Harvey Weinstein and Georgina Chapman Welcome Son Dashiell Max Robert

04/15/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Harvey Weinstein, Georgina Chapman Welcome Son Dashiell Max Robert
Dave M. Benett/FFR/Getty

Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein now has an ally at home.

The Weinstein Company chairman and his wife, designer Georgina Chapman welcomed a son, Dashiell Max Robert Weinstein, on Thursday, April 11 in New York City, PEOPLE confirms.

The couple are already parents to daughter India Pearl, 2. Weinstein, 61, also has three daughters — Emma, Lily and Ruth — from his previous marriage.

When announcing her pregnancy, the Marchesa co-founder, 37, told PEOPLE that the sex of her second child didn’t matter to her. “Just as long as the baby is happy and healthy,” she said at the time.

Added Weinstein, “After four girls, I don’t care if it’s a boy or a girl. It makes no difference to me.”

Chapman and Weinstein wed on Dec. 15, 2007 at his Connecticut home.

Page Six was first to report the news of the baby boy’s birth.

— Reporting by Catherine Kast

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Mia on

Finally a boy – Congrats to them! x

rory on

I love how people always say “just as long as the baby is healthy” — well, what if it isn’t? What if it has a heart condition, or no eyeballs? You don’t want it then? Some babies are NOT healthy.

Magnolia on

Calm down Rory! The baby IS healthy, don’t assume the parents would hate their child of the baby was born unhealthy! You’re a slightly mean and negative person. Why don’t we jump off that bridge when we come to it! Besides, almost everyone says the same thing when they are pregnant, they just pray for the baby to be healthy and have the best start in life… That prayer isn’t for the parents well being AT ALL! It’s so that an innocent baby doesn’t have to suffer!

sagequinn on

@rory-I’m sure they and others are more than capable of loving a child with disabilities, but we always hope for the best, especially when it comes to our kids. Why nitpick something so trivial? I think everyone can attest that they want a happy and healthy pregnancy and wish the same for others. It’s just a common saying. It’s also very common to say all you care about is a healthy baby! Grow up, rory!

shira on

I’m pretty sure he’s still outnumbered by females, actually. But now he has an ally at least.

Brooke on

Georgina is stunningly beautiful. Harvey…….yeah, well.

Bree on

@rory 99% of parents will still love and want their child if they have health problems (Sadly not everyone feels that way but that is a whole seperate issue) that does not however mean that they WANT their child to be born with health problems or will be happy if they are.
I love my daughter with all my heart and said throughout my entire pregnancy that I wanted a healthy baby, what parent doesn’t?!?!? However when she was born with a hole in her lung and was later diagnosed with Craniosynostosis that did not mean that I loved her any less or wanted her any less but it certianly was not what I had wanted for her.

Any parent who says that they do not want a healthy baby while they are pregnant has got major issues. No parent wants to see their child suffer.

Congrats to Harvey, Georgina, India and the rest of the family. Can’t wait to hear what they named him!!

klutzy_girl on

Wow, Traycee stop being so judgmental. It’s his life and he can choose to live it how he wants. There’s no doubt that little boy will be loved regardless.

lola on

i agree with traycee. these old men having babies? ridiculous. most men his age are becoming grandfathers and he is having another baby. get real?! what facelifts do for women is what having babies does for some of these men…keeps them young. so selfish! what about the poor kid who will grow up not having his “old” dad around most of the time. silly!

barbarabarham on

I hope he doesn’t think this woman married him for his good looks, wit and charm…

tish on

Barbarabarham U must not know fashion! She has money she’s one of the founders of Marchesa. Smh.

LisaS on

And I wonder how that was bankrolled……… Hmmmm

Callie on

Geez Traycee- Stop being a pessimist! People do live beyond 76 moron.

Tara on

You don’t know that, he could live into his 90’s. What’s the difference if he were shipped to Iraq, Afganistan, North Korea etc… and something horrible happened and he died. I would much rather be born to him then Octo-mom and she is the correct age, according to you.

Anonymous on

She’s so gorgeous and successful….why would she have married him????

Just My Opinion on

Boy, he’s 61. He has Halle Berry beat.

Tara on

that’s disgusting.

Anonymous on

She’s so unbelievably gorgeous that it would be a shame if the kid didn’t resemble her very strongly.

RachelB-MD on

hope baby takes looks after the momma

Sara on

So because he has a boy at home now, he has an ally? Were his daughters & wife all against him previously? And “finally” a son? Would he love the child less if he had been a girl? What a completely ridiculously written piece.

Anonymous on

They say a woman’s old crusty eggs add to disabilities when children are born later in life for such a woman….but studies have recently shown, according to the news I read recently and which I personally presumed, that sperm—though newly created everyday by a man’s testes—DOES make a difference when it’s been produced by a guy who’s also up in years. Old sperm isn’t great either, y’know! It’s Nature’s Way of saying let the younger folk perpetuate the species, in a way.

joan on

I wonder if she wore an eye mask when Harvey banged her. You would have to. Look at him…ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monika on

Shut up traycee! It’s not your life

Molly on

Really, PEOPLE? “Weinstein finally has a son?” and now has an “ally?” I know Weinstein is of an older generation, but seriously, have we stepped back into the 1950’s? Apparently his daughters aren’t his “allies?” and apparently since he only had daughters, he must be so glad to FINALLY have a son? As a daughter, and now mother of two daughters, I find this post offensive. I love my daughters and I’d be fine with never having a son.

