Elsa Pataky: I Hate to Dress India In Pink

04/10/2013 at 11:00 AM ET

Elsa Pataky PEOPLE Most Beautiful
Peggy Sirota

Elsa Pataky is used to spending hours in the makeup chair, but with a baby at home the actress has been forced to improvise.

“Before, I could be in the mirror just looking at each eyelash,” the Fast and Furious 6 star tells PEOPLE of her life before becoming a mom.

“Now, I have to learn to look good in a simple way in the morning. You just wash your hair really quick.”

Time in her closet has also been limited for Pataky, 36, since she and husband Chris Hemsworth welcomed daughter India Rose last May.

“I have my daughter running around and I don’t have much time [to say] ‘This doesn’t look good,'” says Pataky, who is featured as Beauty of the Week in PEOPLE’s April 15 issue.

“I have to know what looks good already and just put it on and go.”

The new mom has also extended her carefree fashion to her baby girl.

“I am the worst. I hate to dress her in pink and I don’t know why I have to,” she tells PEOPLE. “Even Chris is [saying] all the time, ‘They think she’s a boy! Can’t you put her in something more girly?'”

But Pataky doesn’t understand the fascination with making the sex of her daughter evident to everyone.

“You put them in pink so everyone knows it’s a girl? Why? Just say it,” she adds. “I think if you are a baby and they are already dressing you in pink, it will make you a princess. I just get blues and greys and whites — all different colors.”

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Indira on

She looks so different in that pic, but still very pretty.

MommytoanE on

I too resisted too much pink when my daughter was a baby. She wore lots of greens, purples, grays, whites, blues, and yellows. She actually had very little pink clothes till she decided pink was her favorite color…then EVERYTHING became pink. lol.

josy0710 on

I never will understand this “anti” pink for girls thing. Yes, I completely understand being anti the whole notion of a girl can’t wear blue or a girl must ALWAYS wear pink but seriously? ” I just get blues and greys and whites” That’s taking it to the other extreme. Either way, your child will soon decide. When I was little I hated dresses and was more comfortable in shorts and tshirt and now my daughter is the happiest in a tutu and dresses lol

bekah on

I don’t understand anti pink either . Your daughter will act like a princess if you raise her to be one not because she wears pink ever so often.

Isabel on

While she’s too young to decide for herself, who cares? There’s too much pink/frilly junk out there, anyway. Besides, once she’s old enough to have a preference, I highly doubt Elsa will forbid her from wearing the color if that’s what she likes.

bekah on

I think her anti pinkness is about Elsa wanting to be different and seem like a cool edgy mom. I doubt if she had a son instead of a daughter she’d go out of her way to conceal the sex.

B.J. (the girl) on

If I have a daughter, I will do the same as Elsa. Personally, I despise the color pink for clothing. I just think it’s ugly, and the fact that every baby girl is wearing pink every day isn’t cute. It also isn’t cute when grown women wear pink, as if they are princesses, as well.

Michelle on

Can you please explain to me how wearing the color pink suggests that you are attempting to be a princess? There are many different shades of pink, some appropriately for children and some appropriate for women. I bet most people are unaware of the fact that the color roles used to be switched; pink was seen as a masculine color that was used for boys while blue was soft and calming for girls. So how is it that pink relates to being a princess? Because of the one Disney princess that wears pink out of the handful they have? Or what about real life princesses? Do they only wear pink? No, they don’t. So I honestly do not understand how the two relate.

Kelly on

My favorite color is pink and I’m 38 … What’s wrong with that? My husband treats me like a princess…what’s wrong with that? Get over it!!!!

kim on

thats all fine and dandy–but try to find clothes for girls that isnt pink in some way and not totaly white either(white stains real fast)–My SIL is anti pink–even if she is gifted with a pink outfit–it goes to good will–now thats rude IMO!!! My new neice looks like a boy in every picture you see of her–sad to me–but to each their own i guess..

lauren on

I dressed my daughter in mostly neutral colours with a bit of pink or purple occasionally. Most of the girly clothes and colours were gifts. I just bought neutrals and now my son is wearing them too. It was more economical that way since babies outgrow it all so quick.

lovely123 on

I saw a woman with her baby at the park. The woman had a PINK stroller, PINK diaper bag, PINK blanket, and PINK play things on the stroller. I am glad the woman is happy having a girl, but I thought I was going to vomit!

