Baby on the Way for Olivier Martinez and Halle Berry

04/05/2013 at 02:00 PM ET

Halle Berry Pregnant Second Child Olivier Martinez
Amanda Edwards/WireImage

Olivier Martinez and Halle Berry are expecting a baby.

The couple is set to welcome their first child together this fall, Berry’s rep tells PEOPLE.

“I can confirm that Halle and Olivier are expecting a child,” the rep says.

“Halle is feeling great. It’s a very exciting time,” a source tells PEOPLE. “This happened naturally — everyone is really happy.”

“She always talks about being a mom and she definitely wanted this for a long time,” a friend adds.

Berry, 46, is already mom to 5-year-old daughter Nahla Ariela from her previous relationship with Gabriel Aubry.

After more than a year of dating, the Oscar-winning actress and Martinez, 47, were engaged in January 2012.

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Last fall, Berry admitted that her little girl was hoping for a sibling.

“Every night, we do our prayers,” she explained at the time. “She says, ‘God, please bring me a bunk bed and a baby sister.’ And I say, ‘I can do one of those things, I know for sure. The other one, we’ve got to keep praying on.'”

With that prayer answered, Berry is focused on having a healthy nine months, as she did while expecting Nahla.

“My pregnancy was amazing. I was happy that whole time, I felt good, I had energy, I was like Superwoman,” she has said. “I wish I could feel like that for the rest of my life, that’s how fantastic it was.”

TMZ was first to report the news.

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— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Mary Green, Jennifer Garcia and Julie Jordan

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Nicole on

This has to be due to donor eggs.

kim on

@nicole. No egg donor needed when your a black women. It’s natural. We’re blessed that way. 🙂

lee lee on

Dumbest thing Ive wver heard!!!!!! Jeeeeeez…..get a clue

Stephanie on

No it doesn’t Nicole. May not be wise but it’s still possible to get pregnant at her age.

Dr. P on

I feel compelled to mention that success rates for pregnancy drop dramatically after 42. Yes, some women are lucky but they are very much in the minority. In fact, if you are over 42, most clinics in the US will not even see you unless you want to use donor eggs as it’s so rare to get pregnant with your own eggs at that point – they don’t want it affecting their success rates. Donor eggs are often used in the Hollywood community giving the false impression that anyone could get pregnant at that age which sincerely isn’t true. I don’t know if she used them or not but I did want to mention all of this so people know that just because she is 46 and pregnant doesn’t mean it was easy or that she didn’t use any assistance.

Jo on

Wow! Congrats to them!

Tamika on

Babies are always a blessing so congrats to them that said Olivier should have run while he had a chance!

MEG on

Don’t know what she she’s in him….. clearly HE has anger issues.

Magnolia on

Have you seen who she was married to before MEG? Dave Justice was no calm dude! I think she feels ok and safe in that ‘type’ of relationship… I thought Gabriel Aubrey was a great way for her to break that cycle, however she’s not with him now…

Monika on

She has the worst taste in men, or maybe it’s her. Can’t always be someone else’s fault

joan on

Wow 46 and pregnant. Amazing how Hollywood stars ignore the medical risks and do what they want.

dana on

I agree joan!! And does anyone in Hollywood ever get married before having kids??

just me or... on

Definitely a rarity these days dana.

Anna on

Which risks joan? She can afford best doctors and any tests. She probably has had amnio before announcing the pregnancy.

Sfee on

She’s so old, and he’s so violent. Yikes!

Rizzy on

Sorry but yes, she maybe 46, but sure does not look her age!!!! And if it happened on its own then God knows absolutely what He’s doing!!!! Halle is beautiful, fit, and I say go for it if thats what she wants!!!! I hope
I look half as great as she does at 46yrs old!!!! 🙂

Tiffany on

Is she going to get rid of him after she pops the baby out like she did with the other guy?

Elle on

That’s exactly what I was thinking! She’ll use this guy for another kid & then a couple years down the road she will leave him & try to take the kid from him by saying what a terrible guy he is. She is a nutcase.
She’s got some amazing morals too, second kid with a guy out of wedlock, treats the father of her child terribly, sets him up to look bad & then blames everything on everyone else.

Sandra on

Congrats…Be well and rest often!

Callie on

“My pregnancy was amazing. I was happy that whole time, I felt good, I had energy, I was like Superwoman,” she has said. “I wish I could feel like that for the rest of my life, that’s how fantastic it was.

Maybe that nice feeling could carry over into life because she’s a nasty *itch and he’s not much better. they seem to deserve each other.

cookie on

Congrats Halle ,and Olivier .Wishing you a safe pregnancy.

Altagracia on

I am happy for them god is bless them so let it be. Because it is God Plan for them. I wish them peace and. Happiness.

klutzy_girl on

I thought she was looking pregnant at the Oscars and these past few weeks, tbh, but I figured I was wrong because of her age.

Congratulations to them.

Denise on

I don’t want to be negative when it comes to such happy news, but I just can’t feel happy for them. The way they’ve handeld things with Gabriel Aubry, the fact that she’s 46 years old, the fact that I simply can’t stand her. I hope they never break up, ’cause she will be as traumatising to Olivier and the baby as she is to Gabriel and Nahla.

Jennifer S on

Denise can’t you just be happy for someone without all of your stupid hateful comments. That being said congrats to the couple. Babies are such a blessing!

Lynn on

Denise, if you don’t want to be negative, then just don’t. No ifs, ands, or buts.

ddavis on

The way they handled things with Gabriel Aubry? He was a real jerk during their relationship. He didnt want his child to acknowlege the fact that she has any african american roots….and he was the one who called things off. She even let him continue to live in her home after they broke up intil she finally pit him out. Interesting how no one had anything to say about Marcia Cross, cynthia Nixon, Sara Jessica Parker or any of the caucasian actresses who had babies in there 40s…..and Halle is in such great shape. She probably looks younger than most of you. I cant believe how negative you people are.

Angie on

I felt like superwoman in my first pregnancy too. A little tired on my second but I had a 7 month old baby so it was understandable and I still felt amazing. But, my third…awful! I was sick the ENTIRE pregnancy, had gestational diabetes and I had 2 kids to take care of and ended up being alone the whole time so I didn’t have help. Never. Ever. Again. However, I adore him to pieces and would be sick every day the rest of my life for any of my kids! 🙂

Just My Opinion on

Congrats to them!!

Rolyat on

That should be the end of this relationship then. Just like Gabriel

tired on

Don’t like her but wish them well.

Marcia on

I had my second child a week after I turned 47. She was a beautiful surprise for our family. She’s a healthy and lively 13 year old now. Congrats to Halle.

celia on

Congrats Marcia! 🙂 I’m very happy to hear, my husband and Ihave been trying for over a year now and hoping it happens for us too, I’m in my mid thirties and hearing of so many women able to carry into their forties gives me hope. Joy, health and happiness to all mothers regardless of age, children are a blessing whether adopted, conceived or by surrogate means.

ILoveCali on

I’m 31 and I am also trying. I felt the same way when I first read the article. Good for her and I hope it happens for me too 🙂

Ann on

I just had my second baby at 38 celia. I feel better than the first time 10 years ago.

Sasha on


Robin on

If this guy didn’t have anger issues and if they weren’t in the news for custody issues and false accusations I might be happy for them…but be careful Halle…you may be seeing history repeat itself again…

lola on

recent photos of her show a little tummy, i wondered if this was the case- now i know i was right.

Mia on

Wow – Congrats to them!

Marcinda on

Seems like there is always turbulence surrounding her. I hope for her daughter and soon to be baby’s sake there is a calm over these people. : /

Just My Opinion on

@ Tiffany, you lived with them?

K.B. on

That is going to be one gorgeous child! 46 is a little old to be pregnant, but I’m sure she has gotten al the pertinent tests to make sure the baby is okay. I wish them all the best! — And a very healthy baby.

mema on

Oh Good lord no!

Karen on

Change of life baby. Oops!

laura on

Wow–congrats to Halle. But I personally would bawl my eyes out–and not in a happy way–if i found out I was pregnant at 46. When I’m that age, I’ll be close to getting my first one out the door!

Sara on

Poor Halle is going to pay this guy child support also. He is obviously looking for a permanent meal ticket. He will dump her.

Jojo on

Anyone who can’t just say Congrats to the happy couple is missing joy in their life! Halle, Olivier and Nahla deserve all the joy and love this new baby will bring!

derft on

another one who always has to have a man. if they are engaged and she is pregnant why didn’t she marry him? good luck at 46 carrying a baby..

Agatha on

She is 46 and Diabetic. Hope it’s a nice pregnancy without any complications for her or the baby.

I Am Standing Right Behind You on

My doctor didn’t think it would be a smart idea having a child after 40…something I have mixed emotions about.

I hope Ms. Berry and Mr. Martinez have a healthy pregnancy and a beautiful child.

Katie on

Good lord! Two nut jobs having a baby!! Hope this kid can live in peace. Doubt it. So sad on many levels!!

DeeAnn Pruitt on

i hope he is a calmer person than he appears to be. And good luck with that Halle…. having a baby that late is dangerous. I am happy for her that she is having her babies, but she picked a lousy dad this time round.

Melissa A. White on

Way to go Halle. Keep popping out those babies with a different psycho every 5 years. Nice job.

Tara Fullen on

WAAAAAAAYYYYYYY too old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gross. She will be in her 60’s when that kid is in high school!

celia on

to Tara: seriously? Why be hating!? Not everyone is as lucky to get pregnant in their twenties and magically have this wonderful life full of roses and job and house and great guy, yada yada ad nauseum so the rest of us do not find it appropriate to be told we are gross if we give birth in our late thirties or early forties… If healthy and so is baby what is your trouble? Keep your nasty comments to yoursef, karma is a witch honey.

Dulce on

Well said celia.

