Jessica Simpson: ‘I’m So Excited to Have a Son’

04/17/2013 at 09:00 AM ET

Jessica Simpson Baby Shower Exclusive
Stephanie D. Kleinman

She may be a self-proclaimed girly-girl but at her Los Angeles baby shower Sunday, Jessica Simpson couldn’t help but gush over gifts she opened up for her baby boy.

“I’m so excited to have a son,” Simpson, 32, tells PEOPLE exclusively. “He got all these cute vintage cars and I got a lot of little leather jackets I can’t wait to try out!”

The Fashion Star mentor’s 11-month-old daughter Maxwell Drew got excited too. “She was taking over some of her little brother’s gifts!” says Simpson.

The mom-to-be — whose fiancé Eric Johnson later joined the celebration hosted by Simpson’s mom Tina and attended by sister Ashlee — celebrated her son’s impending arrival with a Tom Sawyer-themed bash created by celebrity event planner Mindy Weiss, who gives PEOPLE an exclusive private tour of the party below.

The menu included treats for kids (a grilled cheese station!) and Southern comfort food.

“I always love some fried chicken,” says Simpson, who has been working out three times a week with trainer Harley Pasternak. “This pregnancy I’m active. I’ve only gained half of what I gained in my first pregnancy.”

But she’s just as excited to meet her second child. “I didn’t grow up with a brother and I think the unknown is really exciting,” she says. “I can’t wait to have that connection with our little man.”

For more of our exclusive interview and photos from the big day, check out the new issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

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lrm on

she looks great!!

Angie on

Fiancé? He’s had another 9 months to marry you and didn’t. What’s the hold up?

Tara on

They were planning the wedding when she got pg again. She said it will be soon after her son is born.

Anonymous on

Lmao! !!!

Brandi on

The “hold up” is that she got pregnant again. Lol what a dumb question…totally understand her waiting until after she gives birth to get married.

Cole on

Beautiful mommy and baby!

mahn on

She has a net worth of $100 million but she’s having a (second) baby shower and accepting gifts? That’s tacky. Have a shower but have the guests donate to somewhere. She can more than afford to buy her own stuff

Anon. on

Just because she has money does r mean she can’t have a shower. Get over it!

JT on

Actually, typical etiquette suggests one wouldn’t have a second shower unless more than 5 years have passed & the child is of the opposite sex. Feel free to have a party to celebrate a new life but any gifts should be to charities, rich or not.

lynn on

Yes I agree I thought that you only got one baby shower with your first baby

Sarah on

Doesn’t every baby deserve to be welcomed into this world with the people who love him/her even if there is an older sibling? People who love you will buy stuff no matter what, its a time to rejoice and be happy and bring family together….not worry about mundane etiquette for a party for a baby…. just sayin

Wendy on

Would you like someone telling you whether you should have a shower or not based on your money? Typically it’s ok to have one if the second child is the opposite sex.

Elle on

I completely agree, there’s no reason for her to have another shower (especially so close to the last baby) & receive gifts. Makes no sense to me.

Pnut on

I totally agree. Having another shower and accepting / expecting gifts just a year after a first baby is tacky. Your close friends and family will hook you up with boy stuff, and spend some of your own money on trucks & leather jackets. Definitely celebrate!!! But don’t accept gifts.

MR on

Are you her financial consultant main? handle the $100 you have in your bank and stop saying to other people what to do with their own well gain money.

Angie on

Is anyone else having trouble hearing the video? I can’t hear a thing and I don’t think it’s my speakers.

rimy1 on

I don’t mean to be picky but don’t she mean excited to be expecting a son.

guest on

I know a lot of people that refer to their son lil man,man or whatever What’s the big deal

Bailey on

doesn’t* she mean… And you’re critizing someone else’s grammar.

Lillian on

Call me old-fashion, but why did she have another baby shower? She just had one last year! I’m pretty sure she can buy anything she wants for her new baby.

Kiki on

Good For Her 🙂 Boys are so much fun!

Amanda on

They’re easier to deal with as teenagers too. Hope she doesn’t name him something dumb though.

Anonymous on

JOHNSON? Thats the name of the baby?

Amber on

Johnson is her fiance’s last name, not the baby name lol

Zenni on

If you read the article, Johnson is the last name of her fiancé.

Amy on

That’s her fiancé’s last name. Eric Johnson

Mama I on

No the last name is Johnson. If you paid attention.

Andy on

Johnson is Eric’s last name, hence the babies last name

SarahJane on

Her fiancé’s name is ERIC JOHNSON.

Sandy on

Where did you see that? The only Johnson I saw in there was referring to her fiancé, Eric.

Jessica on

Johnson would be the last name of the child. Her fiancé is Eric Johnson. It’s in the article.

Love her on

Yes she does look great, and her daughter is so beautiful with always a smile on her face!!!!

Anonymous on

you re very beautiful, Congratultions:)

Angie on

Does anyone else have a problem with the comment section when it’s like this? Either my comments won’t post at all or they take a very long time.

Anonymous on

I love her. I’ve met her a few times thru my job and she is the sweetest and nicest person! Even brought me shoes to thank us for our work.

Kristen on

She looks beautiful, but WHY is she having another baby shower??? Her daughter is 11 months old and she is a rich celebrity. I hope she’s donating those “cars” and “leather jackets” instead of keeping them. To have a second baby shower when the kids are so close in age is just tacky. As a Southerner, she should know better.

katylaroo on

She’s a gajillionaire, does she really need to have another baby shower? You had one a year ago and you can more than afford to buy things for another child….no having a party and donating gifts to charity? Stay classy, Jessica.

Sara on

She looks awesome and little Maxwell is beyond adorable!!

Jojos Momma on

Jessica looks amazing!!!! not sure I like the theme and the party favors and whatnot.. but whatever. as long as they all had a good time!! congrats to Jessica on getting a boy! enjoy it! its fun! lol

lee on

Really condoms.. that is classless. .. and why a 2 nd shower? I agree with the other person that said she can buy what ever she wants. . It should have a shower to donate to charity.

Anonymous on

@ Anonymous, I am thinking she said that she is naming her son Ace. Johnson is her fiance’s last name.

Sarah Beth on

Why is she naming her kids with what Other people would consider last names? Johnson and Maxwell? These celebrities don’t know how to name their kids anymore. I thought Jessica and Beyonce wouldn’t have messed that up… But they did. =[

Kay on

I’ve heard of people having a “sprinkle” for a second or third child…especially if it’s a different sex than the previous children..but yeah a full blown shower were you just take in all these presents yet again….kinda tacky.

bonni on

I agree she should not of had a baby shower. She’s very wealthy and should donate all of her gifts to charity

jsp81355 on

She seems like such a nice girl, very down to earth for a hollywood celeb. I wish her the best.

guest on

Such excess… how much did this party cost? I’d be embarrassed. So many in this world can barely afford the baby basics.

Gracie on

Excuse me, lavish, waste of money when so many are doing without? At least it’s her money, friends money paying for this shower. Jessica’s OWN MONEY for her lavish lifestyle. On the other hand, Obama & his wife have spent 1.7 BILLON Dollars on their vacations since he took office on us taxpayers, and Obama has another 3 1/2 years hobnobbing on us, “we the people”…

Dani on

So what if she had another baby shower. She’s having the opposite sex this pregnancy. I think she should keep her gifts even though she can afford to buy what ever she wants. My husband & I are not wealthy, but we too can afford to buy what are boys need. Does that mean at our first borns shower we should have donated all of the gifts? According to some folks it appears as if you can afford to buy your own baby things, then you shouldn’t keep the gifts.

