Who Wore It Better: Kim and Kourtney Kardashian’s Flowing Maternity Dress

04/05/2013 at 10:00 AM ET

Talk about déjà vu!

When we spotted Kim Kardashian, 32, getting frozen yogurt with friends in Sherman Oaks, Calif. on Wednesday, we couldn’t help but do a double take.

Along with being less trendy than her recent maternity choices, the reality star’s cream-colored Grecian-inspired dress looked remarkably familiar. Turns out, it’s the very same maxi that her big sis, Kourtney, 33, wore last June while eight months pregnant with daughter Penelope during a family trip to San Diego with son Mason, 3.

Unfortunately, their flowing gown by Rachel Pally is no longer available. But the designer’s Long Caftan Dress ($233) is equally beautiful and bump-friendly.

Kim Kardashian Kourtney Rachel Pally Cream Dress
AKM-GSI; Pacific Coast News

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Guest on

Not a fan of Kim, however, I wish people would leave her alone. Since when is it acceptable to make fun of a pregnant woman (referring to the fat articles). It’s easy to accept the changes that occur with pregnancy, much less when someone starts pointing it out!

gem on


ddavis on

Fat where? All i see is a pregnant belly. Post your picture…negative jerks…and lets all judge you…

Tara on

Kim brought some of this on herself. She told Khloe and Kourtney that there men would cheat if they didn’t lose weight, this is just karma biting her tush.

Meh on

No Tara. She said men would cheat if women don’t give them enough love and attention… And sex. It makes perfect sense.

Anonymous on

I agree. Pregnant women (some, I should say) already face insecurities when they look in the mirror. But this is too much to do to someone who’s already going through various emotions

anne on


amber on

C) Neither. Kim’s boobs are way too big, and Kourtney needs a bra. And perhaps a different set of shades, yikes!

heather on

that looks like a nightgown from medieval times. no one should be wearing that, certainly not Kim. And what’s up with Kim’s face?

Edie on

I agree with statements already made on this topic. They are PREGNANT, PEOPLE!! A human being is growing inside of them…how Glorious a miracle! Please, leave the negative comments at the door. Thank you.

gem on

Shut your pie hole Edie…lmao. Kim looks horrible and she’s nasty no matter prego or not!! I feel for that poor kid to have her for a mother!!!

Meh on

Gem stop leavin negative commets, you obviously have a hate on for the Kardashians so go on another website and get a life. It is never acceptable to bully anyone, celebrity or not, ESPECIALLY not when they are pregnant.

nacho mamma on

Not a fan at all. However, Kourtney was a glowing happy pregnant mom to be, Kim – eh, not so much. She just does not seem to be enjoying being pregnant at all. She is too worried about still looking “sexy”. Well, enjoy your pregnancy and your inner glow and sexy will appear automatically. Have not seen her with Kayne in a while.. trouble in paradise already? well, she always has her husband to fall back on.

tb on

I’m not a fan of either however, maxi dress on anyone under 5’4 is not a good look preggers or not.

Anonymous on

“Less trendier”?!?!? Really, People?

julie on

I’m a little tired of people picking on Kim for her weight and fashion. Pregnancy changes you and it does not affect all women equally. I actually think she looks nice here.

Nik on

Night and day (if night’s bra was too small for her body).

KaitlynS. on

I don’t think Kim would be critsied for being fat if she actually put on maternity clothes instead of squeezing into outfits like that. I feel like she’s not ready to let go of her old life and start a new life and once reality hits her it’s gonna suck for her and we’re all,gonna laugh

Molly on

@Guest: I agree with you! I’m not a fan of Kim either, but people really do go to far with the nasty comments. There’s no need to be so mean to someone you don’t even know in real life. In the end, she hasn’t done anything to any of you personally!!

Katherine on

Kim is a beautiful girl with millions of dollars. Her stylist should be fired immediately. I think what people are getting worked up about is she does in fact look dreadful because she’s not choosing even halfway decent clothing right now. With all her resources there’s no reason to look so bad during such an exciting time. Pull it together Kim! You look like crap and it’s not because you’re gaining weight, it’s because you’re choosing all the wrong clothes!

