Halle Berry: This Pregnancy Was ‘Biggest Surprise of My Life’

04/08/2013 at 10:00 AM ET

Halle Berry Pregnant Michael Kors Watch Hunger Stop
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty

Bump, there it is — plus a little leg too!

An expectant Halle Berry stepped out Saturday evening alongside Michael Kors as the pair launched their Watch Hunger Stop campaign at the Four Seasons in New York City.

“I feel fantastic. This has been the biggest surprise of my life, to tell you the truth,” the actress admits to CNN.

“Thought I was kind of past the point where this could be a reality for me. So it’s been a big surprise and the most wonderful.”

Berry, 46, and designer, 53, have created two versions of Kors’ Runway watch. For each watch sold (the designs go on sale later this month), 100 meals will be provided to children through the World Food Programme.

Berry, who confirmed on Friday that she is pregnant with her second child, and Kors plan to travel with the charity to visit areas where the food will be sent, including Syria and various countries in Africa.

“I hope we go while I’m pregnant, so I can talk about prenatal care,” the actress tells the Associated Press.

“And I will have time off — “I’m not working right now. It’s so important to me, being a mom, that I can help educate women on how important it is that when you have a healthy child, it helps set them up for life.”

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Dee on

she can’t talk about prenatal care unless she is pregnant?

Anonymous on

She bump her head

librababe on

Lol, I said the same thing, Dee! I understand what she meant though…maybe being visibly pregnant would add to the overall effect of her message? Idk lol.

S Gomes on

I’m glad I won’t be around to see the train wreck that her children will be because of her choices. No stable home, no two parents in a committed relationship, too old to be having babies…all the reasons this is just sad. So disappointing she’s such a skank.

Gail on

Its not your business. Period…Hater

In Your Place on

So who’s fault is it that you’ve turned into the low-life you are? Speaking on people’s lives that you know nothing about? Better look in the mirror before you start throwing stones.

guarin1 on

I cant stand her. I feel sorry for her baby because Oliver sucks.

Gail on

All these haters. Has Halle ever done anything to you? This lady is just taking care of her daughter and her new baby. I’m sure you have done things people would not approve of. Stop the hate.

Athina on

Train wreck? Nahla is doing just fine and she is in a stable home. She’s a happy, well adjusted girl who is loved and doted on by her parents. The baby won’t be any different. Some people are just jealous and make nasty comments because there’s a huge void in their own miserable lives.

AmandaJ on

How do you know so much about her kid Athina? Are you a close personal friend or nanny? Otherwise you know nothing about them but what you read on People.com

nacho mamma on

cannot imagine having a baby at 46 year old! but she looks 10000 times better than Kim K. that’s for sure.

Cynda on

46! Give it a rest. They don’t call her “Scarey Berry” for nothing.

Shannon on

Baby bump? What bump? I look like that AFTER the 3 kids I’ve had.


You don’t have to like her but in all fairness, you have to admit the woman is the most stunning pregnant celebrity EVER! She has the cutest little pudge.

Takesha Weaver on

It amazes me how immature people get on things like this and become so negative. If you don’t like her or her mate, don’t comment. Lames.

Denise on

46! She looks 30!

Rachael on

She is much too self-absorbed and selfish to have kids. We’ll be watching Nahla and this one go in and out of rehab 20 years from now because of mommy issues.

sailor on

so sick of her and her ugly spiky looking hair

Loving mom of two on

Hey people …please try to be respectful …she may be older however she has a lot if money for excellent health care..and who are we to judge ..it’s her life and she can choose to live it the way that she wants..just like u are entitled to your opinion

natemsmommy on

Sick Sick Sick of the terms “baby bump” and “bump watch”.

Angela durden on

I’m so sick of these celebrities feeding other countries ad other people who are starving..what about raisin money and feeding people in the United States they are famous here because we made them that way..I thinks it’s time that someone stood up for the American people and start helping our own country and leave the other countries alone..these people make me sick

Amandanjack on

We do. It’s called Welfare and Medicaid.

mwang on

How can u say sum thing like that..are u that ignorant!.americans are way taken care of than any other pipo in the world.there is serious starvation and diseases in africa..children are dying every day!.those celebrites have fans all over,not just the usa!

katrina on

I personally think her and her finance planned this pregnancy not sure how many 46 year old diabetics you know who get pregnant naturally but oh well I say congrats to them. I dont think Nahla grows up in a stable home because she’s shuffled between both of her parents who seem to travel A LOT but I think she seems like a happy little girl.

Maggie on

I agree that there was No way this pregnancy at 46 come on but best to her anywsy

Rhonda on

I wouldn’t exactly call that a baby bump (by the way, I hate those words). She looks great in any case.

Just My Opinion on

@Takesha Weaver, I agree with you 100%! Most are bashing her about what happen in her past relationship, when it could have been that each of those guy were jerks. David Justice, Eric Benet, cheated on her. Westley Snipes beat her.

HereWeGoYetAgain on

Oh get a grip, Athina. NO ONE is jealous. Nahla is in a home that is FAR from being stable because her mother is a psycho freak who tried COUNTLESS times to have Gabriel barred from seeing his daughter. She slung all kinds of false and wild accusations at him, thankfully NONE stuck. EVERY man she dates/marries she accuses of abuse. And one day it will be Olivier’s turn though that has a chance of actually being true. Nahla is NOT in a stable environment because Halle doesn’t put Nahla first, EVER.

mpennywell on

If you do not have anything good to say about Halle, keep it to yourself. Halle look darn good to be her age, also take care of yourself to maintain that youthfulness. Ha! Ha! where is Halle’s haters.

LPW on

According to CNN, she said the pregnancy was a surprise. Not sure how a 46 year old woman can be honsetly surprised in that way, but whatever. I hope the baby is healthy.

judy on

it’s always interesting that the only positive comments about her are in relation to her looks.

Sue on

Interesting – have worked in the fertility profession for years. I would guess this must be a donar egg……



I know a lady that had her last child at 48. It wasn’t a donor’s egg either. Don’t assume to know just because you’re ”in that business.”

