A New Judge Joins The Voice – Shakira’s Son Milan!

04/12/2013 at 08:00 AM ET

Putting his new passport to good use, Milan joined mom Shakira on the Los Angeles set of The Voice Thursday.

The 11-week-old shares his opinions with the singer, first appearing to listen in closely — “Clearly Milan’s intrigued by this performance #5thCoach” Shakira, 36, Tweeted — then scrunching up his little face into a scowl as he attempted to press the button. “Uh oh, I don’t think he liked that performance!” his mother joked.

Shakira and her boyfriend, soccer star Gerard Piqué, welcomed their son in January.

Shakira Milan The Voice
Courtesy Shakira

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Shakira Milan The Voice
Courtesy Shakira

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Denise on

Too cute!!!!

Anonymous on

Cute 🙂

Jane on

Her hair is FABULOUS!

Alanna on

Awww so cute ❤

karen on

Love Shikira as a new judge – hope they keep her!! Such a sweet looking baby.

American TV on

He’s really cute. But Shakira doesn’t even look like herself anymore. She’s way Americanized; long platinum hair, what happened to her wavy/curly locks? She also looks pale, too much makeup. She looks like a Jessica Simpson imitator. So much for having latina pride.

with all due respect... on

I can understand your point. However, Latinas come in all colors of the rainbow. Fair hair and fair skin, dark hair and dark skin, and everything in between.

Gigi on

Please keep Shakira and forget about Christina Aguilera!!! She is amazing! And what a cute lil man! Love it!

Debbie on

What a sweet little man !!

Guest on

What a cutie pie. I want to pinch those chubby cheeks.

Tammy on

Shakira is 1000 times better than Xtina. I actually have started watching the show again.

Elle on

I love how the title of this is, See the voices shakira’s new son…..not like nobody knew Shakira before the voice or something…weird title.

Elle on

Love Shakira OVER Christina!!!!!!!!! So much better!!!! I really hope they keep her!

Kat1129 on

Love her on the show!! Now I’m watching again since Christina is gone!! Best season ever!

Mamawoolie on

Maybe she is Americanized because she lives in AMERICA!!!!

Megan on

She’s one happy mama!

Anonymous on

Lover her so much better that Christina. I hope they keep her around for many more seasons.

Lila on

super cute!

Ashley on

Shakira rocks!!!! Her son is so cute. She NEEDS to stay on The Voice. Do not let Xtina back! Shakira is so sweet, smart, down-to-earth person and it translates well to caring for her group and the other performers. Xtina was so mean to all other singers besides her own. Half the time, she acted like she couldn’t be bothered to pay attention if her singers weren’t performing. Shakira is so much better as a Judge and her rapport with the other Judges are amazing.

Amy on

What a cutie!!!

Carrie M on

O.M.G. How utterly cute!!!!!!!!

alex on

baby looks like his grandpa… well her real hair color is black I saw photos when she was younger curly black hair..

Lady on

What a cutie, he looks just like his mama!

Kevin on

She seems like a very involved mother, and very loving. Her son is in excellent hands, and will grow up with love and music.

Sarah S. on

What a handsome little guy–such nice almond-shaped brown eyes! 🙂

Guest on

He’s a character! He’s probably having gas!! 😉

Ayla on

All you guys saying how awesome Shakira is are hilarious. I wonder what would you have thought of her back in the day when she actually made some good music.

Lisa on

Get over yourself, American TV. She’s not pale because she’s wearing too much makeup–look at her hands! It’s nice for once to see someone not overdosing on the fake tans or baking in the sun. And there are plenty of Latinas who are pale.

Jennifer on

what a sweetheart he is:)

Anonymous on

To all the ppl that are syaing shakira is better than xtina are loco. I watched the voice every week to see what kind of constructive critsicism will give to the contestants. she never sugarcoated her opinions and thats why some ppl dislike her. I guess everyone should be like Britney, Shakira and Jlo and just keep praising so they dont look mean to America. Wake up ppl. Xtina is the voice!!

Danielle on

What a beautiful baby……he looks like both of his parents…..God Bless him.

Karen on

Shes not pure Latina.. dont hate on her color of her skin and blame her for not being dark.. Thats ignorant. A LOAD of Latinas are naturally fair skin, blonde hair and blue eyes. If you ever been in any Latin American country. Shes part Lebanese and Italian.

@Anonymous on

You completely missed the point of the comment. It’s the fact that in order to appeal to American TV audiences she has been made up to appear Caucasian, rather than staying consistent with her musicianship and touring appearance. Obviously south American people, and humans in general come is all varieties. However, this is not her natural hair color, which indicates it was for some reason necessary to dye it – and she went blonder. Yes, she is blond, but anyone who has ever seen her knows she isn’t this blond naturally.. It simply begs the question why, why does she don an appearance clearly so deviated from her usual self? Why does she look more like a Christina replacement, a Jessica Simpson impersonator, than how she’s looked all throughout her musical career. Is it imperative in our culture to do so just to stay relevant in the public eye? And if so, why? Media literacy, dude.

Omar on

She did not dye her hair blonde because she wanted to look like xtina or Jessica, she’s has been blonde since 2009 and she had the roots showing because she couldn’t dye it, (she was pregnant) and now she did it again. Pulling it off the shakira way … Lets face it she’s unique prettier, and better than other artists!

josy0710 on

She is blond because she wants to be. Ton of women dye their hair, why shouldn’t she be able to do what ever she wants? so your hair color makes you less “latina”? She has many times spoken in spanish on the show and she is very involved with the community and her home town in Colombia, I think those things matter more than if she comes out with black curly hair or not.

