Tom Arnold Welcomes Son Jax Copeland

04/06/2013 at 02:00 PM ET

Tom Arnold Welcomes Son Jax Copeland
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty

Tom Arnold‘s a dad!

The actor and comedian, 54, and his wife Ashley welcomed their first child on Saturday, April 6, his rep tells PEOPLE exclusively.

Son Jax Copeland Arnold arrived at 9:53 a.m., weighing in at 8 lbs., 12 oz. and measuring 21 inches long.

“We are still in a bit of shock,” the proud new parents tell PEOPLE. “It has been a long journey and the healthy birth of our son is a miracle.”

The arrival of their baby boy is the light at the end of a very long tunnel for the couple, who faced infertility problems prior to becoming pregnant.

“I’ve tried with other people, but since there is a God we were unable to conceive. Now God said, ‘This is it!'” Arnold, whose marriage to Groussman marks his fourth, joked while announcing the news in January.

— Anya Leon with reporting by Julie Jordan

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T. on

cute, normal name!! congrats!

Nancy on

Congs. to the happy couple.Wishing them much joy and happiness as they embark on this wonderful,crazy,fun filled adventure we call prenthood :0

lemon123 on

Congratulations! Enjoy.:)

Aly on

That’s gotta be comforting to his fourth wife, “I’ve tried with other people.”

Aly on

normal name?

Lisa on

I’m very happy for Tom, he’s gone through alot & has really turned his life around! Congrats!!

Julie on

I thought he had kids guess not, well congrats to them. Hopefully this marriage will be the one that lasts.

Anonymous on

lol, “I’ve tried with other people, but since there is a God we were unable to conceive.”

Marky on

I think Ashley is well aware of who his previous wives were, and where Tom was in his own life. His choice in women wasn’t the best (Roseanne Barr, for one), and he had his own issues, which have been worked through. I don’t know that many babies are more wanted than this one, for sure. I wish them well! Nice name, too!

Chloe on

Congrats to them! I’ll bet he’s a great dad. Love the name too!

truthbe on

every comment about god should be a joke. there is no divine plan, no immortality, and no “reason.”

He named his son after a soap opera character.

Ohanna on

It is okay for you to say what you believe but not him? And FYI most people DO believe in a Supreme Being- name might be different..but they still believe.

And everything happens for a reason, regardless of how/what a person thinks is the cause..behavior, dreams, reaction to others.

Sharon on

Well said Ohanna….i think its like 86% or more of Americans believe in a supreme being. I firmly believe everything happens for a reason.

Danielle on

@Truthbe If Tom Arnold is a believer let him have that, he’s had a happy moment.

But I agree with you on the name and that soap opera character’s name isn’t even “Jax,” it’s “Jasper.” “Jax” is great for a nickname but not a legitimate name.

Chrys on

I think the “soap opera” they referred to was Sons of Anarchy, which is not a soap opera at all.

Jax is the name of the lead character on SOA, a show in which Arnold had several guest star appearances. Jax is short for Jaxon, and it us mist definitely a legitimate name.

guest on

So happy for Tom!!! Blessings to the family.

Tee on

Congrats, I like the name. Yeah, the I’ve tried with other people comment is umm, odd, but I respect the truthfulnes in it. Obviously, he’s the one with the infertility problem. ENJOY the blessing Tom. Being 72 with an 18 year old is going to be challenging not only for you but the son as well. I don’t want to read that you’ve been a handsoff Daddy and thus end up in another divorce. Please embrace fatherhood to the fullest because it’s possible you may be senile by the time your son is in college (horrible thought I know,but hoping you truly are an involved parent while you can be). Best of luck to both of you!

Heidi Quayle on

I’m happy for him. He’s tried with every spouse and been open about his own infertility troubles. I’ve never heard of a man publicly saying ‘it’s me’ and people usually assume its the woman who can’t get or stay pregnant. I respect him for that and for admitting that the struggles and stress with infertility did affect his previous marriages. It’s really tough!

