BumpWatch: Fergie’s Brazilian Fans Take a Hands-on Approach to Baby

04/04/2013 at 02:00 PM ET

Where is the love? Centered on an expectant Fergie‘s belly, it seems. The Black Eyed Peas frontwoman let Brazilian fans get up close and personal with baby Duhamel on Wednesday in Rio de Janeiro.

The singer-songwriter, 38, is making the most of her time in the country, visiting Solar Meninos de Luz before her scheduled appearance at a Hugo Boss store opening. “Just had the best afternoon ever with my new Brazilian friends,” she Tweeted. On Thursday night, Fergie is expected in São Paulo, where she will be honored at the amfAR Inspiration Gala.

“I’m feeling great, I had a little morning sickness in the beginning but very little. I’ve been doing acupuncture which really helps,” she told Good Morning America recently of expecting her first child with husband Josh Duhamel.

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jenni on

Love her. She looks great.

Emily on

Wonder if she’ll stop bleaching her hair while she’s pregnant.

Agatha on

Why not Emily? There is never proof it’s bad for a baby, maybe if you’re a hairdresser and pregnant… Standing 24/7 in that smell.. But a customer does it maybe around every 2/3 months.

Lilley on

LOVE her.. don’t like her pregnancy STYLE

kim on

love her, but i think id get creeped out and annoyed by a bunch of strangers rubbing my belly.

Ruby on

Agreed kim! Unless you’re part of my family or a close friend, hands off!

Sarah S. on

I agree with Kim. I wasn’t crazy about people coming up to my belly when I was pregnant both times, unless I knew them really well.

Carrie M on

I’m with you Kim. I loved it when people were happen for my pregnancy but I never wanted anyone touching my belly.

BTW – Fergie looks great!

ang on

What!?! That is UNHEARD of with celebrities! I have always liked her and now she is just downright super awesome!

Minge on

I’m pregnant now and I can assure you that if anyone, strangers and friends alike, try touching my stomach, we will have words.

Danni on

Well obviously Fergie isn’t bothered by her fans showing adoration for her growing baby bump.

This makes me like her even more that she has the humility to share this special time in her life with her fans, of whom which have made it possible for her to be in the position she is in.

Melissa on

Well clearly she doesn’t mind – she’s smiling and is covering his hand with hers. I think it’s lovely.

I didn’t mind anyone touching my belly as long as they asked first. One time I was grocery shopping and reached up to grab an item off the top shelf and a little old lady took that opportunity to get a belly rub in. It was a little weird but I felt like I couldn’t yell at her because she was elderly, haha.

Baby Finn on

South Americans are very loveable. Lots of hugs and adore their idols. This is normal for them and would be offended, hurt even if pushed away. They do not just walk up to complete strangers on the street and do this. Its affection for Fergie. My in laws are from Chile. A visit is a huge celebration with lots of hugs! Finland, we are so different too. It was was very hard to get used to.

MJ on

I think it is just people trying to share a little bit in your miracle. I would politely ask them not to if it bothered me, but in my case a light (not lingering) touch was okay with me.

xmel on

I think it’s so adorable that she’s letting her fans rub her belly! She’s sharing this special time with people who have helped her become so successful.

It’s quite heartwarming and humble; wasn’t very much of a Fergie fan before, but this kind of makes me one.

anais on

The baby is gonna be so beautiful. Both of them are so gorgeous.. Fergie’s pregnancy makes her glow.

MommytoanE on

lol I love how the ladies here who have had babies are all over the “Don’t linger on my belly” thing. I detested when strangers would just come up and touch my belly like it was some shrine. I am just not one that likes to share my personal space tho.

Fergie is awesome tho. 🙂 I can’t wait to see her little angel when its welcomed to the world.

Anonymous on

Agatha- I have to agree. I find it funny how people seem to think it’s great to see a pregnant woman getting her exercise by swimming in a pool (and therefore being surrounded by and covered with chlorine, which is a type of bleach), yet if she chooses to bleach her hair, that’s terrible! Everything in moderation, people!

Anyway, I love that Fergie let her fans touch her belly.

Teena on

@Melissa. Aw, that is kinda cute. I wouldn’t have been able to be mad at her either ^^

Xan on

Never been pregnant, but I’ve always thought that I really wouldn’t mind people touching my belly–save a perfect stranger running up and forcefully grabbing it (that would just be plain scary!).

I’m Latino, and indeed, touch is a huge part of the culture (though individual preferences always exist, of course. 🙂