Anyway, Milan is adorable. Congrats to her and Pique.

maryhelenc on

He is too precious! LOVE his little faces hahaha!

I kind of hope they keep Xtina and Shakira and ditch Usher and Cee-Lo. I would love to see two women on the panel and Shakira and Xtina are friends as well. They would be fun to watch gang up on the boys. This season has pretty much been Adam and Blake’s bromance and smug Usher. Shakira is cute but gets lost in the shuffle a little bit.

coryn on

@Anonymous You act like this “look” for Shakira is somehow new or a result of her being on a hit show in America. Over the years Shakira has been a blonde, brunette and a redhead. She’s had straight hair, curly hair, braids and faux dreads Hell, her hair was blonde way back in 2000 when Jessica Simpson was barely a blip on the map. Entertainers change their style all of the time. Doesn’t mean they don’t have pride in their country or nationality. Also, Shakira is both Spanish (Catalan) and Lebanese and has always expressed pride in both cultures.

alberto ramos on

So cute

saffron on

Never knew much of Shakira (her speaking voice), till “The Voice”. Just love her now! She has a great sense of humor and can give it right back! Her little one is BEYOND adorable!

Anonymous on

He’s so cute

JB on

There have been some instances in the last several years where she’s had darker hair (check out the Hips Don’t Lie video), but for the most part she’s been blonde for a decade or so now. She obviously WANTS to be blonde, and she has fair skin so she can pull it off. I can’t think of any other star that has people so bent out of shape over her hair color.

Jazz on

Mamawoolie—Shakira actually lives in SPAIN, not America. Her boyfriend is from Spain and her son was born in Spain too.

Anonymous on

@Anonymous I think its ridiculous that you still bring up something that really doesn’t matter anymore. Who cares what color her hair is? Before the blonde hair she had dyed it red but that doesn’t mean she was trying to appeal to an Irish audience. She has done more for Latin music than anyone else has since Gloria Estefan. Ricky, Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, and Enrique were all part of that Latin boom, but where is that boom now. Out of all them Shakira continues to be relevant.

You know after Laundry Service, which was a big success for her, she could have followed up with another English language album. But no instetad she took a risk and released Fijacion Oral, and all Spanish album. She could have lost a lot of her English speaking fans with that move but instead she created a bridge between her Spanish and English music and thus connect her Spanish speaking and English speaking fans and all types of fans. So booya!!!

kent on

OMG so adorable !! 🙂

taylor on

So she has blonde hair and doesn’t look the same..she is older now! She is still the same person she was just older and a mom get over it people

Anonymous on

Milan is adorable!

Anonymous on

She make me wanna speak Spanish! I watch the voice because of her in Turkey. The show starts at 3 a.m. in here and i always wait it for her. I think Latinas should be proud of her. She might chance her hair or style but she always produces good music. She uses all sounds in her music, especially rock sounds. If someone blame Shakira of making cheap music, just give them Fijación Oral Vol. 1 and Dónde Están los Ladrones! (Sorry for my English)

Anon on

All of this fuss over her hair color is ridiculous. Yes, she started off as a natural dark brunette, however she’s had all sorts of shades – medium/light brown, dark red, assorted shades of blonde.

Back in 1999 she had the dark red with dark brown/black roots, and there’s evidence of that in her Ojos Asi music video. The first time I recall seeing her with blonde hair was back in 2001, so this isn’t a new thing nor is she “forgetting her roots” or whatever it is you people are saying. If you look at the actresses in the telenovelas they don’t all have their natural hair color, and some of them even go blonde. I’m mostly Caucasian and was born with light/white blonde hair, that’s now dark/dirty blonde, however I’ve had it bleached like Gwen Stefani, all hot pink, black, various shades of brown, and more. In no way does my hair color choice reflect some strange desire to be perceived as another ethnicity or from a different culture. Then there’s also the fact that not everyone’s natural hair color compliments their skin tone the best, but something out of a bottle can and add to their natural beauty.

Shakira has always been proud of her roots, and not just her Colombian ones. She’s represented her Lebanese heritage with her belly dancing, helping make it mainstream again, and keeping the Mebarak name alive by carrying it on through her son. With her Colombian heritage, she still sings and performs in Spanish, and if you’ve taken the time to even watch her this season on The Voice you’ll see that she’s very proud of where she came from and often speaks in other languages with the contestants.

So, TL;DR: get over it.

Dot on

Shakira Love her. The judges are soo much better this year. Her son is adorable.. Please keep the current Judges. They connect very well..Love watching the show..

Marissa on

Shakira is Lebanese and Colombian, she’s not Italian. Shakira at the beginning of his career speak of being Lebanese and Colombian born in Colombia. To be accepted into the American market she lighted their skin color and hair and started to say that she is Italian, when that is not the truth.

Mikki on

Really? You are arguing about her hair??? Get over it, she is amazing no matter what color her hair is and unless any of you know her personally, , the you have no business speculating on “why” she dyes her hair or why her skin is the color that it is.

Morgan on

She is gorgeous and how sweet to bring her baby with her. 🙂

Anonymous on

Did something happen to Shakira’s face during the blind audition? It looked like she Botoxed. Maybe just too much makeup or something? I preferred her natural look during the blind auditions. =(

Omar on

@Anonymous…Aahhh maybe because she was pregnant during the blind auditions?? O.o lol

A Big Fan Of Shakira on

Wow! I’t not only her hips that don’t lie every other part does not lie!!!! 😉

A Big Fan Of Shakira on

😉 @_@ ()()()()()()()()()!_!