Jen DC on

that little girl is so cute, it’s DISGUSTING! i just can’t stand it. and i’m sure that little boy is going to be a bruiser, if his sister is anything to go by.

i’m glad JS has seemed to find her happy, sweet spot.

Shannon on

I only had 1 shower, however I had 3 boys. She had a shower before for a girl. Yes, she can afford more than most but if her friends and family want to throw her a shower so be it. Why is everyone so hateful about something so irrelevant? Congratulations to Jessica and family!

Mel on

I agree with you Shannon.

Dani on

My thoughts exactly!

Lisa on

I totally agree with you. It’s nobody’s business if her friends & family wanted to throw her a baby shower. You people need to get off your etiquette high horse. Have you ever heard the saying “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all. “. So she is a celebrity, no one knows their financial state. She is an excited mom to be of a little boy. God bless them and shame on all of you for being catty women with nothing else better to do.

Angie B on

Yeah, she should be real proud. She broke up a marriage to get this fiance. Now she is having a second illegitimate baby. This coming from a woman that was so religious when she was younger that she wouldnt have sex with her 1st husband until they were married. She is nothing but a skank. Skanks break up marriages.

MR on

Hurry get help. You sound bitter. Did someone steal your husband Angie?

vuna on

bet this time she’s gonna give him her middle name … what a ‘wat

Angie on

Anonymous, no, Johnson is the baby’s last name. Her fiance’s last name is Johnson.

JW on

Jessica looks great and so does Maxwell, she looks so adorable.

Anonymous on

So what if her net worth is 100 million? isn’t she allowed to celebrate the upcoming birth of her son like everybody else? Plus her celebrity friends are probably worth millions too, so they can afford a gift. Plus don’t tell me the only reason people have showers is only for the fact to receive gifts….it’s about celebration too. if that’s the case, then maybe it’s you who should feel shamed…

Brandy on

Not having a 2nd baby shower (no matter your economic status) is completely outdated. It’s considered very rude and ungracious to refuse an offered shower or party. It is even more rude to mention gifts, much less dictate if it should be a charity donation. Be gracious, say thank you, and don’t be awkward. It makes life easier for the 90% of us that live in this current century.

Alicia on

Rimy1- you are expecting for 9 months. After that you have your baby in your arms. Sooooo, she is excited to HAVE A Son!

And it’s not “don’t” she mean but DOESN’T she mean…..

sandy on

wow, maybe I need to get into that celeberty decorating business. I can make a way better looking cake than that one!

Jae on

I wonder if she will give her son a girls name???

Pamela on

A baby shower is not about how much money the person has. It’s about being supportive and the celebration of the life of this child. It makes no sense that because she’s wealthy she doesn’t get to enjoy the traditions of motherhood the same as the rest of us. And Each child should receive attention, particularly if one is a girl and the second is a boy. Congrats to Jessica!

Melissa on

Looking good, Jessica!!!

Boys are a lot of fun, but very different from girls!!! My oldest is a girl, youngest is a boy, and he’s go, go, go, all day!

Dina on

I think she looks great! And so what she had another babyshower and didn’t donate the gifts, people are too quick to judge. Let her friends and family celebrate her and her new baby. Just because she has money doesn’t mean she can’t be like the rest of us. How much fun can you have opening gifts you buy for yourself. Give me a break. Happy for her, she beautiful, wish her and her family the best.

Kelly on

Gee…maybe after she pushes this one out, she can clear her schedule for the wedding she’s always postponing for one reason or another..

tonya mcgrath on

Oh leave her alone. she is glowing and can have as many baby showers as she wants. Im sure she spent a fortune throwing it. If she was having another girl maybe not have a shower but its a boys time for BLUE. Love you Jessica

cindi on

How tacky, another baby shower for a rich woman who can buy her own stuff? I have 4 daughters and 1 son. I had to go out and get all his stuff myself no baby shower. We aren’t rich not even middle class. That’s absolutely crazy i could see a baby shower to celebrate and then instead of gifts maybe helping the less fortunate babies out there. but to keep them all for yourself? what a waste

Bailey on

What’s tacky are these comments posted with a sob story. What others do with their money is their business. I’d love for her to have ten baby showers for her son just to make a point.

Brandi on

Boo hoo sounds like someone is mad that she never got a baby shower. Don’t be mad at Jess because she had two and you had zero. I swear women like you make me embarrased sometimes to be a female with all this jealousy and cattiness. Sorry you were less fortunate but that’s no reason to be a sourpuss about someone else’s blessings.

MR on

You are the one that needs to be ashamed cindy. I think is irresponsable to bring to the world so many kids when obviously you can’t afford it. Don’t hate other people fortunes just because your life is not the same.

robin on

I dont understand why she this will be her second kid with a guy she still hasnt married. Nice Christian values. And a great role model.


I guess this kids name will be Sue

what on

She just had a baby shower last year AND she is very rich. A second baby shower is just tacky and greedy. Although I imagine all of this was paid for my sponsers :eye roll:

EP83 on

Condoms as a favor?

Anonymous on

@ Anonymous Johnson is the father’s last name. Baby (last name) is often used until the baby is born, and a name is announced.

michelle on

I like Jessica’s persona she puts out, however, I think a second baby shower is classless, DONATE to the needy, jeez! I don’t have much and I’ve donate ALL my baby clothes, all of the clothes growing up and all my clothes (through weight ups and downs). “Johnson” is Eric’s last name, thus the baby’s last name.

Dee on

Some people are so catty, let the woman enjoy her shower…who cares if she can afford it herself. Her friends and family wanted to do it for her and I’m sorry there is NO RULE stating that because you have money you should donate all your gifts to charity!!!!

When was the last time any of you donated to charity much less offered your brand new never opened baby gifts to the less fortunate? If you do good for you sit down off your high horse and if you don’t just shut up and move on!!!!

I’m not her biggest fan but give the woman a break, she looks great and her kid is cute!!!

SG on

Who cares about the shower and gifts? That’s her business. Besides, no one knows how much of her own money she gives to charity. If others choose to purchase gifts for her, so be it.

NB on

Eric’s last name is Johnson. So it is baby Johnson at this point. Since they haven’t said the name.

No matter what people like having baby showers. Did you only have one for each of your kids?

Kel on

To all of you ignorant people saying “why have a 2nd shower, she’s rich, blah blah blah”… baby shower’s are not just for getting gifts! They are a celebration of the baby’s impending arrival for family and friends. Maybe your baby shower’s are solely for getting gifts that you can’t afford on your own, but most baby showers are not about the gifts, instead about celebrating with loved ones.

anon on

Love this girl & Maxwell is a beauty. Can’t wait for baby boy. There are no guarantees people that a piece of paper that some GVT said was going to make you happy for ever. Too many marriages still fall apart after years & with that paper. Its all about the commitment to each other not some legal piece of paper saying it will survive. People need to stop judging because some choose to not have the paper & last longer then people that do. Please don’t start with the religion thing because there also are areas that are debatable as to when marriage per say was even thought about.

Looking good Jessica & can’t wait to buy the mag & hope there is more in it then just shots from the video 🙂

cynlee on

I have a lot of work ahead of me before I throw my niece her shower in June, lol…

ceci on

@ angie- Her fiance, not Jessica, broke up his marriage. I am pretty sure Jessica didn’t hold a gun to his head to make him cheat and get a divorce. He had options, clearly Jessica is what he wanted. Sounds like you got cheated on.

anon on

This is crazy have any of you any idea what she donates to charity? Your all assuming she doesn’t Jessica has never been one to flaunt what & who she supports but she has since 16 had a orphanage in Mexico she looks after. Some of you need to adjust your thinking.

