Jenna Bush Hager Introduces Daughter Mila

04/15/2013 at 11:00 AM ET

Meet Mila Hager! Henry and Jenna Bush Hager introduce their new daughter, born Saturday evening in New York City. Baby Margaret Laura is named for her grandmothers and will be called Mila.

“Both my girls are healthy and well,” the new dad told Today in an email. Hager says Mila arrived a bit ahead of her due date but weighed in at 6 lbs., 15 oz. and measures 19ΒΌ inches long.

Bush Hager, 32, is a contributor for the NBC morning show and shared a number of family photos, including her proud parents, George W. Bush and Laura Bush, cuddling with their first grandchild.

“We met our beautiful granddaughter [on Sunday],” the former president writes. “Jenna and Mila are healthy. And our family is elated.”

Jenna Bush Hager Daughter Mila First Photo Courtesy NBC Today

Jenna Bush Hager Daughter Mila First Photo Courtesy NBC Today

Jenna Bush Hager Daughter Mila First Photo Courtesy NBC Today

Jenna Bush Hager Daughter Mila First Photo Courtesy NBC Today

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April on

I love her name

Alice on

Jenna looks like mom!!!

Beautiful family!!

Jojo Momma on

congrats to the happy parents and grandparents!! beautiful baby!

Chloe on

She’s adorable! Congrats to the whole family.

C Dub on

Beautiful family! Congratulations to all!

Julianna on

The second picture of Jenna with Mila is simply beautiful.

Anonymous on

That’s Beautiful!

Bette on

Gorgeous! congrats to the Bush family and the Hager family!

Rachael on

Congrats luv the name!Soo sweet

JW on

Congrats! What a beautiful baby and I really like the name Mila.

Jess on

Jenna looks incredible! Blessings to the Bush and Hager families.

mom of 2 on

Adorable and love the name, congrats to all!!

Susan on

I agree with Julianna–gorgeous pic.

Katie on

What a beautiful baby girl! Jenna looks radiant!!! I miss the Bush family!! Laura and President George W look fabulous and so happy!!! LOVE THEM ALL!!!! Congratulations!!

Carrie Stegall on

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Such a Beautiful family!

Kristen on

Congratulations to the entire family. Mila is beautiful!!

Leila on

Cute baby, cute name. Congratulations to the whole family.

La-La on

Congrats to a Republican!

Marie on

Beautiful baby and love the combination of both grandmothers names. Mila is a beautiful name. So happy for them! First grandchild is extremely special!!!

Linda on

Don’t care for Bush…but am glad for Jenna and her hubby..Congrat’s

Shannon on

Laura looks perfect as usual πŸ™‚ Congrats!

barbara fondren on

She’s beautiful

Amber on

Congratulations Jenna and Henry. Congrats to President Bush and Laura on their new granddaughter

Stephanie on

Congrats to the new family. My youngest granddaughter was named too after her great-grandmothers.

kitty62862 on

Beautiful picture; that is the best shot of GWB I have ever seen.

If he gets any happier, there, he could light up a skyline πŸ™‚

esymmons on

happy news

Alyson on

I love that they just simply shared some photos of their beautiful baby/family without elaborate photo shoots/magazine covers. I just love seeing the sweet, innocent newborn babies and wish them all the best.

Brooklyn on

She’s very cute! And I love her name. Congrats to both families!

Debbie on

Congratulations. The babygirl is precious, the name is beautiful. Congrat to both families.

Edie on

What a great family…sure miss him as President!

Kat on

Actually Margaret Laura Hager sounds better than Mila Hager but that’s just me!

Anonymous on

I love how she was named for her grandmothers – just like Jenna and Barbara were named for their grandmothers. Soooo sweet!!!!!

Heather Yocum on

Congrats to the family!!! She is beautiful!!!

Jessica on

She’s so beautiful and the bottom picture is so precious!! I love it and her name is so adorable!! Congrats to the new parents

Nancy on

Look at those happy grandparents! Best wishes to the whole family.

Tara on

OMG- how adorable. It is so nice to see, that either they have edited out the usual vitriol that stems from any mention of The BUSH family, or we have actual mature adults commenting today. Congrats to the entire family.

Nix on

Beautiful little girl. But I don’t quite understand how Margaret becomes Mila. If you want to name her after her grandmothers, that’s great, if you want to choose a name that you love, also great. I don’t understand naming her one thing and calling her something completely different.

Brandi on

Who CARES?? LOTS of people have nicknames that don’t stem directly from their legal birth names, including me. There’s probably a story behind her nickname they didn’t share. Get over yourself – they didn’t name their kid hoping to get your approval!

Anonymous on

Wouldn’t it more sense to call her “Mala” ??

Jenn on

What a beautiful family!! She looks amazing for just giving birth! I absolutely love the name! Congrats to the entire family!

Jianna on

What a beautiful name. Good luck to them.

Ellie on

Congratulations! Beautiful baby, beautiful family!