Brandi on

I agree. Tara seems really immature to refer to the pregnancy as gross. For some people, babies come later in life and they are still a blessing 🙂 Not my thing to sit here and point the finger at Halle for her rocky relationships in the past or with Nahla’s father or the fact that she’s not married or her diabetes and age like others are doing…none of us are perfect so we don’t have the right to judge. She does seem like a good mother and so I wish her all the best with her pregnancy and I truly hope that Halle, Gabriel and Oliver are all able to put their differences aside and work on healthy co-parenting where their kids always come first 🙂

Mandy on

Since when is 46 considered “early 40’s”

Amber on

Hater! I’m sure your life is perfect and you’re ver happy. Whenever a woman can conceive and carry a healthy baby is the right time. (preferably married, though)

fan on

she’ll be fighting over custody with this one to, Another violent man

ddavis on

Wow….”another violent man”. When does defending yourself make you a violent person? Should he have just let Gabriel Aubrey hit him? Smh.

Tina on

Wow, pregnant again at 46. I agree with Joan. The medical risks are great especially with her existing medical issues. Why take the risk? It doesn’t matter if she felt great with the first pregnancy. How a woman her age FEELS doesn’t change the age on her birth certificate. Nonetheless, I sincerely hope that she has a healthy baby

christine cox on

that poor unborn baby….i’m sorry but she is a terrible mother, very manipulative, and uses her kid as bait and a leveraging/bargaining tool to get her way. she is non-stop drama.

Lovely♥Natural♥Me on

Eww his teeth in this picture amd her eggs have turned into yolks by now. She’s near 50 and there are so many risks. I guess Hollywood stars are immune to anything. She had better pray that baby doesn’t have any health or mental issues

Amber on

And I’m sure you did the right thing when having your children *sarcasm* either that or you don’t have any. Jealousy is so obvious.

Sunny on

Wow I thought they would breakup before baby or marriage.

Donna on

Like Nicole said – Donor eggs or she had her eggs frozen in the past and did IVF. Highly unlikely that she conceived on her own at that age.

liarlairpantsonfire on

i wish she would say what fertility clinic she used. my mom and her new husband have been trying to get pregnant for 2 years. she’s 46 now, and even with donor eggs its not working. anyone know who she’s using?

Annie on

Now instead of marrying men, Halle has babies with them. Y’know, cuz that’s much less of a commitment. She’s an idiot.

KLM on

WOW, another illegitmate child by yet another man… WTG, hollywood….

Connie on

Isn’t she always whinning about having her privacy – so why does she make this type of announcement now? DIdn’t they just get into some media fight? Not a relaxing pregnancy then is it. I wish them well and a happy and healthy baby, but they just seem like nut jobs to me.

angela on

Why so nasty. I have had two kids over 40 and I might have another one. They are fine. Both of my obgyns had their kids over 40 too. Stop living in the dark ages.

Sharon on

Well said, Angela!

sweetsandyc on

Halle Berry needs mental help. Seriously. As mean and nasty as she has been with Gabriel and with all the TERRIBLE choices she’s already made in life (abusive men seems to be her “thing”), last thing she needs is another kid. God bless the little one and the one she already has. They will need it.

Just My Opinion on

@Joan, pregancy at any age is a risk.

Anonymous on

Run Olivier Run!

Agatha on

My mom was 38 when she had me, as 3th child. And I always get that question ow she is old.. Are you an accident.. Kinda lame questions. Especially I’m 27 now. Who cares! But sometimes I think when you over 40, your too late.
But I would never abort it. Baby’s come in al sizes and shapes.

Sherron Teal on

God help this man if she gets mad at him. He’ll be fighting her for visitation as well!

Anonymous on

Wow people are so negative. If a baby is what they want congrats to them. It’s their life. Best wishes.

Kate on

I’m a decade younger than her and can’t bring myself to have another baby due to my age. Good for her.

Just My Opinion on

@Karen, change of life at 46, really?

Sass027 on

How nice…a second baby out of wedlock…with a different guy! Way to be a role model Halle.

ladyofargonne on

I knew Olivier Martinez had anger and attitude issues before Halle Berry even met him. I don’t care to hear any more about it because it’s not over by a long shot. But it will be shoved down our throats none the less.

Donna on

It’s her life and her decision. I was an older Mom and am doing just fine.. so is my daughter. As for the baby’s father… guy gives me the creeps. He smiles and his eyes disappear. Every baby is a blessing… so congrats to them and I hope Nahla loves being a big sister.

Pinky on

Shes 46 years old, this can’t be

Anonymous on

ive never liked her yuck and he is just ugly

amy on

Well let’s see how long it takes her to break up with him…and talk about how horrible he is..after she got what she wanted..a child. She did the same with Gabriel .

Anonymous on


Saywhat on

Why are some people up in arms about Halle being pregnant at this age. Look at Alec Baldwin, he’s going to be a dad again at 55.

Jayro on

It’s not like celebrities actually raise their kids.

Catherine in Tulsa on

I hope she has a healthy pregnancy and baby. I’m sure her daughter is thrilled.

Missy on

WOW!! There are so many Haters, it is unbelieveable! Stop being jealous and live you lives people. Congrats to the parents and good luck to them. 🙂

betsy on

My grandmother gave birth to my mom and my uncle when she was well into her 40’s. Naturally, without help in the 1950s. She lived a long life and was around to enjoy many grandchildren and great grandchildren. Stop assuming and being so judgmental.

Lynocat71 on

Hello, I agree with your comments. My Mom was one of 9 and her mother had her at 43. My Mom is now 73. They did not have Amino’s back then or even ultrasound they just took it as a blessing. I have 4 children, the 1st at 22 and gave north to my last at 40. They are all perfectly healthy and happy.

Isabel on

If these two ever separate, I hope she doesn’t treat him as poorly as she does Gabriel. Granted, none of the adults responsible for parenting Nahla act like adults but it seems like she used Gabriel for his sperm and was enraged when she realized he wanted to be an active participant in his daughter’s life.

Alicia on

So many people are ridiculously judgmental. I’m sure she’s well aware of any risk that is involved (like most pregnant women, at any age!). Who cares that she’s not married, or is a certain age – children are always a blessing. Be more concerned with your own lives than with judging the way others live – you’ll be a much happier person for it!

jaime on

You people need to educate yourselves on diabetes and how it affects mood and causes changes in the mental status, instead of criticizing. I hope its never you one day!

ALM on

Hopefully this child won’t have parents that argue over him.

DJ on

Ya know for a woman of 46 who has literally gone thru 3 men & Oliver is her you honestly think it’s always the other persons fault? She loved her Model boyfriend had a kid, then she dumped him, broke his heat, he got into a fight with Oliver, I guess because her daughter is his too!!! Duh!! So she hooks up with another massive anger issue…Halle I honestly don’t think you’ll find a partner that you’ll marry & that you’ll be happy with..but you will have children into your 60’s!!! I’m over her big time & a part of me feels sorry for her past boyfriend..didn’t take long to find a replacement for him..& it won’t for Oliver either!!!! And this is NOT BIG NEWS WHO CARES!!!

Lynne on

Apparently you do DJ. lol … Seriously get a life.

millenniummarker on

she’s wanted another child for a long time, this says; but if all the floating would-be children in the universe could pick their parents, would a little blastocyst or embryo pick this couple? I’m thinking no. Aged parents, life in the spotlight, violent surroundings, very very VERY spoiled older half-sister, drama unending…at least the kid will probably, if he gets mom’s face, be good looking. But that might not be a blessing either.

Susanne on

Just lovely! The two of them Seem sooo happy!!

Soma on

To each his own! I wish them all the best! I am 42 and just found out I am pregnant with my first. No fertility treatments or anything…happened the good old fashione way!

Anonymous on

Didn’t she learn the first time about having a baby with someone outside a stable relationship and the drama it brings? Good luck. Hope she and Olivier stick it out, or, at the very least, an amicable split and no custody issues.

tracy on

To whoever says donor eggs please , my grandmother had her last kid at 47yrs old, black women tend to be very very fertile at later ages.

Brooke on

Good Luckm Olivier….hope she doesn’t accuse you of touching your son inappropriately too.

Bethanie F on

Wow congratulations

tracy on

You can freeze your eggs these days, Halle likely froze them younger and is thawing them out now.

Jessica on

Not sure if I feel hopeful or angry. I’m 37 and just was told my eggs are too old and ill need a donor egg. Humm. I wonder if she used a donor or just has genetically good eggs.

Tennis on

@jessica-no they ate not! I had my first at 37.5 years old and my second one 14 mths later! You are fine!

Anonymous on

They make me puke

Anonymous on

Didn’t she learn the first time about having a baby outside a stable relationship and the drama it brings? Hope she and Olivier can stick it out or, at the very least, have an amicable split with no custody issues.

Anonymous on

“As the World Turns” … Can’t be attributed to the ” Young and the Restless”

Yvonne on

It’ll be a miracle if she doesn’t do to him what she did to the last guy. She really does act like the world revolves around her wishes, which I suppose is the result of fame and fortune. If she doesn’t get her way over EVERYTHING she has a total psycho tantrum and drags the other guy into court like she’s lord and master over both him and Nahla. She’s made his life a living hell by all accounts, and doesn’t seem to think Nahla should be able to see her own Daddy. She uses her like a tool to punish him for everything from where he lives to whom he dates. It’s disgusting when women use children to push their ex around for their own selfish amusement.

tracy on

My granmother had her last child at 47yrs old

Shirley on

Supposedly she’s only 12 wks., so how do they know it’s a boy? Too early for amniocentesis & ultrasound to determine gender.

tracy on

To the women whose doctors told them 40 was to old for a child get another doctor fast. There are many 40 yr olds with very healthy eggs.

Annie on

Don’t like him, but I guess I don’t have to

Tennis on

Even my OB-GYN said that even at my age, 43 you can run into a lot of complications-that said, here’s hoping Halle has none and has a precious baby!

Saywhat on

Why are some people up in arms about Halle being pregnant at this age. Look at Alec Baldwin, he’s going to be a dad again at 55. No one talks about the men.

canuck on

I’m happy for them but I don’t like how her rep said it happened naturally.

spc on

His new Dad gift should be veneers….

markd on

Is this guy a billionaire or something? ’cause he certainly is not good looking like the last one she had; most of the models and actresses only choose really good looking men to have a baby with all because of good genes and they want their kids to be good looking. Feel sorry for this guy!