Jasmine on

WOW, I’m just stunned at some of these comments!!!!!! Such hatred in your words people……My thoughts, congrats on your pregnancy Halle & I hope you have a happy healthy baby !!!! And she does look fabulous BTW !!!!!!!! She’s gorgeous, intelligent, love her as an actress too !!!!!! Go Halle !!!!!!! Live your life the way you want and nevermind about the nasty comments people make about you !!!!!! Sheesh !!!!!!

What??? on

I’m really tired of hearing so many women bash another woman. Men do not act like this. Some of you really need a reality check on the venom you spew over a pregnancy.

heather on

three articles in as many days? are you going to do a “bump watch” every day on Halle?

Lisa on

Way. Too. Old.

Anonymous on

Is his head photoshopped onto the body or what?

Mika on

My grandma (who is now 93) had my aunt when she was 46 years old in an pre-IVF era and my aunt was a happy surprise. So…unless you know Halle Berry personally and are her doctor… just say congratulations or that’s surprising news or keep your negative comments to yourself.

Lyoness on

You can be 46 and totally surprised. I would be. No one expects to be pushing 50 and pregnant. You expect to start menopause at that age. My grandmother was 45 when she had my youngest uncle and that was in the early 70s. LOL!! People are SO angry at Halle for getting pregnant, like she STOLE something from them or KILLED someone. So what… Are you going to reach into her uterus and take her eggs away?! Wish her well and move on… 🙂

Cheryl on

I totally agree with you Lyoness… Wish a person well especially someone you personally never met or know nothing about except in movies and television.. I am sure if someone passed judgement on you and how you lived your life whether at 46 or 26 your response would be a lot DIFFERENT!!

Brandi on

Very well said Lyoness and Cheryl 🙂 It’s sad and frankly just pathetic that some people are taking this pregnancy so personally, like they actually know Halle and this affects them directly. I feel like there are three sides to Halle’s story…hers, Gabriel’s, and the truth. I don’t see how people can judge her so harshly when they don’t know her and don’t have all of the facts. Instead of spewing hateful comments about someone I don’t know, I realize that the most important part of this story is Nahla (and her baby sibling on the way) and so I wish Halle all the best with her pregnancy and hope that she and Gabriel (and Oliver) are able to put their differences aside and co-parent in a way that is healthy and productive for their kids. I don’t understand people wishing bad things on their kids…they are innocent in this and don’t deserve that at all. People seriously need to grow up.

Mira on

She wants to go to Syria pregnant?

self-employed on

Too old to have a baby and can’t make up her mind on a man. She’s all over the place with man trouble.

martine on

She is stunningly beautiful. But I feel sorry for her children. Nahla has already gone through so much… I have a 5 year old and know how sensitive kids are at that age. The girl will be in therapy in 10 years. Ugh.

Lauren on

Having a baby at 46 is not like having a baby at 46 when you are healthy and fit which she is. If she looks younger on the outside, she is younger on the inside.

I hear a lot of veiled jealousy!

If some people cannot envision having a baby at 46, some people do, It has to do with where you are in life and how you have lived.

ranny on

WOW! you people are bad. Congrats on the BABY.

pmede on

apparently mental health doesn’t figure so well with her
given that she had her boyfriend beat up her child’s father when he was returning her from visitation..
Your done Haley we saw your true side

ddavis on

Had her boyfriend beat someone up? Donor eggs? Unstable home? These comments are ridiculous and immature. People have babies in their 40s all of the time. I wonder if Halle Berry was a different race if these “little girls” would make such comments. Many white celebs have had babies in their 40 s and im sure that none of yiu had anything to say. From what i understand Gabriel Aubrey had issues with his daughter being raised by someone else and came looking for a fight. He threw the first
punch and ended up getting his butt kicked….he is the one who was charged. Gabriel is about as crazy as they get. Another thing….when do you ever see Halle B without her child? Where do u get off saying that her child never comes first. You cant stand her? You dony know her. Grow up…if you can only spew racist views, hatred and jealousy…stay off of the blogs. No one wants to hear it. Im sick and tired of immaturity from grown women . Please ….seek Jesus.

kate28 on

Holly I hope you find happiness…and the Oliver is not a hothead with you as he seems to have a propensity to act first and think later. Hope he treats you right you deserve it. Wesley Snipes beat her when they dated back in the early 90’s. She is deaf in one ear because of it. No deserves that…no one.

Holiday on

She is seriously old to be having a new baby. She is pushing 50 hard! When I am her age my kids will be 25 and 21!

Anonymous on

I think think shes too old to be having babies, now I woudlnt want to have a baby at that age, but its still not too old, I wonder if she had her egss frozen?? so much can happen after 40….thats when I stopped…as far as marriage and relationships, hollywood will never get that rigth

texaschickeee on

How about educating your elf on not being a drama queen? How better learning anger management? and a best of all Oliver has not learned what crazy is but will shortly.

Beth McCord on

She absolutely stunning for 46 and pregnant!!

Olga on

Well..here’s another “hater” I used to really like Halle, but that soon changed after I saw what she was trying to do with Nahla’s father. If she really loved Nahla that much she wouldn’t have stooped that low.

Bunnie on

That’s barely a baby bump. And I’m sorry, I don’t care how much money, fame and superb medical care one has, 46 and having a baby is not the smartest thing in the world to do, especially with diabetes, no husband and a history of craziness. Then again, maybe the next man will give Olivier Martinez the beating he deserves when he drops his kid off one of these days.

Aaron on

There’s something wrong with most of the commenters here. You know nothing about her, other than what you’ve seen sensationalized in the press and what you’ve come up with in your own heads. I’m not sure if you’re racist, stupid, delusional, jealous, or a combination of the four, but it’s very unbecoming to show such hatefulness. You have no right to cast stones. She’s made an incredible life for herself, has a beautiful child and people who love her, pays her bills and is a contributing member of society. Good for her and best of luck and blessings to her and her family. You ridiculous trolls should take a look at your own lives.

Mrs.K on

Everyone is pregnant nowadays. She looks so much better than Kim.

