BumpWatch: Halle Berry’s Purple Haze

04/09/2013 at 02:00 PM ET

Halle Berry The Call Premiere Buenos Aires
Lalo Yasky/WireImage

All hands on deck!

Halle Berry shows off her baby belly at the premiere of her latest movie, The Call, held Monday at Hoyts Cinemas in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The Oscar-winning actress wore a dress by Roberto Cavalli, accessorized with Demarco earrings and an IritDesign ring.

Berry, 46, who is pregnant with her second child — her first with fiancé Olivier Martinez — is already mom to daughter Nahla Ariela, 5.

Although she demurred when asked if she’s expecting a boy, replying, “I don’t know, but healthy,” Berry tells CNN that she’s “feeling fantastic.”

“Thought I was kind of past the point where this could be a reality for me,” she adds.

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p on

good for you, halle! don’t pay attention to all these ignorant fertility know-it-alls that post here. congratulations! no doubt your child will be beautiful.

heather on

ok, People you can stop now.

Mira on

I have to say her looks are starting to go…

shawna on

Her looks are not leaving she is 46 and beautiful you guys should stop hating abd get your life!!!q

Mom Of Twins on

@ P, I agree with you!!!

BlueSkidoo on

This pregnancy is going to last way longer than Jessica Simpson’s ever dreamed of. Oy.

lilah on

Absolutely stunning!

WandaNorway on

How on earth can anyone say that her looks are starting to go??? I think she looks beautiful and not a day over 30.

Anonymous on

Can’t keep our good looks forever!

Julianna on

She doesn’t look pregnant at all. Congratulations to her and Olivier!

tigi on

“Anonymous”, you probably never had good looks! This site has some of the most jealous women I’ve ever come across….nothing but a bunch of bitter heifers.

shawna on

Tibi that’s so true such hater get your life!!!she’s beauiful!

Anonymous on

Bump? What bump? There’s nothing to see yet.

Liz on

Happy for her! Especially since she thought she may never have another child. Congratulations Halle!!!!!

Annafreitas on

I used to like her. Now I get super annoyed by her.

Belle Sexie Canuck on

Halle is timeless-Rock on!

eileen on

congrats Halle, my grandmother had my mom at 46 and she is still going strong today..don’t listen to the negative people just jealous!

dudley doright on

this woman is pure evil, causes problems everywhere she goes.

suzieq33 on

Maybe she leave Gabriel alone and stop having her boyfriend beat him up now. She is not the nice person she pretends to be. Look at her history with men. Not good.

Lila Castillo Munoz on

I think she is just living how God intened her in living .

Her career as an actress well the bomb, mother great, her past, leave it alone.

We all have a past. Just cause we ain’t famous wealthy. How you know what her life really is . Hmm God can only judge her .

nb on

Let’s get Halle a comb, shall we?

people fan13 on

umm wasn;t Gabriel the one that started the fight!???

Anonymous on

Hope she is on an insulin pump and has a good endo. She is a poor role model to diabetic women. Fine that she is 46 and great that she can have a baby but please tell me she planned this pregnancy for her health as well as the baby. Oh, wait…she already said she didn’t plan it. Pray for a healthy outcome!

Margo on

Looks like she ate a bad burrito and needs to finds the nearest toilet! LOL

Karen M. on

“Really? Where?” Those words honestly just came out of my mouth.

Leslee on

During her interview with Alina Cho of CNN she said that her doctor had told her she was “going into” menopause, as I believe she put it, and that’s why she was really shocked to find herself pregnant.

I wonder if she was tested by the less than reliable “ovarian reserve” measures and that’s what the doctor based that opinion on. Even if you are in perimenopause or in the process of being fully menopausal, babies do pop up.

Halle became rather twitchy when the question was posed about the baby being a boy, perhaps the rumors are true.

jj on

I was told I was in menopause and could not get pregnant… 3 weeks later I had a positive pregnancy test, and I’m now sitting with my almost 3 year old son. He’s perfect 😉

Ok, Halle looks amazing, thrilled for her re: baby on the way. That dress makes her rack lopsided though.

Linda on

She has the most beautiful figure. Her shoulders are so perfectly square for strapless dresses. Hope she has a good pregnancy and baby.