Christina Applegate: Sadie Is ‘My Little Best Friend’

04/16/2013 at 10:00 AM ET

Like mother, like daughter.

Comedic actress Christina Applegate says her 2-year-old daughter Sadie Grace is developing a taste for humor already.

“I’m watching what she finds funny now,” Applegate, 41, tells PEOPLE while on the set of the Spring/Summer photoshoot for FabKids, for which she is a creative partner.

“If she sees something that she really thinks is funny, she does this crack-up on her own. It’s really awesome to see, ‘Oh wow, you’re learning what tickles you.’ It’s not influenced by anybody else, which is really a cool, new thing.”

The former Up All Night star says Sadie is talking now, and that “her language skills are incredible.”
“Sadie and I talk about what she dreamt about, we talk about what we’re going to do that day, we talk about what we did the day before, and we talk extensively about these things,” notes Applegate.

“It’s really a fun part of her development. Now she’s my little person, she’s my little best friend.”

Christina Applegate FabKids
Vanessa Heintz

As for balancing motherhood with work — including going back and forth to Atlanta to film Anchorman: The Legend Continues — Applegate confesses it’s bittersweet, but explains that having her own projects is a healthy part of their mother-daughter relationship.

“Once I get [to work], I get to be back in my skin again, and that’s always really good — for her too,” she explains. “I fill up in the outside world and then come home and bring her that strength.”

— Gabrielle Olya

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Carol on

Love her….so happy for her..

Karolina on

I love Christina Applegate! She has come so far from her “Married With Children” days!

Big Fan on

As it should be, my two daughters and I are all best friends. We spent all the time together we can!

cmonppl on

Sure, you had extensive conversations with a two year old.

Jen on

What a gr8 mommy.

Liz on

My 4 year old daughter is also my little best friend. Best one I’ve ever had as a matter if fact! 🙂

bekah on

I find it weird when a parent claims their child is their best friend or when a child claims their parent is their best friend. Something seems not right about that. Growing up my mom was definitely not my best friend. I knew she loved me, had my best interest in mind but we were not friends. As an adult our relationship has become more friendlike but we are not best friends.

Just sayin' on

bekah, I honestly feel sad for u that u don’t know what it’s like to have that kind of a relationship with your mom…. However, saying other people “claim” to have this kind of relationship is out of line; I am 31 years old and have a 3 year old daughter, and aside from my husband of 11 years, my mom and daughter are my best friends

Anonymous on

I love Christina Applegate she really has come a long way since married with children and has made wonderful and funny and great career choices and it sounds like she is being a great mommy to her little girl!

Nannyto1 on

Sweet… and I love that she’s “best friends” with her little one. I remember when my daughter was two and the great conversations we had. Now she’s my grown up best friend and I have a granddaughter to explore the world with.

Sara on

Christina is SO beautiful. I’m with her, and Liz – my four-year-old daughter is my best little friend, too. And yes, we had extensive conversations when she was two. Some children are more linguistically-apt than others, dear “cmonppl.”

Kim on

I know exactly what she means….. my 3 year old is my best friend and favorite person – besides my husband of course. She still knows there’s rules and that there are times when Mommy is going to say ‘no’, but I feel like if If she can’t have a healthy relationship with me (her Mom) then she’s not going to have healthy friendships when she gets older. Just my humble opinion.

me on

Daughters are the greatest!

Callie on

Really P.O. she quit Up All Night. Kind of a crappy move. The show was very funny and I hope they find a better more funnier actress and bring it back.

me on

Daughters are the best!

mommaof4 on

You can have extensive conversations with a two year old (to cmonppl), you just have to listen. I work with preschoolers and the things they tell you and their view points of the world can be pretty insightful! I had a 25 month old tell me about how sad her mom has been since her grandpa died, I don’t think this womans husband even realized how hard it has been on her. The 2 year old did! People underestimate children.

Gia on

haha that cute “my little person”. It is crazy when you watch them grow from this cute giggly baby to a little person with their own personalities.

Lisa on

@cmonppl, my son is 22 months and has a huge vocabulary. I am also able to have conversations with him at this point…he can already understand and respond to questions such as what he did that day, who he played with, what he had for lunch, etc. I can’t imagine what else we will be able to talk about in a couple of months when he turns two.

All kids develop at different rates and I would say that it’s not at all unusual for some early talkers to be able to have conversations at a very young age. Please try not to be so quick with the negativity/cynicism. Too much of it out there as it is.

Holly on

I am glad she has a close relationship with her 2 year old. I have almost 2 year old boy twins and I don’t think they could tell me what they dreamed about yet! Her daughter must be very advanced in her language skills.

keilanisma on

i like her last quote “I fill up in the outside world and then come home and bring her that strength.”