Melissa on

Shirley haven’t you heard of CVS? Determines it by chromosome and women of advanced maternal age have it done about 10 weeks.

markd on

This guy is so ugly! Can’t see what she sees in him.

Lauren on

Not happy news at all. Olivier has anger problems and Halle is certifiably insane. IF she’s able to carry this child to term (and that’s a BIG if), this child is in for a very sad life.

Shame on you, Halle.

tracy on

People do not realize Black women do not have as many health and fertility issues, they tend to be the most ferile of all.

Nancy on

Does this woman EVER learn? OMG………..

Lisa on

My grandmother delivered her last child right before her 46th birthday, and yes, it was a “change of life” baby because she never had any periods after the delivery. It is possible to be 46, have a pregnancy, and then go through menopause all in the same time frame.

Nicole on

And two years from now, the baby daddy drama will start with this guy.

sookie on

Too old for a baby. Not fair to the kid.

Kate on

I also wonder if she used donor eggs. Yes pregnancy at this age with own eggs is possibe but highly unlikely. Even with IVF. Not a fan of Halle but Oliver seems ok.

tb on

omg she must have borded the crazy train. We are the same age… I have 3 grandbabies. She may look good but her eggs are still 46 years old. Unless they used a donor. Too risky. Hope is all works out.

Watcher on

I really worry about the child. They really up the odds of problems because of their ages. Not good track records. Of course they (she) have(s) enough money that the child will be cared for by hired help. But please… why do these people insist upon procreating?

Runnergirl on

Why can’t celebrities be honest and say they used IVF or donor eggs. What a disservice these celebs give to the millions that suffer infertility.

krtmom on

She;s a little old to be pregnant. Plus it’s not exactly a good example to her child that she not only had her out of wedlock but is now having another one. Not to mention the fact that Halle can’t seem to stay married or in a relationship for very long. Not a stable environment for children!!!

Anonymous on

I think it would be a great thing for infertility if celebs this age would promote the use of donor eggs. It is a very viable option for a woman and a very affordable one. Many great clinics around the US provide this as a service.

Maxi on

?? SO her infertility issues just went away? Not likely but if she wants people to think she did it naturally hmmm OK.

happy on

Angela…it’s NOT ABOUT YOU HONEY!! It’s selfish almost when you are this old….I know, I am the product of this myself. Who wants their parents possibly dead when they are still young?????

MzScorpioX on

Poor Olivier

Karen on

She’s proven herself to be a horrible mother. She was (possibly still is) under court ordered counseling for her and Nahla. That is not a stable situation. I’m so sad for this poor child.

jones on

A baby is a blessing, but with her all I really see in the future is another ugly custody battle since her relationships never work out and he seems to have anger issues.

kira on

the fact they had to say it was natural makes me question…i hope the baby is healthy – she’s much older than i thought she was.

veggiemama on

Everybody is so negative, as if they all know this woman! I mean, we only know what reporters say and we haven’t walked in her shoes. So, come on! She;s gorgeous, a young 46 and has already had a lovely healthy little girl. She takes good care of herself and hasn’t botched up her face with plastic surgery. She must be doing something right. Good luck to ya, Halle. Hope this guy’s the one. Always felt Gabriel was in it for fame and fortune. Hope this one’s better.

Reesca on

How long before Oliver and Gabriel are keeping each other company? This woman is vile and it won’t be long before she chews him up and spits him out like the others. The ones who are truly going to suffer are her children.

veggiemama on

Hello! Everybody is so negative, as if they all know this woman! I mean, we only know what reporters say and we haven’t walked in her shoes. So, come on! She;s gorgeous, a young 46 and has already had a lovely healthy little girl. She takes good care of herself and hasn’t botched up her face with plastic surgery. She must be doing something right. Good luck to ya, Halle. Hope this guy’s the one. Always felt Gabriel was in it for fame and fortune. Hope this one’s better.

RR on

Nicole, my Granny had twins at 48 and my Mom at 50. They were all very health people. Long before the age of donor eggs.

Just My Opinion on

WOW, some of these comments are from folks that truly have too much time in there hands. Wondering if she used donor eggs or not. Seriously?

Lotus on

Awwwww! Congrats to them. Best wishes for a healthy baby and mommy.

Susan on

Wow…46 and pregnant plus she is a diabetic. I wish her lots of luck with this pregnancy.

tracy on

Singer Dianna Ross had her last children , two boys one right after the other at 44 and 45yrs for her billionaire husband.

Jo on

“This happened naturally”. Yes, only in Hollywood do 46 year olds get pregnant naturally.

Congrats anyway!

Guest on

She’s still a fruitcake!

Mimi on

Natural my butt, gimme a break, it’s not like she’s 26 or 36. Congrats to her and Olivier but i do believe she got fertility help to make this possible. She’s 46 for pity’s sake.

Donna on

The comments about her still being fertile at her age because she is black are ridiculous! Race has nothing to do with it, I work at a fertility clinic. These comments are just plain stupid!

nacho mamma on

let’s hope when this relationship ends, and from her history, the odds are it will, let’s hope she handles the custody issue better than with baby daddy #1.

Skeptical on

Wow what do you guys think??? Maybe now that Olivier is having a baby of his own he will stop trying to steal Gabriel little one Nahla and let him parent in peace!! Do you think she really loves him or is he just another “sperm donor”, if that is the case Halle you were do far better in the looks department with Gabriel….Martinez is one unattractive guy.

Anonymous on

Hopefully, this is her last baby, she has enough children, just stick with what you got and I love u Halle but just sit back and enjoy life and plus u only live once (Yolo)!!!

jenni on

I’m happy for them congrats

Crystal on

This is BIG news!!! Congrats!

@Everyone who is saying she is too old- She looks fantastic for her age. Obviously mother nature didn’t think she was too old or she wouldn’t of been able to conceive naturally. I’m happy for her. I remember her on Oprah saying she and Gabriel practiced “all the time” to give Nahla a big sister to no avail. Maybe Olivier is just whom she is supposed to have a baby with?!?!?!?!? Anyway, the baby will be really cute and they both look so happy. That’s all that matters. on

Oh Halle is so gorgeous she should have more babies! Nahla is so beautiful. Congrats!

Lishap on

I have always liked Hally, but there’s something about this guy that I really really don’t like!

I hope everything goes well.

Nicole on

Congrats to them. I hope they stay together though. If not, he’s in for quite a custody battle with this woman.

sara on

OLD?? At 46 she is old? Seriously? She is healthy, in shape and can afford health care…there is no reasons why she should not have a perfectly healthy baby. Geez people….and we all wonder why women have plastic surgery and try to look young….

searcher4ever on

Hmmm wonder if this is a Beyonce pregnancy? Boom! Three months later you’ve delievered!

Julie on

So what she’s older, but in excellent health and more than able to ensure she has the best care. There are 20 year olds that are pregnant and their health/habits are so much more risky. She’s not the first Mom to be a parent in later years and given her struggles to be pregnant she will take care of herself and her baby.

Leslee on

So many conflicting comments.

At any rate, it’s a baby and so many are born every day, I doubt this one will be any worse off than most others born. This child will have a lot of advantages to start in life with and will hopefully make it work for “him.”

Ladies, don’t over or underestimate the power of the ovaries. Women can and do have babies well into their 40s all the time, don’t count on it and wait until the last minute to find out. though and don’t assume you don’t need birth control because you are “too old.” You really don’t want to be “too old” and in maternity clothes 😉

Lily on

Evidently, children can be born from a 46 year old woman. My grandmother had seven children and stopped when she could not have them anymore. My aunts did too. These ladies, carrying children well into their forties, had the advantage to live in a time when age was not discussed in public. Older moms are nothing new. What is new is the obsession with youth, when there is much to value in middle and senior ages. God bless you all, specially all expectant mothers.

Bridget on

I’m only a month older than Halle Berry and I have three grandchildren! I couldn’t imagine having a baby at 46 but more power to her if that’s what she wants! I have a hard time believing it was “natural” though!

Lina on

How can someone so beautiful and successful be so stupid?

just me or... on

Easy Lina. She’s human.

PhoenixMom3 on

He is such a hot head, and I’m sure it will rear it’s ugly head when she decides he’s yesterdays news…it’s sad that she alienates the father of her daughter…children need both parents and if they’re both willing to love and be there for her then wtf is Halle doing? I would never turn my children’s father away from them, only in extreme cases…her new one is the one who seems violent and angry!

lucasmom on

Congrats to them. I’m sure Halle is very happy. I hope this marriage lasts and Nahla and her son have a stable home in which to grow up.

sarah on

Congrats to the happy couple! It’s their choice, their life! Stop the mean comments!

Halley on

The fact that her agent, or spokesperson, or whoever, goes out of his way to say it was a natural pregnancy, makes me suspect it was not. I cannot imagine being 50 with a 3-4 year old child, but I dont have her money/body/ access to help. The idea of a diabetic pregnancy at 46 is pretty scary, but I certainly wish her well, and wish her a happy baby.

Anonymous on

Why are so many writing negative comments? If you can not say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. These are people with feelings. How would you feel if someone talked about you the way you are talking about Halle.

k on

My mom had me at 44 and I kept her young and young at heart. As long as a person is healthy, and has great medical care she has just as great chances for a healthy baby. Which she appears to take great care of herself. Congrats to them.

Tlc on

And when she tires of Oliver, he will be out just like Gabriel was after she got Nahla from him. Shemakes me sick.

Kara on

Wow, some of you should just keep your nasty opinions to yourself. when did 46 become old? What rude bitches we have on here.
And Nicole, No people can get pregnant naturally at the age, you should look up how old the oldest pregnant woman was, about at least 40 more then Halle’s age.
Joan, Are you a doctor? doubt it. She could of went to her doctor. Being her age doesn’t automatically mean it’s a risk.

Catca on

My goodness ladies.

Way to be supportive of other women. I can’t believe all the nasty comments here. A word of advice, women are capable of getting pregnant past the age of 40, even at age 46. There are increased medical risks, but that’s like a 5% chance of down syndrome rather than less than 1%, etc. There is still a 95% chance of a perfectly healthy baby. They know the sex already which means she received an amnio and is obviously monitoring her health and the healthy of her baby closely. It’s also nice that her daughter will have a lil brother. Congrats to Halle, Olivier and Nahla!