Anonymous on

bekah- Did you even read the article? She’s not trying to conceal her daughter’s sex. She just doesn’t think it’s neccesary to announce it via her wardrobe (and would tell someone that she was a girl if they asked!)!

I’d also like to point out to all the anti-pink people here that purple is always option. ๐Ÿ˜‰

ecl on

My pet peeve is those creepy headbands people put on newborn girls. They are always super ugly and huge, practically obscuring the baby’s face with a giant flower or whatnot. It screams, Don’t worry! I’m a girl!

Brandi on

Omg I thought I was alone ecl…lol I can’t STAND those things,! Especially the ones witb the flowers that are bigger than the kid’s head!

I used to have a friend that was infamous for doing that when her daughters were really little and I thought they looked just ridiculous but she had her kids a bit later in life due to fertility problems so ANYTHING having to do with her kids ended up becoming a sensitive subject so I never said anything negative when asked my opinion about the headbands. Lol

I totally understand wanting to dress little girls in uber-dainty and feminine clothing and accessories but those headbands were going a bit overboard in my opinion. Might as well have the baby wear shirts that display “I’m a baby girl and my mom wants the whole world to know it” loudly across the front of it ๐Ÿ˜‰

Dani on

I have 4 boys, & if we were to have a little girl, you’re darn right I’m going to put her in pink & girly clothes. Those that don’t like would have to get over it!

SarahJane on

Same here Dani! She’s our first, but on my husband’s side she’s the first girl in a LONG time! She has a lot of pink clothing, and a lot of her accessories are pink, but I like it ๐Ÿ™‚ I love celebrating that I have a daughter…stereotypes or not. But I still make sure to add in as much neutral as possible too.

Ini on

I totally agree. I don’t get this whole gender thing from the very beginning. Your daughter isn’t a barbie, but a human being.

Ini on

The funny thing is: Pink was the colour for boys just hundred years ago.. Why do you have to mark your child’s gender?

anne on

I was the same way and then one day pink became her favorite. But even when I dressed my daughter in dresses people still thought she was a boy because she was bald.

Rose on

What’s the big deal with pink? It’s a color everyone. If you don’t like the color that’s fine. I don’t think it’s mandatory you dress your little girl in pink or dresses. But it’s just what most moms do with their baby girl. If she chooses not to that’s fine. But don’t hate on the people that do.

maryhelenc on

I don’t get this anti-pink thing either. I have three daughters and they wore pink, lots of pink with girlie diaper bags, etc. They also wore blue, grey, purple, green, etc.

They’re just colours. It’s not that big of a deal. I wear pink, sometimes I wear blue. That doesn’t make me a princess. My middle daughter’s favourite colour is pink and when she grows up, she wants to be the ruler of the world. My eldest, the most “princess-like” actually hates pink. Let’s stop hating on a colour and using it to make a statement about feminism.

Michelle on

Thank you for being one of the few people with common sense.

It’s a color and if you dislike it, fine but there’s no reason to make such a big deal out of it and be “anti-pink”.

Kaylin on

When I had my first child, we kept the sex unknown so the entire wardrobe as blue, green, white and yellow. Then when we had a girl, it didn’t matter because she looked lovely in everything. With my son, people still say my daughter is lovely, when he’s dressed in jeans and a batman shirt with Shaun White kicks. People don’t know and sometimes they just guess.

Beth on

I rarely buy pink or purple for my daughter either. It’s just too much.

Kim on

I don’t blame her. Frilly pink clothing are fine for pictures, but some of that stuff looks so uncomfortable for a tiny baby. Just dress them in something soft and comfy..who cares what color it is. Looking back at pics of myself I don’t think my parents ever dressed me in pink. (Thank goodness!) Now that I’m grown up I actually hate pink and would never dress my child in it.

Mom of 3 boys & now a girl! on

I couldn’t wait to dress my daughter in pink!!!! I had 3 boys….. So, finally pink! I bought everything in pink, lol…. I was so tired of seeing blues, greens, grey’s, etc. Not to mention, I finally have dolls & princess stuff instead of Legos & cars….

Boys are great, dont get me wrong….. I love my boys.

Angie on

Your daughter will grow up to be a princess if you teach her (allow her) to be a princess, it has absolutely nothing to do with what color they wear! As for โ€œI have my daughter running around and I donโ€™t have much time [to say] โ€˜This doesnโ€™t look good,โ€™โ€ That is ridiculous! I had two girls 14 months apart. Every day I had time to shower, put on a bit of make up and wear clothes that looked good. Using your child as an excuse for not having time is pathetic.