I hope they stay married and have more little ones who will bring them joy. at the end of the day it’s all about family.

Frances on

Congratulations to the new parents 😉

Kat on

I have an aversion to first names with an x, but happy for the lucky couple. It takes a strong man to publicly discuss infertility issues, best luck to both.

WiddoMouse on

I know they are happy so I’m happy.

Ini on

@ Ohanna: If everything happens for a reason, how do you explain war etc.? Do you think God would be onlooking?

Terra on

Well, I for one love the name Jax….My son’s middle name is Jax! It’s a cool name and It sounds modern and unique. Congrats to the new parents!

Judy on

God is awesome and mighty.. And a gentleman… He has given us the greatest gift of choice, to live for him and have his protection or not…when we dnt “things” happen.. Live for him and when ” things” happen he is there as he promises in his word.. There is no other god

lydiaferguson on

Congratulation’s even thou your a bit old to be starting father Hood But That’s Just my opinion. but hey it’s your life and all the best for you and your wife….

Edie on

Finally, a good name by one of the Hollywood crowd. Really like the name Jax!

donna on

people were on another article dissing Halle Berry and her boyfriend for announcing their pregnancy at ages 47 and 46 but it is ok for Tom Arnold to welcome his first child at age 54? what kind of messed up double standard is that?

dexx on

The lead character on Sons Of Anarchy is also named Jax. Tom Arnold even appeared in a few episodes of the show. That doesn’t mean that he chose the name cause of that but does mean that those who assume that he is named after the General Hospital character have a good chance of being wrong.

dexx on

Donna, unless the exact same people made both comments, it isn’t a double standard at all, rather a difference in opinions by completely different people.

dsfg on

“Yeah, the I’ve tried with other people comment is umm, odd, but I respect the truthfulnes in it.”

It’s a joke, he’s a comedian. And I’m sure his exes probably think it’s funny and true.

And Tom Arnold has said in the past that his sperm count is low.

Oohbabybaby on

Pffft…get your facts straight. They obviously named their son after the Mortal Kombat character Jax, which clearly debuted years before the General Hospital character. Come on people!

I’m Standing Right Behind You on

I have always rooted for Tom Arnold and wish him, his wife and their new son all the best and many blessings.

meghan on

Congratulations! I like Tom and wish he and his family well.

Lotus on


Anonymous on

Congrats to them! And I’m guessing Copeland is a family name.

Gary M on

Why mentioning god; we don’t even know what god is. We are in this university like the lions, the tigers and all other animals.I don’t think the call the creator their father.there is no divine plan.things just happened. The best you can do is to treat other people respectfully that way your child would live in a better world. Its all about what we do.

jennifer on

Congrats! :-* Being born under aries is great! One special son you have enjoy.

Tammy on

Congrats to the new parents. It’s always good to see someone from small town Iowa have good things happen. I’m sure ottumwa is happy for their hometown boy!

brnsugar on

Congratulations to the proud parents!

Jane on

What a dumb name. Did he come with a little red ball they drop before they scoop him up??

Geraldine Moore on

What they name their son is their business. Congratulations on the birth of your baby.wishing you all many years of happiness.

mamanas on

Why isn’t there any outcries for him becoming a dad at his age?

Melissa on

Probably because he’s been very open about his fertility problems and how much he wanted to be a dad, so people are happy for him.

B.J. (the girl) on

How is Jax a “normal name”? It’s a game for children involving a rubber ball…. Not anywhere close to being a normal name for a kid.

Tom fan on

Tom’s life got better the day he left Roseanne. His career has continued to improve (unlike Roseanne’s) and now, he’s blessed with the baby he’s always wanted. Well done!

GooGoo on

I like the mummy’s hat. Go Tom and Ashley. Look at Jax’s a natural, like if he’s already telling jokes.. Hehe no worries Tom, Ashley will keep you forever young.) This makes me so happy. xo