Jason and Molly Mesnick Introduce Daughter Riley Anne

04/17/2013 at 07:00 PM ET

Jason Molly Mesnick Daughter Riley First Photo Exclusive
Alison Dyer

While their daughterΒ Riley AnneΒ is only five weeks old, Jason and Molly Mesnick already know they are no longer in charge.

“Riley has totally taken over this house,” Molly, 29, tells PEOPLE exclusively. “She has clothes and toys and gadgets literally everywhere.”

“I used to get packages all the time and then all of a sudden it flipped and it’s all baby stuff.”.

Of course Molly and Jason, who met on season 13 of ABC’s The Bachelor and wed in February 2010, are happy about the new world order that’s taken over their Kirkland, Wash. home.

“I love watching Molly with her — that awe of loving someone so much,” Jason, 36, says.

Of course, there is one lingering issue, the Mesnicks joke.

“Jason got me a baby book and one of the pages is, ‘How Mommy and Daddy Met.’ That will be an interesting conversation, to say the least!” admits Molly with a laugh.

As will the story of the first-time mom’s labor and delivery, which arrived two weeks sooner than expected when Jason decided to take matters into his own hands.

“I got a funny text message from a friend of mine who said that if I pinched an area between Molly’s ankle bone and her Achilles, it would put her into labor,” he says. “So as a joke I actually did this at about 10:30 at night — and about 3Β½ hours later, Molly went into labor.”

The memorable moments didn’t stop once the couple arrived at the hospital. Jason was tasked with the big gender reveal — the couple had kept baby’s sex a surprise — but when the time came, the doting dad was equally in the dark as the rest of the room!

“I was kind of helping hold one of Molly’s legs up as the baby was being delivered and I couldn’t see the area where you would make the call whether it was a boy or girl,” he says.

“All I saw was her butt and the doctor was asking me to call out whether it was a boy or a girl and all I could say was, ‘I can’t tell!’ [I said,] ‘Flip him or her over!’ And then I saw and we had a beautiful girl.”

Molly quips, “And that’s when I started crying.”

Riley joins big brother Ty, Jason’s 8-year-old son from his first marriage.

Read more about the Mesnicks in the latest issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

— Monica Rizzo

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Margo on

Riley is adorable! Congrats to the Mesnicks!

Lauren Kaminski on

Awww this is making me cry! She looks just like her Mommy!:)

DaisyMoon on

Well I always thought Jason was a douche for what he did to Melissa…No, I don’t mean ending things with her, to be with his 2nd choice, Molly.

I mean, agreeing to do it on TV…

He let himself be manipulated by producers whose only agenda is ratings. Weak.

The baby is very cute though…

Cassandra on

Welcome to the world Riley Anne!

Congrats to Jason & Molly!

she is beautiful!

KP82 on

Aw, what a cutie! Congrats to both Molly & Jason. I really like those two together πŸ™‚

Cip on

Pretty baby

Tara on

Molly looks different from what I remember, maybe it’s her hair is longer. But, congrats on the baby girl.

Stana on

Wow, Molly looks amazing for just having had a baby!! and Riley is adorable! What a lovely family!

anonymousse on

beautiful baby…pretty eyes!

Julianna on

Riley is a sweetpie! They look so happy… Congratulations, Jason and Molly!

Missy on

so cute!! congrats!

Rosie on

Congrats Molly, Jason and Ty! Riley is beautiful.

Carmen on

What an adorable baby and beautiful family. Congratulations!!!

Shery on

How adorable. So happy everything went well. Little Ty must be so happy.

Gisele on

It’s so good to see Jason and Molly happy! Always thought they were great together and now this beautiful baby!
May god always bless them!

Sara on

Awww, she is absolutely adorable! This is a couple that seems to really love each other. All the best to their beautiful family.

Karen on

So adorable! Congrats again πŸ™‚

Brod on

That baby has the most awesome pose. She looks like she’s thinking “Yep, my life is good!” πŸ™‚ Adorable!

amanda on

I really love this couple and I am super happy for them. Wishing Jason, Molly, Ty and Riley Anne many years of happiness and health!

Kim on

Beautiful family!

Bree on

Riley is adorable!!

But I am sorry, Molly is wearing WAY too much make-up.

gyl on

Sweet bachelor story. I am glad he ended up with Molly and the relationship worked out. They were such a great fit. What a sweet baby.

Fefe on

How precious!!! Congrats to them!!

emma on

The baby is beautiful. However, I actually think Jason and Molly look similar – feature wise. I know how that sounds, but its just how I view them.

Aimee on

Congrats Riley is beautiful

Anita on

I’ve never been a big fan of this couple, but they did make one gorgeous girl! Congrats. I’m glad it’s worked out.

