Kate Hudson: Matthew Proved Himself When I Got Pregnant

04/02/2013 at 06:00 PM ET

Kate Hudson ELLE UK Cover Benny Horne/Courtesy ELLE UK

After meeting at Coachella in 2010, Kate Hudson and Matthew Bellamy were immediately in tune, kicking off a classic courtship soon after.

But their traditional go at romance hit a high note when the actress discovered their relationship had taken an unexpected turn: she was pregnant!

“It was all very old-fashioned and proper, and we went on lovely dates,” Hudson, 33, tells ELLE UK in their May issue. “And two months later I was pregnant … Well, yes [I was shocked], but I also thought, ‘This is going to be interesting.'”

Not only did the couple bond over their baby on the way, but Hudson’s pregnancy proved Bellamy was willing to step up to the parenthood plate.

“I knew it would take a strong man to deal with it. You know that with a relationship things can go either way when you have a child,” she notes. “When you get pregnant everything changes: you, your body. Everything becomes a big decision. But he was there and that was that.”

Now “three wonderful years later,” Hudson and the Muse frontman are enjoying their family — which includes Bingham Hawn, 21 months, and 9-year-old Ryder Russell, the actress’s son with Chris Robinson — and are looking forward to making it all official with marriage — eventually.

“We will get married. I do think it’s important, but we have no plans,” Hudson says. “[Ryder] wants a party. For me it’s not the legal part that is important, it’s what it means to the family.”

Fortunately, the mom-of-two’s own parents, actors Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell — who celebrated 30 years together on Valentine’s Day — have paved the unconventional path to a strong partnership.

“When I was a kid, my brothers and sisters and I wanted my parents to get married. We ended up with something far more powerful,” she recalls. “We were all together at home, Dad gave Mum a ring and said some beautiful words. It was their own version of the ceremony and I remember it so well. It was like it was about us. The family was the glue.”

Kate Hudson ELLE UK Cover Benny Horne/Courtesy ELLE UK

In addition to admiring their relationship, Hudson has also been known to borrow a page from the couple’s parenting playbook.

“I’m a lot less a rock chick and a lot more about being a good mother, a good partner,” she explains. “I’m part of a family. That’s how we were brought up, how I bring my kids up. They are very blessed to live how they do, but they are aware of that.”

Instead of relying on prized material possessions to satisfy their sons, Hudson and Bellamy make sure to keep their boys well grounded — literally.

“We have a vegetable plot, a herb garden, the boys pull out carrots and collect eggs from the hens, that’s the sort of day that makes me really happy,” the proud mom shares.

— Anya Leon

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Sash on

…All very traditional and proper and yet fell pregnant within 2 months 🙂 Couldn’t have been THAT proper. There is that saying however – There’s no right time for a baby, just the right baby. Either way, they both seem happy and have a beautiful family.

Pammy on

I knew she had brothers, but had no idea she had any sisters….

Erica on

Not sure how you can classify a pregnancy as unexpected these days…unless you fall within the .01% of the population who falls pregnant even while using birth control. I’m glad I was the concept “no birth control = expect to get pregnant or an STD ” was drilled into me from a young age because I personally cannot afford such an “unexpected” gift.

Regardless, they seem like a nice couple and Kate appears to be have a fantastic co-parenting relationship with her older son’s dad. Wish more ppl could follow their lead on that front.

Mama12 on

My son is that 0.01% so it happens more than you think, Erica. My mom had me when her tubes were tied. If its meant to be then its meant to be. I was raised in a catholic household and birth control and safe sex was a topic discusses frequently. So it does happen.

Mikki on

I think you got some bad information there Erica. Being on birth control doesn’t mean that you can’t get an STD. Sounds like you need to run down to your doctor and get some tests run ASAP.

canuck on

I believe she means condomns mikki which are one of the many methods classified as birth control

dsfg on

Pammy, her mother and Kurt Russell don’t have any daughters in their family except her, so I don’t know why she said “brothers and sisters” instead of “brothers.” I think she does have sisters on her father’s side, but she was definitely talking about Goldie and Kurt here so it’s odd.