Magnolia on

Molly – ‘offensive’? That’s a pretty strong word for a stinkin joke! My dad used to say the same thing when my brother moved out and there was me, my mother, and our female puppy… Said he was outnumbered! Then when she was gone and we adopted a new pup it was a little boy and dad joked that things were finally even again… ITS A JOKE EVERY ONE! NOT AN ASSAULT ON ‘ FEMINISM ‘… Get over yourselves… Offended… Y’ all are crazy!

Holly on

And he’s probably going to be gay.

Congrats to them!

I like Pearl and Ruth.

Monika on

As long as his wife is ok with his age, it’s not our concern.

susan schweitzer on

These rich, old men getting young wives….it’s sickening. How can young women possibly go to bed with them is beyond. Guess money speaks louder than love.

klutzy_girl on

No wonder the children of the future are doomed and act like bullies and treat one another with zero respect. The way you “ladies” handle yourselves is what’s beyond disgusting. Tough internet persona’s hiding behind your computers. It’s a disgrace.

rep on

@barbarabarham . . .well it is certainly not for money or fame. She is as accomplished as him in the fashion industry as he is in the movie industry. I actually think this pair makes perfect sense as they are both greatly successful in their field. So his wit and charm as well as his level of thinking may just be along the same line as hers.

LisaS on

Read up more about the start of her line

He is known to be a grotesque bully in Hollywood.
Just google any of it
Gross gross gross

Seriously on

Yeah this poor kid’s gonna have such a rough life because his dad is older. You people. He will have the best of everything, schools, homes, care and for all we know parents who live to be 100. I get so exhausted with ignorant comments about parental age apparently by those who must watch Teen Mom and think its the norm. Grow up. Age isn’t everything. If you’re fortunate enough you’ll see 61 someday yourself.

Alissa on

Congrats on their son! I am sure everyone is thrilled! I noted that Harvey and Georgina are the same ages as me as my dad…whatever floats their boat! I should note that my dad was married to a lady that was 18 months younger than, so no judgement here.

Crystal on

Yay!!! Finally a boy!!!! So happy for them!!! Georgina is soooooo gorgeous!!! Congrats!!!

fanofboardwalkempire on

congratulations to the happy family!

Cip on

He is such a slobby looking man and unclean

Veronica on

My father was 51 when I was born and 55 for my brother. We couldn’t have. Ask for a better father. He was a vibrant energetic man that made sure we had everything possible from education to travel to spending time with us. He past away when I was 44 years old. And I miss him everyday. It really is the man not the age that makes a father.

Anonymous on

I’d rather have an ‘older’ father than any of you vile ‘ladies’ for a mother any day. What must your children think, seeing their mothers posting such nasty, judgmental garbage about strangers you’ve never met. I feel sorry for your children and hope that they have fathers who set better examples for them.

Anonymous on

Callie, Tara, et. al- Exactly! Saying that his child will only have him around for fifteen minutes is mean and mis-informed, to say the very least! He could live well into his 90s (more and more people are) or even into his hundreds, for all we know, meaning he’d be around until his son was in his thirties or even forties!

rep- Right on! I know it might hard for some of you to grasp, but some people DO actually care about things other than looks.Also, if you fell in love with your partner solely because of his looks, then I’m sorry, but there is something wrong with you!

I, for one, find it refreshing that Georgina seems to understand that true beauty comes from within!

Anyway, congrats to them, and I can’t wait to hear the baby’s name!

Kristen on

You really don’t have to look too far, for the worst in women, then sites like this. You women are disgusting. There isn’t a story posted where you all won’t come out of the woodwork and just allow yourselves to get as vile as you can possibly get. He’s 61, not 106. He doesn’t need to be handsome enough for you, he’s married to her. Let’s see your husbands, hear your ages, and tell us your baby names so that we can judge them. No, that’ll never happen because you’re cowards with nothing but time and effort on your hands. Why not do something productive instead?

And for all of the “he could be dead soon” thinkers; then shouldn’t women refuse to have children with police officers? Firefighters? Military men? They can all be dead soon too. They could all be dead by 25. What will happen to the poor children then?


Jen on

Wow, he finally put the stem on the apple!

iconico62 on

traycee, since when were you elected cyber’s nefertiti? It is none of your or anyone’s damn business if he wants to be a father at 61 or 81, idiot.

LisaS on

No DOUBT they had the embryos purposely implanted or whatever, to ensure a boy. Like what the Real HW Teresa Jewdice was trying to do with her 4th child which she had no trouble conceiving.

People try to manipulate for gender now.

Magnolia on

Wow! You’re racist LisaS! That is terrible… You need to educate yourself on how to relate to people in a correct way because you are relating VERY, VERY WRONG!

Truth on

She’s Jewish but comeon. That looks like a kidnapping.

Obviously she wants money.

traxie on

God, that woman earns her money. And she’s given him a son and a heir, so I hope she gets a good payout in ten years time.

Jane on

Georgina- RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! Do not stay married to a sexual predator