Zarah on

Kim looks like a bubble in anything she wears. Kourtney is a lot more elegant. By the way, this very dress is on sale on ebay now, and no, I am not the seller, just found it by accident.

Kelsi on

Definitely Kortney. Kim looks awful.

ecl on

The only thing making Kim ugly is whatever crazy crap she got injected in her mouth. She looks so weird! Why do beautiful young women insist on doing this?

none yee on

Actually that’s a cute maternity dress. It just seems tighter on Kim. I like Kourtney’s look better, though. When is it ever okay to pick on a pregnant ladys outfit? I just would like to ask who wrote this blog if they’ve ever been pregnant? Cause if so, you should know it’s not exactly easy waking up everyday to find out something else don’t fit.

Jordyn on

Considering Kourtney was 8 months pregnant, and Kim is only about 6 months…

The pictures say it all.

Carol on

I don’t like either of them, not sure how to be here..I know they are pregnant but geez….you don’t need to look like a side of a barn..

Fan on

They both look lovely! Gee people. Maybe it’s time to go back to what we were taught in kindergarten: “if you can’t say someting nice, don’t say anything at all”!

Beth on

While I do think that most of her fashion during this pregnancy is atrocious, I do sorta feel for her. I did not “do pregnant” well either. I personally didn’t gain an insane amount of weight, 35 lbs, but I was over weight by about 30 to begin with so I look bad. It was a wonderful time in my life but looking as bad as I thought did, I refused to have my picture taken and this “poor” girl is followed day in and day out.

Cheese on

People need to get over how she dresses now. It’s her time, she’s trying to figure it out. I’m so boggled with all the negative comments about a pregnant women! When did we become so low that we’re now criticizing the weight of a pregnant woman. Makes me scared of getting pregnant because of all the bitter women out there who will make backhanded comments because my ass isn’t the same anymore.

Anonymous on

Kim is bigger at 6 months than kourtney at 8 months. Kiim’s going to be huge by july. Wide load coming thru.

Anonymous on

That’s what happened, she tried to wear Kourtney’s clothes. Umm, Kim, you should really buy your own size.

ct on

I don’t care for these people, BUT, I don’t condone judging a pregnant woman’s appearance. Pregnancy & motherhood are hard enough without being under so much scrutiny.

HB on

Who gives a F—-g F–k
What a mess she is and so proud
Of What ????????????????
Such a disfuntional family

PurrlGurrl on

It’s time for Kim to invest in some undergarments. She’s way too big to go braless. She’ll regret that she did post-pregnancy.

Oh, never mind. She’ll just have her post-pregnancy body surgically altered and then sell some baby weight loss diet that she never used.

Denise Smith on

The dress is cute but definitely needs to be hemmed just a bit.

MrMonkee on

Kim has been complaining that the tabloids are saying she weighs in at 200 pounds. She says they are off by 60 pounds too much. No way in he11 that body is a140 pound body. Reality check Kim.

Anonymous on

I agree it is nasty to call someone fat but HELLO Kim is squeezing herself into things are WAY too small on her.

haven on

Kim has put on a lot more weight then kourtney and she says she doesnt crave any sweets but eats vegetables yeah ok sure. She is going to have a hard time trying to lose all that weight after baby is born if she doesnt watch her rapidly increasing weight gain. Kourtney looks better in that dress even though i dont like the dress.

Hesla on

Why is there never a neither option? It looks like it could be a beautiful dress perhaps on someone like me!

Dee on

Its not about her gaining pregnancy weight. It is that she is choosing to dress to keep Kanye happy instead of dressing appropriately for her new body. They are both way too much into themselves, him maybe more so than she. He should be helping her feel good about herself instead of dictating what she wears. The baby will just be a doll to dress up, an accessory.

Her sister always dressed cute and they are about the same height. I am not crazy about any of them, but I think she is bringing a lot of the criticism on her self by being out there in the public eye constantly. She can’t have it both ways. She became a “celebrity” by airing all of her dirty laundry. I hope when her baby is born they will put the child ahead of their egos.