Robin on

Her biological did Bill Hudson has a daughter named Emily with Cindy Williams of Laverne and Shirley fame…that is her half sister.

april on

it was all very traditional: pregnant after 2 months & unwed……….

kim on

‘Old fashioned, proper…pregnant. hmm give me a break.

sandy on

She has gotten wayyy to skinny!

Guesta on

@Sandy – Don’t be silly. She’s not skinny. That’s artful airbrushing!

ME on

Totally Sandy!!!!

Guest23 on

I love when celebrities say they are so shocked to find out about an unplanned pregnancy-if you don’t want to get pregnant there are ways to prevent that. And for her to say, “this is going to be interesting?” wow, that sounds really bad.

jme on

Bill Hudson is Kate Hudson’s dad. Kurt Russellis her mom’s boyfriend. Bill Hudson has a daughter with Cindy Williams who is Goldie Hawns half sister. Nothing traditional about getting knocked up 2 months after mtg.

Jenna on

so….very old fashioned…pregnant before marriage…and after only 2 months of dating. Yep. sounds VERY old fashioned to me. SMH

Alex on

is no one going to talk about the serious photoshop and/or weight loss going on in these pictures? her head is way too big for her body

Amalthea on

I think she looks to thin, and it’s not right to show an image like that. Young girls, get the wrong message about healthy looks

Guesta on

@Almathea – that’s airbrushing, for god’s sake! Is everyone here blind, dumb or both?!?

Laura on

Either she has gotten scarily thin or has been photoshopped to death.

kozyrox1 on

Nice photo shop she looks like a cross between Kate Winslet and The Joker! Kate Hudson is beautiful but that picture/photoshop does nothing for her.

Rachel on

erica shut your mouth. birth control fails FAR MORE OFTEN then your ridiculous 0.1%. It happened to me TWICE.. just shut your mouth and get educated.

robin on

why is she speaking like she has a british accent? god she is annoying.

Juneau09 on

She’s not speaking in a British accent, Robin. The magazine she gave the interview to was ELLE UK. UK as in United Kingdom. They say “mum”.

Carolyn on

The only thing proper was that she got properly pregnant. She sounds silly saying that.

Anonymous on

Mum?….Why do Americans who go to the UK act like they are all of a sudden British? Madonna straight up talked like she was from the Jersey Shore & then she tried to sound like Queen Elizabeth when she was with Guy. Be who you are already! Stop trying to be someone you’re not. It’s like Steve Irwin’s widow, you don’t hear her trying to sound Australian. Sorry for the rant but that is a pet peeve of mine.

Anonymous on

Have you EVER seen him perform dance in person?? He is a VERY talented performer (along with the other professional dancers), it takes alot of energy,strength and endurance to perform like that,no matter what the scores, he STILL comes up with the choreography,and puts in the hours, alot of them at that…so to say it is “fixed”,and he has “connections” with the producers undermines his talent as a dancer and a performer. Some performers are better than others, that’s how the cookie crumbles sometimes, but Derek also adds entertainment,soo good for him,for being great at what he does…performing and dancing!

Melissa on

You’ll notice it’s BRITISH Elle, so they likely adjusted her quote to their audience, hence the “mum”.

Lauren on

Probably should have made him “prove himself” before you put yourself in the position to be accidentally knocked up. What if he hadn’t stepped up? Welp, I guess it just would have been another child growing up without their dad every day. NO BIG DEAL, right?

Jen on

British magazines tend to transcribe Americans saying “Mom” as “Mum”. American magazines do the same thing and you see British celebs who say “Mum” in video interviews be quoted as saying “Mom” in written ones. It is one of those words that the interviewer writes down the version they and their audience are familiar with.

Anonymous on

Ok then Jen I apologize to Kate but I stick with what I said about Madonna haha!

namers on

Wow, just wow. They’ll drift apart and she’ll just collect men’s kids. No matter how much she tries, she’ll never be Goldie.

Leilani on

Old fashioned and proper..but pregnant 2 months later!?? Girl, have a seat.. we all know that you’re promiscuous. And it’s not unexpected if you’re not using birth control!

Diann on

She has a sister Emily, the daughter of Bill Hudson and Cindy Williams and a 7 year old sister, Lalania Hudson, daughter of Bill Hudson and another woman. But, why she mentioned sisters here, who knows.