Also this baby boy has as much right to a celebration as Maxwell did as does any baby. He has the right as any baby to know that people are excited for his arrival as they were for his sister or for that matter anyone that is having a second child. When he looks back at his beginnings he will feel the same support & excitement that people felt for his arrival as they did his sister. Why should he feel less. Some of you need to give your head a shake & stop this nonsense & really use your brain. Get off the money issues.

Yazmin on

Just because she has money doesnt mean she cant be a normal person and have a normal baby shower with gifts!

Melissa on

Maxwell is so dang CUTE!!!!!

Lisa on

the favors for the guests are condoms?? she really is so tacky!!!!

kmc on

So because she is rich and had a baby shower for her daughter, she shouldn’t have a baby shower for her son? Every baby deserves to be celebrated. Who cares if she can buy the stuff. It is her family and friends buying for her, not you. They are celebrating the upcoming arrival of a baby boy and he deserves to be celebrated and treated just like his sister and any other expected baby.

Renee on

what’s tacky is people writing comments about her not needing to celebrate her new baby’s life because she had a baby not to long ago. No matter how much money one has everyone deserves to celebrate.

Angie on

Angie B., she did NOT break up a marriage. He was getting divorced already before they started dating. I don’t know anything about his divorce but sometimes they take a while to finalize, years even, especially when one of them is a wealthy retired professional football player. As far as her Christian values go, once you get divorced sometimes you just see things differently. It doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have Christian values just means she has changed since she was in her early 20’s, like ALL of us do.

Just Sayin on

Am I the only one here who is surprised she knows who Tom Sawyer is? Just sayin…

Tammie on

i wonder if she’s going to give her boy a girls name, since she gave her girl a boys name

Kitty on

Not only is she having a second baby shower with kids so close together, not only is she a rich celebrity who could afford to buy anything and not have people gift it to her, but she’s throwing HERSELF a baby shower. It’s not her best friend who planned it, or her sister, she’s planned it for herself. TACKY, TACKY. TACKY!

Anonymous on

She’s probably gonna give this one a girl’s name.

kitty62862 on

Very cute picture!

I see red velvet whoopie pies on that table, YUM!

Best wishes!

Laurie on

She looks beautiful and is glowing. I am happy for her and her fiancé. Stop hating because she had another baby shower. This time it’s a boy, I say good for her.

Guest on

Haters will always hate.

Her friends want to buy clothes that the baby will wear because they love her and are excited to see the new bundle of joy! Her net worth has nothing to do with it. These are her loved ones.

Tell coal-mining non-princess Kate Middleton to forgo having a baby shower in lieu of giving money to charity and see how that goes down.

kitty62862 on

I am so tired of the “Why a second baby shower?”

She had a second baby shower, and you didn’t.

Guess what, you’re going to live through it.

Melissa on

I am so sick of the comments whenever someone has a baby shower. Yes they have money and don’t need anything, but people like to celebrate babies. It’s none of your business and no one asked you to buy anything for her. And yes it’s her second child, but they were both different sexes.

Athina on

Who cares if it’s a second shower. It’s obviously more of a get-together than anything else, a chance to talk and have fun. She doesn’t care about the gifts and neither do the guests. The important thing is the socializing and the food!

bkable on

Ummmm is it just me or is this article really obvious? What was she going to say? “I’m really disappointed about having a son….” ?? Cuz that would’ve went over well lol

manomer on

Pamela I couldn’t agree more. Nothing wrong with her having a baby shower, this is a boy so it is not the same and either way if her FAMILY/FRIENDS want to give her a shower let her enjoy her time you negative people. How ridiculous. It is not tacky. Do you even know if she gives to charity? If you don’t know then please spare us the drama…..just b/c someone is rich you don’t give them gifts? That is ridiculous.

Bailey on

Baby showers aren’t only intended for the gifts. A lot of people have a second shower to celebrate a new sex baby for the family or multiples like twins. It’s exciting when you find out you’re having a little boy whenever you have all girls or vice versa. Let her celebrate!

jaci on

why dont they get married already?? with?

Blahh on

All yall people are judgmental as fuck. If she wants to have a baby-shower for her son then there is no problem with it. Celebrity or not people like to celebrate a new life coming into the world. Get over it. No need to be jealous that she has money and she is having a baby shower. Go cry in a corner.



Amber on

I’m confused as to why it matters that she had a baby shower??? It’s to celebrate a new beginning with friends and family, so what if she’s worth a lot of money? She should celebrate as any other normal person would!

LMS on

Ladies, Gentleman – it IS the year 2013 – times have changed. Marriages sometimes come after babies, or before or not at all. Baby showers come in two’s and three’s. Wearing white for your wedding has become the ‘norm’ for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and so on marriages. Sure, to those who grew up with these values (I’m one of them), it seems ‘tacky’ but, in reality, these values went out the window a long time ago. Who are we to be the judge, jury and executioner? We are not. Let her be happy and enjoy her moment because you only get to enjoy your pregnancy for each, individual child for nine months and then it’s over. I’m sure her mom threw the shower for her own personal reasons – so, just say “Congratulations” and be happy for her and think how YOU would feel if roles were reversed…..

Kate on

She’s only excited to have a boy because she already has the girl she wanted. LOL!!!

Coni on

@Angie B; I had 2 of my 3 children illegitimately, and they came from a man who was married when we met. So, are you calling me a skank? Come do that to my face, I dare you. Why cant you people ever be happy for the celebrities? If you are so jealous of them that you have to be hating on them, then take your ass to hollywood and live their lives. A baby is a wonderful, beautiful gift, no matter what the circumstances are. Oh, and last time I checked, it was 2013, people are constantly having babies without getting married first! Join the times people!!

Brooke on

Oh MAxwell is PRECIOUS in that pic. What a dollbaby!

denise on

Well her baby boys name so far is going to be ace. Also just because she has money does that mean she is not supposed to have a baby shower. I have money but your family just does this for you. You don’t have baby showers because your poor LOL..anyway Jessica your beautiful. Your little girl is adorable. It was great seeing you in Charlotte also. You are a down to earth funny caring person..I’m happy for you.

Brooke on

Rumor is she is naming her son Ace…..Let us hope it stays a rumor

happy on

The poor father is always just going to be a fiance’ I think. But, Jess looks great and her daughter is adorable.

Denise Smith on

They both look very happy.

xlovehappyx on

I think that Jessica is having more of a celebration, not the normal baby shower that us commoners have ^_^ If rich people wanna buy her baby gifts, let em! I think it’s pretty cool that her kids will be close in age. Hopefully she has a really nice wedding, too.

Kim on

Just b/c she is rich and probably go out and buy anything she wants for this baby doesn’t mean that she shouldn’t have a shower. There are many personalized gifts that friends and family can shower her with that aren’t the typical “useful” items, but rather gifts that express their love for Jessica and her new baby boy. A shower isn’t always about the gifts one receives, but rather a celebration of a new life!

Gracie on

OH PLEASE, Jessica is having a boy this time; and her baby girl is still using majority of baby furniture. It’s a celebration of life with family and friends filled with love & happiness. Congtrs Jessica. You’ve come such a long way since you’re first marriage.

jones on

She looks great and much healthier this pregnancy and Maxwell is adorable. Her friends and family were going to buy her gifts whether she had a shower. Yes, she could have had them brings for charity in addition.

