Michael Bublé: My Wife Is Killing Me with Her Name Choices

04/17/2013 at 10:00 AM ET

Michael Buble, Wife Expecting Boy
Natacha Pisarenko/AP

Michael Bublé may be a smooth singer, but those steamy skills don’t seem to always transition into the bedroom.

When it came time to bring a baby into the mix, Bublé, 37, jokes he and wife Luisana Lopilato got right down to business.

“There was nothing sexy about it. My wife is so beautiful, but it wasn’t like that,” he says during an appearance on The Graham Norton Show, airing Thursday.

“She was very, ‘You know what Mike, it’s nine o’clock on Tuesday night and we must do it now.'”

But while their team effort paid off — Bublé and Lopilato will welcome a son in August — the dad-to-be and the Argentine actress are at a standstill when it comes to their son’s name.

“My wife is killing me; we fight about the names,” he shares. “She keeps coming up with names that she thinks sound good in Spanish, like ‘Dirt.’ Dirt Bublé!”

Ecstatic for the upcoming arrival of his baby boy, Bublé, who’s been serenading Lopilato’s stomach, isn’t letting anything stand in his way when it comes to being a doting dad — even if his audience is a little hard of hearing.

“[I was singing to the baby] early on, really early on, and I didn’t know because I’ve never had a baby before … and in the middle of singing my wife starts laughing and says, ‘The baby is two months and has no ears to hear you!'” he says.

— Anya Leon

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Julie on

How about Bobby Buble? Has a ring to it. lol Whatever they name him, the baby sure is lucky to have such a wonderful mom and dad! Best wishes to them!

Peggie on

How about Greyson? Chayse?Reed?

Mary on

It is always an issue to name babies when the parents (and their families speak two different languages). It has to sound nice and be pronounceable by your grandma! Peggie, Reed and Greyson would probably be out as the ” R’s” wouldn’t be pronounced right by her family. I have the same issue. Canadian hubby, I’m Brazilian. We don’t have babies yet, but we already have a shortlist! haha

Bee on

*sigh* I love him so much!! 💜💚💙 😀

Lisa on


LisaSchu on

He seems SO full of himself sometimes, not just from this, I’m saying from many other things I’ve read of him and seen him. Blech

Child should have a Latin name since his last name will automatically be the father’s odd Italian one

kim on

dirt??? i hope she was joking. that doesnt sound good in english OR spanish!!

SuzyQ on

That will for sure be a beautiful baby!

Lena M. on

Greyson, Braden Caden, Jaden, Brylon, Braxton, ect; TERRIBLE names! Just say no!

Gina on

Name it anchor baby (which is what it is)..

Pamela on

My DH is American & I am Spanish: I liked “Juliana ” for my daughter but didn’t sound good to me in Spanish, so I just went to the Italian version ” Giuliana” and problem solved !! my MIL & my Mom are Italian so it was not that hard to switch:)

Sarah on

Lena M. — Really is it necessary to list a bunch of names and call them “terrible names?” Just because they are not your preference does not mean they are terrible names. My son’s name is Brayden….which is on your list. Not you cup of tea…fine, but please don’t say it’s a terrible name.

tammy on

That’s what happened when you marry a child Michael!

biscuit on

eh, Dirt is a better choice than a lot of names I hear these days. Like Grayson.

Just My Opinion on

What’s wrong with the name Michael? Christian Michael Buble? The kid will be call Bubble by other kids once he becomes of school age.

CCex on

I agree that all the Brayden, Jayden, Hayden names are waaaay over done. Also for the love of jeebus people need to stop with Ayden/Aiden/Adyen!

me on

I am sure whatever they pick will be just right.

Anonymous on

Gina- Nice to know you know them and their motives personally. 😉

Anonymous on

Just My Opinion- Buble is an Italian surname, so I doubt it’s actually pronounced like bubble. Plus, why would kids call a classmate by his last name anyway?

Jules on

They look so sweet and in love in that picture. Happy for them!

Rose on

I think it’s none of our business what they name their children. Names are a very personal choice and may have a special meaning for both of them, who are we to judge? Good luck Michael and Lu, as long as your little baby is healthy, that’s all I hope for you 🙂

Denise Smith on

I like the name Dalton for a boy.

Tricia on

Buble is pronounced- boo-blay. Not bubble…


I had the pleasure of meeting both Michael and Lu during on of his tour dates here in MN they are a wonderful strong and beautiful couple. I think that his humor often does not translate into the press very well, he and Lu will have no trouble naming their baby boy something that they both love and non of us should really be saying anything negative, because their choice has nothing to do with us.

Anonymous on

To each their own. Our sons name is Jaydon. We spelled it differently and pronounce it like it looks, but everyone else always says Jayden. When we had him 6 years ago we didnt know anyone with the name Jayden/Jaydon and we loved it and thought it was different. So not everyone pics names knowing they will become a popular name. People shouldnt criticize because its not up to you what other people name their children.

Lke on

Grayling Buble or Greyson

Courtney on

Gina, you are such a troll. Go back over to Fox News where you belong.

linda on

Congratulations To This Beautiful Couple!