Stacy on

Um Diann because even though her mom did not birth them, she still consider them her sisters:-)

lawinz on

you are 1/4 Jewish, follow our traditions and EAT!

msfaye2u on

another “celebrity” who insists that they are in love, the father of the kid is so happy to have this kid and in love with the kid although he was tricked into parenthood. they are always “GOING” to get married (one day). there are several cases and she is no more important or special than any of the other women who give it up on the first date and find themselves knocked up unmarried and he is not going to marry them. real world consequences of specialness.

mytwocents on

Goldie is not her MUM but her MOM because she is not british!!! Annoying.

Emily on

I’m glad that I’m not the only one who found that odd saying that she had an ‘old fashioned’ courtship and is pregnant two months later. Sounds pretty modern to me lol. Oh well, as long as they’re a happy family, that is all that matters.

Crystal on

This is a cute story. Love Kate Hudson! ♥

Katy on

Rachel, you shouldn’t be mad at Erica just because you got pregnant beside birth control pills. It fails mostly, because women don’t use it properly. For example, you can’t have any other medication with it. Even Advil or Tylenol can make it less effective or if you throw up, it is not going to work. If you educate yourself about birth controls and use it properly, there is a very slim chance for pregnancy. I am 40 years old, and never got pregnant when I did not want.

Callie on

Love her! She sounds so grounded and normal. I’m still baffled as to how a pregnancy can be unexpected; ever hear of the pill? I mean 2 months into any relationship is rather soon to be bedding down without protection, just glad it all worked out!

holly on

Maybe she was joking when she said the relationship was old fashion and proper?

januarypunch on

I wish they would make a Something Blue movie with her and John Krasinski!

VC on

He proved himself because he didn’t get the heck out of there when she found out she was preggo!! Is that really how a man proves himself these days? “I knew he was a winner because he didn’t disappear on me”.

Am I the only one who thinks thats sad? I certainly hope that woman these days don’t put the worth of a man on weather or not he sticks by her when she gets pregnant. Yes, thats nice and I realize their are men out there who don’t, but to say that’s how he “proved himself” makes her sound like she didn’t set the bar very high on what her description of a good man is.

How about “he’s an amazing father, he treats me with love and respect, he helps the elderly cross the street”…..

Kathy on

The atrocious spelling on these.posts is laughable. WEATHER? Lol. I think you meant WHETHER, VC. Besides that, there are MANY women who cannot take birth control pills (for various reasons). So get off your highhorse. She was blessed with a healthy chikd and they are a family. And they can afford to raise their child, so why all the bashing?!

Dietra on

Kate is keepin it real and I like that about her. Most of you commenters have done the nasty with someone you only knew for a few months also. Dont lie

Terri on

she still has one of the most beautiful smiles i’ve ever seen.

HereWeGoYetAgain on

Sounds as though she has changed her way of thinking…shortly before he separation (and then divorce) she commented that she couldn’t imagine staying with the same person forever.

juvenile on

Unplanned pregnancies are so pathetic. She should be embarrassed even to talk about it. Gawd.

Her comments about parents make no sense; her parents were Goldie and Bill. Her semi-stepdad has been the long-term guy but yes, she has a half-sister, Emily, whose mom is that annoying brunette from Laverne and Shirley (come on people, just out with her name, it’s Cindy…..)

Smh on

Wow the pill? Really like that’s NOT 100% hahha c’mon what world are you living in? And most of you can’t understand that when she said “old fashioned and proper” she was referring to Matthew courting her before she got pregnant.

jm on

Can anyone say SHE is the one that planned the pgy? She wanted another baby.& was lucky matt is the real deal.MUSE IS OUR MUSICAL REVOLUTION!

sharon on

yes they live the simple life of never ever having to worry about paying bills, a mortgage and picking veggies from their million dollare mansion…. ah what a life!

sharon on

yes all proper she’s as easy to spread as peanut butter and wow i’m so shocked i’m pregnant

jj on

It sucks when your belly pooch sticks out further than your bubbies.

Angela on

My, aren’t we all so critical!! She is lovely and so is her family-Best wishes to all.