Magnolia on

Very well said Dee!!

Mila on

Weight gain comes with being pregnant. Glad to see Kim is doing well. I wish her luck.

Irene on

Kim looks horrible pregnant! her body looks so wide..yuck!

Danielle on

nice to see shes wearing somthing other then tight leather but to me the dress is way too long does she want to trip?

miss ally on

I wish Kim would wear MATERNITY clothing and not shove herself into ridiculous outfits! She would look so much better in form fitting maternity pants and a tight maternity top.. ugh KIMMY!

Steph13 on

No wonder it was so tight on her!! She took it from her sis.

Peg on

Had they purchased that “Cream” dress in Target it would have been described as “Beluga Beige”.

Magnolia on

Ha Peg!!

Tina on

Kim is such a sourpuss since she’s pregnant. Look at that face. All her pics are like that. Clearly not happy being pregnant. If she wasn’t such a narcissist, maybe should could enjoy her pregnancy.

gina on

Kourtney looks pregnant, Kim just looks gross…and seriously WHAT is the matter with her face???

Jan on

Kim has gained too much weight. She needs to watch what she eats because it is so hard to lose afterwards.

Preggo too on

Poor kim people raggin on kim’s weight gain its called pregnancy hello you plump up and since its her first and its a girl she’s going to ballon up, trust me i know im baking baby #4 good luck kim

JenC on

I am sorry…i am not one to be mean. BUT….I am laughing at the irony of the fact that one of the most self-indulgent, vain people on the planet does not look very good (or happy) during pregancy. Maybe this is the piece of humble pie she needs.

Marcia on

Neither. Their breasts look out of control and especially Kim looks ridiculous. I’ve had two kids. You can dress comfortably and look nice but you have to know your body. Nobody wants to see your boobs spilling all over the place.


Not a big fan of the Kardasian bunch… especially Kim. I think the dress looks horrible on her.

Callie on

The dress is hideous, so neither

sharon on

All I can say is that Kim’s face is changing so much, even before her pregnancy, lay off the plastic surgery!

Niko on

Now THIS is the type of maternity clothes she should be wearing!

Nina on

Kim seems to be more of a balloon pregnant lady-Kourtney isn’t as (spelling) “falumpscuous”…two different styles.

Magnolia on

I don’t think ‘fat’ is an appropriate word here… With Kim and Kourt side by side it just makes me think Kourt IS 8 months pregnant, Kim LOOKS 8 months pregnant… Kim is the shortest, she will look bigger than the rest!

Jenn on

LOL – is Kim so upset about her body that she’s doing anything and everything to her face?! She needs to calm down – I gained a hundred pounds during my pregnancy and my friend gained 30…she was just as equally mortified as me when looking in the mirror. PREGNANCY SUX!!!!! Until the child comes. 🙂

kim on

Fat vs. adorable. No contest.

Anonymous on

Kourtney ALWAYS looks better.

Anonymous on

I think since Kim has bigger boobs, it just does not look flattering on her. So I am definitely going with Kourtney on this one!

Guest on

What kind of surgery is she having on her face? I don’t even notice her clothes anymore because she has seriously ruined her face! I would not mind if she just went away.

Susan on

I have had 3 kids (all boys) and each pregnancy was different. With my 1st I so looked liked a cow and with the next 2 hardly gained weight and just has a little protuding belly. So Kim is not looking her best right now….so what….she is with child. Give her a break.

Jess on

This is clearly litterally the exact same dress Kourtney wore last year and Kim just raided her closet. You can tell just by looking at how it fit Kourtney verses how it fits kim. Kim could have pulled this off if she had on good foundation garments although not as well as Kourtney did. Kourt looks great in it.

BBB on

It’s kind of odd that Kourtney wore this dress while looking very obviously pregnant and Kim just looks large. No pregnancy belly, just breasts.

Mt on

Since when is it okay to make fun of a pregnant woman?

guest on

It’s ugly no matter who wears it. Not a flattering style at all.