Lola on

It’s a cute theme and all seems a little extreme, though. Well maybe her next shower can be a wedding shower.

poppykai on

I could care less either way if she had a second shower (since it is a different gender), however, what does bug me a bit is that it was thrown by her own Mother. Family of the expectant mother is never supposed to be the host of a shower (not my rule, common etiquette). That said, not much surprises me when it comes to J.S. She isn’t exactly known for her tactfulness or good manners. She does seem like a fun person however. I am sure she will get on the donation wagon and make a sizeable gift to “Baby Buggy” or some other charity to help underprivileged mothers and babies. Cute theme anyway, regardless of who threw the party.

Also, I hate to say this but it seems that celebrities try to do whatever they can to stay relevant and in the news, so she will probably get married when all of the baby hoopla wears off. Just my thoughts.

Candace on

Normally I would agree it is tacky to have another baby shower back to back but hello, its a BOY! Yes she has some things left over but it’s a different sex I dont see a problem with that. And as far as she is a millionaire why is she getting gifts, why not? So shuold you ONLY have a baby shower if you absolutely cant afford to buy your own baby things? Plenty of people who make a good living making 50,60,70 thousand a year have showers should they not have them because they can afford gifts? This is so stupid to me that people are saying that. She is still a woman having a baby wanting to celebrate that. Not everything she does needs to be about donating to charity!!!

deannefox on

You guys are pretty rude. So what if she can afford her own things. Celebrities are people too and she has a right to celebrate a new baby with friends and family with a shower. Friends and family aren’t just going to donate in your name you know.

Stacey on

She proclaims herself a girly-girl, yet gives her daughter a male name and doesn’t dress her very “girly” at all. I pictured her in pink fluffy dresses with huge hairbows on everyday. But she is actually one of the most plainly dressed little girls I have ever seen…………..pajamas, boring pants, and those tiny little hairbows that they give newborns. Even the dress she has on in this picture is so plain. Whatever.

Lana on

Do you hear yourself talk, Stacey? No? Be glad!

Katie on

I know that she is rich and doesn’t need a baby shower, but what is wrong to want to celebrate your pregnancy with your friends? When one of my friends or someone in my family has a baby I still want to buy gifts for them regardless of how much they already have.

shanice on

She and Eric are happy, in love, and raising a family. A legal certificate isn’t going to change their relationship, so stop harping on marriage.

As for the shower, I love it! We did a Huckleberry Finn theme for my daughter’s complete with mason jars, hot chocolate mixes, little red over the shoulder bum sacks for children filled with gifts and toys, plus we had a fishing theme as well.

I wish Jessica, Eric, Maxwell & their baby boy all the best!

Anonymous on

I agree Angie why hasn’t Jessica seen a wedding ring and her chances are slim in getting married. Why should her fiance marry her hes getting all the perks of a wife for free.

Beth on

I wonder if she’ll give the boy a girl name?

Angela on

Every baby deserves to be celebrated! I had 2 boys 2 years apart and my friends still threw me a baby shower with each. It has nothing to do with the gifts, it’s about celebrating that new arrival. Let her eat cake!

kimmylouwho on

cute, cute picture!

Kat on

The r/ship btwn mother and son is totally diff from bro and sis unless she’s one of those parents who become their kids buddies instead of parenting them and giving guidance. But I digress, this is Jessica S. We’re talking about!

Kevin on

What a lucky little boy! Jessica seems like a sweet, attentive mother. People want to knock her down for getting famous without much talent, accepting baby gifts, and throwing an elaborate shower. A baby shower is a party for the adults, obviously. Don’t most people throw a party within their financial means? Is Jessica not supposed to enjoy her success and money? Further, none of you know what she does for charity. If she announced she was donating all her gifts, the haters would complain she was using it for publicity. Negative people are going to be negative. Just be happy for your lovely family, Jessica!

BEC on

The cackling yentas are at it again!! These boards give me such headaches! She is allowed to have a shower if she wants to. I don’t think she is concerned about her lack of protocal!!

Bobi on

Don’t they know that it’s very improper etiquette for a mother to give her child a shower. How tacky!!

Anonymous on

to the people that keep saying she is naming her son Johnson (i shouldnt even respond to this).. but… HELLO!!! her fiance’s last name is Johnson.. hence.. baby JOHNSON!! dumbasses..

Anonymous on

this is a time to celebrate! and she does donate to charity, it’s actually linked to in this article!

Dawn on

Why do so many people feel the need to judge her and her fiance on not being married and having children. Never judge because you do not know what awaits you in the future. What matters is that they are good parents to their children, and love one another and the children. Marriage will come.

Baylee on

Ok mahn, just because she is rich does not mean she shouldn’t be able to enjoy the tradition of being blessed with a new baby. Congrats to her and her family! 🙂

Erica on

I think it is highly inappropriate that she had a second baby shower. She just had one for Maxwell! Common etiquette is that a mother can have one baby shower. There are three ‘loopholes’ in the ‘rule’; the first loophole is if the gifts are donated to charity; the second loophole is if the mother is experiencing extreme financial or emotional hardship; the third loophole is if there is a significant time gap between the babies. From the article it didn’t sound like she donated her gifts and we all know she is extremely wealthy. Maxwell is like a year old, so there is no time gap. It isn’t too late to do a donation to a charity!

Anonymous on

YES people have more than one shower,its a celebration of a new life not just based on gifts,I had three children three showers,don’t hate!!

Anonymous on

best wishes to Jessica Simpson she deserves everything she gets!!

Tasha on

I agree with the others…she could have had another baby shower but excepting gifts when she is loaded is really tacky…

Jaylynn on

Now all she needs is a husband!

Samantha on

A shower for a kid that has everything…. Yes, very selfish…she should donate these gifts to the unfortunate!!! what a shame!!

Angela on

@Coni, was he in the process of divorcing or were you a home wrecker? If you were a home wrecker, then yeah, you deserve to be called a skank. If he was in the process, whatever, but to knowingly be in a relationship with a married man, that makes you a whore.

mamanas on

why doesn’t this women get married. Another babt mama.

lovely123 on

Wow, there is a lot of jealous women on this sight. Those of you that think she is being selfish for having friends over to celebrate a new arrival must not have celebrated your babies. Take a chill pill ladies. Perhaps one day you all might be blessed with friends that want to share your joy of pending motherhood.

Ashley on

Totally agree!!!

Just Sayin on

I thought showers were for 1st babies… not 2nd babies born a mere 10 months after their sibling…

Carrie on

Angie–A marriage doesn’t make a solid relationship. My husband and I waited to get married until it was right for US. And that was after we had 2 kids and had been together for 7yrs.

Dabitty on

She looks great, her daughter is adorable! How exciting to be having another baby! And who cares if she is rich and can afford everything, I don’t think it is “tacky” to have a shower! Why shouldn’t she enjoy this? Congrats to her and her family!

I Am Standing Right Behind You on

Her daughter is so stinking cute!

Anonymous on

There isn’t anything wrong with a 2ed, 3rd, etc shower..back 45 years they had a 2ed shower for me..what I have a problem with her statement ” He keeps knocking me uo..I should keep my legs crossed”..she is a Poster sign for Trailor thrash

Isabel on

Anything for publicity.