Maria on

Im sure the majority of people commenting on here have gone through some type of issue in their relationship or relationships. Who are we to judge? One thing is for sure she is stunning.

guest on

Too old to have a baby. She probably will hire a full time nanny to watch her children.

KCGirl on

Let’s see….unprotected sex and pregnancy is the biggest surprise of your life? Hmmmm…. must have missed that day in health class…..

Susan on

Uh… for future reference lets repeat to ourselves… if you get a period you can get pregnant!

Susan on

@ Dee…. good one!

3kittymama on

This woman just gives me the creeps. I think she is a handful to get along with, and her past husbands and lovers would probably agree. There’s just something about her that creeps me out.

fan on

Enjoy! Be happy! You certainly worked hard for it!
Ignore the haters.

Showbizmom on

I don’t see what the big deal is. I personally think this woman is a bit ‘touched’ but you know what aren’t we all….

There are many women (especially in LA for some reason) who’ve been in their late 40’s and find out they’re pregnant. It really is a shock to some, they think because things are working like clock work anymore, so who needs birth control. Hells bells, I would! I can’t wait till I no longer need BC. No big deal, things like this happen all over the world and in your communities not just Hollywood.

Taylor on

I think i’m going to change the pace of these comments and say something positive. Considering I don’t know her personally, I can’t say for certain she is a good parent. So, congratulations, and I hope you have an easy pregnancy and healthy child!

Daffygrams on

What’d you think would happen when you don’t use birth control? Duh.

Pam on

She is just one horrible woman and proves beauty comes from within. Oliver better look out or she may try to keep this kid from him when things go south.

Kim on

Extremely unlikely she used her own eggs so I dont know why this is a surprise. At her age, about a 1% chance or less she got pregnant on her own. also she tried for 1 or 2 years to get prego with Nahlia.

DDG on

“Surprise?!” Man + woman + unprotected sex = baby…wow is she really that dumb?!?!?!

Kim on

Halle is a hot mess. She gets herself involved in one bad relationship after another. She has been involved in hit and run car accidents, and is trying to move her child out of the country and is all ticked off she cant. She has helped create all the drama in her life. I already feel sorry for this unborn baby he has a nut job for a mother.

Delilah on

Let’s hope she gets that anger problem under control.

Allison on

I say ‘good for her’. Who’s business is it that she’s having a child at any age. Too many HS girls having children and we celebrate that! I think once someone is in the media, we have a tendency to project our lives on them. Sure we OLDER people would like to think marriage before children, but it just doesn’t happen that way anymore. She doesn’t seem to be a media slob like many stars before her having children (that shall remain nameless). Wishing a happy healthy family for her, her daughter and her fiancee.

Kathy on

Yes, because talking about pre-natal care and looking after yourself and having a healthy baby and being set for life is just so possible to most women in African countries who have no water or food and maybe, if they are lucky, a piece of plastic sheeting to give birth on.

moi on

To have such hatred for someone they don’t know but obviously care enough about to read the story and make a comment is sad. People who are spewing the hate are verbal bullies.

Tori on

Come on people why all the negative, shes happy about it and that’s all that matters the child will be loved and taken care of without concerns of money, so even if she does it alone its far better than all these other women and children having babies who have no means to take care of the child . Besides I think Hallie Berry is one of the most beautiful women in the world if I could be anyone else it would be her.

Anonymous on

Pls congratulate or zip it 46 or 50 so wat.

doreen on


Lady on

Well that tends to happen when you have unprotected sex, moron. I feel sorry for Nahla & her future child. She’s clearly not right in the head….I give them a few more months…max!

Sharon on

She is a very fit and rich woman who can afford the best healthcare in the world. If she chooses to have a child at that age it is her business and none of ours. Sometimes life doesn’t work out with the fairy tale we expect. So if she is pregnant it is better to have the child that abort it because she is perceived as being “too old to have a child”. She is not the only woman who have conceived late in life and gave birth to a healthy child. All the best to her!!

Mickie on

Having a baby with someone who has obvious anger issues is by far the stupidest thing she has done. She should change her name to Stupidio Berry.

Kat on

In this case I’m sure she didn’t mind another baby but some women quit using b\control in their 40s thinking they can’t get pregnant!

Karen M. on

I do hope baby will be all right. We all know there are risks to the baby (and mother) in a later-life pregnancy. Stay strong and healthy, Halle.

jewel on

Well, she does look amazing. She’s a beautiful woman.

I do find it hard to believe it was a “SURPRISE” though. If she would like to promote prenatal care maybe she should learn more about birth control. THEN…maybe she wouldn’t have been so “SURPRISED”. However, congratulations and hopefully they will get married and live happily ever after.

Anonymous on

Congratulations Halle!

jones on

At best she has really bad taste in men and at worst she is a major contributor to dsyfunctional relationships with men. I hope her daughter (and baby) don’t follow her same relationship patterns.

Big Fan on

At 46, I am guessing yes, it was a surprise. But how can you be surprised if you have unprotected sex? I mean, you know it’s at least a possibility! DUH

Michelle on


fanofboardwalkempire on

very happy for Halle and Oliver- Just great happy news!

Kim on

Catch up Dee…

BBB on

How can people be surprised with pregnancy in this modern era? You either use protection and you don’t get pregnant or you don’t use protection and it’s very likely that you will get pregnant. There are certainly some cases where contraception fails but that is so limited and the number of celebrities that are “surprised” by pregnancy are far beyond the probability of contraception failure.

haven on

My mom had me at 45 and i turned out fine. Thank goodness for that. Halle has the money to get the best health care provider and she said it was a Surprise about being pregnant i dont buy that. She wanted another baby. Hope the baby turns out healthy

Erin on

Blech, blech, blech!!!!

Anonymous on

Nobody so far has taken into account that birth control is not 100% effective. If she was surprised, it is safe to assume she did not use donor eggs or had IVF which would state that the pregnancy is planned and it is not since it is a surprise. Use your logic or common sense! It seems that some of you have none!