Eli on

The baby is cute but he’s got some crazy eyes in that picture. Scary!

Charli on

I really like the name Riley! She is a cutie!

Nancy on

Gorgeous couple with a beautiful baby! So happy for them and Ty! Riley is precious!

Big Fan on

Too precious.

Anonymous on

Beautiful baby! I didn’t know the sex of mine either and in fact didn’t want anyone in the delivery room to tell, I just wanted a baby, not a sex! but one of the assistants blurted a pronoun. sigh. didn’t matter, we still dressed baby in pink, blue, yellow, white, brown, whatever was at the garage sales! HAHAHA

Pauline on

Beautiful family photo. Congratulations!!!

donna on

finally a celebrity child with a normal name…how very refreshing

Guest on

They’re “celebrities”?!

Alayna on

She is precious! That baby is so adorable!!! I am so happy for them!

Denise on

Absolutely beautiful!

Kat on

She’s adorable, congratulations!

Good for Jason for not looking “at that area”, some guys get traumatized having watched the whole thing. One guy told us he wasn’t comfortable being intimate with his (ex) wife after that.


Beautiful couple, beautiful baby!! Congrats to the whole family.

JR on

Cannot stand Jason after what he did to Melissa. Molly is pretty though and the baby is sweet.

Natalia on

Many disagree he changed his mind, but it’s his life his choice that led to a beautiful family, he knew in his heart and had the courage no matter what anyone said to choose his happiness, we only live once, what a beautiful baby indeed

tina on

wow! I’m thrilled for them both! Riley and I share the same middle name, and mine is also with an E. she’s gorgeous!

thanks for sharing you 2!

Cinder Lou on

Just look at the expression on Riley’s face. Isn’t that incredibly adorable!

Kelly on

Yuck. I can’t stand this couple. He’s a jerk and she is naΓ―ve.

Niko on

DaisyMoon, seriously, ENOUGH with tired “what that douche Jason did to saint Melissa BS!”. Nobody cares anymore. Time to move on and let the past be the past! Jeez.

Yes, Riley is very cute……

mytwocents on

What a face!! She’s precious!!

Karen on

She looks just like Jason! its unreal. So cute.

Susan on

Beautiful baby! Beautiful picture. Congrats to them. I knew they were perfect for each other.

postathread on

UGH. Are these two even relevant anymore? His 15 minutes are LONG over. I’ve seen him around Seattle. Thinks he’s a Hollywood celeb. Odd.

Cyndi on

She’s 29???!!! Looks 45. Always looks orange and greasy. He always looks sleazy, so good match. And it’s not the baby who has crazy eyes, it’s him.

Emry on

their baby is cute, but molly looks sooo ugly, horrible make up job!

thisiswhatiamthinking2012 on

Cute baby, but then again I would expect nothing less from these two πŸ™‚

Bestbets on

She actually looks a lot like Ty when he was born. Beautiful baby!

As for the negative comments from two or three about Jason, please move on. I’ve known him for 10 years. I’m actually very good friends with his ex wife and can tell you for a fact that he’s a good guy.

Marky on

Beautiful baby and lovely family! Love the name, too.

I am amazed that some of you cannot let go of the fact that Jason changed his mind and went with his heart. Melissa is married and has a child with her husband; how “over it” doe the people actually involved have to be before posters who WEREN’T get over some short-lived hurt.

My fiancee actually cheated on me with someone in front of my face and I was over it quicker than you people are over someone else’s situation, and you don’t even know them!! A “douche”? Get over the drama. Melissa moved on and is happy, you should be, as well!

anonymouse on

What a beautiful little girl. Love the name. They are very blessed.

Teal betts on

Shes so cute! Congrats!

B. Elizabeth on

Wow!! People on here are so rude!! Molly is gorgeous, and Jason is handsome!!

Jason and Molly were always my favorite! πŸ™‚ Such a beautiful couple and looks like they made a beautiful baby girl! Happy for Jason, Molly and Ty! Wishing them all the best!!:) Glad to be a fellow Seattle girl πŸ˜‰

Julie on

Riley is co cute! Congratulations Jason and Molly!

lisa on

That is one beautiful baby! Congrats!

Kelly on

Woohoo for Riley!! My daughter’s name is Riley as well. πŸ™‚

samantha on

beautiful baby

sandy on

how is big brother handling all these changes?

jes on

Some day they can say to Riley, we both had to do some real trashy things that really set a bad moral example of , but we ended up together in the end.