Anonymous on

Kate has 1 brother, Hudson from Goldie and Bill Hudson.

Kate has 1 half brother, Wyatt from Goldie and Kurt Russell.

Kate has 1 half sister, Emily and 1 half brother from her father, Bill Hudson and his marriage to Cindy Williams..aka Shirley from the Lavern and Shirley Show produced by Garry Marshall.

Sally on

Ugh! I can’t stand Kate Hudson. I can’t believe Matthew Bellamy would fall into her trap. He seems way smarter than that. And yeah….proper? Geting pregnant 2 months later? What is proper about that? What a lie! And in the article it says …”courtship” Uh NO! Courting a girl means not having sexual relations with her. It’s old fashion…which means….no sex before marriage.

Matthew’s and Kate’s relationship won’t last. That I can assure you!

Debbe on

She is right. Being pregnant is a test to see how a man handles and treats you. When I got pregnant, my sons father left me, twice, first when I was 4 months pregnant and stupid me took him back, then again when I was 8 months pregnant, and that was the last time he was in my life. My son is grown and he isnt even being a father to him. You never know how things will change, but glad it worked for kate.

Michelle on

I kind of took it to mean that she got pregnant two months after the started sleeping together, not two months after they started dating. The likely had a “proper” courtship up until they jumped in bed. LOL

And Kurt Russel is so much more than her Mom’s boyfriend. Kate refers to him as her father. Bill Hudson is her biological father, but Kurt is her dad.

Joyce on

She is homely, talent-less, phony and dumb. Go away.

minnesota.girl on

The average human being lies 7 times in a 10 minute conversation, maybe she felt uncomfortable saying how things really happened. Not that its right, its only human.

ME on

Shocked over how skinny she looks! I think she looks better if she put on 20 lbs then she’d look perfect and healthy

skye on

“It was all very old-fashioned and proper”…and she got knocked up 2 months after?! seriously???

Tristensmommy on

I, too, was shocked about my unplanned pregnancy after only 2 months of ‘dating’, and I’m pretty sure I know how it happened….now nearly 16 years later, I have the best ‘accident’ God could ever give me. too bad that the dad part didn’t work out, but he is happy, healthy and a perfect young man!

Anonymous on

Callie- And how do you know she wasn’t using protection?! Were you in the room when the baby was concieved?

Jane on

I mean it’s great that they had a beautiful kid and are still together, but can I wonder why not use birth control? After two short months of old fashioned traditional and proper dating she’s knocked up, and she’s surprised? come on…

JoAnn on

Babies are wonderful, BUT, how can two intelligent people not know enough to use protection? I find that odd. There is nothing old fashioned about getting pregnant out of wedlock.

Lettie on

Something strange about all of this. How is it that these stars just come up pregnant at convient times. Seems she took a lesson from Gwyneth Paltrow.

Brennan on

They mis-quoted her… she said siblings and they changed it brothers and sisters… silly Elle.

weezer on

OMG!! Too skinny and a sl#t!!!

Charli on

Never realized she had sisters. Very unconventional and yet wonderful just the same:)

mimi on

People are so judgemental these days, give it a break!

T. Plath on

She has four half-siblings: Emily and Zachary Hudson, from her biological father’s subsequent marriage to actress Cindy Williams; Lalania Hudson, from his relationship with another woman; and Wyatt, from her mother’s relationship with Russell. With Oliver that is 3 brothers and 2 sisters.

Angie on

She was talking about the very beginning of their relationship that was old fashioned and proper, not the pregnancy. I think she realizes that from that point on, it wasn’t anymore. You guys also have to realize that her upbringing and current life were/are completely different than ours. She doesn’t have to worry about money, so the idea of being a single mom isn’t nearly as difficult to digest as it is for us (I AM a single mom so I get it). That’s probably why she said it would be interesting..She can afford it. I adore her, she seems so down to earth and a such a free spirit. I need to take a page out of her book!

JU1978 on

I rarely comment. But, I admire Kate Hudson as a celebrity. I have to say that she seems- to an outsider- as a rational and well put together person. I also think she’s one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood and love looking at pictures of her. But: WOW. These pictures are terrible! She looks way too thin! I’m hoping it’s just these specific pictures, since I’ve always envied her body shape.