Peter on

Elsa is a terrible actress. The worst!

mary on

Well her baby does look like a boy…if she doesn’t like the pink it’s because of her own personal reasons.

Stacy on

I didn’t buy any clothes for my daughter for the first year that she was born and just about 80% of her clothing was pink. I wasn’t about to buy her a whole new wardrobe just because I wasn’t a fan of the color.

deconoir on

I’m not a fan of pink in general, but I love pink on little girls! I think it is a fun color to play with that only a child can truly pull off.

amy on

Well you can always go the Angelina route and dress your little girl to look like a complete boy. Personally I think there are too many extremes out there. No rule says all a little girl can wear is pink..but why make them so gender neutral either?

A on

The thing about dressing a baby (boy or girl) in the “standard” color for their gender, it’s like announcing how they should fit into the world. I wonder why our society is so obsessed with gender that we have to be able to define every human by sight immediately as male or female. I think if we’re ever going to have gender equality (which I think would benefit men, women and anyone transgender) then we have to back away from having gender as the primary identifier of a person–starting with babies.

xlovehappyx on

I think it’s cool to dress the baby in whatever, too. Wondering when I’ll have time to primp once my babe arrives! haha

Danielle on

I took my daughter out one day when she was about three months old. Beige and pink snowsuit. Pink toque. Snuggled under under a pink fleece blanket in her brown stroller. Two different people remarked that I had such a “handsome little man”.

Mary on

My mom hated the color pink, she always dressed me in blue, and everyone thought I was a boy.

Mizari on

Don’t expect people to just know by looking at your child if it is a boy are girl. If I had a dollar for every woman who dressed their kids in a gender neutral colored onesies and got mad when I couldn’t tell if it was a boy or girl, I’d never have to work again. Until the kid is about 1 1/2 to 2 I find it hard to tell the gender just by looking at the kids face. :/

Debbie on

Yes, you can have too much pink but it doesn’t mean no pink at all. I had a lot of pink because it is the main color for the younger ages but you can mix it up with other colors.

Now that my daughter is older, pink is just one of the many colors in her outfits. I’m not anti-pink but don’t plan an all pink wardrobe.

Dee on

I myself despise pink and have always been abit of a ‘Tom boy’. I have twin girls and when they were first born I always had one in mostly pink and the other in mostly purple. It seemed to make my life easier. Even then people still questioned their gender. I don’t see the problem with girls wearing blue, green, gray or black. No matter what you do someone will always have something to say anyways.

Belle on

I don’t like her with short hair at all. She is ok with short hair, stunning with long. And now Chris has longer hair than she does…odd!

K on

I am raising my children without gender stereotypes; but that doesn’t mean we go the opposite to prove a point!! With my daughter I just bought whatever was trendy, including many colors. But guess what? At almost four years old, she is the biggest diva and everything has to be pink!! Avoiding it when they are a baby won’t guarantee anything.

T, on

She is SO pretty! I can’t get over how pretty she is.

(I’m not lesbian in ANY way, shape or form btw!)

I think she looks a lil different cuz of the short hair but regardless she is stunning….IMO of course!

Cricket on

It sounds to me like she cares a lot about looks and image. She is not someone I would have a lot in common with.

Cait on

In an indirect way, pink endorses the “princess culture.” My little girl does where pink, along with many other colors, but I am delaying her exposure to the princess market for as long as I can. I think it’s all about reducing the sense if entitlement that the princess culture encourages and letting her know that she’s not limited by her gender. Right now she’s very into Thomas the Train, which is great.

Rain on

To each their own, but I wear pink almost every day of my life, and when I had my daughter EVERYTHING I bought was pink. Her room is painted pink, her stroller, the diaper bag…. literally everything. Lavender slips in here and there but generally it’s pink, pink, pink.

lola on

So,…. who had the short hair 1st, her or Miley? I love baby girls in pink, yellow, orange, blue, purple or whatever. To each their own. And I love the headbands!!! My daughters always had them. I guess if you don’t like them don’t put them on your daughters.

Rhonda on

I happen to love pink and when I became a grandmother to a little girl I bought so much pink it was sickening. I still buy her pink things, but not as much. There’s no right and wrong when it comes to color preferences. To each his/her own.