Kate on

Biggest surprise my ‘A’, this must have been after all the hormones and IVF , these Hollywood folks are so full of you know what

ugh on

Who cares how effing old she is? You arent rasing the child. Obviously her body knows what it’s doing or it wouldn’t have allowed her to get pregnant.

utterone on

Well let’s see…if you have sex and don’t use birth control, pregnancy usually happens. Not sure why that’s always a “surprise” for some.

utterone on

Having sex and not using birth control usually results in a pregnancy. Not sure why this is such a “surprise” to some women.

K.W. on

I just don’t believe that she conceived w/o fertility treatment..

Bj on

I doubt that those who wrote all these hateful comments know Halle, Olivier or Gabriel Aubry personally. She is engaged and she is having a second baby on the way where the hell is the problem. I don`t think you have to be married to have a baby. It is her choice. And Kim and Halle have different structure and Kim is six months pregnant and Halle is may be three or four months. Where is the problem? I doubt that most of the commenters here are as giving as she is. How many people you tried to help actually? When you don`t have anything good to say pls just don`t comment and and do not read an article about people you do not like. It is that simple.

Anonymous on

This pregnancy is a PR move in response to the negative press she and Olivier have been getting. She is one cold cold lady.

Karen on

After 45 it is almost impossible to get pregnant without major fertility help, and likely only with donor eggs. About 1 in 100 or 200 women may get pregnant using their own eggs is all.

AmandaC on

OMG if I have to hear one my celeb or person say it was a shocking surprise I’m gonna barf! Sex leads to pregnancy, hello!

klutzy_girl on

Oh come on, when you’re nearly fifty and having sex with the man you’re marrying, would you use birth control when you don’t think you can get pregnant at that age? Pregnancy isn’t common for a 46 year old! And birth control isn’t 100% effective anyway.

And she is most likely getting the best health care available so she and the baby will be fine.

Lia on

Lol I can’t believe any woman at the age of 46 thinks she’s past the age to conceive. What a bozo! Read, learn and teach about the female reproductive system first Halle.

Jocelyn on

I wonder if this happens a lot. Women don’t think pregnancy is a reality for them anymore and then hello! baby surprise! I think it’s lovely that her daughter will have another child and I wish her and the new baby the best of health and luck!

Linda on

I am surprised that so many people doubt that a 46 year old can conceive naturally. Knowing my own family history back several generations, a lot of my female relatives were ‘surprised’ with a late-comer when they thought they were finished with babies. The worry of course is for the momma and baby to be healthy.

tvdb on

wow there’s a lot of hate towards her. She’s healthy, she’s happy and despite all kinds of claims there’s no reason to believe she isn’t a good mother so cut the hate and just be happy!

Katie on

It doesnt matter how young she LOOKS, her eggs are still 46 and she is risking her life and her baby’s life by doing this

elinor on

Years ago this used to be called a “change of life” baby, and many a woman was surprised that it happened. So, of course it can happen naturally—stop the stupid remarks….

B on

I don’t believe this was a surprise for a second.

Cindy on

I get so tired of people thinking we are jealous because we don’t care for her. I am very happy with my life, family, career etc. I have no reason to be jealous. I have a huge problem with how I feel she set up her ex Bf and then claimed he attacked a professional boxer ( her new bf) with no history of violence and it just happened to fall right after she was denied the right to take their daughter to France. I am also tired of her not taking personal responsibilty for her own actions and blaming everyone else but herself. That was fine before but now she has a child and one on the way with what seems a very aggressive, violent man. She is also IMO, too old for a child at this point. I am the same age as her and I would never, ever think of it.

joannap on

I thought maybe fiance pummeling ex-boyfriend bloody would be the biggest surprise of her life. Or maybe looking in the mirror and never aging, LOL.

My midsection did not look different in my first trimester. But she is brave to be talking about it so early, given the chances of pregnancy loss. I didn’t tell anyone (not even family) until I hit 28 weeks and knew the baby was likely to live. gulp. This kid will have old parents and a violent father (has Martinez been married? Well, Halle has enough marriage history for both of them!).

I agree, you can talk about prenatal care whether expecting or not, whether female or not. You can talk about it even if you’ve sworn a lifetime of abstinence.

Anonymous on

I am amazed at al the hateful things that people say about Halle Berry. Unless you know her personally and you are the friend she confides in you can’t possible know how she lives her life. She has had failed relationships like many of us, she has had trouble with her daughters father like many other women. We know only this because she is a celebrity. Why are so many people judging her so harshly. I for one am not perfect, I’m full of flaws. Im grateful that people don’t obsess about my personal life.

tina on

What did she think? She couldnt get pregnant cuz she was 46? LOL. She is a beautiful woman though, kind of wish she would grow her hair out for a change.

trish on

She is a beautiful woman, only wish I had 1/2 her body and looks I would have been one happy woman. Good luck to her, I also think she is a good actress.

Dawn on

Surprised! well if you still have your cycle and are not using protection. SURPISE! it happens. She must have thought her eggs were all dried up. idiot!

unonimous on

I agree 200% with Aaron. I can not believe you people are so full of hate. Usually people who have such ugly comments, are THE people who have some major issues to take care of in their own unfulfilled lives !!!!!!!!!!!!. Yes the older you are the higher the risk in pregnancy. Im sure Halle is not stupid by any means. Mind your own business and fix your own lives first before judging others who you really know nothing about . You go girl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous on

I don’t care what she looks like. She is an arrogant annoying wannabe. Instead of nursing and birthing classes, she and her baby daddy should start the legal and conseling classes for when they break up with regard to Halle’s attitude and custody. Never gonna last. She is a train wreck.

WiddoMouse on

Pregant at age 46…better her than me. I would be so afraid of Down’s Syndrome and all the other things that can happen when a a 46 year old egg is fertilized. I wish her well, however.

IJS on

Why are so many people being so judgmental and negative? She’s beautiful, talented, and appears to be getting a chance at happiness in her personal life with her fiance and growing family. I am happy for them and wish them well.
To all those spewing hateful words: Your opinion only guides one person’s behavior…take a wild guess at who that is.

Lynnette on

She is much too old to be having another baby. How long will it take for her to turn on Olivier like she did Gabriel?

