Second Child on the Way for Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner

04/11/2013 at 10:01 AM ET

Ivanka Trump Pregnant Expecting Second Child
Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

Get ready for another Trump bump!

Ivanka Trump and her husband, New York Observer owner Jared Kushner, are expecting their second child, PEOPLE confirms.

The new addition will join daughter Arabella Rose, 20 months.

“Jared and I are so excited that Arabella will become a big sister this fall,” Trump Tweets. “Thanks for all your good wishes!”

Expanding the family will make life even more hectic for Ivanka, 31, given her top executive role at The Trump Organization. But she’s found a great balance as a working mother — though don’t use that term around her!

“I think the expression ‘working’ versus ‘non-working’ implies that a mother who stays home doesn’t work. It’s far more difficult than anything I do in the office,” she recently told Redbook.

“Every morning I’m so sad to leave Arabella. But it’s important for me to continue what Iā€™m doing. It’s fulfilling to me, and I think it makes me a better mom when I’m home.”

Her father Donald, whom she judges alongside on Celebrity Apprentice, should be happy with another grandchild, too, as long as he has backup when babysitting.

“He takes her all the time — but with me,” Ivanka jokes. “He wouldn’t know what to do if she was crying or needed a diaper change.”

— Tim Nudd with reporting by Charlotte Triggs

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bekah on

Seems like she just was announcing her daughter. Congrats to them. They have such baby faces.

LaLa on

Tina? How does one need to grow up if they think someone has a baby face? They do, as in look young, as in a compliment. Crazy.

Sharon on

She said baby faces, idiot. What is wrong with that comment anyway?!

h on

Must be something in the water. Everyone is pregnant.

Alysia on

I agree h, i know at least 5 people who are pregnant snd due late summer late fall

Denise Smith on

I hope their marriage lasts.

Rachael on

Aww Congrats!! I luv this woman,for working and a full time mommy,I myself work full time and a mommy of 2 daughters,and yes it’s a lot harder work at home than at the office!!!

MrMonkee on

Que the nannies……………

Angela on

It was funny, I was wondering yesterday when an announcement of pregnancy was coming from her!!

hbear on

So happy for Ivanka. She seems like an outstanding woman. I wish her family all the best.

Jen on

Busted!! So Donald Trump can run a billion-dollar corporation, but he can’t change a diaper? That must be “Man Logic”… šŸ™‚

Stephanie on

It’s normal for men of his age Jen. My dad would be his age and he couldn’t change a diaper if he’d try. He’d probably haul the kid to his mom down the road. Different generation despite his attempt to dye his age away.


Glad to know that her daughter will have a sibling to bond with since People’s last article the other day about her she stated she works 18 hour days. While I admire her for having a career with her weatlh you’d think she could balance her work to be more present in her child’s life.

kelly anne on

18 HR days. Hmmm yeah her kids wont be screwed up or anything. Sad. Why have kids if you can’t find the time for them.

Diana S Fetterman on

I just got through reading about her in Red Book and she seems very busy for having even one child. “I rush home at 6.15 to 7.15 to give my child a bath and put her to bed before I go back to work. I see her at lunch every Wednesday at work.”. So she hardly sees her child during the week how is she going to manage 2 children. I guess hire more nannies.

mamanas on

This is probably one of the few rich families that I am happy to see expanding the Trump dynasty. Her father did a wonderful job raising his kids, not like the Paris or Kardasian kids.

boohoobytch on


Anonymous on

Congrats to her, I love baby news. But how will it make life more hectic? She just has to hire another nanny.

KrisAnn on

Congrats! I really like Ivanka. Beautiful, smart and has it all together!

Gina on

Beautiful & smart. Congrats!

Kat on

This couple look so intellectual, I guess the word I’m looking for is uptight. Do they ever loosen up or goof around. Relax people, geesh!

An on

Her husband is a crook of a landlord. He is making the lives of many rent-controlled/Rent Stabilized tenants impossible on the Lower East side, NYC. I hope he is a better husband father than he is a landlord.

Tiffany on

I like her.

Marilyn on

Last night I was wondering when we’d hear about another baby on the way for her for some reason, and now here it is! She’s catching up with her brother.

Guest on

mamanas I think you meant to credit her mother. Or maybe more on target, the Trumps both picked the best nannies for their kids. With Ivanka just giving her daughter a bath, it sounds like she only changes 1 diaper a day by herself.

Ro on

Interesting to contrast her views of working mothers with Drew Barrymore, who recently stated she didn’t think women could “have it all.” Both are admirable women with very different points of view.

Be Fair on

The people commenting about whether she has time for a second baby given her demanding job would not be saying the same thing about a man in the same situation. No one was saying it about her father when he had his last child. She has a husband, perhaps he spends a lot of time with their daughter. Let’s stop holding women to an impossible standard to which we do not hold men. To do so is sexist.

True! on

I totally agree!!!

Carolyn on

I just feel sorry for children who see so little of their mother. Why have them if you can’t raise them?

kim on

must be nice to have so much money that adding onto your family isnt an issue. that aside, she sounds like a great mom. congrats to them.

Anonymous on

Well Kim, if you want a life like that you can work he’d to achieve it. Don’t be jealous over someone else’s success. If you aren’t willin to put in the work to do it you shouldn’t criticize others because try did.

Nadia on

Congrats to them! I can’t agree more about the working vs. non working titles for moms.

Jane on

@mamanas……….I think it’s East Coast versus West Coast upbringing. We have hard workers here on the East coast. Come from blue collar roots. Worked hard to get where they are. West Coast is all family money handed down. Rich spoiled entitled kids. East Coast will tell you, you have it all and your fortunate. But understand where you came from. West Coast mentality is………here’s more money. You don’t have to work hard to earn it. Daddy will just give it to you. Sad.

saveastamg on

West Coast is all family money handed down to spoiled rich kids? That has to be the most ignorant statement I’ve ever heard. The Bay area alone has more self made millionaires per square mile than the rest of the country combined, and most of those came from blue collared parents. Don’t judge an entire coast based on your Hollywood-esque image.