NickyAngel on

Once the relationship goes goes sour after she’s had the baby of course…she won’t want him to see the child…just like with Gabriel

Lyoness on

Congratulations!! I bet that was serious surprise!! I really don’t get all the negativity and anger. It’s disgusting. And the accusations about fertility clinics and drugs… laughable. FYI: Not everyone over the age of 40 need fertility treatments, sometimes things just happen. My grandmother had her last baby at 45. My aunt had her last at 46. Maybe Halle thought she thought she was going through “The Change” I HIGHLY doubt that this baby was planned. Say what you want about Halle Berry but she’s always been serious about taking care of her health. I doubt she would endanger her health/life and risk Nahla not having her mother around when she’s closing in on 50 and a diabetic. No fertility doctor worth their salt would take on a potential patient like that. Kind thoughts and blessings for a safe and healthy pregnancy go out to you Ms. Berry and Mr. Martinez!!

Sophia on

I’ve done research on age and pregnancy and according to research it’s unlikely she used her own eggs. For it to happen naturally would be less then 0.1 %. You can carry a baby at any age but your eggs get old and it’s nearly impossible to get pregnant with your own eggs. They say that celebrities give women a false impression that they can get pregnant naturally at any age. I would guess almost all celebrities getting pregnant in there mid-forties are using donor eggs.

Ivixen on

Poor guy is stuck with her forever now. She doesn’t have the best track record.

Tlc on

I am tired of Hollywood couples glamourizing pregnancy outside marriage. It’s very irresponsible. Not to mention Javier is jerk and Halle’s daughter is scared of him. **sigh**

kisha on

I am sure that all of the negative comments are out of pure jealousy,although Halle is mixed she looks mostly black,which makes most white women jealous that she can have the pick of your litter.

Marilyn on

Wow – so the angy MCP has staked his claim on her. He’s “proven” his masculinity over Aubry. Big man. She deserves him. Good luck and God bless to those kids being forced to live with this pig and have her as a controlling mother. Maybe now that cow will let Nahla’s father have some time with his daughter.

Fallon on

U guys need to stop hating and just wish them happiness and luck.. She is a very respectful actress who hasn’t brought any drama in acting career wise..

Sunnie on


myladyeve on


Cappy84 on

He’s a crazy, she’s nuts too, guess they are a perfect match. A year or two from now we’ll read about Halle crying and saying he was abusive and she fears for her kid’s life while she fights to keep the father from his kid (like she did w/ Gabriel)

dancer92136 on

Good for her. I think it will be a good thing for her daughter too. Age is only a number, and I have a friend that got pregnant at 47. At first she was upset, but now she is one happy lady.

Anonymous on

Naturally my foot but congrats just the same.

Olga on

After she has the baby by another white guy, she’ll leave him too. I feel sorry for him.

sammy s on

Great, another ploy to get their way and move to France, now that they will have a biological child together Halle will try and fight Aubry again in court to get Nahla to move with them to France, these people are a piece of work.

Vic on

Thats gonna be one good looking kid! Bless them

donna on

Congrats to Halle and her family…i love her and wish her all the best…so many haters who have only negative comments about Halle, where were all those negative comments and haters when Kim Kar”trash”ian announced her pregnancy with Kanye West and still married to another man?….

LMS on

All of you negative people who post such nasty things based upon two people you’ve never met and only read about in tabloids! Calling her ‘to old to be pregnant’ and crap – WHAT do you care? It’s not like her pregnancy affects YOU nor her behavior (which you don’t know first hand about) nor what goes on in her life (which none of you know first hand about) nor what kind of mother she is (again, which you don’t know first hand). So wish her well or keep your mouths shut instead of talking trash about a couple you honestly don’t know in person.

Nikki on

wow! so many experts here! Sounds like you know them too!

You are so lame people!

Congrats Halle and Olivier!

sandy on

on no…

Tatiana on

To the woman who said that black women over 40 don’t need donor eggs or fertility treatments because it happens naturally. is full of crap. i’m a 43 year old black woman trying to conceive with my hubby and the only way we can conceive at this point is with donor eggs and feritlity treatments. She either froze her eggs, and is using a thawed embryo from the lot of eggs she used to conceive her first baby at age 41, or used donor eggs. Please!

happy on

To be born a PAWN in her game. Poor kid…I already feel sorry for him.

KO on

If you listen hard you can hear Michelle Duggar screaming all the way in Arkansas. . .

gracie on

I have done considerable research on pregnancy. A woman’s eggs begin to decline in viability staring at the age of 35. The older the egg, the less chance it will become fertilized. Also, there is a very great risk of older eggs producing children with birth defects. The fact the representaive made it a point of stating that the pregnancy “happened naturally” makes it suspect . I wish her well…she is a Type 1 diabetic …this is a very high risk pregnancy for sure.

Kelley on

I just can’t be happy for them. They’re bringing a child into a volatile environment. Halle is a nutjob & Oliver isn’t much better…….remember the Thanksgiving incident?

Also, she’s 46! very risky to have a baby at this age. Oliver is 47 and yes, the father’s age matters too! Sperm quality goes down and has the same risks as a woman’s eggs.

Anonymous on

Engaged for over a year….does anyone ever get married before they have a baby???

Rachel Kettler on

Congratulations to the two of you. And Nahla to be a big sis. All the best of luck and lots of loves.

Seriously on

There’s a lot of PWT on this site to think that 46 is automatically ‘grandmother’ territory. Get a grip, people! Not everyone pops out kids at 19! And for all the ‘unwise’ comments, good grief! Less women have children later in life so the risk of birth defects with advanced mother age seems inflated because of it. The average age of a woman to have a child with Down’s Syndrome is 28. Do some research and quit being so judgmental.

Best of luck for a healthy, happy baby.

Tatiana on

PS: To the idiots who say having a baby over 40 is gross, go kill yourselves. Not everyone is ready in their 20s to have a baby. I decided to go to college and obtain my degrees and have a career. I met my future hubby later in life. We bought a house first, enjoyed ourselves, traveled, and then decided to conceive. Alot of teens and 20 somethings are having babies out of wedlock with no education, or money to buy a decent home and they make their own mothers grandmothers in their 30s and 40s, which to me is ridiculous. These young mothers most of the time can’t even take care of their children and rely on their parents anyway. I have more to offer a child at age 43 then I ever did at age 23. Please!

Guest on

Amen Tatiana!!! Finally, a voice of reason!!

kristy on

WOW! I am shocked, Congrats to them. She’s 46.

HereWeGoYetAgain on

Oh Olivier, you stupid fool. How long before she accuses YOU of abuse? After the nonsense she put her poor daughter through and tried to have her taken away from her father (unsuccessfully, thank God) she doesn’t deserve another child to screw up. You’re an awful person, Halle Berry. I hope and pray your son turns out NOTHING like you.

jillianblackburn on

What a great surprise for little Nahla!

Anonymous on

Cant wait til she gets pissed at him and tries to move out of the country with their child!

Carol on

Halley Berry goes from one mate to another, what is wrong with this woman???

Annie on

Let’s celebrate another illegimate child – guess that’s okay in Hollywood!

Casey F. on

Agree with Nicole, this must be donor eggs. She is doing a terrible disservice to women by leading them to believe that a 46 year old woman can “naturally” get pregnant. Ask ANY infertility doctor, the odds of this occurring at her age are close to impossible.

Alicia on

Oh my God. I’m so sick of hearing people go on and on about how so-and-so is too old to have a baby. You haters make me want to scream. At any rate: congratulations, Halle! I’m sure this baby will be as gorgeous as Nahla.

lisaisalefty on

My dad’s mom was 46 when she had him, and everything was fine during the pregnancy. Dad is A-okay. It is very possible to have a natural pregnancy and healthy baby when a woman is in her forties. Congratulations to them. I wish them health and happiness.

Anonymous on

Oh yeah, she’s happy now but in a year or so she will tire of Olivier and accuse him of battery and will be fighting for custody. He will come to know what Gabriel went through and realize she IS a crazy b–ch!.

Cheryl on

A child is a gift from god. And for those who think she’s to old should research history. It might surpise them that before birth control women gave birth up to entering the change of life. Be happy for others and happiness will come to you too. I’ve meet Halle and she is a sweet person. I wish Halle and Olivier the best just like I would for anyone who’s blessed to have a child. I don’t believe in judging people for what they want in “their” life. Remember it’s not your life so why be so mean and judgmental.

Jo on

Congrats to them!!!

Rosie on

She got what she wanted. I give it a year before she kicks him to the curve.

Steff on

REALLY? There are so many things WRONG with this.. who has a baby at 46! Who has a baby with a violent man! oh, right, Halle does.

shanice on

Halle will ruin his life just like she did Gabriel’s. I think this baby is just a way to trap Oliver just like she did Gabriel. I can’t stand Halle for all the psychological damage she has done to her daughter, as well as destroying a relationship with Nahla’s REAL father.

Julesy on

I can’t believe she is having a baby at age 46 especially since she is a diabetic. Wishing her a healthy pregnancy and the couple all the luck (I think they will need it).

Jazz on

Congratulations to the Martinez family.

Juliet on

Could he please buy some veneers!

Windy on

Ugh, I should kick myself for reading this article.

sherquetta on


Lisa on

The rep says that they are expecting a child,he doesn’t say she is pregnant,there is a difference.

Sabrina on

I wonder how long it will be until she tries to get rid of Olivier & keep the baby for herself like she’s tried to do with Nahla?

mamanas on

Congrads. They are not too. I’m a little suspicious of the ‘natural’ but if she used donor eggs she would have probably used a younger donor whith lowers the risk of the child. As a 46 year old who had two naturals at 41 and 42, at 46 the percentage of naturals is Extremely low.The need to explain how she got pregnant is not the way yo explain the reality’s of women who are older trying yo have a baby.

stephfl on

Trust me, at her age, my guess is she used donor eggs – the chances of getting pregnant with your own eggs past the age of 40 is about 5% (my close friend is a Ob/Gyn), and even lower with her history of diabetes. Of course, she can (and probably will) have an uneventful pregnancy, and more power to her for being a mom in her late 40s. I just wish that these celeb parents who give birth after their 40s (Nancy Wilson of Heart and Kelly Preston) would fess up about it and not let late-in-life moms think that “I can do this too, this is just nature taking its course.” If you needed help, just say so.

