Kathryn Morris Expecting Twin Sons

04/08/2013 at 06:45 PM ET

Kathryn Morris Pregnant Expecting Twin Sons
Dave Procter/Startraks

It’s a double blessing for Kathryn Morris.

The former Cold Case star, 44, and boyfriend Johnny Messner are expecting twin boys in early September, her rep confirms to PEOPLE.

“She and Johnny couldn’t be happier,” the rep tells PEOPLE.

In addition to the babies on the way, the couple — who have been together for three years — have a lot on their plate.

Morris is filming the CBS pilot The Surgeon General, while Messner, 42, recently wrapped The Outsider, costarring Jason Patric and James Caan.

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Julie Jordan

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Callie on

I loved the show Cold Case and with they’d bring it back. Congrats to her and her boyfriend.

Sarah on

Congratulations to them both. A double blessing! Now let the self rightous start the stone throwing.

klutzy_girl on

Loved Cold Case! It was such a good show.

Congratulations to Kathryn and Johnny on the twins! Hope Surgeon General gets picked up to series. It sounds interesting.

Anon on

Love her! And congrats! But, why again, don’t celebs get married before kids? Great message you are sending to today’s kids….

Jennifer on

@Anon…considering that at least 50% of marriages end in divorce in today’s society, why would it matter if the couple has to get married before having children.

Things happen for a reason. Congrats to Kathryn.

zaida-bird on

50%?? Where do you get those statistics?

Erin on

How have you never known this? The National Center for Health tracks it in the US. In 2012, the marriage rate was 6.8 per 1,000 total population; the divorce rate was 3.6 within the first 10 years. What example is it setting? As long as the kid has good people who do what is morally right – not just society-approved – he/she will have a good chance to grow into a good person.

LisaS on

Are you for real? Do you not know its actually 50%? You are joking right.

Delia on

Look it up.

Sharon on

You seriously didnt know that? Wow.

Julianna on

Aw, that’s so amazing! Congratulations to Kathryn!

BooBoo on

@Anon – I think the fact that you believe celebrities and actors should be the ones setting examples for kids – says far more about you, than it does them.

Setting examples for children – that’s their parents job. Not some stranger who appears in a tv show or movie.

Anonymous on

Love this lady, “Cold Case” one of my favorite shows. I still watch it. Agree with you Callie, wish they would bring it back the KM. Happy for you Kat. Pray you have healthy babies.

lee on

Maybe they will be happy married some day, if they are together.

Sarah on

Actually Zaida and Jennifer, the statistics for the percentage of marriages that will end in divorce is only 33% for 10 year marriages and 43% for 15 year marriages. So not quite 50%. Source-National Center for Health Statistics.

But I understand your point Jennifer. Marriages don’t always last, unfortunately. The important thing is that both parents are commited to providing love, support, and nurturing regardless of their relationship status.

I would never assume that someone is a better parent simply because they are married, nor should anyone be considered a lesser parent just because they aren’t married.

LisaS on

Totally fraternal

Congrats to her and Halle Berry !

J on

Sarah, why even instigate?

susan schweitzer on

Why are women having babies over 40? You need to be young to raise kids. And they’re aren’t’ married which means in a couple of years, they’ll be split anyway.

susan schweitzer on

why do women get pregnant over 40? You have to be young to raise kids. Plus they aren’t married, so that won’t last.

Sharon on

Ok Susan…my friend’s mother had her at 42 and did a perfectly good job raising her. She never once said her parents were too old to keep up with her. And that was 30 some yrs ago when having babies in your 40’s was rare. And since when does it not last if you are not married? Guess you never heard of divorce. Being married has nothing to do with being good parents….ughhhh get over yourself. People like you make me want to scream.

Courtney Rose on

So its ok for her to be 44 and pregnant but Halle cant be at 46. The prejudices on this blog kills me.

Wen on

I’m so happy for her! Congratulations to the family!

Mimi on

@ Courtney Rose, i think it depends on the celebrity and how much likeable she is. It sounds stupid but that’s how it is. Wait till Jennifer Aniston gets pregnant (for real) and you’ll see how the “grandma” comments will swarm all social networks.

Cindy on

OMG, she’s unmarried! OMG, she’s over 40! OMG, she’s having twins so she must be using IVF!