Kate on

So is she saying this child was ‘naturally’ conceived? Pregancy is possible for almost any woman with a uterus but it may not be with her own eggs. Not sure why she is saying the pregnancy was a surprise when I believe she had the help of a fertility doctor. Yes it is possible to fall pregnant at 46 but usually it is not planned, and women who become pregnant at this age usually have several children. The risk of down syndrome and other chromosomal issues is much higher at this age, unless she used donor eggs. I really don’t like this woman either. If her and Oliver seperate, you know it’s going to be drama-filled.

Jamee on

Congrats on the new addition! I have to wonder though how being considered “advanced maternal age” and being diabetic will factor into having a possible high-risk pregnancy.

Amb on

Gee-I can smell the haterade.People need to mind their own business and stop dogging Halle.I think she is beautiful and she can have a baby if she wants to(what law states that a woman is not allowed to have a baby at any age)There are a lot of women who are Halles’ age and older who are having babies-more power to them.Who’s to say she wont have a healthy baby?There are women much younger than her having not so healthy babies.If a woman is still having her cycle every month then obviously she is capable of becoming pregnant if she has not been sterilized,she did not have to have IVF.God will take care of Halle and her precious baby.If you can’t be happy for her then why don’t you just keep your mouth shut.

guest on

Yeah right! She’s been w this guy a while and is pushing 47. That takes fertility treatments. She was told she couldn’t go live in france w nahla by a judge , so she prob thinks if she gets preg and wants to live w the baby’s father, and HE lives in france that the fam court will have to let them go. Way too obvious

The Redhead on

She has the perfect face and the perfect body, it figures that she’d have the perfect uterus too!

mamanas on

You kids are too funny. She is 46 is looks better than most 20 years olds. Probably more healthy too, even with Type 2. The majority of the people in this country are too obese to even walk up a flight of stairs. And forget the energy level…. the younger folks have just enough to pick up a burger and play on the computer.

liz on

If you aren’t on birth control and you are not in menopause, of course you are going to get pregnant if you are getting it on with someone. This woman is just dumb. Unless of course, she was secretely undergoing IVF and that’s why she’s so surprised to be pregnant. Idiot.

Angie on

Why is everyone donating money overseas when there are more and more people in the United States that need our help… someone please clarify…

Lynnette on

What’s the surprise? If you are not using some form of birth control, then she/they should know the possibility for pregnancy is always there.

Anonymous on

you’re all very judgemental,who are you to say someone is”too old”just because you wouldn’t have a bay at 46 dosen’t mean that others shouldn’t

mamanas on

Haters— Does anyone on the blog actually personally know the woman? Just because you see someone on tv or the movies doesn’t make you know them.

Heidi Quayle on

I’m just a little worried about travel to Africa during the next few months of what was a surprise, and miracle pregnancy. Even if she froze her eggs awhile back, the body is still 46 and fit as she is, there are a lot of illnesses she can contract while travelling. Most doctors would be telling her to take it very easy, I’m sure. I hope she will at least bring a doctor with her who has sterilized supplies should she go into early labour or have complications.

Jen DC on

It could be a surprise because at her age, there is approximately a 5% chance of pregnancy during any cycle. That is, there is a 95% chance you *won’t* get pregnant. Which, for that given cycle, is only slightly worse than correctly using birth control (97-99% for The Pill; 96-97% for condoms.) So… SURPRISE!

Anyway re: vitriol. All you people see – unless you are living with HB, GA and OM – is what’s in the “news.” Which, given the current climate of dumbing everything down and then sensationalizing it, isn’t much information to make the highly charged accusations and conclusions y’all are coming to here. It’s highly unlikely that Nahla is involved in the court bickering (the judge wouldn’t stand for it, b/c it’s not “in the best interest of the child” for her to see or be part of that display), or that Nahla understands that her custody is being played out in the entertainment “news” cycle. To her, shuttling between parents’ homes and engaging in frequent international travel is the norm. Shuttling between parents’ homes is the norm for MILLIONS of American children, so why Nahla’s situation is so much worse, I can’t imagine.

As far as her personality shortcomings go, again, who lives with her? Any of you? Notice that the individuals doing the most complaining about her personality are former partners. Shocking that their opinions would be negative! SHOCKING, I SAY. Am I to take away from this criticism, then, that all your exes have stellar opinions of each of you? Not one complaint to be had? Further, if she has such a terrible attitude, how has she become so successful, particularly as a black woman in Hollywood? It would have been easy for a director or a producer or a production company to refuse to work with her due to her difficult personality IF THAT WERE THE CASE, but she’s worked steadily since 1991, with a break in 2007 after her daughter was born, but immediately back into it in 2010 with a film or two released every year since. Yeahhh…. “Halle Scary” for real!

gb on

Halle looks fantastic! I’m surprised by all the hate being thrown her way. For all you know it alls about fertility at 46, yes it’s possible! She was probably surprised because it took her a few years to conceive Nahla so she probably never dreamed that at 46 when only about 5 % of a woman’s eggs are still good that she would become pregnant again. She’s talked about wishing she could give her daughter a sibling but that it probably wouldn’t happen due to her age. I’m so happy for her that it did. I personally know of a few women who got pregnant in their mid 40’s and it was always natural.

Anonymous on

I had a perfectly healthy pregnancy and delivered a normal, healthy baby at age 45. It is possible and my little one is such a blessing to our whole family. I wish Halle much joy and good health.

FDW on

Wow Halle. Babies are a blessing I do not know why people assume because you are in your late 30’s or 40’s that a sperm donor was used. That includes doctors and people that work at fertility clinics, there are many more out here that can get pregnant at the drop of a hat. You need to read up on menopause and the age range. Every person’s body is different.. All of the 40 year olds I know are nowhere near menopause, and could have a baby if they desired, and in may personal case, I am more fertile now, than I was in my younger years. It can be a surprise if you get pregnant and don’t expect it, it at any age. To further explain, notwithstanding using birth control, getting off, being active, then inactive, if nothing happens, it can be a surprise. You can get in the mode of thinking no pregnancy. Think of those who have trouble getting pregnant and what they have to go through to make a baby, all that planning, all those months/years of nothing. Then read back what I wrote and it is easy to be surprised if for years no signs of pregnancy, then all of a sudden here comes baby. I had my first child at 37 and plan to have another (lord willing) before I hit 45. I prepared myself educationally and professionally and waited until I owned my home to have my child. I did not want to be young, under or uneducated, and I wanted to grow up and enjoy life, and I did not want to be struggling to care for my child. I had a life before my 6 year old and have an even better life now and am able to continue to enjoy life. To each his own.

