Bumpies! See Kim Kardashian, Jessica Simpson and Amber Rose’s Self-Portraits

04/10/2013 at 11:00 AM ET

Forget selfies! As moms-to-be Kim Kardashian, Jessica Simpson and Amber Rose prove, sharing baby belly mirror photos is the latest trend in social media self expression.

Due in July, Kardashian, 32, showed off her growing curves — covered and bare — via Instagram along with the message “baby love” on Saturday.

And a few days after announcing she was expecting her second child, Simpson, 32, posted a candid self-portrait¬†Dec. 30 on Twitter during a family vacation in Hawaii. “Bumpin’ and Proud!” she wrote.

But it was new mom Rose — she welcomed son Sebastian on Feb. 21 — who really took bumpies to the next level. Along with the snapshot below (Oct. 14), the model, 29, shared not one, or two, but three¬†other pictures during her pregnancy.

Kim Kardashian Jessica Simpson Amber Rose Pregnant Belly Photos Bumpies
Courtesy Kim Kardashian; Courtesy Jessica Simpson; Courtesy Amber Rose

TELL US: Would you ever share pregnancy photos via Instagram or Twitter?

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Rusty on

I hate the terms babybump and bumpwatch, but bumpies really takes the cake. These are grown women, not puppies or bunnies, stop it with cutsey names.

VB on

Haha I agree Rusty.

Hea on

“Bumpies” Seriously?! America…

Kelly on

Three self-absorbed fools. Totally in love with themselves.

Julianna on

When I first got pregnant, I was so excited I took several pictures of myself and my little baby belly. But then I miscarried, and I swore off all pictures. I got pregnant with my sons shortly after that miscarriage, and fear kept me from taking a lot of pictures. Sure, my husband and I took some (lots, especially after I passed my third month – I miscarried the first time when I was at eleven weeks) for our personal collection, but I was very much against publishing them online. But to each their own, so if they want to show it off, who are we to criticize?

Jordyn on

That can’t be a recent picture of Kim. She doesn’t have bangs.

Bobbi on

@Jordyn – she probably has either extensions or has them pinned/hairsprayed back; she has stated how much she hates them.

Hill on

Jessica looks like a complete moron. That expression is just beyond asinine.

MommytoanE on

Julianna, I’m with you. I took a few pictures while pg…but it was purely for my own personal collection….and to show my daughter how I looked when she was still inside me. But, I didn’t publish them anywhere. I don’t understand the craze of publishing an enormous pregnant belly. Afterall, at that stage many of us feel not so sexy and just ready to be done with it. lol.

I agree, the picture of Kim definately isn’t recent. It actually looks more like she’s got a pillow stuffed under her shirt than anything. Besides, she’s half the size she is now. >.<

mypiecesandbits on

I swear in almost all instgram self portraits people are making those ridiculous ‘duck faces’…

bekah on

Unlike some, I do not find a pregnant belly offensive, but I do understand sharing them with everyone. I’m including non celebs that have these photos all over Twitter and Facebook. Take them and put them in the family album or baby book.

meme on

just taking a picture of yourself, and then posting it for the world to see seems so odd to me. I guess I was raised to be more private, but it shocks me the things people are willing to post online.

jojo on

Why do we care to see their “bumps”? and why do they want to share it.?.seems odd to me !

Anonymous on

Jessica Simpson looks disgusting. If I took a photo of myself like that I’d have it burned. Why pull such a stupid face? It’s not cute. You look stupid.

Julie on

it doesn’t offend me, but i’d never do it. I’ll take my pics and put them in my scrapbook, no need for someone to be scrolling through my facebook timeline and happen to find them lol

Anonymous on

didnt amber rose and kanye date?

Betty, 70 years YOUNG! on

Just plain TACKY!!!

katrena jeffries on

Cover photo was tasteful, but can,t imagine why anyone want to show a nude or nearly nude to strangers,

Santana on

Wow, you guys are amazing. If you don’t care to see baby bumps don’t look! Who are any of you to judge any of these women proud enough to show their changing bodies? Is it that when some of you were pregnant you didn’t look nearly as good? Most likely… There’s always a “hater” somewhere. I loved showing off my belly, and in my 3rd pregnancy I will do it again.
This world has enough issues aside from thinking pregnant photos are tacky or uncomfortable. IT’S 2013. GET A LIFE!

victoria on

Victoria nicchole heather grew up in Chicago il

victoria on

hellio whts going on