Did I miss anything?

meghan on

Well, Courtney, unlike Halle Berry, Kathryn hasn’t proven to be a complete basket case, so…

Cindy on

And what evidence do you have that proves Hallie Berry is a basket case? Please let us see the notes from your therapy sessions along with your medical degree. People in glass houses should not throw stones.You know nothing about this woman.

What??? on

So she’s only 2 yrs younger then Halle and yet I don’t see a million comments bashing her old eggs or lack of natural conception. Ridiculous.

Geezzzz on

Well.. Becoming a parent is amazing so congrats! So my question is, who the hell is anyone to judge whether marriage is right or wrong for a couple, if divorce is probable or not, and if they’re at the correct age to have a child? Worry about your own life choices and let others worry about theirs.

Torgster on

Yet another statistic 30 years down the road ….kids burdened with parents with dementia before they’ve even started their own families. Do these selfish celebs ever think of anyone but themselves?

Courtney Rose on

Halle may be a basket case to some, but how is she any different than all the other basket case celebrities whose dirty deeds aren’t exposed?.Regardless if Halle isnt a good person-no one has the right to tear her apart for what she does to HER body. I have a cousin who is a coach, and she tells me all the time how her students make fun of older people who are sexual active. They say its gross for people in their 40’s and 50’s to be sexually active(this is common but I know it must hurt older men and women).I know some of you who judge aren’t spring chickens. How would that make you feel if someone told you that you were too old to have sex? To do something natural?. Society is telling women we aren’t worthy at 40. And when we reach 50 we might as well give up; that life is over. Its funny because women bash men for the way they view and treat women and at the same time women are the ones tearing eachother down.

Khi on

Totally agree, Courtney Rose.

Tee on

I’d be willing to bet those who always harp on unmarried couples having children, are among the same exact people who are against gay marriage. CBS news just reported last week that 40+% (its either 46 or 48%) of couples live together and choose not to marry. A marriage ceremony, a certificate, etc. does not guarantee a couple will be life long partners. Wake up, accept reality and quit judging or thinking atheletes, celebs, etc., should be examples for your own children. There’s far too many parents who should not have birthed children. They abuse them, ignore/neglect them, hell some even murder them. YOU AS A PARENT ARE RESPONSIBLE TO SET THE EXAMPLE. Shunning children from all kinds/types of people isn’t the answer either, we need more TOLERANCE and less intolerance across the board in all races. Sadly, we will never be a society of total acceptance of all humans no matter their race, economic status, who they choose to love, marry or not. Congrats to Kathryn she looks so beautiful in the pic above.

Lauren on

Is she carrying the babies herself? I’m asking because she is EXTREMELY thin, plus she’s 44 years old. I suspect a surrogate.

Lauren on

Susan is apparently judgmental and technically challenged. Nice.

Suval on

So happy for Katherine. Love her and loved cold case. One of my favorite tv shows. Congratulations.

Marky on

Courtney Rose, Halle Berry has, on multiple occasions, treated the father of her daughter like an anonymous sperm donor after she claimed he was the greatest thing since sliced bread. She accuses every guy she dates or marries, of abuse and in general, acts like a lunatic. Big old difference between her and Kathryn.

My sister was a much older mom when she had her only child, and he turned out very well; she had so much patience, she had already traveled so many places and done so much, she didn’t feel as if she were missing out on life. Her son is getting his PhD, is well known in his field, happily married, and doing very well. Sorry, age is often a number, and rarely is the determining factor in successful parenting.

Sharon on

Congratulations on your double blessing! I loved Cold Case…awesome show, and they always played the best music at the end. I still watch old episodes lol

dawn084 on

Congrats Kathryn and Johnny!!

CCex on

What is with all these people in their 40’s having babies? I couldn’t deal.

SSSan on

44 and having twins????? Gee, wonder if she was SURPRISED like Halle apparently was….such bullsh*t.

Lisa Del Fante on

Congrats Kathryn. Finally a pregnant celebrity I actually care about. So tired of hearing about Kim K or Jessica Simpson. Kathryn will be a great mom !

Lauren on

Agree, it is absurd for Halle Berry to say she was surprised. It would be great if celebrities were more honest about fertility issues. This kind of thing makes normal women feel inferior if they can’t conceive. It is ridiculous for the media to perpetuate this myth.