HereWeGoYetAgain on

She’s full of crap. She’s been cackling that Nahla wanted a sibling and how she was ‘working’ on making that happen. Poor child. He certainly doesn’t deserve this cold hearted witch as a mother.

Anne on

46 and Pregnant …I am 47 and if someone told me I was pregnant now I would tear my hair out and run around the street crying!!! But then I don’t have the wealth and life Halle Berry has. But still – that is crazy! And a woman her age knows how NOT to get pregnant so come on Halle!

Cindy on

I really don’t get why people slam women who have babies at an older age. It’s teenage pregnancy that should be avoided, not the other way around. Besides I think Halle has enough money to hire the extra help if needed. And having a baby past 40 is not a new phenomenon; back when a woman had over 10 children, the last one often came along in her 40s .

Shiloh on

I’m sorry had they been supporting this country’s hunger problem, I would have bought a dozen watches. Now they can forget it.

lilly on

I can’t wait to see how long will it take after the baby is born for her to decide that she needs to keep the baby from the daddy because he(and is proven this time) is an aggresive out of control person. Sorry Mr. Martinez but you are NEXT!!!!!

lilly on

She is a terrible person, I feel sorry for the baby aready!!

Anonymous on

Why do women act surprised when they get pregnant?

amber on

It saddens me when celebrities utter what clueless comments. If one has (generally) unprotected sex, you can still become pregnant until after menopause. It’s not rocket science. Does Halle need a biology lesson? And to wish to lecture those struggling with hunger to have a healthy baby? If you’re starving, keep your legs crossed. If you were raped and can’t or don’t want an abortion on top of this, you’re not in a position to have quality food. Is it that hard to conceive these ideas? This is where the 1% or 2% of the wealthiest are clueless. Plus, indigenous peoples worldwide know how to eat; they survived VERY well until the white man showed up.

nancyb on

My grandmothers gave birth to my parents when they were 44 & 46–in 1916 and 1921!! With medical advances etc. today Halle will be fine–though I think traveling to Syria or Africa would be very risky.Stay home and enjoy this great surprise. She doesnt need to risk anything,especially having Type 1 diabetes.

Anonymous on

clearly this was unplanned, as she stated, so haters can shut their mouths, not everyone can look 30 for next 50+ years like halle can 🙂

Sandy on

To all you women who are highly clueless- pregnancy does NOT have an age limit. As long as you produce an egg you CAN get pregnant. So do not be fooled. 50 year old women can get pregnant- and I know of one. She had an oops thinking it was past her time. Guess what? Nope- she had a boy and all her children were in college and one was in high school. If you don’t go thru menopause until your 50’s- there is always a chance for that sperm to fertilize an egg.

Elara on

A lot of women end up having babies right before they stop ovulating because the body will start to kick out the last of the viable eggs, sometimes two or more a month. Many women her age assume they are menopausal and go to the doctor only to discover they are actually pregnant. It’s more common than you think.

Suzy on

Surprise, doubtful. Most likely she froze her eggs years ago and had them implanted. Statistically a 46 year old getting pregnant on their own is like 1 percent. Why doesn’t she tell the truth instead of giving false hope to other mid 40 women. Plus shell be 64 when the child graduates hi school. Not giving your child your best years.

Anonymous on

I think the bashing is terrible on here. Whether this baby occurred through natural means or through fertility treatments, it just doesn’t matter at this point. All that matters is that this woman has a healthy pregnancy and a safe delivery. Not everyone in life has babies in their 20’s. Some of us focus on careers and/or take awhile to find the right partner. As far as whether she is a good person or not that is between her and God. He will judge her as he will the rest of us. It’s not the place of any of us to judge her. I wish her and her unborn child the best.


REALY?? unprotected sex?? WTH did you think was goin gto happen?? Good thing you didnt get an STD

ctgal on

This baby is a NEW SOUL made out of love that is being born and they are being negative down below. Why is there more war than hate? MAKE LOVE NOT WAR!!!! Halle I wish you peace + love + hapiness with your new child. It gives me hope as I am in my fourties as well.

Setting the record straight on

First, Congratulations to Hallie and Oliver and Nahla. Secondly, I truly don’t understand people that spew out hate towards people, why did you even read the article if you got that much hate in your heart? Why didn’t the haters skip this altogether? Do you get your kicks off or something, what type of mindset do you have? Didn’t your mother ever teach you the old saying, if you don’t have something nice to say, then don’t say it. Some of you all really need to learn some serious lessons!

Taylor Girl on

This baby was just meant to be or she would not be pregnant !!!

lydiaferguson on

Congratulations to the both of you.

Larry on

Oh ! I get sick in the morning. What could be happening ??? I’ m gaining lots of weight in a short period of time. What could be causing this ??? I’m 6 weeks late with my period. That’s odd. My tummy is starting to take on the shape of a Cruise ship and i can no longer see my feet. What could be causing this ??? My tummy is kicking from the inside out. I’ve not had this in years ! Could it be ??? Could it be ??? Could it be possible, I may be with child ??? Surprize ! ! !

africanpricess on

Women why do we put each other down? Why can’t we be happy for her?

Bella T on

I would think being a pregnant diabetic at age 46 is risky enough but traveling to Africa and Syria is even riskier. I hope she at least leaves Nahla with Gabriel while she’s traveliing.

Abbie on

This pregnancy was planned. A diabetic woman, 46 years of age, needs medical assistance (fertility drugs, procedures, etc.) to become pregnant. She should just be honest about it. I wish her well.

Lucia on

I hope Halle enjoys her pregnancy in a private setting. Antagonizing the paparazzi is NOT a good idea.