Manal on

I hope this little baby will never know what a criminal her grandfather is! he is a child killer! Beautiful baby thou

Melissa on

How very tacky to post that here, Manal. You couldn’t just say something nice about the baby? Just had to show your little ugly whiney bitter side? Pathetic.

Misstissie on

What an idiot Manal. Find somewhere else to post your stupid comments.

Morocco on

congratulations she is a beautiful like her mom

Brooke on

Precious! Love her pouty little lips.

rhinomidget on


Anonymous on

The President and first lady look great! Congrats!

Tara on

Gorgeous, congrats to the entire Hagar/Bush family!

sandra on

Wow.. these pictures are beautiful. Everyone looks so happy. Congrats!!

Kay Waldroop on

Congratulations to all of you. What a beautiful child and one lucky enough to have so much love surrounding it. May God continue to protect and love you all.

Stacy Brown on

Congratulations and God Bless the Bush family. We sure do miss your leadership President Bush.

Tara on

@MANAL- there is always one bitter, out of touch ignorant moron to be counted on for taking a beautiful event and turning it into her own political rant. Get over yourself dear…..jealousy is so unbecoming.

Beheard on

Congrats! To a wonderful family

Callie on

She’s beautiful!!! Congratulations to the happy couple and gorgeous baby girl πŸ™‚

Jen on

So happy for both/all families of this beautiful child. We are so thankful everyone is happy and healthy. Nothing but blessings wished their way.

Carrie M on

Jenna looks like she never was pregnant! Congrats to everyone!! What a lovely little baby….awwww…..

Fashionistaky on

The baby is darling and I love the name. I wish the family all the best!

bb on

Love the name…ties in with the family’s tradition of passing down names, yet she gets her own special nickname. They seem like a lovely, happy family….congrats to all!

AL on

Congratulations to a wonderful family. Such a sweet picture of the happy grandparents. As others have said, I sure do miss them in the White House!

Emily on

Adorable! And Jenna looks radiant and amazing! Mila is one lucky little girl. I am sure the former President and First Lady will be loving and wonderful grandparents.

Zarah on

Jenna looks so fresh! Cute baby!

I guess all hospitals over US and Canada have the same baby blankets πŸ™‚

liz on

Congrats to the Bush/Hager family! Beautiful baby girl and a WONDERFUL family!

martine on

Awwww, so sweet – grandma is beaming!

Kris on

Beautiful baby, I don’t get the nickname, isn’t Maggie the normal nickname for Margaret?

Sheila on

Congratulations!! Miss you Mr. Bush!!!!

LM on

Congrats on the beautiful addition to the family!

As a side note – it makes me a little sad that people will congratulate based on political parties. Every baby is a blessing!

Tee Tee on

My goodness, what a pretty baby! Congratulations to the Hager and Bush family!

SuzyQ on

Beautiful pics, beautiful baby. I know she’ll be a good mommy.

Anonymous on

THANK YOU Hager and Bush families for such nice pix. Nothing worse than capitalizing on a birth with troops of paps snapping “paid for” pictures. The lovely honesty and innocence of these photos is simply perfection. True family shots – THANK YOU FOR SHARING!

PS I am not even a Republican and appreciate the photos! πŸ™‚

Amy on

Congrats on your beautiful blessing and addition to your family.

l on

What an adorable little girl and such sweet pictures. Jenna looks radiant. I don’t care for the former President but I must admit he looks like such a proud dad and granddad in the first picture. Congrats to them!

thefogg7 on

Beautiful baby & love her name! Mila is such a sweet nickname. Congratulations to the Hager & Bush families. We miss you, President & First Lady Bush!

self-employed on

So glad to see positive comments for the Bush family. Miss them all. They are a nice family.

Anonymous on

How fun it is to be grandparents! They are all just beaming with pride! Beautiful family, congratulations!

Anonymous on


Kara on

He’s not the president anymore Amber lol.

Love name, I like how they will call her mila, but have a long meaningful name as well.

Dawn Melvin on

What a beautiful little girl, best wishes to the family. And good luck…

Lucas Lorenzo Mizell on

Worst President Ever! Great, I get to carry that burden for seventy to eighty years.

Anonymous on

Congratulations to the happy parents and grandparents! God Bless you all.

Lucas Lorenzo Mizell on

Mila, I believe is Slavic, as in Mila Kunis, who is Ukrainian. I wonder if the Bush family has a secretive Slavic bloodline. Or maybe they just like the name.

Lucas Lorenzo Mizell on

I give up. It’s a fluff piece. I get it. No biting comment. Oh my God what a beautiful baby, though I can’t really see her face.

Liddie on

Does anyone know if her nickname is pronounced “MEE-lah” or “MIGH-lah”? Love the sweet Southern name, and love that she’s named for family! ❀

Kadaj on

Not a fan of President Bush. Beautiful baby though. Congrats to the family.

Judy Tilley on

Sweet. I can think of nothing better in this world than a baby.

Cip on

Great photos

Beautiful baby and family

B.J. (the girl) on

Mila is a pretty name. Now Dubya will have something else to do in his time post-presidency, other than paint himself in the shower.