Vicki on

Rachel — nasty much? Just calm down. I don’t think Erica was talking directly to you, sweetheart.

KG on

Uhm Kate, while modern technology does allow for several ways to become pregnant, it was apparent that in this case YOU were there, HE was there and PROTECTION was NOT there.

Cindy on

Who freaking cares that she isn’t married?! There is no God in marriage, only a man made institution. Get over you judgemental bigots. I seriously cannot STAND religion!!!!!!!!!!! You all think your way is the right way so everyone else is going to hell. There is no hell, just living on earth with people like you, that is my hell.

Daisy on

I saw Kate Hudson playing with her son Ryder at a playground in NYC a few years ago. They were having a lovely interaction and so much fun together, she was giving him her whole attention and when my son joined in playing with them she was super nice.

Ellen on

Kate is incredibly lucky to be with someone as amazing and beautiful and sweet as Matt Bellamy. And I’m sure he feels the same about her. He’s beyond talented – a genius, really, and seems totally devoted to her and the children. I had my doubts at first…as a Muse fan I worried that she’d be “Yoko Hudson,” but she’s been great for him.

Anonymous on

smart Kate

tina on

On a different note, Oliver Hudson is HOT!!!!!!!!!

The only reason I watch Rules of Engagement.

nacho mamma on

Call me old fashioned, but 2 months of dating is just when some people first start sleeping together, was there no protection used? and he stepped up to the plate, wow – what a guy!

Kat on

My guess is, she targeted him, when she went to that Coachella festival, seduced him into a r/ship and made sure she got knocked soon after. I remember that’s the time when she was all over the place dating famous men in Hollywood then getting dumped. This is hogwash M/s Hudson!

Debs on

She is a beautiful woman, but looks way too thin.

Sandra on

@sharon..It has always struck me as funny when people throw shade at entertainers because they have money and can afford things that others can’t.

If I had money I would definitely have a maid, because I hate cleaning and that won’t ever change. If I had money I would have a gardener because while I love beautiful landscaped yards, I absolutely do not want to be the one to do it. If I had had extra money after I gave birth to and finished nursing my second son I would have had a tummy tuck and breast reduction, and would not have felt one ounce of guilt about taking the easy way out.

Some people are quite envious, not saying that you are, of the advantages that others have because of money. I for one am the type of person that would take advantage of every opportunity my money would afford me, if I had any. Well maybe not all, but as long as it wasn’t illegal or immoral I would do it and do it well. The best revenge is living well.

DStone on

Horrible role model. Period.

p on

she looks VERY strange in that b+w photograph. it’s creepy!

Rachael on

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russel ARE married. Maybe not legally under the US government, but the government didn’t invent marriage so they really don’t get to say who is or is not married. Adam and Eve didn’t have a legal document from any government either.

sue on

is it me … or does she look shockingly thin in this pics. and not in a good/healthy way. what’s up with that???

M on

It’s lovely that things worked out so well for them and their family. But let’s call it what it is here. Nothing was old-fashioned about eight weeks of dating and becoming pregnant and not knowing how the father will react. Goes to show that she didn’t know him well enough before she started having sex with him.

K on

Airbrush much??

Jennifer on

She is such a blowhard & has been.

Elle on

@VC You are exactly right, so it makes a good guy when he sticks around when you “accidentally” get pregnant? Really? How about he treats you with kindness & respect, is honest with you & takes care of you. Those are good qualities for a guy, not what she describes.

shaneswife on

Absolutely love kate hudson!! And come on ladies…is it really that un-common to get pregnant after 2mths? Birth control fails almost daily even if you use it properly. no need to argue…..its a fact!! Im glad shes happy and has a healthy beautiful family……..bad photo shop though…..way to skinny…….

Angela on

I get this feeling that Kate always has to be the center of attention. She was always posing for cameras when she would be watching A-Rod. Sorry, I know that’s nothing to do with this story. She just rubs me the wrong way.

Angela on

Another thing~Practice safe sex you ding bat! Young people are reading your story and I’m sure they think that they believe that if you don’t think HIV/AIDS is a big deal, than they shouldn’t either!