Devyn on

The only reason people are poking at Kim’s weight is people people don’t like the woman in general. When a respectable celebrity gets pregnant, it’s not a big deal. Body changes are to be expected. But when it’s the woman who got famous from a sex tape, has zero talent, and yet is constantly on every magazine cover and television screen across the country, it just gives extra ammo. Not saying I condone it – though I hate the Kardashians just as much as the next person – but I can definitely understand both sides. It would help if she actually tried to dress for her size instead of trying to continue squeezing into things that don’t fit her. It can’t be comfortable.

B.J. (the girl) on

I would feel worse for Kim and the teasing she has gotten during her pregnancy if she wasn’t a total fame wh*re. She puts herself out there, and is famous for being famous. What does she expect?

meghan on

When you build your empire on vapid things such as your looks and sex tapes, yes people are going to judge. pregnant or not. You can’t have it both ways. This woman can’t even lay off the plastic surgery while pregnant. You bet your ass I will judge.

weiscat on

They’re both beautiful, whether you like them or not. Don’t be so petty.

Characterfan on

Kind of hard to compare the two. Kim is carrying her pregnancy very different from Kourtney. It’s not flattering, but you can’t control how your body grows with pregnancy. We just need to all leave Kim alone.

Chloe on

Neither one. They both look like two of the crankiest people possible. For someone who claimed to have struggled with infertility even shorter than her second marriage, Kim seems to be going out of her way to not embrace being pregnant. With that sour puss face, it doesn’t matter what she wears.

derft on

what a pregnant lumb of blubber she looks like – i’m waiting for tmz to have a side by side and say ‘who would you ??’ but that would be an insult to the princess. kk has no class whatsoever. as a fifty somethign woman i always had a big behind but when i saw hers recently it really made me feel good about myself!!

derft on

and really – she was told to slow down and SHE had to travel to Paris to see her baby daddy- he couldn’t travel to see her? smells like a breakup in the making if you ask me. that would be something if he left her hi and dry for some parisian …

Lynne on

Neither of them look good. These people need to go away.. So sick of them…………

Missy on

The dress looks amazingly comfortable and I really think that should be all that matters when pregnant. Kim has said her prefnanct has not been easy and everyone is calling her horrible names and saying she is fat. Come on people, grow up, is anyone aware of what stress can do to an unborn child!! Kim looks beautiful no matter what as does Kourtney. They are made by God and he makes everyone beautiful. I gaid 85 pounds during my pregnancy and I would have dared anyone to call me fat!! My son was diagnosed with Autism which was what attributed to my weight gain..stop being horrible!!

Bailey on

I vote Kourtney. The light color of the dress is more flattering on her tanned skin where as Kim looks a little washed out. Both are gorgeous pregnant women, and the negative weight comments are so pathetic. People who run their mouth to bring others down are the most insecure.

Karin on

Neither, it makes them both look like belugas. What’s with Kim’s face?! Can’t be just the pregnancy … too much botox maybe?!!

Ash on

They both look beautiful! What a mean spirited poll.

someone on

a pregnant woman gains weight. i feel its unacceptable to say that pregnant woman are fat! just leave her alone already. she will wear what she wants because she is comfortable. she will gain some weight because she is havign a baby. seriously get off her case already and move on to yourself! no one is perfect!

Anonymous on

whats wrong with Kims face?

MommytoanE on

The dress is not flattering. Its also a bit long. One would think with the money those two have, that they could afford someone to hem the dress up to an approiate length.

kate on

kourt rocked it, makes kim look much bigger then she really is, not a good look for her at all :/

Bkable on

Hey Kim, until you’re showing, stay away from the maternity clothes. They just make you look fat. I’m not trying to be mean, just honest. She’s really at a place in her pregnancy where its not really noticeable that she’s pregnant and she should stop dressing like she is, just dress comfortable.

Dorie on

Kourtney wore it better!! Wow, yah! 97% believe so too! Kim, stop squeezing yourself into outfits that DON’T fit you girl!!