Taylor on

She so cute. Luv the pics and name

Kelly on

where is the letter i coming from in mila? m.a. from margaret & l.a. from laura. where are they getting the letter i?

Anonymous on

Wonder if Jenn’s twin will be Godmother?

Dorie on


Justine on

What a cute combo of both grandmother’s names.

karen on

Beautiful family. What a joy and blessing. Proud grandparents that’s for sure!!

denise on

Love her name. Best wishes to everyone.

Jax on

Does anyone find it kind of odd that George Bush and his son-in-law look very much alike?

Anonymous on

Congrats to the Bush family! She is beautiful! So glad it all went well and resulted in a healthy mom and baby. -From, a Democrat πŸ™‚

DiAnn on

Congratulations to the Hager and Bush families. Mila is a beautiful blessing and you can tell she is very loved!

Lauren Kaminski on

That name is so much better than her whole name,congratulations! I like seeing good news today as well.

bkable on

Seriously?? You’re still at the hospital and already sending pictures to the press? My goodness, enjoy your baby and don’t worry about the public. They’ll suffer but its okay.

Annie on

Congrats to the Bush and Hager Fanilies !! beautiful baby girl !! love her name Mila .

Buffettgirl on

Congrats to the Bush and Hager families! I’m especially pleased that the vast majority of the comments have been positive and for the most part separate the new baby from the politics of her elders. Politics are irrelevant when a new life comes into a family. πŸ™‚

launchingpad on

what a doll baby. happy life little one.

Amy on

What beautiful pictures. Congrats to the Bush and Hager families πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

I can so relate to the new grandparents. I know just how they feel: they’re over the moon. Good times are ahead for this family!

w on

I love the name, and beautiful photos!

Sharon Coy on

It doesn’t matter if you are a past President and First Lady or someone who scrubs floors for a living, there is nothing in this world that brings the joy of holding your first grandchild.

Dee on

Wonderful family pictures. Congratulations! Thank you for sharing them with us.

nanya on

I am not a political fan of G W, but I am very happy for them This looks like the job for which he was chosen. I”m sure he will be among the great grandpas. God bless them!

Lori Mccoy on

I was also born and raised in Texas, near Midland, and still here! I, as well, am an Educator. I love the Bush family, and always have! You are good, Christian people!!! SO HAPPY FOR THE NEW PARENTS!! Jenna, You have a beautiful daughter! cherish every moment!! They grow up so quickly…Mine are in high school already…doesn’t seem possible! CONGRATS TO THE GRANDPARENTS!!!! Those are some awfully big, heart-warming smiles!!! I wish you all the best!!! Best wishes to the Bush/Hager Clan!!! God bless you all, and bestow his blessings on Mila!!!

Zoe on

I can’t help but think of the 500,000+ children killed during the Iraq War thanks to Mr. Bush. Why is People celebrating this family. Think about it.

Jessica on

STFU. You are clearly an ugly and bitter person. Don’t comment if you can’t be happy for a freaking baby.

Anonymous on

Great pictures! Beautiful baby. Beautiful family. So happy for them.

Carol on

Beautiful baby,wonderful family. God’s blessings on everyone!

Kisha from Houston on

Love it, love it. What a beautiful family. Wishing them all the best.

irene on

MANAL, Congratulation to you!

irene on

ZOE, you said it so well!

Jessica on

STFU Irene.

Anne on

Some are wondering about the beautiful name “Mila.” Perhaps Margaret is called Mimi, thus Mi and La (Laura). Just a guess.

a on

wow. I never realized how much jenna looked like her father!

cute baby πŸ™‚ congrats!

Cathleen on

Congratulations! Mila is an adorable baby, and she’s lucky to have a loving family!

Hue on

Congratulations to her even though I totally hate the Bush’s

lashae on

Love you Bush family!

Sammy on

Congratulations to the proud mom and dad, and to the new grandparents President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura. God Bless your family.

Sandy on

aww, such a pretty baby girl! love the pics- thanks for sharing.

charlotte erskine on

Congratulations to the whole family she is beautiful.

Jess on

Mila is a Ukranian name, I don’t get it. he Bushes are the most bland, whitebread family…….Ugh joker smiles

mandyreeves on

Awww…GW is so happy and Laura looks so radiant with joy! Mila will get such awesome learning lessons from both grandparents…a former President and a teacher/librarian… President Mila Hager in 2038!!!

Mel on

Cute baby, cute name, cute happy family ❀

Annie on

Congrats to the beautiful family – she’s a doll. Enjoy her.

envyofnone on

Not a Dubya fan, by my gosh he looks absolutely elated holding his first grandchild πŸ™‚ wish them all well!

Anonymous on

Look at proud Grandpa…. He’s going to be puddy in her hands as she gets older…..

Carmen L Mercado on

Congratulations!! God Bless Your Family!!!
You are All Truly missed at The White House! 😦

Terri on

Mila, just sounds like a creative combination of the first & middle names. Congratulations to the family.