Bella on

She comes across as a real b****h . She seems so demanding. I don’t think she treated her ex (the little girls father) with much respect or consideration. And this new guy clearly has anger issues. IMO she thinks she’s so much better than everyone

Anonymous on

Donor eggs….Nicole…you are clueless. At woman can get pregnant without donor eggs at 46.

Anonymous on

The baby will be gorgeous

Stacey on

Hasn’t she learned anything from having her other child without being married? I guess she is so beautiful because she is SO stupid!

Anonymous on

very happy for you Halle..

Camille on

Get a life…they don’t care what we think

dsfg on

It’s possible to get pregnant with donor eggs, and someone like Halle who is in good shape and was able to have a child at 41 is probably more likely to get pregnant again at 46. I’ve known many non-rich, non-celebrities who have done the same.

BlueSkidoo on

Wow people are horribly uninformed about women’s age and fertility. I’m kind of blown away at the “facts” given in this thread.

MistressJ on

Congrats to them both… Pray that the pregnancy goes on with a hitch.. People are mean and spiteful… It’s their choice and we don’t have a say in any of this.. Besides they can afford to have this child.. Even though she is an older woman she still be hotter then all you naysayers!!

meghan on

Rachel, are you nuts? Peaceful? He tried to beat up a photographer just last week! He’s a thug and she’s a nutcase.

Rachael on

46 and pregnant? No thanks, but I wish them well!

Danielle White on

Congratulations to their family!

dsfg on

“The fact the representaive made it a point of stating that the pregnancy “happened naturally” makes it suspect .”

A representative did NOT state this, an unnamed source did.

dsfg on

“Hasn’t she learned anything from having her other child without being married?”

She’s probably learned she loves her child more than anyone else in the world and wants another one.

Stacy on

Very selfish of them!!!!!!

Shauna on

first, i don’t care if she’s 26 or 46 having a baby, if you can that’s great but at 46 you don’t “accidently” get pregnant, so obviously they were trying second why in the heck would she want to bring a baby into such an angry family, he has shown on more then one occasion that he has a temper problem. They probably are going to use this baby to try again to move to France. MORONS

Tyme on

Good luck to them. If they break up, Halle won’t want to share custody.

sat on

Congrats! Wishing them a wonderful journey!!!

jv on

A woman’s eggs are very poor after 40. Forty six is certainly too old for eggs of her own. Ok,, it’s an egg donor baby! Blood doesn’t matter, Hallie is growing him,it and raising this little guy. DNA has nothing to do with a parent’s love for the infant! does not always mean love! I wish her well, and hope she marries a man who really loves her this time.

Nicole on

The chances of getting pregnant with one’s own age past 45 are less than 1%…Who’s clueless now?

fanofboardwalkempire on

congratualtions to the happy family!

jf on

another out of wedlock kid for her..oh well thats the norm nowadays –

Bj on

Monica Bellucci also got pregnant when she was 45-46. That`s not a big deal. Also in an interview Monica told that her grandmother had a child at 47. I wish Halle and Olivier one healthy and happy baby. Some of the comments are stupid. Is anybody here who leave a comment ever lived with Halle and Gabriel so he or she is so sure that she is to blame for the problems? Or maybe someone is living with Halle and Olivier and knows from the inside that he has anger issues. I doubt that. So mind your own business and just don`t leave a comment when you don`t have something constructive to say.

News Lady on

Wow a lot of hate on this page. Although they aren’t married they are blessed to be expecting. Best wishes and happy pregnancy.

john on

She’s fake as a $3 bill and who knows how she got pregnant …I”m sure it was not Natural. She lies, she uses men over and over again and then she wonders why they leave or abuse her? Her Beauty is only on the surface….not skin deep. How she treated Gabriel Aubry was despicable and truly she is NOT a star…what does she do reallY????

AJ on

I am happy for them, but I think in light of this new development, it would be in everyone’s best interest to work out the issues between the adults because after all, there is a 5 year old already in the house who is now going to have a half sister or brother. You all need to get along for the sake of these kids.!

negative much?! on

Wow, a lot of you are VERY ignorant. People like you are the reason society is so f’d up. Gabriel Aubrey has his fair share of anger issues so don’t be so quick to judge Martinez or Berry. I know a lot of older woman in their 40’s who have had children with NO complications. So, if you don’t have children through a personal pregnancy, don’t bother commenting because you have never been in her shoes. She is a grown woman, she knows how babies are made. Good for her and Oliver for starting this new chapter in their life. As for conceiving out of “wedlock”, get a life, this IS the same country that’s fighting for gay marriage, THAT’S what we should be worried about. Ew.

HT on

Halle is on her way to making Nahla as emotionally unstable as she is! Encouraging her kid to pray to God that her unmarried fornicating mother has a kid?? WTF?? If Halle wants to pop out another kid without marriage, fine, but don’t bring prayers to God into it. I love when parents give mixed messages to their kids and wonder why they’re emotional cripples and can’t cope when they become adults.

Amber on

Great point HT!

Justice on

Why all the hate? Why on earth do you care if Halle has a baby or not? What business is it of yours? You do not know her. Are you enraged about every single celebrity who has a child unmarried over forty? Or just women who do? Or just women of color? Guess what. It is not gross to have children after forty. It happens all the time, naturally, and while people are saying what a statistical anomaly it allegedly is, why do we all know someone this happened to before fertility treatments? In many parts of the country it is NOT normal to be a grandmother at 46, the average age of first birth in the most educated states and wealthiest nations tends to be at least late twenties if not closer to 30.

marn on

that is going to be one cute baby. i am very happy for them.

Kate on

Wow, naturally preggo at 46? Good for her, but defidently NOT for me.

Ran on

Downer eggs have you seen this woman she is in great shape my sister had her first at 47 it can happen

Macrina on

Yes, I am sure it was naturally, she’ll get a kid and then ditch him.

Macrina on

Kelly Preston was 48 when she had her son Benjamin.

LolaL on

I feel sad for all of you haters out there! Any child is a blessing and I pray the happy couple do not pay any attention to the crap people write about them! I wish them only the best and a safe, happy and healthy pregnancy!

I don’t know him personally so I have no opinion either way; however, I am a celebrity event planner and have personally worked with Ms. Berry multiple times for varying movie premieres, product launches, personal events, etc., and I can tell you that she is one of the most down to earth, lovely women I have ever had the pleasure to meet! Just because some gossip rag prints a story does not make it true! How many times has Bill Cosby, Jim Carrey and others been “found dead”? Yet they are still amongst the living! You can’t believe every single printed word out there, people!!! Live your own life… don’t get trapped in the dogma.

Again, congrats to the happy couple! Many blessings for a happy, healthy child!!!

marie on


haven on

Congrats to them. Hope baby and mom is healthy. A baby is a gift .

Carolyn on

And who will be the next baby daddy???

Hesla on

Wow. Watch in a couple of years she will be accusing him of all kinds of heinous things he has done to her….

paula on

Another article says that she’s 3 months along, knows that it’s a boy and that it happened “naturally”. How could you know it’s a boy at 3 months, unless it was ivf?

Bridget on

All of this “donor egg” talk is so funny! With today’s technology I’m sure they could have siphoned out a viable egg from her…I was thinking in vitro!

Anonymous on

A baby is blessing — I’m sure their families see that way too. All the best Mr. and Mrs. Martinez!!!!

mellow on

people in this country got some serious issues just can’t wait to tear other people down. do anybody know this women personally to be trashing her or even lived with her to know what is going on really in her life. that is the problem with the internet and social media and magazines people read stories and thing they know people. people have no shame tear pregnant women down it doesn’t matter it just gets annoying and worse every year.

dee on

Now she will have different races in her kids italian hispanic white and black lol

Zumba on

OH, she’s having a baby for her kid. Then it will be Mom and her two kids and a new man of the month raising the kids for a year or so. HMMM kids raised by their Mom’s boyfriends – what a charming life for a drama queen.

mamainstyle on

YAY! Congratulations. Another beautiful baby for Ms. Berry. Lucky for her she’s feeling well during her second. I’m in my second pregnancy and much more tired and sick than with my first…then again, running after a VERY busy 2.5 yr old boy doesnt help matters. lol

Heidi Quayle on

Wow, that is the second time over forty! Certainly defies the odds. That said, she takes AMAZING care of herself so I doubt she looks like the average 46 year old woman on the inside 🙂

I don’t think it’s donor eggs but its more than likely that she did have a little help with IVF. France, where she has spent alot of time, is on the cutting edge with fertility medicine and they have the money to afford it.

Liz on

Naturally? At 46? I think not!

Mimi on

Great…more drama.

Yolee on

Congrats to them both there r 2 many haters out there actin lik they know these 2 all we c iz the media hype an we know how it can b exagerated

Lailah on

Love Halle…but I think she’s to old medically to have a baby..high high risk. I wish her the best for a healthy baby.
But that fiance of hers..I don’t know about him.

Julie on

Oh boy! I have nothing against the age. My last few children were born in my 40s. This situation just does not seem like a good and stable one to bring a child into.

I guess at least Nahla will have someone to commiserate with.

pamela on

She is a mess too! They will be broken up right after the baby comes, then here comes the fighting over the baby! I always say no matter who you are linked up to, you are still a part of the equation. Stop using other people to fix what is wrong with you as a person. She does the same things all the time, gets a guy, breaks up with the guy, then gets another guy, giving herself no time to heal or to really figure out what she wants in a partner..

JSS on

Some of you are just nasty rude and bitter in general. The comments about her being too old, gross, can’t be her eggs, blah blah blah… is such S**T!! Women do get pregnant naturally without medical intervention in their 40’s but really who the heck cares how she did it??? It’s awesome news! To all of us over 40 and trying to conceive we love it! Bring it on! Most of us are much better off than we were in our teens and 20’s not to mention smarter and with more patience! …and by the way babies are being born to us over 40’s all the time and everywhere! NO we are all not grandmas in our 40’s! Some of us were studying, working, traveling, growing up and experiencing life -not having babies yet. To each his own but no reason to hate! BTW my Dr doesn’t think I’m too old or bombard me with negative doom and gloom! I also agree with the person who said why isn’t anyone slamming on the older dads out there??? Maybe because woman are so quick to slam on each other instead of support each other. Sad world. Blessings Halle!