ChristineB on

OMG what a beautiful baby!! I love this picture of them! ❀

Ashley on

BEAUTIFUL FAMILY!! Love these two and Riley is precious, congratulations πŸ™‚

jsp81355 on

What a beautiful little girl. Congratulations.

tina on

Aww, look at the smile on the baby’s face. How angelic.

dancer92136 on

omg she is beautiful. Congrats.

Par on


Amy on

What a cute baby!

MEG on

she’s only 29? She looks 39!!!

Jason is an ### for what he did to Melissa!! Molly will always know how they came together after HE chose another woman initially!!

Never have liked him . Cute baby.

June on

I do agree, that Jason was not a douche and Melissa wasnt the victim she played on te show. I think there was a Blackfoot deal for them both if they agreed to break embarrassed each on live TV. Melissa ended with an ABC hosting gig. Jason got the phone number of Molly and a free wedding.

Reality TV is not all real, something’s are staged for the dramatics.

Barbara on

Look how happy and content Riley shows by her little facie. She seems happy to be here. Jason and Molly will be wonderful parents.

Tracey on

Look at that sweet little smile on her face. So precious!!!

Marie on

Awe, don’t know them or the show but that baby is adorable! Congrats!!!!

Jay on

Who cares what happened in the past with the whole Melissa thing. I read Melissa’s book and I think she was guilty of being in love with her now husband when she even went on the show. So guilty parties all around. Jason and Molly were meant to be together. They make a beautiful couple and now have a beautiful daughter. Congrats to them on their new addition!!

Sarah on

Is it just me or do both parents have crazy eyes….

but the baby is very very cute! Congrats.

Just My Opinion on

Beautiful baby!

Annie on

So happy for you! We named our little girl Riley too! Be happy and take good care of each other (stay out of the spotlight for sure)! We wish you so much happiness.

Mary on

oh wow she looks exactly like Jason…..ewww

gigi on

congrats..there’s was the first season i’d ever watched the bachelor and i knew they belonged together..yeah it was a crazy, convoluted road but God blessed the broken road…

me on

Does anyone else think the two resemble each other? As in brother/sister. I can’t believe how much they look alike!

Crystal on

I do not care for this couple. They still annoy me. I cannot get over what he did to Melissa. I’m glad they have both found happiness but him with Molly? Yuck!

Guest on

The baby looks like she’s saying “Wherefore art thou Romeo?” She’s a great combo of both of them–very cute!!

Niko on

Some Melissa apologists still act like she’s some lily-white saintly woman. Give me a break, ok?. Melissa knew what she was getting herself into. She knew what was gonna go down on live TV. Her and Jason were already broken up, and she knew she Jason would leave her for Molly on TV. She didn’t have to show up, but she did anyway. So that phony outrage by her was just a ploy for sympathy.

The misdirected anger is sickening. The real person you grudge holders should be mad at is ratings-hungry producer Mike Fleiss. He’s the one who successfully manipulated both parties to appear on live TV instead of letting them handle the whole affair off the air.

Doreen on

Such a blessing!! I’m happy for them! Glad he picked Molly. He should’ve picked her and not Melissa on the show. Very nice that they worked out as a couple. Baby Riley is precious!!!

Robin on

I didn’t like the way things happened on television, but I thought his chemistry was better with Molly the whole show anyway, so I was glad he did what he did. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the moment in a situation like that I’m sure. However, everything happens for a reason and he was man enough to admit his mistake on national television and both girls have happy lives now.

Congrats to both families!!

theresa on

loved the show knew you were meant for each other from the start congratulations on your baby girl she is beautiful. just like her parents

Karen Ross on

She is beautiful Ihope she has Mollys beautiful eyes when she gets older Much happiness to all of you Congradulations

Cathleen on

Riley is adorable! Congrats Molly and Jason

Anonymous on

so happy for you both. you make a beutiful couple and family. inside and out!

JP on

One of those rare moments when something good actually comes out of that show. What a cute baby! Congrats!

Taylor Couret on

What a beautiful couple! Riley is so Precious and adorable! She has got pretty eyes from her parents! I’m glad that She’s Sleeping well, eating and is a Healthy Baby Girl that they Made!πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ˜΄πŸ‘πŸ©=Beautiful🚼Girl Riley!!!!

PB82 on

Cute baby.

But what’s wrong with Jason’s eyes? Deer in headlights!

And Molly’s eyes? Not enough sleep sunken eyes and bad makeup!

snomannn on

I absolutely love Jason and Molly. Baby Riley Anne is so adorable. Congratulations to this beautiful and happy family

southerngal on

Congrats!! But where’s Ty? Will he be in any pics with the family? I would have thought he would have been in this pic since he is the big brother.

lena artuso on

I am so happy for you Jason and Molly,you were blessed with a beautiful daughter,your family is complete, god bless to you all !!!!