Crystal on

Maxwell is adorable!!!! I don’t think it’s classless @ all to have a second shower. Especially if you are having a different sex. You need different things for a boy than you do for a girl. Duh! My friend had three girls back to back and we threw a shower for all three of her pregnancies. It is exciting to share that moment with the people that you love most in this world. A baby is a blessed event. Why wouldn’t you want to shower the mother with gifts and love???? I am a southern woman and I see no problem with having a second, third, fourth, etc shower for your baby. It’s a celebration not a funeral. Seesh!

kitty62862 on

I have never, ever heard the ONE BABY SHOWER ONLY commandment.

I am 51 years old, and I have many relatives who had large families, including my grandmother.

I never, ever heard this before. NEVER.

My cousin had 5 children. Our family threw 5 showers. None of her children were 5 years apart.

Nobody griped, nobody whined, nobody was jealous.

Each time, I gave her a gift for baby, and a gift for Mommy.

I had one child.

It never crossed my mind that this was an issue on any level.

Ashley on

People can be so judgemental! It would be different if she was having another girl. But you always give a shower for someone if its the opposite sex! Give the woman a break!

dancer92136 on

Looking good. Hope everyone enjoyed themselves. In my book and excuse to get together with family and friends is a good one. Life is too short.

Diane on

She isn’t my favorite celebrity, but she seems to be a good mom and she should have as many showers as she’s offered. As far as donating gifts to charity – perhaps she will, but it isn’t exactly appropriate to say so if guests are giving the items with intentions for her baby to use them.

Anonymous on

reply to angie, the hold up was, they were too busy making another baby! She doesn’t want to walk down the aisle pregnant she repeatedly. But she has said this boy is different more vomiting and nauseas and have to hold off for a while. Hope she makes it!

Anonymous on

For some reason I hate the expression Little man for a baby boy. Why can’t boys be babies for a while. We don’t call girls, Little woman. It’s negating a time in their life when they can cry, sing, have no gender stero types until later, like age 2, lol.

dd on

Second baby showers are tacky when you aren’t worth 100 million. Ick.

jlm on

I think it’s hilarious how many of the comments on this website are so stuck in the past.

Names evolve (even though Johnson isn’t the name of this baby, there’s still plenty of criticism for Maxwell) with the times, just as they always have and always will. If you don’t like it – name your child something different.

Her having a baby shower even though she just had one? Pretty sure that you’d all have something to say if she was dressing new baby Johnson in little girl’s clothing. Not to mention the fact that she’s probably not even requiring gifts… But, get this: Some people LIKE giving their friends and family new things when a new baby comes along (scary notion, I know – what a horrible, horrible thing!), and it would actually be rather rude of her not to accept them. Personally I would be hurt if I bought something for baby Johnson specifically and it was given away. You don’t know how much money this family gives away to charities every year, or what they do with their money. So accepting gifts for a baby shower just like all the other moms in the world is not a big deal.

Get over yourselves people.

BushsBeans on

This girl lives the life. A perpetual stream of gifts and parties and $ rolling in…………

Anonymous on

We have some real geniuses on here. Johnson is her fiance’s LAST NAME!!! Read, people!

marnie on

Why can’t people just be happy for others these days.Having a baby is joyful and i think every mom deserves a shower for every child they have.Yes she has money and does not need gifts.It Is fun people!!!She works her ass off and deserves to have a baby shower to celebrate the new baby boy she is having.Congrats Jess!!!!!

Scott on

So tacky to have second shower! Also, a mother is NEVER to host a shower.

Laura on

Leave this woman alone! She donates alot of her money to charities. If she chooses to have a baby shower then good for her! I can’t believe how cold and insensitive people are. She can’t receive gifts for her new son because she’s loaded? So stupid!

Kari on

AWE!!! Congrats..having one of each is awesome! Come on all your negative people! A shower isn’t just about the gifts it’s a celebration of the life that is to be soon and to have a wonderful fun filled day with your friends and family. I’m pretty sure anyone who came can certainly afford the gifts so relax…it’s her choice to have another one and celebrate in whatever way she wishes!

Snarky Much on

Why do some of you spend the time to get on here and say such nasty things? Go out and spend that time volunteering for a good cause, jeesh! Who says Jeasica didn’t and doesn’t donate to less fortunate? Who says she didn’t ask that everyone bring a gift to donate to a women’s shelter and just didn’t feel the need to make that part of her interview because being charitable doesn’t have to news? And who the heck says you have to be married to be 100% committed to your loved one? Welcome to the 21st Century…..a marriage license is to commitment like a Corvette is to a snail-nothing to do with nothing! Best wishes to the beautiful, intelligent and kind Jessica Simpson and family, and I’m sure you’re instilling better manners than some of these yahoos on here!

catarinamatoss on

Congratulations to Jessica, her financee, her daughter and the rest of her family!

Secondly, who the hell are you people to say there are “rules” to having a baby shower? If Jessica isn’t throwing it and someone else wants to, why object to it? People clearly wanted to celebrate her little bundle of joy, which I should add, is a boy. Having a second baby shower isn’t a sin for whatever the gender the baby is. If you only had one shower, good for you. You’ve changed so damn much in this world for that (sarcasm). Half of you sound absolutely angry at the fact that she got a second one because you didn’t have one for you 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th child.

Let people celebrate their bundles of joy as much as they want to. These events aren’t just about the gifts.

Jess on

I don’t agree with the champagne or condoms.. But it’s a very cute theme.. An hey, THEY ARE CELEBRITIES!!! If her family and friends want to give her a baby shower and gifts let them!! If she wants to give out condoms and drink champagne in vintage baby bottles, oh well! It’s the life of being a celebrity, and there’s no changing that..

As long as she’s happy and her and the baby are both healthy, that’s what matters. I’m sure that she gives money to charities as well as will donate some stuff. She’s not heartless. Oh, and let’s not forget that she DESIGNS clothing for her living now.. If she wants something for him, she can design it and he can have WHATEVER he or she wants!

Congratulations Jessica, Eric, and big sister Maxwell on the newest addition 🙂

Guest on

Geez Angie, Not everyone wants to be dealing with morning sickness or looking bigger than usual on their wedding day 😉

Bree on

I am not a huge fan of Jessica Simpson, nor do I have anything against her (She is just one of those celebrities that I am not that interested in, nothing personal, just not my style)
However I just cannot understand the outright hate for her!!

Seriously, what is so wrong with her wanting to celebrate the arrival of her son?? What is wrong with her family and friends wanting to celebrate the newest member of their family?? I don’t care how much or how little money you have, the birth of a child is something to celebrate. And no I don’t think she should donate her gifts to charity, those were gift bought with love for her and her son by the people she loves.
I do personally have an issue when anybody has the shower BEFORE the baby is born but that is just me (My sister lost her son two weeks after her shower last year, it just seems like tempting fate to me)

And who cares if/when she gets married?!?! Since when is it anyone’s buisness but her and her family’s???? And which one of you would want to be a pregnant bride?? I know I wouldn’t want to be (And have no plans to be, I have been married three years and have no intention of getting married again)

Congrats to Jessica, Eric and Maxwell. Maxwell is ADORABLE. Good luck with having two under two, I admire you I know I could not have handled that!!

northern.woman on

i really don’t think she is excited to have a boy….look what she was saying when she was pregnant with her daughter..if it was a boy joking about dressing him in tutus…I mean why be picky about what you have…think of the ones that will never have that chance to be parents..Don’t complain about what you get…take what you have.atleast you were blessed enough to have babies…boy or girl ones not better then the other…they are equal….ppl like jessica don’t think enough to know one of these days her children will get ahold of this stuff and see what she states and it will make her son feel like shit…

Lily on

Aren’t showers typically bestowed upon the expectant Mommy, why not have a shower, its a celebration for your friends and family to share in something beautiful. Best Wishes for your new addition!

