Jenna Bush Hager Welcomes Daughter Margaret Laura

04/14/2013 at 05:00 PM ET

Jenna Bush Hager Welcomes Daughter Mila
Christopher Kolk

The former First Family has welcomed their first grandchild.

Former President George W. Bush and former First Lady Laura Bush confirmed the new addition Sunday on Facebook.

“Laura and I are thrilled to announce the birth of our grandchild, Margaret Laura ‘Mila’ Hager,” he writes. “Mila, daughter of Jenna and Henry Hager, is named for her grandmothers.”

The couple’s daughter arrived at 8:43 p.m. on Saturday, April 13 in New York City.

“Jenna and Mila are healthy. And our family is elated,” Bush writes.

Prior to welcoming her new addition, the Today contributor didn’t know the sex of her baby.

“I really love the relationship I have with my mother,” Hager, 31, previously told PEOPLE at her baby shower, “so to have a daughter would be special.”

However, there’s still no word on what the little one will call her grandparents.

“My grandfather and my father’s grandfather were both called Gampy, so maybe it will be Gampy,” she recently told PEOPLE, adding with a laugh, “but my father did also say he wanted to be called Jefe, which is chief in Spanish.”

— Alison Schwartz with reporting by Sandra Sobieraj Westfall

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AKM on

Congrats to all.

chevjuls on


chloe on

What a precious name, nice that she has a name that has meaning and significance…

Leslie on

Congratulations…and love the name !!!!!

Terri on

How wonderful. May God bless this new baby and her parents and grandparents. 🙂

Anonymous on

Is it pronounced Me-la or My-la. Not sure how they get either from Margaret Laura – but at least it is a nice normal, albeit a bit old-fashioned given name – and a more modern, hipper nickname. (the best of both worlds) Congratulations to both families!

Lolo on

It is pronounced Meela. It is a common and lovely name in Russia and means “dear one” or “loved one”. It is a very pretty name. Congratulations to the Bush family! May little Mils grow healthy and strong!

melanie on

Congrats!!!! So precious and she will make a wonderfull mom!!!! godbless!

anne on

Congratulations! Every baby is a wonderful blessing and changes your life in so many way. On Friday she was on the Today Show and did a story. She checked out all the ways to predict a baby’s sex that were non-medical, as she did not want to know for sure. Most predictors said it was a boy. So much for old wives tales!

Jill on

Awwwww, Congratulations!!

Beth on

Why not just name the kid Mila and give two middle names?

gagirl on

Thank you. I never will understand why people don’t just name the child what they intend to call them. Makes zero sense.

Kate on

I agree gagirl but it’s their baby. They can call her anything that they want to.

Guest on

It’s called having a nickname. They may not want to actually call her Margaret so she’s not confused with the grandmother. My son is named after my husband so we call him by his middle name because I don’t want him to be known as “little Michael”.

Alissa on

Congrats and Super Cute Name! Love the family influence in their choice and the nickname is just precious!

Anonymous on

What a lovely name. Very traditional and a refreshing change from the “cool” names that are being tossed about these days. Congratulations to the new parents!

gagirl on

What tradition are they following? Margaret Laura Hager sounds like an 82 yr old who plays bridge.

Alanna on

Rude much gagirl?

Kimberly on

Is it gag-irl or ga-girl? With manners like that it sure as hell isn’t ga. Georgia momas and grandmas teach their children and grandchildren good manners and respect…which you are sorely lacking. Bless your heart.

Anonymous on

Congratulations and a wonderful choice of name. I love it. Best wishes to all the Families.

Marcia5519 on

Congratulations! It is so nice that Mila is named after her grandparents. I guess Jenna does not like the usual nickname for Margaret which is Maggie.

jlyspio on

Henry’s mom goes by Maggie. My guess is they don’t want to cause any confusion!

