Spotted: Hilary Duff and Her Mini Hockey Player Luca

04/03/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

He may look just like mom Hilary Duff, but Luca Cruzย sure is taking after dad and former pro hockey player Mike Comrie when it comes to his interests.

On Tuesday, the growing tyke, who just turned 1, showed off his stick handling skills while hanging at Coldwater Canyon Park in Beverly Hills, Calif.

And we have to say, we’re very impressed at how he expertly juggled both his bright green pacifier and the kid-size hockey stick in the grass. Of course, his proud mama, 25, was on hand to supervise considering he recently started toddling.

We also couldn’t get over his adorable playground attire, including his Prefreshย Wolf Wearing Shades tee ($28) and striped denim trousers.

Hilary Duff Luca Comrie Hockey Park

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Marina on

This is toooo much cute! ^_^

Jane on

Did she retire? I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen a movie of hers! Not even Lifetime!

Tasha on

Maybe she is focusing on the important things in her life Jane…like…hmmm…BEING A MOM TO HER 1 YEAR OLD SON….SMH…

kinkycurlyliebe on

Lil man is too darn cute!

Skylar on


As Tasha said, she has more important things/priorities to focus on nowadays. She can’t be all about just acting or singing, because she’s more than just those titles alone. The most important thing she has to focus on is being a good mother to her adorable little son.

On another note, she still is acting a little though… From what I read somewhere, she’s set to appear on Two and a Half Men in May for the finale.

MommytoanE on

What a lil cutie pie. I love the lil bare toes in the grass. Too cute.

Skylar on

Luca is just so darn cute. He’s definitely his mom’s mini me.

MommytoanE on

Jane, its always good to research things. According to Wiki she’s going more towards independant films now, and she’s signed a contract to produce and star in her own tv comedy coming soon. She took a break from acting to focus on her baby tho.

Nancy on

What? She can’t work and raise a kid?

Nannyto1 on

Cute!!! But I just have to say it… I would love to see a picture of him WITHOUT a soother in his mouth. And I haven’t seen one yet. I absolutely hate those things and there is absolutely no reason for him to be running around playing with it. It’s a soother, mean to soothe when I child is hungry!!! Rant over.

kitty62862 on


That is so precious!

Maria on

Just like daddy!

Laine on

This is INSANELY adorable. What a cutie.

fanofboardwalkempire on

just the cutest images! thanks for sharing them with us.

Ann on

Nancy – Raising a child IS work. So sad you have never had a child to love and bring up. It is a job and an enjoyable one. Boy, are you missing out. And, yes, one can work inside the home and out and contribute to their families and society in many ways. Children are a blessing. So happy I have mine!

Anonymous on

Jane I just read that she will be on two and a half men for the finale.

Alanna on

awww so cute I love Hilary Duff she was my role model growing up and still is โค

Sadie on

This is the cutest baby pic ever! Love it.

Hilary Duff is totally my role model, love her, what she stands for, practices and how she lives her life. What a great momma!

Sivad1998 on

Nannyto1 – Recent research has just been published that pacifiers are OK. Just because one child doesnt need one, does not mean another child shouldnt have one. Soothing is something learned over time and he is still young enough that a pacifier is ok. Im not an expert but a mom of two preemies and an developmental interventionist for infants and toddlers. Far worse things to rant over. She is bonding with her child which is more critical for cognitive development and positive attachment over time than ranting over a baby being soothed by a pacifier. Often in therapy, we will tell a parent to use a pacifier to strengthen poor tone and encourage sucking. Some babies dont know how to suck. So by a few pics, it probably doesnt give you a full glimpse to know the reasons the baby is using a pacifier. It’s not a crime, Im thankful the baby is loved and comforted. That’s my key to successful development.

Nannyto1 on

Sivad1998 – You may be right. My comment was based on what I know from experience as a Mom and a grandmother (no soothers in our family). I’ve seen many friends over the years who gave their children soothers and at 2 or 3, they still had them even when talking, far past the age when they needed to strengthen poor tone or be encouraged to suck. Regardless, I think Luca’s a doll and Hillary is an amazing Mom.

Rhonda on

Awwwww he’s so cute.

Herp-Derp on

People, you make me laugh. You can’t get over his cute playground attire? The kid is wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Totally fresh & original!

All mockery of People aside, Luca is gorgeous, and it looks like Hilary is reveling in the role of ‘mama’. ๐Ÿ™‚

Julie @ Willow Bird Baking on

Oh my gosh, it does not get cuter than his little belly!!

texas on

wow i didn’t even know the kid could walk yet cause all the pics are of her carrying him around

J on

Wow, cut Jane some slack. It was just a harmless question. I don’t get why some women need to get so defensive or else scold people for not googling things first.

Faye on

Should he be running around with the pacifier in his mouth? Surely that is dangerous?

Pamela on

She is having a blast raising her son! However, I just read where she is going to play Aston Kucher’s new GF on Two and a Half Men in this season’s finale…

Stephanie on

She is an author as well.

Such a cute baby!

jennifer on

wooow….too cute, the way he is holding the hockey stick like a pro hockey player…awesome….

D.L. on

She’s slimmed down, and she looks better here!

Jessica on

that kid is just adorable….he does take after her.

Kerry on

What a cute little boy ๐Ÿ™‚ Look at his little

Jane on

Nannyto1 – If a child is hungry you feed them, not stick a soother in his/her mouth.

Anonymous on

Faye- Nah. Pacifers are soft! ๐Ÿ™‚

Anonymous on

Nannyto1- I definitely see your issue, and I definitely don’t think you should just a plop a pacifer in a baby’s mouth every time s/he cries, but not using one at all can have downsides, too.

One of them is that the child may very well start sucking his/her thumb instead, a habit that’s much harder to break (since you can’t exactly throw a thumb in the garbage or have your child give it to a new baby who needs it! ;)).