Fergie: Josh Duhamel ‘Wanted to Knock Me Up from Our First Date’

04/14/2013 at 03:00 PM ET

Fergie Pregnant NewNowNext Awards
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After enjoying plenty of R&R in Brazil, Fergie is focusing her attention a little closer to home.

“I’m starting the nesting period. That is what’s happening now,” the soon-to-be first-time mom, 38, told PEOPLE at Saturday’s NewNowNext Awards.

“Let’s put it this way: I am going through about five rooms right now, and there are changes that need to be made. My husband [Josh Duhamel] goes, ‘Oh, you’re in the nesting period? I’ve heard about this.'”

She’s also experiencing another less desirable effect of her pregnancy: mood swings. “Oh yeah!” she said. “But I’m not going into that.”

Not that Duhamel is complaining. “He’s been amazing,” she told reporters. “He’s so nice and wonderful, and he sings and talks to my belly all of the time. He’s very complimentary. I’m very lucky that he is really good to me.”

And she, too, has plenty of compliments for the actor, whom she wed in January 2009. “He’s going to be an amazing father. He’s got natural parenting instincts. He wanted to knock me up from our first date. He’s ready.”

For now, Fergie is keeping the sex of her baby a secret. However, she’s more open about her pregnancy, which has “been easy, hard — it’s been everything,” she told reporters. “It’s been a very happy pregnancy. It’s a very happy time.”

She added: “It’s new beginnings.”

The NewNowNext Awards air Monday evening at 10/9c on Logo.

— Alison Schwartz with reporting by Jessica Herndon

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MrMonkee on

That should be one good-looking baby. Parents are beautiful.

Kelly on

Classy statement there Fergie. Even if it is the truth, some things are better left between two people. TMI

Melinda on

C’mon, she’s being light-hearted and making jokes. I prefer than over the flowers and rainbows celeb quotes.

Big Fan on

Classy, knock me up on the first date, kept alive forever on the internet. Awesome.

Julie on

MrMonkee-Fergie’s looks are undercover with so many cosmetic procedures that you will never be able to guess that she really looks like under there. Maybe a High School yearbook photo could show us the real Stacy. Yeah TMI Kelly. I totally agree!

Marcia on

Ugh, please, too much information.

Karen M. on

“He wanted to knock me up from our first date.” Oh my. Way to keep it classy, you two.

melissa on

you people have no sense of humor. my husband knocked me up twice, and I loved every minute of it. guess what, she speaks about real issues, not sugar coating it.

lynne on

You guys are losers. She did not say anything wrong. Knock me up, figure of speaks. She is not the first or last or only person to say it that way. She was joking around. Anyone with a brain would of realized that when they read it. Congrats to them. They will be great parents and will be a beautiful baby.

Ellie Revert on

That headline defines tacky, don’t you think??

Shawna on

I know everyone is different but I can’t imagine being 38 and just having my first child. When I am 38 I’ll have a 17 year old, a 15 year old, and a 12 year old!

Jessica on

Shawna, she may have had struggles getting pregnant and so it took a while. I’m 37 and still trying for my first. Some of us aren’t so lucky with getting pregnant easily.

MommytoanE on

If you look at pictures of her during her “Kids Incorperated” Years that’s more what she really looks like. She’s definately had quite a bit of surgery, which is a shame cus she was a cute little girl. If she’s nesting, that should mean towards the end of her pregnancy….since that’s when most women nest. I wonder when we’ll see this little one.

Marguerite on

@Julie you hit the nail on the head. if you google her you will see she has had A LOT of work done.

Kimberly on

Have you been sniffing Jessica Simpson’s butt Ashley? (Rolls up newspaper) Bad dog! (thwap) Bad dog! (thwap)

Cath on

Not that Duhamel is complaining. “He’s been amazing,” she told reporters. “He’s so nice and wonderful, and he sings and talks to my belly all of the time. He’s very complimentary. I’m very lucky that he is really good to me.”

But you should not have to feel that you are lucky that your partner in life treats you in the way that you should be treating each other. Otherwise, babies are awesome and I love hearing stories like this.

fatima on

Take Notes Kim….

Ann on

Nasty, hate em both

amy on

Pretty low class and trashy “he wanted to knock me up on our first date”

Mel on

Some things are better left unsaid. Jeeze, no one wants to hear that shi+.