4mom on

I know I shouldn’t lower myself to comment, but here I go anyway. Some people, myself included, don’t meet a person to have children with until they are older. Does that mean we can’t have children because we didn’t get pregnant accidentally at 16, but waited until we were in a relationship? I was 29 when I had my first and I had only been married for 18 months. Some of us don’t find that other person for a long time. That doesn’t mean we don’t have the same right to be happy and have a family. My great grandmother was 46 when she got pregnant with her last child over 100 years ago. I am pretty sure IVF didn’t exist and she had a child 3 years before that. I guess some people just don’t age the same as others.

anais on

They are a really beautiful couple.She just looks so young & amazing for 44, I would never have guessed her age. Congrats to both of them!

Anonymous on

SSSan- I don’t know about Kathryn, but there’s actually a very good chance that Halle is being honest. She’s diabetic, and from what I’ve read, the hormones used in IVF and other assisted reproductive technologies can wreak havoc on a diabetic woman’s blood sugar levels and so are very dangerous for them.

Just because it’s fairly uncommon for women in their 40s to concieve naturally doesn’t mean it’s possible! Techinically, as long as a woman hasn’t gone through menopause (and doesn’t have other issues making pregnancy impossible), pregnancy is a possible outcome of sex.

Given Halle’s age, her baby is likely what they call a “change of life” baby.

Lauren- Geena Davis carried her twins and gave birth to them (and did NOT need a C-section to do so, from what I’ve read!) when she was 48, and Nancy Grace was around the same age when she delivered her twins. So it’s definitely possible for a 44-year-old woman to be able to carry her own children! And I’m guessing the picture PEOPLE used is an old one.

All of that being said, congrats to the parents-to-be!

Anonymous on

I also want to point out that women over 35 have a higher chance of concievng twins naturally, and that chance (if memory serves, that is!) increases the older the woman gets.

But whether or not she did, what business is it of ours?! A baby is a baby, no matter how he or she is concieved!

Anonymous on

Marky- While I agree that Halle has treated her daughter’s father like dirt, how does accusing every man she’s been with of abuse make her a basket case or a lunatic? Sad as it is, woman in abusive relationships tend to have trouble breaking the cycle.

That is, they leave one abuser only to end up with another, then another, then another….etc. Usually it’s because they don’t have a lot of self-esteem and therefore don’t think they deserve any better.

klutzy_girl on

Lauren – Yes, she’s pregnant and not using a surrogate. US has a picture of her and her boyfriend and she’s clearly pregnant.

Ella on

I’m elated for them, but isn’t 44 a bit old to start having babies? I worry about the rate of defects, and stress on the three of them. I hope it’s a healthy pregnancy for Ms. Morris. 🙂

valeskas on

Congrats and I still miss Cold Case, it was such a great show.

Karen on

I love Cold Case. Congratulations Kathryn. Hope you have a safe and joyful pregnancy. No one has a right to judge anyone else. I can’t wait to see the babies when they are born.

D K on

Absolutely loved the show Cold Case and her character in it. CBS, pay for the music rights and release it on DVD. Sounds like there are lot’s of us out here waiting for it. Congrats to both of them and I’ll be watching for her new show.

Kelly on

Wow…..where is the “she is too old to have a baby”??? The hate that was said about Halle having a baby with her boyfriend was absolutley hateful on this website.

Sara on

Who cares if she is over 40 years old and having babies? This isn’t the 1800s anymore. We don’t all get married at 18 and start having kids. Some don’t find the right partner until a little later in life-that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t be able to have kids. In many ways, she is actually much more prepared to raise twins, then say, a 20 year old couple.

julie on

Congrats to them ! Twins are amazing, I’m glad I had my set in my 20s wouldn’t have had the energy in my 40s, and I had a baby at 44 two years ago. Wonderful and I wouldn’t trade my daughter for the world but much more tiring. Pregnancy at 40 something doesn’t bother me that’s for a woman and get caregiver to discuss. My concern with Halle was not her age, but that her personal life seems so unstable as admitted by her own words and actions and the actions of those around her. Unstable environments aren’t great for kids be their parents 20 , 30, or 40. As for them being unmarried that’s also their choice. I’ve done it both ways unmarried and married. I prefer it married, but that’s just me. Either way I hope both women have healthy babies.