Angelica on

Why do some people think Olivier is violent? Do you know him personally? I think he’s justified in fighting off the paparazzi and protecting his woman. My husband would do the same. As far as the fight between him and Gabriel, we weren’t there.

maryhelenc on

Normally I pride myself on not being negative, but after the horrible way this woman treats her child and her child’s father, I can’t see any positives here. This man has anger issues and beat the effing crap out of Gabriel earlier on this year. The judge in the custody case has questioned Ms. Berry’s emotional state for a long time, her jumping from husband to husband and her lack of repsect for Gabriel Aubry’s relationship with their daughter.

Sadly, I can see Halle favouring her new baby with her new man and Nahla ending up out in the cold. Fortunately, she spends more time with her dad anyway.

Kresta on

I have a friend who conceived her 4th daughter naturally at the age of 49. This was after she’d had a tubal ligation, too. It is possible that Halle conceived naturally. It’s a big risk but I am sure she has her diabetes well-controlled.

Katie on

KO- Michelle Duggar screaming from Kansas!! HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA

Boston on

It’s a shame everyone has to be so negative. Another beautiful baby on the way is exciting news. Congratulations to them!

Really on

It’s not her age that should be a concern, it’s her mental state. In a couple of years, this relationship will have run its course, and then the stories about how Olivier was abusive to her will start filtering out of her camp. She’s been saying/doing the same old song and dance for years. I feel sorry for Nahla and for this new child having her for a mother.

SF on

HATERS. Amazing how many people take time out of their day to judge and speak about people they THINK they know all about because it was on TV and in magazines. Let these people live their lives – I’m sure if you had cameras and “sources” who are so-called friends spying on you and getting paid to talk to the media it wouldn’t be all rosy reports. Also, last time I checked it was a personal decision to have a baby. You don’t have to take care of her OR her baby even if there are complications. Get a life!!!

Congratulations and best wishes to Halle, Olivier & Nahla.

Anonymous on

how wonderful for them, congratulations

Julie C on

Wonder how soon she will get rid of him after the new baby is born…. It seems right around 2-3 years those seeking sperm donators drop big daddy…I will be watching….

jamie on

wow I’m the same age and all mine three are in their 20’s and moved out! I’m waiting for grandbabies 🙂

Kat on

I’m so happy the little girls’ prayers were answered. I wish M/s Berry a healthy, happy pregnancy.

Amy on

I agree I would not want to have a baby at 46 (had one at 41), but come on, it’s not that old. Leave her alone.

Larry on

Next baby will be called SIMBA

Anonymous on

*sigh*…his love scene in Unfaithful was the epitome of vicarious living through the screen. Get it Halle! He woke them eggs uppppp! And that baby will be beautiful/loved and fiercely protected! Ain’t mad at ya! =D

Carol Adams on

They both have a lot of problems, Halle is way too old to have a baby, she is unstable…& has had too many men in her life & I can’t stand her, she is def. in love with herself, sick of her completley, don’t think she can act either….just my opinion.

Anonymous on

The aura that surrounds Ms. Berry is not a good one. She is responsible for the negative public perception of her. As a comparison, Jennifer Garner emits a very positive, loving vibe. Why is that? I guess it’s all in how you project yourself – and how you conduct your life. Fighting incessantly with your child’s father is one example…

photographsprovedyfsfraudinnewjersey on

and mid forties is NOT yet fifty at all lmfao
and her being a Gorgeous.Beautiful Exotic Sexy,RICH MEGA- $ woman,is incredibly great,with her new bundle of joy i pray a girl as GORGEOUS beautiful as nahla,for her future hubby i love him in UNFAITHFUL,and i m happy for both! she is still a young lady,and forties is not near fifty,if your reverse it she is also between her mid 30’s! and look it imo.and i wish her best of luck,Age is just a # and halle is proof so if your hatin on her sayin oh she too OLD,and a has been,your just jealous that is clear,and i love this so much.

Brenda on

Hallie has enough money, if she wants a baby at 60 she can handle it. Congrats !!!!!!!

Julianna on

A child is always a blessing. Congratulations, Halle and Olivier.

Gossipgal on

Does he not see the pattern here? She gets pregnant and gives birth then dumps the donor. He should be taking notes from Gabriel, not fighting him!

taradawes on

the whole age issue isn’t what bugs me out about this pregnancy announcement – it’s the fact that she is a proven manipulative *itch and his violent temper tantrums aren’t something anyone should want around themselves much less a child.

gyl on

Great that she is expanding her family, but I truly do not believe that it happened naturally.

Sunny on

She has tons of money to hire people to take care of her older child while she rests up to have this baby. Then when the baby is born she can have round the clock nannies to take care of it. So, her age won’t be a negative factor as far as her energy is concerned because she will have plenty of help.

Lilah on

Congratulations! Wishing the best for all!

Houx on

Sperm doner #2 days are number. Both to old to have baby.

hf2hvit on

Any man who would get involved with her after everything she has been in the news for has got to be as nuts as her. Good luck seeing your kid when she’s done with you.

Nobody deserves to be beaten, but how is it that every man she gets invloved with cheats on her and/or beats her. She is a mess and so is any man who is as dumb as the current one.

hf2hvit on

She is nuts. So is any man who deals with her. Good luck seeing your kid when she’s done with you.

gues on

You people are so cruel. Women in their 40s have been having babies since time began. Each woman is different. Halle is fit and healthy–even if she did use donor eggs, who cares? Both my sisters had babies in their 40s–all healthy. And a friend had 1 in her 50’s–all healthy.

K Anderson on

2 baby daddies with anger management issues, although God knows Oliver is the worst, and ex-husband with anger management issues, and a sex-addict ex-husband with a motherless (deceased) pre-teen daughter whom narcissistic Halle abandoned after the divorce. This baby will need A Lot of help and will still be in rehab by age 16.

K Anderson on

I have disliked halle ever since her nasty custody battle with Gabriel. I think we finally saw the real gal, and her face has hardened during that time as well. So now we have a baby that obviously required fertility treatment (guess what stars in your 40s…..we don’t buy your “surprise” pregnancies or your abnormally high % rate for multiples.) A dadgy with serious anger mangement issues, and a narcissisitc mommie from countries on different continents. Good Bless the innocents in this mess.

Jen on

don’t want to be negative when it comes to such happy news, but I just can’t feel happy for them. The way they’ve handled things with Gabriel Aubry, the fact that she’s 46 years old, the fact that I simply can’t stand her. I hope they never break up, ’cause she will be as traumatizing to Olivier and the baby as she is to Gabriel and Nahla.

Ann on

Gosh, so much hate from proper people who got married first, had kids early, still have a perfect marriage and go to church on Sundays. How can you judge not knowing all the details of the relationship between Hallie and Gabriel?! Do you know them personally? Child is on the way and the woman and her family could use well wishes.

Anne on

Why not just admit that you froze your eggs or used a donor? Yes, it’s POSSIBLE to get pgat 46, but the chances are less than 1%. Why not just admit it? It makes it seem like there is something wrong with using modern medicine, or that you should be ashamed.

martine on

This woman is 46 years old and has never been in a stable relationship. She has accused every ex of horrible things – abuse, racism, anger issues, etc. For her new baby’s sake, I hope she can maintain a civilized relationship with her current partner (who sadly seem to have serious issues of his own)…

Zing! on

Congrats but yikes – 46! Hope all goes well…for her baby,body and emotions. That award speech was a 1st grade disaster!

CestLavie on

In the not so near future, there will be a whole lotta orphan kids.

Helen on

Not necessarily donor eggs. She can still get pregnant until she goes through menopause. Plus physically she looks years younger than her age. I believe she is expecting a son so no doubt she has already been through all the tests that determine whether everything is okay. Good luck to her – I hope everything goes well. As to the rest of it, it’s her business.

Holly on

Natural?! Really wow call the world record guiness. Just admit that you used donor eggs. Nothing wrong with that.

gb on

Congratulations to Halle, Gabriel and Nahla. I had a baby at 43 (with my own eggs). Had a healthy and uneventful pregnancy. I’ve known several women with oops pregnancies in their mid 40’s (oldest was 47). It’s not common but it does happen. She probably did a CVS genetic test between 10 – 12 weeks. I did mine at 11 weeks and found out the gender of my baby then. Hope she feels good throughout just like her first pregnancy.

Nicole on

I doubt it was “natural” as the rep claims. It is almost impossible to have a baby at 46 unless she had her eggs frozen years ago or is using donor eggs.

Stacy on

Are you all slow or just in High school! My co-worker had a surprise pregnancy at 46 and she bounced back better than the 20 something’s at work. Her stomach was flat and the looked like fat pigs….Halle berry looks ten times better than most women regardless of their age…. Most young mother are fat and disgusting.. So I suppose if a older woman gets pregnant she is suppose to have an abortion….stupid ppl…News flash I work with special needs children and all their parents are young…young women don’t take care of themselves well….

Holiday on

At 46?? She is far closer to the age of a grandma than of a pregnant mom!

KrisAnn on

I use to have the utmost admiration for Halle but frankly I think she’s a bit of a nut job anymore. Not thinking this relationship is going to last either. Why do people get engaged, wait months if not years, have a child out of wedlock and then split.

Niko on

Some really mean, disgusting comments by jerks on this board. C’mon people, you may not like Halle, Olivier or both, but at least wish them well! Jeez.

Not gonna lie, I can’t help but be concerned considering Halle is 46 years old and a diabetic. Keeping my fingers crossed that she has a healthy baby because the risk of complications is astronomically high.

Michelle on

She definitely doesn’t look 46. She looks real healthy. I’m sure if you stay in shape it’s possible to have a healthy baby at 46.

judy on

instant gut reaction = this child will be at the epicenter of a whole lot of drama and unhappiness in the coming years. narcissistic parents that will use this child as a tool to re-ignite the custody case and move to france issues.