M on

Jane, I live in CA and wish this were true and I was a trust fund baby! Bahahaha

Callie on

Thank goodness for nannies. I would love to see her change a diaper because I question that. When you’re that rich do you change diapers? Good luck to them both

Julianna on

Congratulations to Ivanka and Jared! That’s so exciting!

Latrice on

congrats to Ivanka and her husband on their new child on the way I can’t wait to see the pictures when he or she is born.

Rachel on

she is so beautiful and seems so smart, classy and lovely. I am so glad she made that comment about stay at home moms, so many do think we just do nothing.

however her dad seems like a complete fool. he cant watch his grandchildren alone? he wouldnt know what to do if they cry or need a diaper change? kinda proves he didnt have much part in raising his own kids.

Rachel on

jane you are SUCH an idiot. one of the STUPIDEST comments i have ever seen

saveastamg on

Thank you for that Rachel, Jane obviously thinks that “Hollywood” is the west coast.

bekah on

Pretty sure my first comment said faces. Baby faces as in they both look much younger than 30 something. It’s OK I understand that reading and comprehension are difficult.

dexx on

She said baby FACES not races.

Big Fan on


Kerri on

Congrats Ivanka! You’re a beautiful, smart, sophisticated woman AND a great mom. You can do it all!!! I love watching you on Celebrity Apprentice!!

MD72 on

Of course it makes you a “better mom” when you’re home…it’s tough not to be a good mom for ONE HOUR every evening before your daughter goes to bed. Sheesh. Good luck with two kids….better pay the nanny extra.

ME on

Of course her child has a nanny. Would you prefer the child stay home alone or does she have to quit her job to raise her child 24/7? Why wouldn’t you ask the same of her husband? She is a full time working Mother and there are plenty of us who work and have babysitters for our children. My husband was a very hands on Father with our children when they were babies, but he wouldn’t be able to change our Grandaughter’s diaper. It’s been over 20 years since he last changed a diaper!! He can barley keep up with the Grand- kids when he’s palying with them. After a day of playing outside with them, he needs a nap more than they do! : ) When you haven’t done it in ages, it just wipes you out, but it is adorable when he has quiet time with them reading and coloring or having snack time with them. Stop being so quick to judge. Donald says he loves being with his Grandchildren. So, why not just believe him? Best wishes to Ivanka and her husband!

Rhonda on

Congratulations Ivanka and Jared.

Jessica on

I love her!!! She’s such an amazing person and designer as well!! Congrats to the family!!!

Sarah on

Congratulations Ivanka, Jared, and Arabella Rose on your new addition, and all your family and friends! WOMEN- take note! If you are single, (I’m married), have the traits of Ivanka Trump! Beautiful, smart, educated, articulate, kind, and family-oriented, but most of all, CLASSY!!! She is my role model and we are the same age! I have twins myself, and I have been my husband for ten years!! Take note woman! If you want a man, be classy like her and me!

ProgressivePatti on

This is an amazing young woman. She is smart and beautiful. My only concern is, when will women realize that their children are more important than any business deal? At the end of your life you don’t wish you had spent more time at work, you wish you spent more time with your family. Those first few years are so important.

meghan on

ME, there is a large middle ground between 18 hour days and stay at home parent. I don’t think anyone is suggesting she quit her job, but an hour to give a bath before returning to the office is NOT quality time. It will be even worse with a second child.

Michelle on

I’m impressed. Ivanka obviously knows and has the smarts to reveal in Redbook about her disdain for the term working mother, she is absolutely right, stay-at-home moms have much more difficult “jobs” and no pay is received.

KUDOS to Ivanka, she seems very saavy and aware. Not the typical traits of a child that grew up in the lap of luxury.

ELC on

Congrats and Mazel Tov to the Kushner and Trump families. Its wonderful news.

Holly on

Their daughter is so adorable. This kid is going to be cute too. Congrats to them.

ecl on

First, NO company should demand 18 hour days from ANY employee. It should be illegal, salary or no.

Second, I really don’t think that staying at home with a kid is the hardest job in the world. Really? There are plenty of harder jobs. We just keep saying that to make stay at home moms feel valued even though they are totally underappreciated. I stayed at home/worked from home for the first four years. It takes different skills, but not harder skills than my workplace. And plenty of jobs are so, so physically hard or very stressful.

Anonymous on

People, obviously she spends more than an hour a day with her daughter, or she wouldn’t have said that what she does at home is harder than what she spends at the office. She might spend a few hours with Arabella in the morning, and she probably has days off, too.

Plus, for a woman who only spends bathtime with her kid, she sure takes and tweets a lot of photos at her (none of which, incidentally, appear to be at bathtime)! šŸ˜‰

Also, why is everyone assuming the nanny is the sole person caring for Arabella while Ivanka is at work? Jared has a job, per this article, but odds are he doesn’t work 18 hour days like Ivanka. So for all we know, the nanny only watches Arabella until he comes home, and then he takes over baby duty until Ivanka gets home!

Anyway, congrats to them!

lovely123 on

ECL, obviously you do not have children or you wouldn’t have made such an uneducated comment. Good luck in the future.

carol on

I have seen many people working just as hard on the west coast as on the east coast Jane.quit believing everything i read while waiting in the checkout line.

Truth on

Don’t respect these people. His side was under a criminal investigation and Trumps are annoying bankrupt idiots.
By the way they are an ugly fugly couple.

Ann on

Ivanka does things the right way…….gets married first then starts her family…….good for her!!!!