Anne-Marie on

Kathryn Morris is not getting as much vitriol and disdain thrown at her as Halle Berry because most of the women posting here are petty, average, will-be-forever-nobodies who are also rac!st b!tches.

There. I’ve explained that little contradiction succinctly.

Holiday on

Cold Case is my all time favorite show. I was sad when it was cancelled! Congrats to her, I loved her on the show. 44 is very old to start your family but I guess she didnt want to have a babies when she was on a tv show. And Sara many 20 something couples are very stable and happy and it is so offending that so many people think otherwise! My husband and I were 21 when we found out we would be parents and 22 when he was born. I have been able to stay at home with him and his nearly 3 year old sister from day 1. He goes to a private school, we own a nice house and my husband is a fantastic hands on father. Some of us are mature enough and ready to have children young and there is nothing wrong with that.

p on

older parents are SO MUCH smarter, wiser and experienced than most of the young fertiles that post here. Congratulations kathryn!

Holiday on

p I know SO many old parents that were so set in their ways that adjusting to a baby was horrible for them! In fact one of the laziest and selfish moms I know was 44 when she had her only daughter. And that mom that jumped off a building in New York with her infant strapped to her was a 45 year old first time mom!

Mom Of Twins on

Where’s all the hateful comments about her being 44 yrs old. Halle is only 2 yrs older. Oh, I get it.

Mom Of Twins on

@ Meghan, what doctor declared Halle as a basket case? Names please?

Mom Of Twins on

@ Mimi, I personally don’t see Jennifer Aniston doing either. I don’t think she’ll marry, or have kids.

Sharon on

Mom of twins, not one time did Marky mention that the child is perfect….just stated the fact that a child can turn out well with older parents. Learn to read.

Mom Of Twins on

@ Marky, good for your sister that her sons is perfect.

Just My Opinion on

People (men/women) change with a child/children come into the picture, not always for the best. If a relationship doesn’t work out, a guys see his pockets be hit for child support. He then turns into someone you never thought he could be.

KC on

Wow! Another set of twins. Cannot believe all the twins ( and triplets) these days. It is becoming the norm. Congrats to them. Very exciting.

Anonymous on

Just My Opinion- It sounds like you’ve had a bad experience, and I’m sorry about that. But not all men (or women) act like that. Don’t make unfair generalizations, please.

Anonymous on

Also, Just My Opinion, if you were referring to Gabriel Aubry, none of what you said applies in his case, as Halle pays him child support (as she earns more money than he does) rather than the other way around.

B.J. (the girl) on

She’s 44, of course she’s having twins. I’ll bet those are going to be some good looking little babies!

As for marriage and divorce, I’m 28 years old. I know six friends from high school who have gotten married. Three of those couples are now divorced. 50% success/divorce rate fits in my life, anyway!

Niko on

Of course, lol. Kathryn Morris getting the kid gloves treatment for expecting twins at 44 years of age because she’s a white woman. Just imagine Halle Berry in her situation. People will be spamming this board with the predictable “Donor eggs!!”, “OMG! she’s too old to have twins at 44!!” posts. Let’s call a spade a spade. The racism, phony outrage and hypocrisy I see on this board sometimes couldn’t be more pathetically transparent….

lovely123 on

People post offensive comments about Halle because everyone knows how she (and her boyfriend) act. Morris is never in the news so people go light on her.

mamanas on

I never assume this site yo be full of racist ______.. Halley gets pregnant and all hell breaks lose. A old white woman gets pregnant and silence??

mamanas on

Fyi- Read articles from Vented for.reproductive health andnnationak data trends on fertility. Many women over 40 are using IVF and donor egg have these babies. Yes older women are known to produce more than 1 egg but the quality is bad. Women please do not read these announcements and believe that can be you. Go on some of the leading blots and from real women who believed the stories only to find out the truth about fertility over 40.

Paula on

I love both Kathryn (Cold Case) and Johnny (Meet My Mom)..what a great combination. Twins are a gift to any couple..2 can be so much better than just one. I wish them the best and will be excited to see pics of them with the twins.

Ashley on

My fiance and I have a 3 yr old son and a 5 week old son. Weve also been enged for 5 years an dont have any immediate plans to walk down the aisle. Every peraon, couple and relationship is different, considering my parents divorced and so did my inlaws. Vut were happy regardless!