Anonymous on

Wow, so many judgmental people out there.

It must be so draining to constantly criticize and critique someone else’s life choices.

Gigi on


Jessica on

You would think she would take the risks before getting pregnant. She is 46 she should know how to not get pregnant. God blessed with Nahla at 41 she should just be grateful for her daughter. In my opinion the risks of something being wrong the baby are too high. She is risking her life and that of her baby boy. As far as Oliver is concerned maybe she will marry this one.

Marie on

They don’t owe anyone anything. I had twins older then her & I have been pregnant at 42 & 45 naturally.

kellirc on

Women have had babies naturally at older ages than this. Why do people have to always say something negative…. If it wasn’t supposed to happen it wouldn’t. I hope she has a healthy baby and I’m happy for them.

dudley doright on

she has bad taste in men…he’s a mean devil, who beat up nahlas dad…that’s something to be ashamed of. He beat up a man that makes his living on his looks. She’s having a baby with a hot-head. This relationship will have it’s troubles.

Ann on

Isn’t she a little old to be having a baby?? Probably a donated egg.

Jackie on

Oh great…another poor child born to people who will not be together two years from now. Another innocent child used as another reason for the paparazzi to follow you…ever heard of thinking about the poor little children in Hollywood?

shidley on

Wow, this was unexpected news. Good for them. I hope she has a wonderful pregnancy like the first time! She’s a fortunate lady and they seem like a happy couple. I’ll bet Nahla is delighted to be having a sibling!!

Courtney Rose on

If she was never meant to get pregnant-she wouldn’t be pregnant. She is pregnant so get over it. You miserable women spend all this time bashing women you don’t know. I’m surprised any of you are still able to take care of your perfect children and perfect husbands. I don’t know how some of you even have husbands with the filth you display.

Sara on

well said!

essie on

@kim halle is half black, half white. her being pregnant has nothing to do with her race. but apparently for you it does. the only people i know who have race issues are black people. get over it.

B.J. (the girl) on

46 ! ? ! ?

Kelly on

Illegitimate kid no 2 with a different man. Kudos.

Muppet on

Do not know why these people cant get married first! She had the last one single…how many more?

Cindy on

HOLLY CRAP, at this point, what I say is mute…TOO old to have a baby now, TOO bitchy to be another divorcee mother..YIKKES , please don’t think of pro-creating EVER waste of skin

Torgster on

Naturally my A$$! Gross. Lord I pity that poor child with psycho parents like these two.

mamanas on

FYI Gatorade those who think African Americans women are more fertile. We have a.higher rate of infertility thann white women. Fibroid tumors get us at a.higher rate. This ignorance by the powers to be has continuednto poor.funding to finding a cure rather than removing our wombs.

Kat A. on

CONGRATULAUTIONS Hallie, Olivier and little Nahla. Wishing you and your family, Great Blessings, Love, Laughter in the days, weeks, months, and years to come. Congrats again.


Isa on

Olivier Martinez is NOT violent, we don’t know what happened we were not there. Before he was with Halle he was with Kylie Minogue for years, he supported her during her breast cancer and she has only praise for him. I think he has a thing for vulnerable women and wants to protect them. You can see in all pics that he takes good care of Nahla, and on top of all he is a great actor. Please stop the hating.

suzy diamond on

Halle did it again! Suckered yet ANOTHER baby Daddy! This couple won’t last and he’ll have an anchor around his neck for the next 18yrs with a kid that she will refuse to let him see! These guys need to think with their HEAD, not the other.

Charli on

Congrats to them! It is their chocie when they want to have a baby. I wasn’t fond of the way she and Olivier handled Gabriel but I am happy that she gets another baby. I have known women who have had babies i their 40s and the babies were fine. I’m sure they checked everything before they made the announcement.

Bettie on

Naturally? Just like Jlo and Mariah…seriously? When you have money you can do anything.

Sara on

everyone is talking about how terrible this situation is & Oliver has anger issues??? first off does anyone even know why Halle left Gabriel Aubry? Oliver was in a long term relationship with Kylie Minogue, and she credits his support for getting through her cancer battle. She has said she still has the utmost respect for him. While Halle has had bad luck with previous relationships it sounds to me that this is a blessing. Good luck to them they surely can afford it!

kara on

I had twins at 40 (thanks to ivf) after 12 years of marriage. While I thank God everyday for my two perfect beautiful little girls I will say having them at an older age is not easy. I am also old fashioned and believe marriage should come first. I do wish them the best but hope that if it doesn’t work out they handle custody better than her last relationship.

Rizzy on

It’s amazing to me that Halle, a beautful woman, and yes, 46yrs old, has everyone putting their some nice and supportive comments, but for the most part, everybody seem to think its their right just because she is a celebrity, to put their two cents into her personal business!!! People should think how would they feel being judged on everything that you do with your life??? You like your privacy, I wish they would give it to Celebraties as well, after all, they are human beings like us, they get sick like us, have babies like us, get married like us, raise children like us, sleep, eat, hold conversations like us!!!! And eventually, they will die just like us!!!! Yes, do to their profession they are different from us as well, mainly do to money and fame status!!!! You should ask yourself, would you like everybody in YOUR personal business and space???? I know I wouldn’t!!!!! So, I give my congradulations to Halle, and pray all goes well during and after her pregnancy, birth, and that the baby is healthy!!!!!!

Teena on

Of course, women can get pregnant naturally at her age. But it’s definitely nothing you can really rely on. Every woman is different. I know people who had kids naturally in their 40s, but I also know desperate women, who couldn’t conceive or miscarried multiple times. I’m worried that Hollywood’s old moms give people the wrong impression that it’s a piece of cake for everyone to get pregnant that late.

Hope Halle has a great and healthy pregnancy and a healthy babe.

Carrie M on

Congrats to them but I suppose now Olivier is now stuck to this stuck-up for the rest of his natural born life!

Anonymous on

This will keep her in the lime light. She loves herself. As soon as this relationship fails ( and it will) we will have another custody battle to deal with and 2 little children with 2 different fathers will be constantly forced to choose between 2 parents.

Anonymous on

I just hope she gets a little nicer. She is a fabulous example to fitness. However, she attracts attention and then acts very snobby about people chasing her around, almost making it worse for her child. Although I am not a huge Katie Holmes fan, Katie does not act this way. Halle’s voice almost sounds angry. I hope Nahla has a chance to learn the beautiful Quebecois French of her father.

Anonymous on

She is too old to have a kid. What an idiot!

Amber on

If it were not meant for her to be pregnant, she wouldn’t be pregnant. I love it when women who had their kids out-of-wedlock at 20 (and are now miserable, broke, and manless and using their mothers as permanent baby-sitters) try to hate on women who have babies later in life. You are all just jealous.

Anonymous on

wonderful, they deserve each other. congrats…

RR on

My Granny had twins at 48 and my Mom at 50. Happens all the time, and healthy children are born.

Amy on

She has type 2 diabetes and I think she is a role model of how to take care of yourself with it.

So many people are judgmental. You live your life how you please and let her or anyone else do the same!

Cindy on

Have a healthy pregnancy, Halle, and I am happy that your little girl’s wish will come true.

Amy on

Also, have you people not heard of change of life children? Women getting pregnant around menopause. My grandma had one.

tiarza on

I don’t think she is using the best judgment here for a couple of reasons. The biggest reason is he obviously has anger management issues. While her ex Gabriel may not be an angel if you saw the pictures after the fight I think it is more then obvious what anger issues Olivier has. I don’t think it is a mistake that he beat him up so badly right after the judge ruled she couldn’t yank her kid away to another country. Also if one has juvenile diabetes then one should think about how pregnancy can really take a toll on your body and the fetus. Halle likes to place blame on her failed relationships on the men she is with. They all seem to have a common factor here: her. She seems to thrive off drama. How unfortunate for her child and child-to-be.

mamanas on

The only thing I hope is that a woman in her 40’s would be experienced enough to do her research on the decline in her fertility in her 40’s. We have been telling women to wait and focus on careers and education, but we have to remind them that it may be at a cost. As a woman in higher education I can not tell you how many women in who end up without children because they waited too late. On the other hand, those who decide to have children (women) do so at a cost. Women can’t have it all, at 100%. I didn’t want to marry just anyone and finally it happened at 41. We wanted 3 kids and the first two were easy and without help. This last one will be thanks to donor eggs.

Pearl on

Wow, how many men has she been with. I can think of 6, right off the top of my head. Would that constitute being promiscuous to the max? This person has no morals. Give it up lady…..oh I guess she already has…..numerous times. I guess it’s alright if you are part of the Hollywood community.

LolaL on

You all think you know every intimate detail regarding her past relationships and her daughter. You only know the crap that’s printed… You all do realize that gossip rags change stories to ensure high sales, don’t you? It’s a proven fact that responsible journalism is dead. Look at all of the lawsuits won by celebs affected by the libelous slander printed daily. Instead of judging her and her past, find a tiny corner of your heart that might still have some happiness left in it and send the expectant family some blessings! Our world would be a much nicer place if you all got off your high horses and stopped judging everyone else. It’s not your life! Let them live theirs with some quiet dignity and peace! No one wants your Trauma Drama attitudes! Life’s too short… find your own piece of happiness rather than attempting to destroy someone else’s! It’s quite pathetic people!

eliza on

If God didnt want women to have babies past a certain age then it wouldnt happen,,since Im 49 and STILL dropping eggs as we speak its not impossible….WHY all the HATE?
Hope they have a beautiful baby!

Terri on

Congratulations to them! So happy for them!

Teena on

Amber: So it’s ok to bash young mothers? Seriously…grow up.

BarbaraAnn on

She is a beautiful woman. Olivier used to be so handsome but he does not look at all like he used to. I wonder what happened to him. His looks like a completely different person now. Congrats to them and wonder if they will marry or not. hhmmm………..

