Poppy Montgomery Celebrates Her Baby Shower

04/05/2013 at 03:00 PM ET

Poppy Montgomery Baby Shower
Rachel Shapiro

Poppy Montgomery‘s baby girl on the way was showered with love at a recent party in the mom-to-be‘s honor.

Thrown March 16 at Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica, the actress’s close pals Shana Stein Maranville, Peg Donegan and Barbara Lieberman hosted “a fun day with lots of love and laughter” for Montgomery.

Guests sipped mimosas and wrote down wishes for the baby (some sentimental, some hilarious) and hung them from the party’s wishing tree. The Unforgettable star’s boyfriend Shawn Sanford also stopped by the shower, where he posed for a few photos with Montgomery — who was sporting five-inch heels!

“It was so wonderful to celebrate the impending arrival of our baby girl with such an extraordinary group of women,” the actress tells PEOPLE. “It was a beachy, fun, fabulous day that I will always cherish!”

Montgomery, already mom to 5-year-old son Jackson, will welcome her daughter this spring.

Poppy Montgomery Baby Shower
Rachel Shapiro

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lovely123 on

She looks very pretty and ready for her baby girl. I have a feeling she will not be with her boyfriend much longer.

Addison on

Wow what a harsh thing to say. Just because she didnt stay with jackson’s father doesn’t mean she will split up with her current partner.
Congratulations on the impending arrival Poppy, Shawn and Jackson 🙂

lovely123 on

Why is my post considered “harsh”? It is a comment, it is not as if I called her a name. “A feeling” is not harsh, just a comment. Based on her past relationships, I don’t think they will last as a couple.

Kirah Doyle on

What I think Addison meant was your “feeling” sounds judgmental. I say a simple Congrats to Poppy, Shawn, and Jackson is sufficient enough.

KC on

Why 5 inch heels? I just don’t get that…compromising the safety of your baby for fashion???

tambam on

No one cares what your “feeling” is about their relationship! Just wish her well & hush!

Anon on

Every relationship before your current one ends in a breakup unless you are a polygamist. I’m glad my relationship isn’t judged by people just because I broke up with my previous boyfriends.

Melissa on

She looks great and I love the idea of a wishing tree.

Carol on

Wow…you’d think Poppy’s boyfriend would respect her (for her special day) enough to clean up a bit, shave and get hair cut at least…he looks a mess. At least my husband would not show up for an important function looking like that…and I bet most of you ladies posting here, your husbands/boyfriends wouldn’t either!

lynn on

Well i just think she looks beautiful and I wish her well.

Melissa on

Carol, Shawn always has longer hair and a beard. Look at the pregnancy announcement post. Besides, they seem like a fun-loving, laid-back couple, which counts for a lot more than worrying about if someone has shaved or not.

Carol on

@Melissa: My husband and I are laid-back too, but at least we will clean up when we are going to a dinner or some other function. Poppy looks at least a bit dressed up; he could have matched, it wouldn’t have been that difficult to do. Truth is, he looks like he was too damned lazy to be bothered.

jojo on

I LOVE when my husband doesn’t shave and wears a baseball cap. He is never sexier.

Melissa on

We’ll have to agree to disagree then. The fact that he’s there and wearing a boutonniere and a genuine smile tells me all I need to know.

lilac on

Blimey she looks gorgeous. If I ever have a baby I hope I glow like Poppy during pregnancy. Best wishes!

Nay on

I agree with some of you ladies. I love the laid back style, but there is a time and place for everything. He could have worn a nice button up with the jeans and taken off his hat.

Chweener on

Wow! She carry’s her pregnancy so well. Look at her tummy. Congratulations to her. Loved her in The Other Sister.

stillstanding22 on

When did it become ok to comment on other people’s relationships, or how they look when they go out the door. Just imagine how you would feel if every choice you made, whether it is the heels you wear or who you sleep with was questioned. I guess the internet allows for this stuff. It’s really sad.

myladyeve on


Anonymous on

Carol, while you don’t like his look, maybe this is the way she loves him best. You never know. As long as he is there for her and the baby (and her other child), who cares what he looks like. Looks only take you so far anyways.

Denise Smith on

So is her show “Unforgettable” not returning?

lovely123 on

Why so much bitterness on a Sunday morning?

Jude on

Denise, it’s back in July.

Maddie on

I *love* Poppy’s face in the second pic! Pregnancy suits her, she’s just glowing! Congratulations Poppy, Shawn & Jackson – i can’t wait to hear what they name their little one.

bec on

wearing 5 inch heels while pregnant is not putting your babies health at risk. your ankles … yes. when i fainted when i was 7 months pregnant and fell on my tummy, i went to the doctor and everything was a-ok. he even said (this is form a hospital that was rated one of the best in maternity care in the nation) that you could fall off the top of a car on your stomach, and the baby is so so so safe, secure and cushioned that it would be be harmed. sooo the possibility of her falling wearing heels and harming her baby … slim to none.

Gift IVF on

How amazing the pics. Very pretty in this pregnancy.

Gift IVF on