Just My Opinion on

Why so much hate for a women you don’t know? Everyone talks about she’s crazy, I see no one placing blame on the men she had relationships with. Let’s see, David Justice, Eric Bent both cheated on her. Wesley Snipes beat her, causing her to have hearing lost in one ear. Have any of you haters considered, maybe she’s not the crazy one. We don’t live in her house, or know all the in’s and out’s of her relationships. Women are hateful!!

Anonymous on

She didn’t remember havng sex must not have a very good lover

B.J. (the girl) on

Older celebrities get pregnant with increasing frequency. But when was the last time one of these ladies gave birth to a child with Downs Syndrome? Funny that.

Nicole on

Hate her! She’s selfish and a terrible mother. Biggest surprise? We all know how it happens shouldn’t be any surprise….

Guest on

My grandmother had 14 children, and her last child was born when she was 45. No donor eggs and no surrogate.

Halle Berry is 46, and so is Michelle Duggar. But many of you CRITICIZE Halle and celebrate Michelle; what IS WRONG with this picture? Halle is an A+ actress with one child; Michelle is reality TV personality with 19 children, who would like to have more children.) Do we know either of them, personally? No; we do NOT. Judge not least you be judged.

eve on

The envy of so many. Congrats to Halle -Olivier-and big sister Nahla. !

Guest on

It’s entirely possible that she’s saying it’s a surprise because they haven’t been using protection for a while now, and assumed she couldn’t get pregnant because she hadn’t. Or because the fertility treatments took forever to work although I recognize that women can get pregnant naturally at 46.

I’m amused at the people defending Halle by saying she’s beautiful. Looks aren’t everything.

I agree, she’s very attractive. I liked her acting and the roles she played. But after splitting with Gabriel, I lost most respect for her. As an adult who chose to have a child with him, it’s her responsibility to act like an adult and co-parent with him (as it is his responsibility also). Her constant mud-slinging, her attempts to take the child out of the country, and having/allowing her boyfriend beat him up are beyond reproach. I feel she was trying to use her star power to manipulate the courts into getting what she wants. I do believe that charges again Gabriel were dropped after he had his say – proof that he didn’t start the fight, and the pictures are proof that he didn’t give half as much as he got. I hope to heck Nahla wasn’t there to see her step father beat up her father. That WOULD make a good case for therapy, and would make for some very uncomfortable moments should Oliver still be around when Nahla hits her teens.

shadowfax on

I can’t imagine having a baby at 46 either, but what a wonderful surprise. A true blessing.

jcsfny on

At nearly 50… this is hardly the “biggest surprise of her life”. I would assume, it would have been all three of the “HIT AND RUN” episodes that plague her life.

Lyoness on

@Abbie- I highly doubt this was planned. No GOOD team of doctors (OB/GYN, Endocrinologist, Fertility Specialist) worth their salt would purposefully take on and promote fertility treatments on a patient with stats like Halle Berry, celebrity or not. On paper, she’s WAY too high risk. Now if she donated her eggs to a surrogate to carry, I could see that happening theoretically. Another thing, no one is complaining that Olivier is too old. Remember, this is his first child at 47. I was actually surprised that he didn’t have any children from a previous relationship. Maybe he has something in his medical history as well so this REALLY a surprise for the both of them. No matter… Whether you’ve finished having children or want some in the future, this should encourage people to keep themselves physically and emotionally healthy for their familes. – Mazel!!

kateg on

Can we please turn off the hate. No one knows the circumstances or personslities involved apart from those actually involved. Every baby is a blessing, and no one has the right to assume they will be parented or will grow up in a way that is destructive. It makes me so sad. Focus on the blessings, please.

Anonymous on

Is she going to be in the news everyday for the next 9 months. Grow up Halle

sparkykid on

It can happen…my maternal grandmother had her first baby at 44…way before fertility drugs…and I know someone who had a baby at 47…no fertility drugs and a BIG surprise!

Mon Of Twins on

@Abbie, you may have needed help in getting pregnant, don’t always mean that other women do too.


uhm.. really?? what did she think was going to happen when she had unproected sex.. thank goodness the ONLY thing she got was pregnant!!! DAMB A@@

catlady56 on

well ‘duh’….have sex…..GET PREGNANT 😉

Anonymous on

She looks beatiful and happy…and its so amasing that she’s 46 and looks like 30..Oliver is so handsome. I just wish them lots of love, peace and happiness..

Gigi on

Sure it was – NOT!

slas on

It always amazes me that people who are having unprotected sex on a regular basis are amazed that they get pregnant, DUH!!!

Cindy on

Which is it? Either she shouldn’t be surprised because she was having unprotected sex OR her chances of becoming pregnant were 0% with her ancient eggs. Can’t have it both ways. For the record, I’m 46 and have experienced fertility problems so I don’t practice birth control. I’d be very, very surprised if I got pregnant!

Flo on

She has enough money to pay her own and her baby’s medical bills, buy the kids formula and food, clothes and pay for housing and day care if she needs it. She is definitely more prepared to be a good parent than half of new parents having babies who expect to use WIC,and EBT to feed it, medicaid to deliver it, housing assistance to shelter it and day care vouchers, pre K and headstart to teach it the ABC’s. If I do not have to pay for her kid, she can have as many as she wants.

Sasha on

It’s amazing how many people commenting on this site state that they dislike Ms. Berry. Yet, when they clearly see that the story is about her, they take time from their day to read what she has to say and then comment on the story. If I had that much hate/dislike for someone (that I don’t even know), I certainly wouldn’t waste my time reading postings about that person. I also find if amazing that so many people on this site personally know Ms. Berry and the people in her life. Anyway, congratulations Ms. Halle Berry.

Jules on

Will this baby have dual citizenship? If so, Ms. Berry and Mr. Martinez may have cause to move the whole family (at least part time) to France. This may not be the surprise she claims (especially being diabetic).

