Great Ideas! How to Buy a Good Nursing Bra

04/16/2013 at 02:00 PM ET

Le Mystere How to Buy Nursing Bra Tips

When you have a baby on the way, getting a professional bra fitting is essential to ensure your breasts look and feel their best during pregnancy says Le Mystère New York director, Jessica Pfister.

“Breasts typically grow to their maximum size during the eighth month so that’s a good time to be measured for a bra to last throughout your nursing process.”

But wait, you’re not done. As soon as you’re finished nursing, you’ll have to take another trip to your local bra fitter as your breasts (the tissue gets considerably softer thus altering the shape) will change yet again.

Sound like a lot? We hear you. That’s why we asked Pfister to share her best tips on what to consider when shopping for a good nursing bra. Check them out below:

Buy for now. When trying bras on, make sure the top of the cup covers the whole breast without gaping. If there is any bulging, it means the cup is too small or your straps are too tight.

Additionally, the bra should hug you firmly (not too loose) around your rib cage so it anchors your breasts and provides the necessary support. Going for something bigger because you think you’ll grow is a big mistake.

Le Mystere How to Buy Nursing Bra Tips

Pick a style that works for you. To make feedings as easy as possible, the one hand pull down version is the one most moms prefer. But there are other design factors to consider. Choose a bra with three rows of hook and eye closures — it ensures a good fit as your milk ebbs and flows.

Also, a contour cup helps hide nursing pads and keeps you looking smooth under your clothing. Fabric is also important. You might want to consider buying one with a poly cotton lining to sleep in. Believe me, in the beginning, you’ll appreciate the comfort.

Choose one that’s built to last. Since you’re only wearing it temporarily depending on how long you nurse, your first inclination may to be to buy something more affordable.

No matter the price, a good bra is a good bra. But it’s still worth investing in something that won’t wear out quickly. The elastic of cheaper brands tends to loosen more easily. Another tip: don’t wear your bra two days in a row. You need to give the fibers enough time to rest and snap back.

Le Mystere Jessica Pfister How to Buy Nursing Bra Tips

As the New York director of luxe intimate apparel brand Le Mystère, Jessica Pfister knows her bras — and the importance of wearing the right one. “A good bra can make a woman feel and look good, which is especially important for new moms.”

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Kari on

“Breasts typically grow to their maximum size during the eighth month so that’s a good time to be measured for a bra to last throughout your nursing process.”

Wow, what an uneducated comment!!! Breasts do NOT grow to their maximum size during the eighth month, and buying a bra then will NOT last throughout your nursing process! If it does, you are the rare exception! Has this woman not read a single book about pregnancy or nursing? Has she not experienced milk coming in that can increase your band size 2-3 times and your cup size 1-2? I’d be furious if I relied on this woman’s information, purchased several nice bras (that are non-returnable!) and then got huge breasts following the birth….

Very surprised by this and hope women take heed and don’t spend too much money on bras during pregnancy!! I say this as a mom and someone who used to work in a high-end maternity boutique that sold many nursing bras!

BTW, I love the Bravado Bodysilk bra. 🙂

cestmylife on

Thanks Kari! I am currently in my 8th month and I thought it was odd that this article would say this is the max size my breast would be. I mean, sure this is my first, but I still now once my milk comes in my breast size will increase.

Im glad Im not only one who found that odd.

Elsie on

Kari, I completely agree with you. I am also part bovine, and I would be in terrible trouble if I took her advice.

NoAdditives on

I’ll be having my fourth child this summer and I’m confused as to why nursing would increase the band size? Of course it increases the cup size, but I’ve never experienced any growth under my breasts. Typically, the only reason to increase band size is if there is significant weight gain. Milk production isn’t going to give a woman a couple of extra inches worth of anything on the ribs.