Anonymous on

I don’t like the color pink or dresses. I think my daughter was 4 before she wore her first dress. She grew up wearing jeans, sweatshirts, t-shirts, workboots. This worked out well because when my son was born he got all of her handme downs!

oh my..... on

I had a boy first, dressed him in boy clothes and people still thought he was a girl. So with my daughter I used all shades of pink with purples, yellows and blues. Now she is turning 4 and absolutely HATES wearing girl clothes. She told me the other day when I asked her what she wanted to be when she grows up….”I want to be a boy mom!” She even wanted me to cut her hair off! O lord…..I hope she grows out of that but whatever she decides to be when she grows up, will never change the fact shes my beautiful baby girl and I love her to death

kew on

I hated dressing my daughter all in pink when she was little. It was silly to me. I dressed her in every color of the rainbow. If someone asked, I told them she was a girl. She still has a great color sense and she’s 25 years old now. I hate that, boy in blue, girl in pink nonsense.

ceecee on

It’s a baby. I don’t get why it’s so terrible if people get the sex wrong when they’re that tiny. If it’s still happening at 10 or 12 there could be a problem. Like she said, telling is quick and easy. On to other pressing matters.

Anonymous on

I totally get what Elsa’s saying…

My sister went so overboard with the pink (think the “Pepto Bismol comment in the original Steel Magnolias!!) for my niece, clothes, and room, EVERYTHING had to be pink, that when I found out I was having a girl, I couldn’t stomach the idea of anything pink. I put her in yellows, greens, whites, purples, reds, but still girly. I never bought anything in the boys department except for a really cute khaki overall set. No one ever mistook her for a boy.

And even now, her favorite color is purple (the most important items are purple) and she’s a huge tomboy. Which has nothing to do with not giving her pink. I just couldn’t handle it after my sister.

Sarah on

This women is ridiculous. I have two sons and they are dressed in blue, green, grey, white, black, and brown ONLY. I would NEVER put them in PINK or PURPLE. I don’t get the point of it. People who dress their sons in pink and purple, and people who dress their daughters in unfeminine colours and clothes are just asking their children to be mocked and bullied in school. Think of your child, not yourself. Children are bullied every day because parents don’t understand that little boys need to be masculine and grow up to be strong, tough men, and little girls need to be classy and feminine.

I have two sons, and want them to marry a feminine and classy young lady. There is no reason for this talk about mothers who want to stray from the norm. They are trying to make a statement, but they don’t think about how their decisions will affect their child. I’ve seen a little boy in a school once with a pink raincoat on, and children made fun of him. He bawled every day, and his mother didn’t care. That will leave scars for life. This women is ridiculous.

FrenchLady on

My God!! Those snobs!!!!!

bdawn8403 on

Who is this person?

Keira on

When I found out I was having a girl I was anti pink too. However she’s the first girl in 23 years so all our gifts were pink, pink and more pink! She’s a tough outspoken baby- so the soft pink balances her! Lol

karen on

My favorite color is blue, and I naturally went to picking out blue clothes for my daughter, They looked gorgeous with her fair skin and blue eyes. Now that she is almost 6, she picks what she likes, and although she says pink and purple are her favorite colors, she isn’t a one (or two) color only girl.

Danielle on

It’s not for you,,,,it’s for the baby to star getting in tune with her gender…….she will associate pink with her , and blue for boys….stupid parents are dangerous.

Erin on

I’m not the biggest fan of her, something about her rubs me the wrong way. She’s always come across as a bit erm, fame-wh*rish. Her lack of acting career (outside of Spain) with the mounds of plastic surgery alongside the thing with Adrian Brody and the quick hook-up with Chris afterwards is just a bit iffy. She’s like a less agressive and less obnoxious Kardashian.

That said – she looks gorgeous in this photo and I don’t see why a girl needs to be in pink!

Whi on

My daughter is almost 2 and she most certainly gets dressed in pink! Not daily, she has clothes of many different colors – blues, browns, greens, blacks, purples, but she also has pink and I LOVE it. She loves being girly. She loves pretty things. And I love dressing her and doing her hair. So while I can accept the “anti-pink” sentiment, I am very much a pink and girly fan. I never thought I would be, and then I got blessed with a daughter ๐Ÿ™‚

Montie on

It doesn’t matter how you dress them. I would have my daughter dressed in pink, lilac, a dress, etc. (she wore her fair share of jeans and ts too) and as soon as someone heard her name (which is typically a boy’s name but can be unisex, like Sam) they’d say “Oh, so it’s a boy then?”