KiKi on

Adore this young woman! So happy for the couple and the grandparents! Also like the name for their precious baby girl. Heartfelt congratulations to all!

jenni on

Congrats love the name

B on

Awww, congrats Jenna! I knew it would be a girl after all the guessing was for boy from all the ‘professionals’ on your segment!! God bless your family!

Terra on

While it seems like the nickname should be Mala, if drawing from both names, Margaret Laura is such a beautiful, classic and feminine name. I’m so tired of hearing girls named after boys and all the trendy, worn-out names that will never stand the test of time. I don’t care for the Bush family politics either, but congrats to all of them!

katty on

aw, beautiful! congrats to the bush family and jenna and henry!

rowenna on

Mlia is a great name. the other two, no. I always thought it was icky that Jenna and her sister were named for their grandmothers.

Kathie on

Wonderful news!

Tara on

Congrats, she has always been an amazing young lady!!!

Anonymous on

Congrats, I love that the name has meaning.

dd on

It’s Mila, as in Meal-a as in Mila Kunis and it’s a great cool name to modernize Margaret and Laura- love it!

Karen on

Congratulations to Jenna and her husband and all the family.

Queue the liberal media and commenters to say snarky things.

Claire on

Whoa there! I’m a bleeding heart liberal who doesn’t support Bush politics AT ALL but I don’t take it out on his kids! Both Jenna and Barbara have grown up to be classy women who carry themselves with dignity and grace. Couldn’t be happier for Jenna and Henry. Also love that they gave her not only a normal name, but that they followed the tradition of honoring the baby’s grandmothers. Blessings to them both 🙂

Latrice on

congrats to the family on the new baby and what a nice name Margaret Laura such a beautiful name

Shannon on

I love that she continued the tradition of naming daughters after their grandmothers. I’m sure people know that Jenna and her twin Barbara were both named after their grandmothers.

I would imagine the nickname comes from combining Margaret and Laura, rather than just saying Maggie. I like Mila. Even the nickname still pays homage to both grandma’s!

Congrats to the Bush & Hager families!

nancy on

Where’s the tribute to George? Should have named her Georgie or georgeanne. Just kidding! Contests to both families!

denise on


Annie on

Congratulations !

meghan on

Why is it ‘icky” to be named after your grandmothers? What a weird thing to say.

Kate on

I agree meghan. It’s not icky at all. I was named after both my grandmothers, and I was born on my mom’s mother’s birthday. Being named after my grandmothers mad me love my name and feel so proud about it.

Molly on

We named our daughter Kathleen after my mom, but always intended to call her Katie. However, when she switched schools at 9, she dropped the Katie and goes by Kathleen. We still call her Katie though. It’s nice when you give the child another option.



Lb on

Happy for them all 🙂

sara on

Omg so annoying ….just name your kid what you want people to call them…isnt that the point of a name!?!?!

Anonymous on

Sorry to put a damper and all, but I was really getting tired of her on the Today Show, kind of acting like she was the only pregnant woman out there.

Susan Albert on

Congratulations to all. I love the name.

itznia on

Sooooooooo cute!!!!!

hi on

Congrats! Cute name.

Bonnie on

Congrads to all the Bushes, love the name..our 1st daughter named after me & my husband, 2nd daughter after her grandmothers…3rd was boy by the time our youngest daughter was born we had ran out of names…God Bless you all from Tennessee

KD on

Congratulations on a healthy baby girl

Jill on

Pretty name!


Mary on

Geez-us, people! Can you not just congratulate the couple instead of second guessing about everything about the name. She gives her a traditional name and people criticize her for that. She gives the baby a nick-name and she is criticized for that. Are you all that unhappy that you have to be so flipping miserable on this site? Good grief.

Melissa A. White on

Amen Mary!!

Gigi on

Thank you!!! Exactly what I was thinking. People on here drive me nuts with all the criticism!

