girl. She tries so hard to dress like a sophisticated grown up and yet she still takes her little teddy with her for security. Nothing wrong if she still needs that comfort. As my sister said about her kids “I’m sure they’ll have given up the blankie before they get married. Not to worry”

Anonymous on

Yes, I’m sure that’s what it was….take credit for a child’s birthday party because that’s all the world cares about. Oh geeeez…just how lame are you itznia? 😦

Pammy61 on

itznia – I am sure Suri is like many kids of divorce and will have two parties – one by Katie for her side of the family and friends, and one by Tom for his side of the family and friends.

CF98 on

Eh I don’t buy it I find it hard to believe that the paps wouldn’t be aware of this?

I mean they photograph Tom everywhere else but never with Suri since the divorce(except for that trip to Disneyworld) seeing as how he’s suing Life and Style for saying he abandoned her one pic would dispute their claim big time.

Kat on

Bad timing for tomorrow’s release of Oblivion. Just like Jack Reacher was released the week after Sandy Hook’s massacre. I feel sorry for Tom.

kelly anne on

Happy birthday Suri. Poor thing has no other siblings around her age to communicate with which is why she probably carries around stuffed animals. They are her companions since she is probably lonely.

chicagoclare on

Suri is SEVEN, everyone!! OF COURSE she is carrying a teddy bear. I can’t believe that people think that it’s ‘unusual’ for a seven year old (even a stylishly dressed Suri Cruise) to carry a teddy bear or doll. What the hell is wrong with people in 2013?? YES, little seven eight nine year olds play with teddy bears, dolls, action figures, stuffed giraffes, etc. GEEZ! It’s NORMAL even for a Hollywood actor’s seven year old.

Donna on

I really c nothing wrong with a child who was just 6 and going into her7th yr of this crazy life/world wanting to carry a stuffed animal/doll around..y would u want them to grow up so fast anyway…let them be children for as long as they can…there r 10 yr olds with American girl dolls and that shouldn’t b an issue either

makafortune on

happy birthday Suri, hope you get to eat really great birthday cake.

missy on

Uh, Macey you do realize that TOM was the one who gave this interview? Katie has not said a word about Suri’s birthday. SMH

katrina on

wow, im pretty sure this article was all about what TOM said.. not a word about Katie talking about it.. geez, grow up, not like they care what people think anyway. Happy birthday to their special little girl. My kids sometimes carried a favorite stuffed animal around everywhere. She after all.. still a little girl.

what of it? on

Hands down these are some of the weirdest comments I’ve ever seen posted on this site (and that’s saying something).

Tiffany on

Happy Birthday Suri! 😀

Anonymous on

Now that she’s 7 hopefully she doesn’t suck on a paci still. I saw pics of her shopping last year with a binki.

IndustryKnows on

Tom called in to Ryan’s show? I guess he’s not getting as many gigs as he used to, since not many people in Hollywood want to work with that freak. Did he ever get any takers on the role as his new beard? He’s not Suri’s biological father, anyway, so why does he keep insisting on playing the part? Everyone in the industry knows that Suri was born months before the “announced” birth date because Katie was pregnant when she signed the contract to be Tom’s “wife.” The Co$ owns him because he was audited for his homosexuality. Everyone in Hollywood knows the truth. He’s as gay as Travolta. I’m glad Katie and Suri escaped their life behind Co$ prison bars. So many people who try to escape end up dead.

nancy on

happy birthday to you suri from a favorite fan nancy

derrida on

He’s “all done” and eats “all that stuff.”

What is he, three?

Anonymous on

kelly anne- Why would she be lonely? She goes to school, so that’s at least five days a week she gets to interact with other kids. Also, there have been pictures of her playing with other kids outside of school, too (for example, there was an absolutely adorable picture of Suri positvely beaming while swinging on a tire swing with two other little girls who looked to be around her age).

CF98- There have been several articles on here about him spending time with Suri since the divorce. They were together for both Thanksgiving and Christmas and at least one other time (which was just a month or so ago if memory serves).

Also, a photo would not neccesarily despute Lies and S&*ts claim. They could always say that the photo was simply a photo-op and that his “visit” with Suri ended the second after it was taken. Tom is d*mned if he does and d*mned if he doesn’t, unfourtnately!

Anonymous on

As for Suri’s beloved stuffed giraffe…Her parents divorced not even a year ago and she has dozens of strange men sticking cameras in her face practically every time she steps out the door. I think those are perfectly valid reasons for her to still be carrying around a lovey in public!

Anonymous on

Enjoy your youth, Suri !! Being a grownup is not all that It’s cracked up to be. Tom, continue to love your children. There’s nothing like it in the world !!!

jbc on

Hmmmmm…..a great little girl whose parents love her…pay their taxes…and excercise their frredom of religion and break no laws and THIS is BAD?????? People who critisize….you have wayyy too much time on your hands.YOU should go help catch the Boston bomber….a REAL lawbreaker.