Dorie on

Having a child OUT of wedlock with the man she’s with NOW…while STILL being married to Kris Humphrey’s! Adultery…hello! It’s just wrong.

PJ on

Ahhhh Kill it with fire!!

Mejo on

Kim looks miserable in all the pictures lately…

pamela on

Definitely not looking too happy in this pic, it looks very small on her. Poor baby!!!

Say It Isn't So on

That style wouldn’t look good on any pregnant lady. Just wondering what exactly Lord Scott Disick does for a living other than looking like a fool. Does anyone know?

Say It Isn't So on

I don’t think any pregnant woman would look good in that style dress. Just wondering what Mason and Penelope’s daddy actually does for a living other than make a fool of himself on television. Has he ever actually had a job?

Man in town on

I think they both look beautiful, but poor Kim looks so uncomfortable. Her breasts look like they weigh 100 lbs.

Beth on

Kim looks like “Big Ang” on “Mob Wifes”!!

Jill on

Kim just looks fat. Ive always thought Kourtney was the prettiest sister. I just hope Kim will borrow parenting advice from Kourt not just clothes. Kims child is in for a pretty up and down life Im afraid.

ddavis on

You know nothing about this woman or what type of mother she will be. And why would you compare these sisters…
.not only is that comment ridiculous…but childish. I HOPE YOU DONT HAVE TO DAUGHTERS…

Torgster on

Kim is getting exactly what she wants by looking like a fool all the time – ATTENTION! If she didn’t look so ridiculous, who would even notice her? She’d just be another run of the mill tranny.

Amanda T on

I think she looks amazing. Give her a break she is pregnant!! I have to say sharing maternity clothes with her sister is admirable. Go Kim!

dee on

Boy, this chick needs some help. I’ve never seen a pregnant woman so confused about how to dress a pregnancy before Kim got pregnant. Hope she’s a better mom when the baby get here.

guest on

Kourtney has a slimmer frame unlike Kim. Kim needs to find clothes that better fit her figure and then she wouldn’t look as big and frumpy as she does.

Anonymous on

I think shes beutiful,…………….

L Abbott on

Next to Paris Hilton and the royal family is there anything on this planet less interesting than the Kardashian’s?

suedo on

Kim is too sort for all the long ill fitting coats, shirts and dresses she wears, petites should opt for knee length or higher and much looser than she normally wears.

suedo on

Short people should not wear long ill fitting clothes. This is ugly but useful for sweeping streets. Also, since Kim has been with Kanye, her outfits are getting sluttier.

She needs to go shorter and get a REAL designer.

judy on

Dress?? I thought they both rolled out of bed and took the sheet with them!

Jan on

They both look pregnant….what is the big deal?

suedo on

That dress is really good for cleaning the sidewalks of L.A.

Kim needs to find a good seamstress and get her clothes hemmed for her petite stature. Also….she should never take fashion tips from Kanye…he’ll make her look too slutty.


C’mon the girl is pregnant…..no what what you think of her she is pregnant, cut her some slack….wow what a lack of compassion for a woman who going to have a baby. GThis should be the happiest time of her life, let her have good mempories not all the negative comments.

G blackwell on

Both look like crap in the dresses, sorry, know they are with child but would not look good in the dress, if they were not!

James.PH on

Koutney all the way. Haha by the way. i’ve done this already. check out frinzee.com and make your calls official

Tara on

It’s kim’s choice to wear whatever she wants. Its not so easy to look beautiful in pregnancy; but kim sure looks good. Its normal to gain weight though some don’t, but that doesn’t mean pple should poke on her. Leave it to me she looks good with the pregnant.

Alayna on

I love Kim and normally I think she looks fab but I think Kourtney looked amazing pregnant. She’s more patite so her pregnancy looks are adorably cute! But Kim looks fine – I know a lot of people like to bash her pregnancy look but I think she looks fine.

Anonymous on

People called Jessica simpson a huge cow, looks to me like Kim is going a whole lot bigger!

madaj on

Kort looks great, always, Kim is pretty stupid, she is pregnant and grossing out on Kortney’s brestmilk..such an ignorant bitch