Betty Gallagher on

Congrats to you both & to the proud grandparents.God bless your little family .love to you all

Anonymous on

Congrats Jenna & Henry on the birth of your daughter Margaret Laura..such a beautiful name! I love what your dad would like to be called “Jefe”..that’s cool 🙂

Melissa A. White on

Congrats! I really enjoy Jenna on the Today Show. I wish her and her husband much happiness with their little one.

Elle on

Congratulations to the whole family!

Julianna on

Aw, I love Mila’s name and nickname. It’s always so touching when couples choose to name their children with names that have emotional meaning for them. I’m sure Mila is a beautiful baby! Congratulations, Henry and Jenna!

Katie on

Congratulations to the family!

Rhonda on

Awwww I am happy for Jenna and her husband. I really like her.

Bette on

Congratulations to Jenna, Henry and their families!

Lilly on

Nice news! Happy Birthday, Mila!!

MollyF on

Karen that comment: “Queue the liberal media and commenters to say snarky things.” is flame bait and you’re going to ask for it, but not from me.

I’m so happy for Jenna and Hher husband. Margret Laura is such a great name. And I love the nickname Mila.

me on

To Beth…Your given name is probably Elizabeth so why are you harping on them about what they want to call THEIR child? Why don’t you call your parents and yell at them about giving you a nickname…moron.

Kay on

Finally a normal name from a celebrity family! Congratulations

Astrid on

Congratulation to a beautiful girl I’ve seen her grow up to be a wonderful daughter, wife, now a mother to the Bush 1st grandchild.

Many blessings to Bush and Hager family.

CinSweet on

I too don’t understand why they just didn’t name her Mila? But that’s their blessing to name, not mine. I wish them all the best!

AP on

Congrats! April 13th is my birthday too!!!

Danielle on

I like that,,,,George wants to be call Jefe, that’s cute……chief …..I’m a democrat but a baby is a blessing what ever the political affiliation.

Kate on

Would have chosen Maggie for the nickname but very happy for all. Jenna and her sister were named after their grandmothers. More people should use family names instead of stupid and trendy names that mean nothing to anyone.

Heidi on

Congrats!!!! Sorry, but jefe means “boss” in Spanish…NOT CHIEF!!!!! Sorry, W just will always drive me INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nicole on

Look it up online Heidi – jefe means chief too

Jessie on

Very cute name! Congrats to all….

Emry on

and another ugly baby name 😦

ColeB on

Adorable name! We also chose not to find out the sex of our little one and named her after her grandmothers once she arrived. I think it’s a beautiful way to pay tribute to your loved ones.

shannon on

Congratulations to the family! Great name with meaning behind it.

Stop hating on

Beautiful intentions and tradition with the name and love the nick name. My daughters middle name is after my mom and my sons after a cousin who
Passed away. So I think it’s great! Congrats on your new bundle of joy !

Alayna on

Congrats!! I hope mommy and baby are feeling good.

Lauren Kaminski on

Congratulations but awful name!:(

Cathleen on


Fefe on

Beautiful name! So proud for the Hager/Bush families.

Donna on

Congratulations to all….. beautiful name for the baby.

Callie on

Yeah!!! Congratulations to the lovely couple. Can’t wait to see a picture of the new baby. I’m sure she is gorgeous 🙂

Norma on

OMG that’s funny the Jefe name (HEY-FAY). That is indeed slang for chief or boss in Spanish and a lot of people call their father’s that in George W. wants to be called that by his grandkid? Hilarious!

Marky on

Anonymous, you are anything but sorry to “put a damper” on anything on this board. Gag, you are never happy with anything! Congratulations to this precious couple! They seem very nice, and Jenna has turned out quite lovely. Love the name and the sentiment.

bwithers on

We don’t have to understand and they don’t have to explain! Mila is their baby and they have the right to name her and call her any name they want to. Be happy for them! Congratulations and best wishes to both families.

dudley doright on

he looks like a nice man

NatesMama on

Congratulations to both families! The nickname is very clever…What a lovely way to pay tribute to both grandmothers both with her nickname and her full name. Very lovely.