Rachel on

i dont understand why just because she is rich she should be denied the fun of opening gifts for her new baby. she probably does donate money, but she has every right to have friends and family give her new baby presents. i dont see a thing wrong with that

keilanisma on

Why are people so against having second showers?! Especially if you’re having an opposite sex baby. Every baby deserves to be celebrated! I personally don’t see anything wrong with it and if my friends and family want to celebrate my new baby then by all means. I’m sure she’s very grateful. And when you have so much money, it really doesn’t become about the gifts but just a celebration!! Btw, i love the decorations of this shower. It’s simple yet so beautiful and classy.

Kelly on

2nd shower…thrown by her mom…with gifts? tacky tacky tacky

JBH on

Who cares if she has a second baby shower, what she does with her gifts or if she is getting married OMG people just have to complain about something worry about yourself. She looks great and happy good for her!!

Lilly on

She gained half her weight???? My god, how big was she then when now she looks enormous…???

Vicki on

How obnoxious!!!! No need for a second shower for a second baby, a “sprinkle” maybe but a full out shower is truly distasteful!

Carrow on

Love you Jessica! I love that she isn’t a bird food eater. She eats real food and has real curves! And she is sexy no matter what.

Some of you witches talking about her are sick. Women are crazy enough about our weight without society “weighing” in negatively.

Missy on

I have been reading a lot of negative comments on here regarding her choice to have a baby shower. I think that is her business, she wants to have the normal experiences in her life that everyone else has. As far as her children being so close together, one is a girl and this one will be a boy so another baby shower is warranted unless she plans on cross dressing him. Also, Beyonce and Mariah Carey had enough money to buy everything they needed for their kids and they still had showers with gifts, including a diamond rattle…now that is ridiculous

kitty62862 on

Every shower I ever went to was thrown by grandma to be, or auntie to be.

Seriously. let’s get a grip.

john on

Jessica is quite the role model, two babies in 1.5 year and no husband, living together, gay father, divorced sister…and that’s hollyweird for you. Just what is she waiting for to marry this guy…if she can procreate 2 babies with him then surely she should WANT to marry him….doing things all the wrong way…that is hollyweird for you. Geesh.

Ella on

Some of you really need to pull the stick out of your butts. So Jessica Simpson has a second baby shower, it’s well within her rights. Quit dictating to her what she ‘should’ be doing, and just enjoy the article.

As for the Tom Sawyer themed shower, I think that’s absolutely adorable! I can’t wait to see photos of the little boy when he’s born. 😀

Brooklyn on

She looks great, and Maxwell is super cute! All the best to the soon to be family of 4.

Anonymous on

Why are you people so hung up her having a second baby shower? Wouldn’t you have a second shower for a second child? It’s not about the money, it’s the excitement of sharing it with your friends. And do you not think her friends can afford to give her another shower? Seriously? You people are strange.

Tanja on

Gosh how ridicolous some of you are.^^ Since when are there any rules for who is allowed to have a baby shower and who isn’t?And when did Jessica EXPECT to get gifts?How do you know that?It’s just something that goes with a baby shower. Nothing more.To say she shouldn’t have had another baby shower because she is loaded is just stupid.Their second child deserves to be celebrated just like Maxwell.Are your own lives so boring that you have to stick your nose into lives of others?Mind your own business and let that woman have as much babies and showers as she wants.No one is entitled to donate just because they are rich.Its her money so she can do whatever she wants with it.At least she doesn’t spend money that isn’t her.That would be worse.

Carolyn on

Seriously, condoms for party favors?

Nota on

So she named her daughter a man’s name, wonder what her son will have for a name. Two kids and not wed yet. Long engagement

Me on

I love banjo music, but enough is enough. Just listening to it while watching this video clip drove me batty. Imagine having to sit at that shower and listen to it all the time. He is not even playing a real song, just playing. ARGH!

Destin on

I think every woman loves to have a baby shower. It’s part of expecting and celebrating. Just because she makes a lot of money doesn’t mean she owes it to anyone to give it up to charity. I think it’s great that she is having a shower and celebrating

Michelle on

For the people commenting on how tacky it is for her to accept gifts from the shower attendees, please note that most people attending her shower are likely wealthy, and that Jessica is generating both sales tax revenue and income tax revenue which is helping our economy, whether you like it or not. Perhaps some of her items are made overseas, but it’s not much different than other items found in Walmart. Maybe not ideal, but her income taxes are payable to the Internal Revenue Service, so it’s something. And she doesn’t have to be married ever if she does not want to be. Fairly irrelevant unless you are saying the same thing about Kate Hudson, Goldie Hawn, Halle Berry……

Brandi on

Do you people really think she requested a 2nd shower and told people to go out and buy gifts. Someone worth as much money as she is, is likely surrounded by other wealthy people who WANT to buy things for her unborn child. Financially I could have afforded to prepare for my 2nd child (who was also a boy after my first born was a girl) but when my friends offered a shower there was no way I would have turned it down. It’s rude and they wanted to celebrate my baby boy. It’s really that simple. She looks great this pregnancy, so the snarky women have to find the next thing to insult to make themselves feel better. You all have no clue how bitter you really sound.

Lacey on

So because she is rich her family and friends do not get the chance to help her celebrate the upcoming bith of her child??? And how do we know she does not help children already, does not donate money and time to help the less fourtunate? We don’t, just because they have money, it means they don’t get to do “regular” people things?? Ya’ll need to hop off your high horses cause obviously the thin air up there is messing with you thinking!

MeMe on

Seriously, if she wants to have another shower then so be it. She’s having a boy this time. Everybody is making comments that she should donate everthing because she is so rich. WELL she has and still does work her butt off for nicer things in life. I’m so tired of hearing everybody say she should dontate those items. WHATEVER – get a job… That’s the problem with America right now… people are too lazy to work and expect everything to be handed to them. GET OVER IT and GET A J-O-B! Congrats to Jessica and her family. Little Maxwell is so CUTE!

Juanita on

She looks great! I can tell by the banner in background that her little boy name will be “John”

Anonymous on

cindi…if you cannot afford the FIVE kids you have, close your damned legs!

Lana on

Haha, good one 😀 Totally agree.

Anonymous on

Maxwell is adorable.

lashae on

Leave her alone, she can have as many showers as she wants to. All you should do is be happy for her that she’s healthy and happy. Get your own priorities together.

Addison on

It’s not 1705!! Nowadays it’s more common to have a baby before a wedding than after one. Quit judging other people’s choices. Just because you may not agree doesn’t mean that it’s a crime against humanity. We are all entitled to our opinion but come on ladies, a little common sense. This isn’t the dark ages. Wake up to reality a little bit & realise that it’s 2013. There are millions of babies born every day and I guarantee not all of them have married parents. So why single out one woman just because shes in the spotlight? Why not say something about those other women too? I had 4 babies out of wedlock. I don’t need a piece of paper to prove my commitment to my partner. So go and crawl back onto your high horses and rethink the way you say things.

Secondly, who cares if her daughters name is Maxwell and she is naming her son Ace. Yes, they’re last names. Whoopie! There are plenty of Jackson’s in the world and that’s a last name.