Erin on

She won’t go into detail about the mood swings, but yet she will announce to the world that her husband has wanted to knock her up since their very first date? Classy, real classy.

mosspoetry on

Man…. i think some people need to find their sense of humors. They are MIA

Angela on

C’mon people, lighten up! And she does have natural beauty- regardless of what work she’s had done. Just google an old Kid’s Incorporated episode.

angie on

There is nothing wrong with having a baby later in life….Some people were smart and didn’t get knocked up at 21

Susan on

Ummm, Shawna – some of us had to really work to get our kids. I had mine in my mid-30’s. It wasn’t my choice, but they were worth the wait!

Jessica on

Exactly Tams! I wish more women would appreciate that getting pregnant is a true miracle and there are thousands of women who had to do way more then “lay down”. There is so little thought to how comments, like Shawna’s, are incredibly insensitive to women (and men) who are struggling with infertility.

Yes, we don’t know if Fergie had challenges with getting pregnant, nor she would assume because of her age, but regardless people should learn to be more sensitive before they speak.

Callie on

Nothing but class and tact or wait….that would be classless and tacky. She was a drug addict in the past and apparently being famous and rich didn’t change her being a low life.

JStar on

Jeeeaaaaalous. I wish Josh wanted to knock me up. Lol. Shut up you prudes, they’re cute.

Anonymous on

Ummm, shawna, I can’t imagine being 19 or 20 and being preggo and raising a child…way too young Imo. I was 38 pregnant and things were perfect because I was ready and had done everything I had wanted to do. In my opinion, those who have babies too young are generally from low income situations and uneducated.

Anonymous on

So, Shawna, , you were preggo at 18? Didn’t you go to college? IMO, YOU were too YOUNG to be having babies. Don’t criticize someone Who is older and wiser just because you were a child yourself as a Mother.

dobo on

Umm, that was pretty harsh, also I’m pretty sure 38 minus 17 does not equal 18, so maybe think twice before criticising a person and their education when your own is obviously not up to scratch. Just sayin

Amanda on

It’s good to see that pregnancy didn’t kill her sense of humor, unlike some of these other broads.

Anonymous on

Personally, I think what she said is sweet (though I’ll admit that if I were in her shoes, I probably wouldn’t have used the phrase “knock me up”!)! Would you guys rather she say that Josh hated the idea of being a father and this baby is the result of him finally reluctantly giving in?!

dudley doright on


warmnsunny on

Can you blame him?

sherry on

Wow!! Really classy!! What was the point of that statement?! What ever happened to class and manners?! Too much has changed!!

Suzie on

First of all congrats to FERGIE…….she looks great. Second of all, there isn’t anything wrong with having a child later in life. I would think one should consult a physician first to ensure they are healthy enough. Last but not least……….I’m glad anonymous cowardly declined to use his/her name with the tasteless comment he/she made in regards to young mothers coming from low income families.

I came from a very grounded, middle class family. My father is a successful business owner with a Masters degree. I was 18 when I became a mother. I have a college education with an associates in Science. I have 3 children. My oldest 2 children are 4.0 students, in the Honor Society, and take honor classes in school while keeping up with sports. Your comment was based on your general opinion most likely from your past or where you presently live.

Tams on

@Shawna, kind of an insensitive comment on your part. I don’t think there is nothing wrong with being pregnant at 38 – it gives a woman time to figure things out and live her life to the fullest. I’m happy you’re content with your decision to have children young but many women don’t have life figured out by 21 or have the luxury to raise children at the age.

saydee on

@Shawna – wow thanks a lot. now I feel like a piece of crap just because I’m 37 and don’t have kids yet.

Mimi on

What is wrong with people. Really what is so wrong with her saying that her husband wanted to knock her up?

And those of you who think people who have kids at 18 are not smart it’s time to stop this bs. I had my first child when I was 19 and I managed to graduate college with honor. Guess what? I am happily married to the same man that I have been with for 8 years, have a house and two handsome boys! I would have been stupid if I had left this great man because that’s what every one wanted me to do! I respect the fact that people choose to have their in their late 30’s but it doesn’t mean you have to be so harsh to the ones who have their kids earlier in life!

Anonymous on

I love ferg god bless !!!

Guest on

Sad we women don’t support each other. Too harsh and judgmental.

Anonymous on

angie- There’s nothing wrong with having a baby at 21, either. Different strokes for different folks!

Nancy on

I agree that some things are better off between two peope. Who really cares about such subject. She is not a classy lady.