Anonymous on

EWWWW…..Molly is ugly!!!

Susan on

Hey Anonymous, if that’s “ugly,” then you should be so lucky. LOL. I think Molly is stunning!

Alymro on

Gorgeous couple, gorgeous baby! Congratulations πŸ™‚

searcher4ever on

Wow! Still fuming about that dumb show? Beautiful baby, goodlooking couple! It was only tv folks.

maggie Elaina on

They are such a nice couple, who says you cannot find love on The Bachelor. Jason is such a great Dad to his son, one lucky little baby to have this couple for parents.

Anonymous on

Ha! They named their baby after Melissa’s dog!

lisa on

Interesting that their “family picture” doesn’t include Jason’s son, Ty.

Lisa on

To those of you who “can’t get over what he did to Melissa” really need to take a long look at your empty lives! The people who were actually INVOLVED got over it, and the fact that you can’t is a serious psychological issue.

Question on

Am I the only one who thinks these two look like they could be brother and sister.? Every time I see pictures of them I can’t help but notice in the similarities in their eyes, noses, and mouth shape. It’s eerie!

Jenn on

Baby is posing for the camera, so cute

Milandra on

What a precious, beautiful baby. Congratulations to them!

jes on

If he would have had a backbone, and her with married men, then maybe.

B A Buttke on

I am surprised Ty has not been included in any of the family photos.

Anonymous on

Congrats! Riley you are so lucky to have such special parents in your life!

Pria on

Baby is simply adorable, God bless you.

jes on

Cold hearted for sure, Jason is cold hearted for his obvious reasons,
and if even half of what is out there about Molly is true = family wrecker. The perfect couple.

Susan on

LOL, I see you’re still trying to make people dislike Molly by spreading those old lies. Nice try, but you’ve already been outed. Hahahaha, I am getting a kick out of you, though.

Susan on

Um, I see the old busybodies with no life from the message board are back. Give it up. Your lies have been disproven over and over again. Do you really think you’re doing Molly and Jason any harm here? You do realize that anyone can see you are a troll, don’t you?

Susan on

Love Jason and Molly. Their baby is so pretty. For that one person who keeps leaving nasty comments (yes, we know you post over and over again under different names) please get some help. You need it.

Susan on

Beautiful baby. So happy for Jason and Molly. They deserve all the happiness life has to offer. Genuine, down to earth people.

Jane Bowlin on

Sweet story.. happy couple ..precious baby with a doting big brother.. what a lucky family!

Anonymous on

cute couple, cute baby, cute name, you guys are the best, god bless

emma on

AND FOLKS THIS IS HOW IS IS SUPPOSED TO BE DONE!!!!What a perfect example of a loving couplem, now raising a happy, well, adjusted, normal family! SOOOO happy for both Molly and Jason and their sweet adorable son πŸ™‚

Loretta on

Remembered how Jason and Molly spent the night together in the tent on their first date–and Molly came back to the house with her clothes on differently than when she left. Wouldn’t really want her daughter to watch the series and see how easy or cheap her mom was. Agree with all the comments about how Molly looks–nice and trim but makeup job is just awful. Congratulations but your 15 minutes of fame are really up. Give some of the other ‘ettes their share of attention.

Elizabeth on

You really show ignorance and jealousy when you trash Molly.

Molly’s genuine love produced a beautiful baby legally married to the father Jason; the good over-rides anything you could say negative about those precious upright citizens of the United States of America.

Elizabeth on

Molly and Jason are in love, married and legally have a beautiful baby why would anyone want to trash that?

Retha Jonker on

They are the perfect happy couple and Molly looks stunning! Congrats on the lovely baby and CONGRATS to make this choice Jason. You knew what was best for your future. Molly is a beauty and more she is genuine and classy a real lady… Have a good life!

mandi on

Molly looks way older….maybe its botox. She does not look the same as she used to.

jes on

Tacky couple, classless and tacky-

Adele Hastings on

Im sorry, Im so freaked out by Jason! Ugh, did any of u cee his eyes? Theyre like deer in headlights!!

Karen on

She is beautiful.
Many blessings to the entire family.
Ty must be excited to be a big brother.

Peter on

Jason is a class act. He did not dump his first choice on tv as the show would like you to believe. He refused to tape the “dumping” live on TV. He had already had the tough conversation Melissa so he did not have to embarrass her live on TV. Reality tv is all about the ratings and nothing about Reality!!! The producers of these shows are always looking for friction to “pump” their ratings and will go to all lengths including bending the truth (or outright lies) to get people to watch.