Diana on

It’s unfortunate that Bekah doesn’t have a best friend relationship with her mom. My mom and I have always been best friends, not in the same way as my girlfriend from school or in social situations but I have always sought her advice, went to the movies, shopping and lunch just as best friends would do. I could talk to her about anything and still do to this day.

She also had to put me in line when I was in trouble and she grounded me way more than my Dad ever did so there IS a way to be a mom and a friend, you just have to find the right way.

valerie on

I can never understand women who say that their daughter or their mom is their “best friend.” When I was growing up, your mother was your “parent” and your child was your “child.” My notion is that you do not give birth to your “best friend.”

Am not knocking having a very close relationship with your mom or daughter. But I feel you should keep the relationship as it should be as a parent. There is a division between being a parent and a best friend. What happens when the child no longer wants you as a best friend and chooses someone else?

I guess it sounds cool to say it, but it’s not natural! Just my opinion!

Mama Bambi on

Love, love. Love my girls !!!! We have the best times together… oldest 23 died last year. Killed by drunk driver…..she had told me earlier that day how much she loved me and I was her Best Friend. Talk about timing !!! I miss her soooo much, its unreal. So,.be their mom (have rules)
and best friend too !!!! It’s really special !

MommytoanE on

Holly, its quite proven girls tend to talk better and earlier than boys at a young age. My daughter was 2.5 and could hold conversations using words that were a little advanced for her vocab. At 10, she’s got the vocab of a hs senior (thats as high as they test in her school.) So its not shocking that Sadie is talking at this age.

I like Christina as well…especially as an adult actress. I just hope she knows enough to set some boundaries to the friendship when her daughter becomes a teen. A lot of parents go wrong by being afriend and not a parent.

cmonppl on

I’m a teacher and you people sound like some of my students’ parents who think their kids are geniuses and gifted and they are just average. I think a lot of parents have a skewed view of how smart their kid is.

Lorelei on

As a woman with a 14 year old daughter and an 82 year old mother I treasure the mother/daughter relationship. That being said I believe “best friends” can come and go but a mother is forever. The tie to my mother and my daughter is stronger than any friendship – best or otherwise I’ve ever had.

Anonymous on

My daughter is going to be 3 next month and I know exactly what Christina is talking about. My son is 7.5 and he is also my little buddy and we do everything together. About taking early, my kids were both early talkers but my son was years advanced. At 13 months he noticed my husband got a haircut and says ” nice haircut handsome dada! “

KEB on

I’m definitely going to have to agree with Bekah, Valerie and ok on this one. A “best friend” relationship is assumed to be one of equals. A parent/child relationship in inherently unequal. When I was a child, I was the child and my parents were parents. I did not rule the roost. We did not have an equal relationship. Now that I am a self-sufficient adult, we do have more of a friend-like relationship, but not when I was a child. I also agree that parents taking on this new role of being their child’s friend can be a handicap to children if appropriate boundaries are not established and carried out. I saw it as a teacher, and now I see it sometimes in the ER.

Anonymous on

For those of you saying that you can’t have a friendship (best or otherwise) with your child: Do you love both your spouse and your children, or only one? Obviously the answer is both (I hope, anyway!), but they’re different types of love (one romantic and the other platonic/parental).

Friendship is the same way, in my opinion. A friendship you share with your child is different than the one you (hopefully!) share with your spouse, just as the friendship you share with your spouse is probably different than the friendship you share with your cousin or sibling, and THAT friendship in turn is probably different than the one you share with your co-worker or neighbor or whoever.

In my opinion, you can have more than one best friend, and you can be best friends with your child and other adults.

Mama A on

cmonppl, I’m also a teacher, and I have a son who will be three in July. I have been able to have lengthy conversations with him for a good year now, and at not quite 33 months, he speaks in full, articulate, and quite detailed sentences, and has done for about six months.

I suppose my point is that you’re coming across as rather catty – how do you know that the people here are just talking their children’s abilities up? Unless you’re a preschool teacher, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Nobody here said that their child was a genius.

Renee on

She sounds like a wonderful mum! I adore having a daughter. Mine is 2 and we have been having conversations since 18 months and now her 11 month old brother is following in the same footsteps and has started talking a lot of clear words already- it can be done. My mum has always been one of my best friends and still managed to set the boundaries which I respected. I think you need to be your child’s friend as well as their parent, especially in this day and age. My daughter tells me I’m her best friend. It’s really sweet

VK on

I have a nearly 2 year old daughter. We don’t yet have “conversations” but we talk all the time. And she is both my and my motherls itty bitty best friend!