Anonymous on

Honestly, it really annoys me when these celebs in L.A. pretend to “just accidentally” get pregnant in their late 40s. It’s not fair to all the women out there who think there’s something superhuman about them, when in reality, over-45 actresses like Halle Berry are spending tens of thousands of dollars on multiple ivf’s (often with donor eggs) at fancy fertility clinics in Beverly Hills.

lab on

OMG – she is such a nut case. I can’t believe she would bring one child into the world much less two. Poor things.

Anonymous on

i hope she is very careful going to third world countries with all the disease that seems to be so prevalent.

john on

Halle Berry: This Pregnancy Was ‘Biggest Surprise of My Life’, why a surprise, unprotected sex causes babies..

mamanas on

I never knew Halle was personal friends with all these people on the thread.

SarryK on

Oh my goodness, did no one read the article? It’s the ‘biggest surprise of her life” and she ‘thought she was past that point”. It’s not IVF. She is a pre-menopausal woman with a healthy lifestyle and body weight, that had unprotected sex. While it’s not as easy as at 26, it certainly can and does happen. Congrats Halle, and good luck to you!

Daffygrams on

I can’t stand her, either. What did she think would happen when she doesn’t practise birth control? Duh.

vijay-kumar on

i don’t understand halle berry’s statement that the pregnancy was “her biggest surprise”; what does she think this is, “immaculate conception”? it is obvious she has been having unprotected sex outside wedlock and the guy scored a goal;

vijay-kumar on

having a baby at her age she needs to watch out the baby is not born with Down syndrome; there is a high possibility for that in late age pregnancies;

Overurnonsense on

Ughhh..yes she is 46! Yes she is having another baby! I say congrats and its damn amazing and a gift! Why judge wen its not ur life or your children. Wat she does will not change ur life in any way..soooo look the other way if this news/gossip is not for u! Wishing her and any woman who can be strong when so many want to see u fail.

J on

How long until she ditches this guy and then later lies and says he hit her and called her the N word? She’s pathetic.

Lynn Manieri on

How the hell could this be a surprise? what? You roll around in the sack and get preggers. She’ll be 67 when her son is just 20. How freaking sorry is that?

Romy on

I think the surprise was that she could actually get pregnant, I think that’s what she meant. She said before she was working on giving Nahla a sibling.

Sunny on

Even though she is 46 she will have plenty of help. Look how many grandparents are raising their grandchildren because the children are not capable. They are lots older than 46.

Selfenchanted on

@Athina: did Halle pay you to post what you said? This baby is no “surprise” – she & Olivier plotted this to make the public love her again.

Say It Isn't So on

I no longer care for Halle Berry because of the way she has treated her daughter’s father. After she had the baby she wanted to call all the shots and not allow him to see his daughter. Will probably do the same with this baby. Good luck to you Halle. You’ve lost a fan.

Sunny on

Who cares that she is 46? She will have plenty of help. I know grandparents in their 50’s and 60’s who are raising grandchildren because their children are not capable due to drugs and booze. Halle is much younger than they are.

Accord on

On this same page there is a story of Tom Arnold becoming a father at 53 and no one is saying he’s too old yet Halle is 46 and everyone is hung up on her age. Come on people, too old is too old man or woman. Those kids will have good and bad from their parents just like regular kids. Rehab is not just kids who are privileged. And finally, we all care because we’re here reading about it.

Ann on

Sure it was a surprise. I 46 year old doesn’t get pregnant at the drop of a hat. At that age you’re starting menopause or perimenopause at the very least. She’s doing the same thing as Kelly Preston. She “suddenly” got pregnant at 47 and gave birth at 48. Hallie will be 47, way too old to be a “surprise”. My guess they both used donated eggs, which is fine, just don’t lie and say it was a surprise.

Lisa on

People are we forgetting that Geena Davis had her first child at 46, then her twins at 48. So lay off the “Oh! she is having a baby at 46…OMG!” Shut-UP and Grow up. Women can have children at any age thay want, if they are healthy and can afford them. So shut the fuck up already. Gosh!

Chelsea on

Why are so many ppl being nasty over this? I see pics of her with her daughter and she looks youthful and fun. Being a younger mother doesn’t means you play with your kids more either. My Mother had me at an older age. And we did more than the “younger” Mothers. And also sadly no one can say how old a parent will live,or how healthy they will be. You can be 25 and to sick to pick your child up. Or 60 and active.

Ginger on

She doesn’t rate high on the likeability meter. Perhaps it was her vile custody battle with the X, whom was then beat to a pulp by her current significant other. She needs to get the PR machine cracking to create a better perception. Just my two cents.

PJ on

So, it’s a boy or was that just a rumor? They asked her if she was expecting a boy and she said, “I dont know. I don’t know.” Wondering if she really knows or not now. Hmmm.

lovely123 on

if I were pregnant at 46, I would not consider traveling anywhere except to a local store.

sam on

how can it be you get into bed witha man have sex with no protection and then your surprised HOW

Izzy on

Surprised??? I hate when people say that! Your had UNPROTECTED sex obviously over and over again so yes the possibilit of getting pregnant is there!

Danielle on

Congrats to Hally and Martinez a baby is a blessing from God.

Joan on

I’m happy for Halle & Oliver I wish them the best!!

Debbie on

I just don’t think much of her character. I still go back to her fleeing the car accident she caused. Bad choices in men, probably related that she was abandoned by her father. Constantly plays games with her existing child’s father – new flash, he wasn’t just a sperm donor, he wants to be involved in her daughter’s life. I don’t respect anyone who plays custody games with exes to get even. Lots of issues here.

Awwwshucks on

Nobody ever said the ‘B-tch’ has good sense. Her acting abilities stink and her sense of reason doesn’t smell much better.

D.L. on

I’d hate to be in my 60’s and dealing with a teenager, but whatever. Congrats to them!

Amanda K on

At her age I highly doubt this pregnancy was a surprise. I’m sure it was with the help of science

anais on

Funny how ppl say that 45 is too old to have a baby. I say so cause most of my friends including myself were raised by our grandparents. They were the ones to pick me up, cook for my parents, take us shopping.. and did so much more than what our parents did. Thank god for grandparents cause our parents who were 20 at the time had babies before getting their sh1t together…