So half of you really need to get down of your high horses. It’s beyond a joke how you can all sit there and judge another person. News flash – you aren’t prefect so until YOU are PERFECTION dont go around judging others for their choices because one day there will be someone who thinks your an idiot and smack you in the mouth.

Kelly on

There is so much wrong with this whole thing. First, she is pregnant with her SECOND child out of wedlock. Second, she is having another baby shower??? It is just so ironic because this is coming from the girl who, for years, preached about not having sex before marriage. What a hypocrite.

duch on

I don’t think those who are saying a 2nd shower is out of line are jealous or “hating”. They are expressing their opinion which for most of them in probably southern born. I happen to agree. To say we should come into this century is just plain not going to happen. A shower, while meant to celebrate a pregnancy, is meant also to help parents with the large, expensive items. Future children also receive gifts from friends and family after they are born; just not in the same manner (a shower). Perhaps we go to the hospital with the gift, or have a small welcome home party. Some things just shouldn’t change and I for one think this is one of them. When I’m invited to a shower for a 2nd baby, I politely RSVP no, and then send a gift later after the child is born. I also agree the mother and sister should have NOT been giving this shower. Judgmental -yes…but then so are the rest of you who think everything should change…not all changes are for the better…look around you.

Anonymous on

Maybe the child will be a hermaphrodite and will hate toy cars.

Her daughter is very attractive.

She’s gained too much weight this time already. I do think a baby shower is hideously profligate and vile.

does Eric Johnson DO ANYTHING?????

Lana on

Did you ever take biology classes? So…you know what a hermaphrodite is, right?

Bella on


KyGal21 on

Jessica looks great! And Maxwell is so cute to! Congrats to her and her fiance. to! I really don’t get people saying it’s wrong or tacky for her to have another baby shower. Most every mom to be loves to have a shower thrown for her…whether she’s famous or not. The fact that she has money makes no difference to me…that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t enjoy celebrating with her family and friends just like any other pregnant woman would.

thisthatandwhat on

I am totally jealous. I missed out on a shower for both of my babies. Pregnancy omplications and it was my choice. But I think it awesome that mothers are able to have a shower for each new baby. I see it happening famous or not. As for comments about her not being married. Seriously? It is 2013. She is over 30. Employed. Financially and mentally sound. She is not a 16 year old high school drop out living off the handouts of others. If she wants to call Eric her fiance for the next 30 years let her. Much better than being married 4 times or for 72 days.

maryhelenc on

I’m glad she’s excited. As a mom of only girls, I often wonder about “the other side” lol.

However, I do wonder about her having a second baby shower when Maxwell is so young. I know it’s socially acceptable if you’re expecting a baby of the opposite gender, but it feels kind of tacky when Maxwell is only a year old. I was told it was socially unacceptable to have one when my daughters were 5 years apart and we didn’t have any baby anything! But to each their own I guess.

Susie on

that is absolutely the cutest picture ever!

Stephanie on

I believe I agree Mahn she has more than enough money to get her own stuff they should donate money to charity ob behalf of baby Simpson. Some of the woman could only dream of having a professional planner and the Bel Air Hotel.

Amber on

I think it’s so sweet how she is gushing over her little guy already. I just found our second is a boy, and I can hardly stand to wait to hold him! And to those asking why another shower? I don’t think it’s uncommon to have a second if the second child is the opposite sex! Why not? The first was a girl and all girlie stuff..she needs boy stuff! Who cares if people buy her gifts! I’m sure all her friends are wealthy and aren’t complaining about buying her things. Just because she has money, that means she can’t enjoy recieving gifts for her son at her shower!?! Please. I’m sure she does more than enough charity work/donations to make up for some gifts!

Laura on

couple things

First off, she had a baby shower not for the gifts but to celebrate the birth of her second child. Sometimes it has nothing to do with gifts, people. Just because she has money, doesnt mean she shouldn’t be able to celebrate the birth of her child the same way other people do. If one day I got crazy rich, and thought..well now I cant have a baby shower 😦 That would suck..its a woman’s right to be able to have fun memories like that during her pregnancy. Being pregnant isn’t easy, and it’s tiring. To have those uplifting moments to wait for, is exciting.

Next- Why does Jessica have to be married?? She’s been with this man for years now, and if she doesn’t want to get married. Or she’d rather wait, why is that a bad thing? You cant always say marriage is the way to go, most end in divorce. She is a responsible mother, who has kept her life with her fiance & daughter pretty private. So I dont see who anyone is to judge her for having another baby out of welock. Not everyone follows the same guidelines as you. And marriage isn’t for everyone.

Shawna on

All babies deserve their own celebration, whether they’re nine months apart or 9 years apart. A baby shower is about the love your friends and family have for you and your baby, just because Jessica Simpson is rich or just because she already has a child does not mean that this baby doesn’t deserve to be celebrated. Furthermore, being a celebrity doesn’t mean you can’t be normal, I’m sure she’s donated a lot in her lifetime, who are we to criticize her for getting gifts meant for HER child by the people who love him?

Anonymous on

In our family, we have baby showers for every pregnancy. It’s for the baby and every one of our babies IS special. Come on you guys loosen up. You go Jessica!

Shannon on

That baby is so stinkin’ cute.

Lisa on

If you don’t love someone enough to marry them, then why would you want to have kids with them?

Just_me on

It’s her decision! If she wants a baby shower it’s fine, this one is a boy so obviously her boy won’t be wearing or playing with the things she has for her daughter. It’s her decision not anyone else’s. everyone is entitled to an opinion but that doesn’t mean you need to say it.

Congrats Jessica! Can’t wait to see him 🙂

Melody on

Anonymous – It’s their surname, so lots of people refer to their unborn children as ‘Baby Johnson’ or ‘Baby Smith’ or ‘Baby Jones.’

Brandy on

Why are so many people upset that she is having a baby shower again. I have been to plenty of baby showers that the parents didn’t need any help with things for the baby and stated in the invitation that guests need not bring gifts. One I attended asked guests in lieu of gifts please make a donation in the baby’s name to one of the charities listed. It’s all about celebrating the upcoming addition to the family.

Lolo on

Jessica looks awesome! Baby is beyond adorable! I don’t understand why everyone thinks it is so horrible that she is having another baby shower. First of all, it is a boy. Second, it doesn’t matter if she already had one for Maxwell last year. This is another pregnancy to celebrate and for a baby if a different gender. Just because she is wealthy doesn’t take away from the fun of getting together with loved ones and opening up presents for the little guy. They would all get something for him, anyways, regardless of her financial status, so why not celebrate with another shower? Enough with the etiquette nonsense. She is not doing anything wrong or hurting anyone. She is simply enjoying her pregnancy and sharing that with her family and friends. What she does with the baby gifts is her business. It’s not about money or status. It’s about a soon to be mama sharing her excitement with her loved ones. Just be happy for her, people and allow her to enjoy the moment!

Courtney on

So what if shes having another baby shower…her last baby was a girl. Is her son suppose to wear girls cloths, sleep in a girl crib…I mean come on people. The shower is to celebrate the NEW BABY. Sure she has a lot of money and could buy the stuff for herself but if her friends and family want to bless her with additional items I see nothing wrong with that. I don’t think it is selfish at all. If her friends and family thought it were tacky I’m sure they would not be there…and I can assure you her guest list was not skimpy. People really need to chill. Just because you can’t afford that lifestyle does not mean that someone who has earned it should feel bad for spending what they worked hard for.