Christia on

@all you haters who either say it must be a donor egg and bashing her relationship..u need to get a dont know her for real.Some women are very fertile far past their 40th birthday.She has the money and resources to stay healthy and carry her baby to term..Be happy for them now..who knows what will happen in any of our lives once the children come..not everyone can be Kate Middleton and live a royal in the public eye fairy tale existence..nice and polished..Some of us are human..including Halle..Aubrey..and Olivier

AKrietz on

Another baby at 46. God bless her.

lori on

Amazing! Many blessings. A true gift. 🙂


First comes love, then the baby carriage, then leaving the baby carriage daddy, then comes having the baby daddy beaten by the new love, then comes the baby carriage again, then the baby daddy beats up…halle?! OR the new “love”she has moved on to, by then!! Halle Berry has a history of erratic behavior, with her hit and runs, and crying violence about ALL OF HER EXES! You attract what YOU ARE–so expect an ERRATIC LIFE–a reflection of YOU, YES–HALLE BERRY! I definitely expect to hear news of Olivier getting violent, and you will be left with TWO INNOCENT CHILDREN, AND NO FATHERS NEARBY. SELFISH WITCH! This WILL HAPPEN!

Cathleen on

Congrats to Olivier and Halle! I’m sure Nahla is so excited!

africanprincess on

Halle Congratulations! . So happy for you. Disregard all the mean and negative comments from some idiots.

Anita on

Congrats to them! This gives me hope. I had my first at 42 and I’m 44 now. I’d love to give him a sibling and have another. The first went so smoothly. Hey, you never know what God has planned for you.

susan on

The fact she is not confirming or adding any additional details SCREAM surrogate. That is fine -just don’t lie about it…does Adrienne Maloof come to mind??!!??

Dee on

Poor child.

Awwwshucks on

Halle Berry should be ashamed of herself for excluding Nahla’s biological father from Nahla’s life. No matter how badly adults behave the children should never pay a price.

Jud on

Wonder why we are having so many children that have mental issues………women are choosing to have children too much later in life and with the old guys………their sperm is old and not so good either. She will be collecting social security when this ones graduates from high school. She would be as old as a great grandmother by then. Have kids at a younger age so you can grow and have fun with them and not have them push you in a wheel chair and watch you get dementia and other problems. That’s why God has women in child bearing years early and not at the age of a grandmother. Old fart guys shoul not be making babies either with that decrprit old sperm either. They won’t live to see their kids grow up and who wan’ts an ancient father who can’t do anything with them.

Jud on

She is too old to be having a kid, don’t care how good she looks on the outside, still old eggs inside(if they are her eggs). Raising children should be for younger women to they can grow and play with their kids. She will be collecting social security when this one graduates from high school. She will the the age of a great grand mother, she is the age of a grandmother now. We wonder why we have children with so many issues…..I am guessing old eggs and old sperm. God made us to have children at a much younger age with fresh eggs and fresh sperm. Then the parents are not around for the kids and why, because they wanted kids later in life for their own selfish reasons. Let’s see if you print this comment PEOPLE, since if seems you only print the positive side of what brain dead people want to read and not the truth.

Amber on

Jud, It must be sad to live such a jealous and miserable existence. I’m sure your life is perfect and you’re very happy.

Rose-Marie Noa on

Halle is an advocate for childhood diabetes. Doesnt she know that she is passing on that terrible disease to each of her children??? I think she is irresponsible!!!

danicat2358 on

Actually, I haven’t seen anywhere that SHE’S pregnant – just that they’re expecting…given her age (46), I suspect they have a surrogate. Just sayin’…we shall see.

africanprincess on

Some women are just evil. Yes she is 46 so what? If you have anything positive shut the f..u

J on

Kim, why bring race into it, grow up…

J on

I wonder if after the new baby comes, Halle will ditch Olivier too and then accuse him of beating her and callig her derogatory names like all of her other exes. She’s so trashy.

MollyF on

Wow, so many judgemental people. here. It’s just so sad. I’m happy for Halle. Those who judge should just keep their nasty opinions to themselves.

Nicole on

Marcia Cross admitted she used donor eggs!

Sam & Freya's Mum on

I had my 2nd and last baby at 36 (didn’t meet hubby til 29 though, can’t control these things) and can’t imagine being a decade older, 36 old for me was def old enough lol. Who’s to judge though how strongly you’d desire a 2nd child (1st for partner) and a sibling for your child though if you were in that situation. As someone else pointed out kelly preston was a little older. Too older IMO but all the best and hope it all goes well but I’d be nervous personally, sure she must be too- risky with her diabetes but that’s her choice/risk she’s taking.

lovely123 on

Jud, “Then the parents are not around for the kids”. News Flash buddy, my parents had us when they were young, and my dad left us when he was still young. Better to wait to have kids. You can sow all the oats you want when you are young. Wait and have kids. It is usually best for the kid and your partner.

Torgster on

ddavis, you must be high lol? Parker used a surrogate, Cross used donor eggs and Nixon had her kids in her early and mid-thirties so what point are you trying to make exactly?

lovely123 on

Very sad when you let your child be with your boyfriend more than the father…

Renee on

Now her creepy angry boyfriend will get a grip on his anger problem. NOT

matilda westly on

Most of these comments were written by critical, miserable, pathetic, jealous, and bitter people who obviously hate themselves. No one cares about your opinion, grow up!

Get a life and try to mind your own business!!!!

Wen on

Disgusting bullies. A baby is always a blessing but these two are horrible.

cindy on

Why is it when a woman becomes pregnant after 40 people think it is selfish or a miracle– I know medical risk are more at stake, but even some young woman have children with health problems. I remember when Kelly Preston was pregnant- some people acted like she was 65 and having a baby.

cindy harrington on

some people act like she is 65 and having a baby- woman can have babies well after 40 and I am sure she will have the best medical care.

mommyof5 on

congrats to her and oliver they willl make great parents

kate on

“Naturally’ at 46… unlikely but ok

Marie on

Or maybe she froze her own eggs previously?? I seriously doubt she conceived “naturally” at age 46 with diabetes. She certainly takes care of herself with diet and fitness …. but conceiving naturally is a bit of a stretch.

RachelB-MD on

how cute is this kid…. he looks like her

Lisa on

Congrats to her, but I really think that a “natural” conception at 46 is unlikely. NOT impossible, just unlikely. That said, there are MANY options to conceive when you’re 46. You can have your eggs frozen at a younger age and use them when you’re older. You can use your 46-year-old eggs, utilizing something called PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis), where the egg is fertilized in a petrie dish, then when the embryo is developed to the 8-cell stage, a single cell is extracted using a pipette. That cell is then tested for chromosomal and genetic abnormalities in the fetus. If the embryo is found to be free of abnormalities, it’s then transferred to the mother’s uterus at 3 or 5 days old, where hopefully it “takes”. And, yes, they can tell the sex of the embryo with PGD, so it’s quite possible she’s known the sex since just before the embryo was transferred to her uterus! There ARE options, especially for people with so much money. PGD at my ex-fertility clinic is $5,000 JUST for that procedure! Add to that the cost of the actual IVF (which may or may not work), egg retrieval and the yearly cost of egg freezing and storage, along with doctor visits, ultrasounds (both before and after conception), injectable drugs that may be needed to control hormones and ovulation and post-conception drugs!! Very little, if ANY of this is paid for by insurance (in the U.S., anyway)!! But, if they can afford it, more power to them! I wish them the best.

Nikki on

All of you people who are claiming Halle Berry is “too old” to be a mother have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. My mother conceived me naturally at 44 years old. I was unexpected but completely healthy. She is now 84 and we have a closer relationship than most mothers have with their daughters. I didn’t “lose” anything by having older parents, and I am forever grateful for the parents God gave me. Those of you casting doom and gloom about are CLUELESS.

Melli on

These two deserve each other, but I really feel sorry for any child that comes of this union!! Maybe Gabriel will get another shot at getting his little girl back…he would definitely be the better parent to her…

Truth on

I am sure it is NOT donor eggs. A lot of people have late in life babies. My great grandmother had her last child at 47 and my ex’s mom had him in her late 40’s. Congrat’s Halle! I am happy for you!

Jen on

Age? Whatever! My husband is 57 and we have a 5 and 2 yr old and he is an amazing hands on father. I know plenty of ” younger” parents that are selfish deadbeats. Who cares how old she is?

Sherry on

It is amazing how hateful some of these comments are. It is also amazing how people suddenly turn into experts or doctors when it comes to how old you can safely have a child. All you all know is what is in the media…no one on here knows this couple personally. God bless them. I pray that her pregnancy is as good as the first one. There are too many judgemental people in the world…I’m sure all of the negative posters on here are Saints…ROLLS EYES…

kay pasa on

Can’t imagine having a baby at 46. At that age I already had 5 grandchildren. Hollywood people sure are different. Hope this baby turns out ok.

Amber on

Sounds like jealousy. 46 is not as old as it was 20 years ago. People are taking care of their bodies and eating better. As long as the baby tested well, everything will be great.

Francesca on

having faith helps.. miracles happen everyday.

Just Saying on

One of the downfalls of being a celebrity is having your business put out here so the public can pick you to pieces. SMH. All 46 year old women are not at risk when pregnant. Shoot, a 13 or 14 year old is at risk but they have babies. Congrats to the couple. Hopefully everything turns out perfect. And oh, that’s Halle’s and her partner’s business. Not one to judge.

Amanda on

Babies r gifts from God!! God must have had a plan for Halle and Oliver! Congratulations to you both! 46 is NOT too old to have a baby! Babies r blessings! Better to b pregnant at 46 than 19 when u r a child and can barely take care of yourself more less another human being! Still a blessing at 19 but I would much rather have a baby at 46 when your stable in your life! Congratulations Halle and Oliver and your blessing to come!!!!! 🙂

Shelbe on

It’s that evil Gabriel that has anger issues, jumping on people just because he got mad, no wonder the police arrested the criminal. Thank God Olivier had training or that bigger man could have hurt him except it ended up the other way around. I see why Halle was afraid of leaving Nahla with Gabriel, Mr. Anger Management class himself, ewwww.

Anonymous on

another nappy haired mongrel …

craig dobson on

Halle has been around the town and then some; Oliver better get a DNA test done, if he was clever

Anonymous on

Halle is 50 not 46!

piecesofgrace358 on

Insanity is continually doing the same thing over and over hoping for a different outcome… Just sayin’, folks… just sayin”.