Shakira’s Boys Practice Passport Patience

04/05/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Look who’s ready to leave Spain! “Daddy and son waiting for Milan‘s passport!” Shakira captions this photo she Tweeted Friday of boyfriend Gerard Piqué and their 10-week-old son.

Perhaps the singer-songwriter — a native of Colombia — will visit home before heading to the United States? Shakira, 36, is expected in Los Angeles for the upcoming Voice live shows — she and Usher joined Adam Levine and Blake Shelton in the red chairs for the hit reality program‘s fourth season, which kicked off last month.

Shakira Gerard Piqué Milan Passport
Courtesy Shakira. Inset:Marc Piasecki/Wireimage

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gina on

ok, i think it’s fair to say he’s the spitting image of his mom…cute!!!


Her baby looks black

disturbed on

He does not look black.


You know she isn’t white right? Spanish people are a wide array of colors.

Angelica on

He does not look black.

marn on

ericka2 i think u need glasses what pic are u looking at????

Isa on

Cute ! Milan looks just like mommy and Gerard looks absolutely gorgeous !

GDP on

Absolutely adorable baby!

Jane on

The cutest Colombian, European, Lebanese baby!

Attorney at 21 on

@ERICA2….UMMMMMM she is from Columbia dropped via Africa…think about it….

fanofboardwalkempire on

Such a darling little baby boy! congratulations.

Isabel on

He’s adorable!

Valerie Cook on

cant see the dads face all that good but i think he looks just like his momma …

kim on


Tammy on

Why do people dress their babies in clothes? He’s a baby… put him in a comfortable sleeper!

Mira on

What a cutie!

Margo on

Aw, Milan looks just like Shakira! Cutie!!!

ocr on

Litle Shakiro…..

Julianna on

One of the things I love the most about Shakira is how devoted she is to Gerard and Milan. Adorable picture, amazing family!

dudley doright on

they look like her 2 sons…

Anonymous on

Okay, does it really matter what color the baby’s skin is? He’s adorable, he appears to be loved, and that’s all that matters!

ILoveFootball on

Piqúe is an amazing football player for Barcelona. Very handsome too! Shakria is beautiful. Baby Milan is going to end up gorgeous! Like both parents. Of course he has his mothers eyes

alex on

Her father is from Lebanon and has dark features… he looks like her family that is all.. look up her parents photos in google the baby looks like grandpa

alex on

There was an article years ago with her changing looks…. she is naturally black headed. Her father is from Lebanon and if you google photos the baby looks darker features like grandpa..

Stormy on

Shakira is beautiful and i DONT get how some morons say the baby looks back with white parents.. how stupid can they be..

Jen DC on

He’s got beautiful eyes and I love his sweet little jowls! nom nom nom

First of all… People of African descent have been mixed with every other race on the planet, and just like any other race or ethnicity, there are millions of ways to “look” whatever. There are black people in my own family who don’t “look black,” and I myself have been asked whether I am half Asian or, more hilariously, Fijian. Although after I saw the pix of the my friend’s family (she’s Fijian), it was clear I could be taken for one of her cousins back on the island. So “looking” at someone is not really a good way to discern someone’s race or ethnicity, and people FROM a culture can mistake you for being part of their culture as well. (For the record, I consider myself black, even though genetically I’m “only” close to 2/3s African, 1/3 European with a wee bit of Asian/Native American thrown in for fun.)

Further, “disturbed,” I’m DISTURBED that you think someone being mistaken as black is disturbing! Unless the reason for your disturbance is that we are even forced to have this silly conversation at all.

The rest of y’all going on about how he’s “not black,” similarly disturb me, because you seem really defensive of the baby’s race, i.e., so long as he’s not mistaken as black it’s ok. Lot of latent bigotry in these parts.

Try a little study of genetics, people. And get outside your comfort zone a little more.

Mia on

Someone looks like his mom….so cute!

sgtmian on

the kid doesn’t look african, but even if he did, what would be the problem? is there something wrong with looking black? what is up with the racism?


The baby appears to be biracial mixed with African descent he does’t look like his white parents. I’m black with a beautiful chocolate complexion so I definitely didn’t mean it in a negative way. The baby doesn’t appear to be white JMO!