Carrie M on

Congrats to the Hagers and the Bush Family. I’m sure George W is totally tickled pink and will be a great grand-daddy.

Sandy on

congrats- love the name, grandma’s must be so proud to have their grand baby named after them!

w on

LOVE the name… so nice to keep family names alive. What a nice family.

kitty62862 on

Politics aside,

Best wishes to all!

A very lovely name for baby!

Anonymous on

Many congratulations to them. As a Margaret myself, I think it’s a fine choice of first name, although I’m not sure how they get Mila from Margaret + Laura. A name like Mara would have made more sense, combining the first two letters of Margaret and last two of Laura. A lovely name though, even if I don’t get the Mila bit!

ellymae10 on

Aww! Congratulations to both families! I love that Mila was named after two grandmothers! I was named after my grandmothers and so are my daughters.

LizzyM on

Beautiful, sentimental name. Congrats to the family! Love Jenna!

Kim on

Congratulations! I love that they didn’t find out the sex of the baby before she was born. That makes it so much more exciting IMO.

Kim on

Thank-you Mary! I was thinking the same thing. Some people criticize EVERYTHING on here. Just say ‘congratulations’ and keep the nastiness to yourself people.

Ashley on

Congratulations, great news!! I love this family 🙂

Erin on

Congrats to a wonderful family!!! Many blessings for Baby Mila!!! : )

bkable on

If they wanted to call her Mila, why didn’t they just name her that! I have 2 middle names; its not like its that uncommon. If anything, it just confuses a kid!

I love the name Mila though! Its adorable – much better than Margaret!

Kara on

I really love the name. Its special that she’s named after her grandmothers. I also like it because she will have her own identity with the nick name.

Rowenna-I am not sure how being named after important family members is “icky”. My middle name is after my paternal grandmother who passed before I was born. I am so glad that my parents chose it because I get to carry a piece of her with me for the rest of my life.

Toria on

Margaret Laura. Very old-fashioned and a not at all attractive name. But then, I don’t expect her to grow up to be beautiful so I guess the name fits.

Sharon on

And im sure you think you’re drop dead gorgeous. So rude.

soph on

No, Norma, not hey-fay, but heh-feh.

And wow, Toria.

As for the name, I’m actually more fond of Margaret than Mila. Mila just feels too of-the-moment, would they have chosen it if Mila Kunis hadn’t put it in the spotlight? Another possible nickname from Margaret Laura is “Marla,” but I guess that’s not too attractive these days…neither is Marg, Peggy…even Meg Hager doesn’t sound that great.

Sharon on

What a sweet, normal name!

Congratulations on your new princess 🙂

tippy on

Maybe Mila is Missy and Laura – does his mother go by Missy? Cute name and Laura and George must be thrilled for this chapter in their lives.

Laura is a class act and will be a wonderful Grandma!

Tami on

Congratulations to the Bush and Hager family. I really love the fact that they named her a traditional name and the fact that she is named after her grandmothers gives meaning to it. Mila is a cute nickname. I don’t get why same people are saying that they should just name her what they want to call her. Having the traditional name Margaret gives her the option when she becomes older to use either name. She way want to use her full name professionally and have her nickname for family and friends .

Tami on

Congratulations to the Bush and Hager family. Love the fact that they gave her a traditional normal name, and the fact that she is named after her grandmothers makes it’s special. For those who are commenting about why didn’t they just name her Mila well probably it’s because when she gets older she may want to use Margaret as her professional name but go by Mila to family and friends.

Pat on

To Heidi: Jefe is a Spanish term meaning “the Chief” or “the Boss.”

Jerz on


Anonymous on

finally a baby with a normal name

Kat on

What? A Hispanic name? George Bush is allowing that? What the…? 🙂

Amy on

Congratulations Henry & Jenna on the birth of baby Mila..