Tracy on

Why are people calling her tacky for having a second baby shower just because she is wealthy? So, only lower class people are entitled to baby showers now? Maybe she isn’t donating the gifts because she wants to keep the things her friends and family put time and effort into picking out for her future son…not her. You don’t know that she isn’t donating money to charity instead of the gifts people close to her picked out. I would be offended if I spent my time and money on something and the person I gave it to gave it away… that is tacky!!

Tracy on

I don’t understand why people are bashing Jessica for having a baby shower?! She donates to charities, and it would seem rude to donate the gifts that loved ones spend time and money picking out for her son regardless of how wealthy she is!! It is a tradition and what is tacky is people calling her tacky for doing the same thing that future mothers all over the world do just because she has money!! I would be offended if I spent my time and money picking out gifts for someone and they just gave them away… even if it is for a good cause!!

Andie on

I had a baby shower for all 3 of my children. (I have 2 girls & a boy) mainly because my family were very excited and wanted to celebrate the arrival of each of my children. Baby showers aren’t neccessarily about the gifts it’s about the celebration. It’s amazing that so many people are being judgemental about how much money she has & how she doesn’t deserve another shower. Who cares

Toni Ann on

I think that everyone on here that made comments about either jessica having another baby shower or not being married yet needs to shut the f up seriously!! All of you are haters and are just jealous. stop being green with envy and be happy for her..

debbie on

Aww I’m so happy for you Jessica yr such a beautiful pregnant woman n maxie is so beautiful. Don’t listen to the ones who wrote rude comments bout you there just jealous who cares why you had another baby shower n you have money

me2 on

Little Maxwell is the cutest thing!

Woodsleegirls on

Why do people think they need a baby shower for each child? I only had one, and all my kids did just fine.

Jessica on

Yes Toni, Everyone is SO jealous of your idol Jessica Simpson. I’d love to have two kids out of wedlock with a loser who is only after my money, has no job and follows me around everywhere.

NOBODY is jealous of Jessica

Jewels on

Um…every new life deserves a party. What’s classless is the judgmental tone of the comments. Can you imagine how much money the party cost in the first place? It’s a celebration of a new life…people are not forced to bring gifts.

Melissa on

Goodness, people why does everyone have to be nit picky and put others down? So much hate. Is it THAT hard to congratulate her and move on? So ignorant. Congratulations Jessica!! Don’t let ignorance faze you! People are only happy when putting others down. Sad sad life!

gigi on

we could be twins (except for the whole discrepancy in incomes thing lol) i too had only one sister, had a little girl then mere months later had a boy (still my baby boy though he’s a Marine now!) yeah gained too much weight too when i was pregnant the first it’s kinda cool watching jess cause i go back 25 years! (i actually like her..didn’t, i admit, at first but watching her on Fashion Star, she’s really sweet) to each his own, i suppose

LT on

I agree with the “guest” who posted below – what a waste of money! Our world is so backwards…

char on

I noticed the area for fishing the curtain was pink. Shouldn’t the curtain be blue? A checked blue would of looked better. Go for the gifts cause the baby will grow up very quickly. More 12 – 24 months is what I find is best. More time to use.

D.L. on

Jess looks so much happier & better this time around.

Lauren on

Who cares if she’s having another shower, people!!!! Usually you do when your having another baby of a different sex.. I know all my friends have, so its not uncommon. Just because Jess has a boat load of money and is a celebrity doesnt mean she cant have another shower… obviously her friends and family coming dont mind, and who wouldnt want to have a nice day out going to that beautiful shower… Im sure a lot of money was put into it… guests are coming to eat and drink for free… so it evens out! I think its way worse having another wedding and accepting gifts for that…. Im sure if Jess wasnt loaded and not in the public eye, no one would be saying shit on her second shower… Who cares!!!!!!

k on

wow..There are lots of jealous people on here leaving comments, just because you or your family cant afford to have a baby shower everytime you have a baby is not Jessica’s problem. And Im sure she is not the only woman on here that has children out of wedlock that’s her personal business and last time I checked there was nothing written in stone that celebrities were exempt from living there lives like regular people do.. Good Luck with the new baby and all you do in life Jessica!! And by the way haters just make you better

Marisol on

Wow, so much judgement on here. Every baby is a blessing, and should be celebrated in whatever way the parents choose! Just because you don’t agree doesn’t mean you’re right.

Jess and Maxwell look adorable and happy, leave them alone. Can’t wait to see the new baby boy!

Sar on

Someone as blessed as she is needs to have ANOTHER shower???? First, you should be able to reuse many things. Secondly, how tacky. People can choose to give gifts before and after the birth of your child, but hosting a shower just comes off as terribly greedy. Holly Madison and Sarah Drew hosted showers for charity, realizing that they had the opportunity to help others In need, while also accepting a few special gifts from loved ones.

loveface on

Wow- There are a lot of haters and jealous people out there- and some just plain spiteful and ugly. You have no idea if JS donates to charities or not- or if so, how much. I have seen her attached to a number of charities including Operation Smile and there is a mexican orphanage she is a sponser of.

Regardless, if her family and friends want to celebrate a happy event in her life who are any of us to dictate to her what she can and can’t do. For that matter since when are any of us the “etiquette police” and in a position to determine if someone is”tacky” or not. Like any one of us has not done something that other people might consider low class. Get real.

I can also say that there are a lot of you that are very happy to discuss her intellectual level yet at the same time plenty of you mention her net worth being over 100 million.

She obviously has something on the ball to have amassed that much wealth. Whether it is her own contributions or the contributions of others- she had enough smarts to have the right people in her corner to help her with her empire- Sure sounds like she is a whole lot smarter than us.

Maral on

I’m sorry she already had a baby and doesn’t need another shower. I don’t care if your having a boy, you have enough money to buy your own things and your guests should have donated all gifts to the less fortunate.

jennrae on

OMG, no one actually believes that nonsense about her being a virgin when she married Nick, right?

BuckysMom on

Her little girl is adorable!

me on

I like how she added that she’s only gained half as much weight this pregnancy. It’s not as easy to sit around and eat when you already have a little one. I only read this article so I could comment on it. I hope she has a beautiful healthy baby boy and safe delivery… then I hope we don’t have to hear about her anymore. Ugg. I’m sure she’s a nice girl but I don’t want to see anymore stories about her, somewhat annoying for some reason…

Jes on

What a dumb blond. Never liked her, never will. And the kid looks albino…

me on

nevermind what i really mean is Jessica Simpson I hope you get to have as many babies as close together as you want, many women are just not that lucky/blessed

JJJ on

Showers are not all about gift giving. Its about celebrating the baby. Im having another shower and i made a very small registry list because i know my friends and family WANT to give gifts. Its not required but they will ask me what i need or want if i dont register. And thats how it is for alot of families i know. I love giving gifts rather its a 3rd or 4th baby. One of my friends just had her 3rd child and i made a basket full of female products for her because i knew she had alot of baby things.

Mari on

I find it sad that people think because she’s wealthy that she’s not allowed to enjoy a shower. That she’s not allowed to be given gifts. She’s not throwing it for herself. Her mother is throwing it for her. Also,if she was having another girl, it would be tacky to have another shower, but since she’s having a boy it’s fine. Etiquette police can put that in their notebooks for future reference.

Jehmar on

She is extremely tacky to have another shower, no doubt sponsored by some company for the press. This wedding will never happen, I guarantee you.

Guest34 on

I was thinking the same thing- very tacky indeed. I know some celebs have baby showers and then donate all the gifts, somehow I don’t think this is the case though