Anonymous on

“It was all very old-fashioned and proper” lol

Anonymous on

Bellamy is probably the most talented musician of this past decade. He’s a genius.

lara on

I am not certain what kind of message she is sending you young women. She romanticizes everything. She was lucky the guy stepped up, but even if he didn’t she could afford to go it alone. Not the case for a lot of young women.

jay on

wow..so confused. I read an article where she very clearly stated that “oh we were just so in love! so we decided to have a baby even though it was crazy!” Now she’s saying it was unexpected? Alrighty then.

Joanne on

Traditional? I don’t think so honey. Unprotected sex only two months in? I don’t believe this pregnancy was an accident. This girl has always seemed extremely desperate.

ellie on

old fashioned and proper? up until the pregnancy.

Pammy on

While I understand she has sisters by her bio dad, I don’t know why they would be mentioned when she is talking about Kurt and Goldie getting married. Maybe they really are all very close and her sisters are part of Kurt and Goldie’s life as well.

Tina – you hit the nail on the head! Oliver is beyond hot and I love watching him on Rules of Engagement.

Susan on

Kate Hudson looks beautiful. She seems to glow with happiness. Hope she and Matthew can enjoy 30+ years of joy like her mom and “pa” (as she calls Kurt).

Mandy on

You do realize that women & girls got pregnant early years ago too.

AmyGeeee on

Old-fashioned and proper and pregnant unexpectedly two months later? What a contradictory statement.

wyattspoppa on

I love Hudson’s charm and she’s a wonderful actress but she’s got a fairly convenient way of describing her relationships. First, you don’t get married “for the family”, you marry when you’re prepared to commit to someone for life. Second, at her age with kids in the picture, one age 9, getting pregnant, unwed, months after you meet a guy isn’t “traditional” in any fashion whatsoever. He’ll be in middle school next fall and his “parents” aren’t married, that’s the example he’s been shown. “Date, have babies, move in with them but you don’t have to marry them son”. My mom was single too, but she didn’t bring them home until it was serious, she kept it “traditional”. I applaud her for being a loving parent, but her boasting about how “traditional” it was is folly, and her desire to marry “for the family” cheapens it’s real purpose.

Vivienne on

Cindy! Shut up! OK, maybe that’s not the most mature response, however I cannot STAND people who RANDOMLY lash out against religion when NO ONE even mentioned religion to begin with. Check the comments. You are the ONLY one who brought up God. People are commenting about her having a baby out of wedlock because she claims that her relationship was ‘traditional and old-fashioned’ despite the fact that she got pregnant only two months after meeting the man, which is everything but ‘traditional and old-fashion’. Nobody cares about your religious beliefs, or rather lack thereof, nor about anyone else’s. The point was, Hudson made a contradictory statement and everyone is pointing that out. Now go have a seat and stop WHINING.

Ashley on

Hear, hear Vivienne! Totally agree about your Cindy comments, AMEN to that. Poor Cindy, I would NOT want to be her on the last day, I think she will come to regret her statements….wow. And I don’t have a problem with Kate, I think she seems very real.

heather on

she looks thin, but nothing like a few years ago when she clearly had an eating disorder.

Anonymous on

They should have clarified that Kurt Russell is not her biological father!!

jillianblackburn on

I love Kate Hudson! She’s always seemed really devoted to her kids, and I think her and Matt make a beautiful family.

meme on

she´s too thin, she doesn´t look like herself, either that or … too much photoshop in these pictures

Selfenchanted on

Meh. Let’s see how soon she gets bored with Matt & breaks his heart.

carol on

My goodness she sure paints she has the perfect life .Very fake at least thats what she sounds like..to me

Aptathelena on

Yes, “very old-fashioned and proper” to be having unprotected sex with someone two months after meeting. Nice.

Tyler on

Are you kidding me!? Someone is totally up Kate Hudson’s bum at this mag, I mean give me a break with all this traditional, proper talk–how traditional can a relationship be when she ends up Pregnant a few months into the relationships. What a joke on word play.

Tina on

That’s a lousy black&white photo.

Anonymous on

Erica, birth control doesn’t protect against STDs.

Lynne on

Kate Hudson is full of herself and so full of s_it! Honestly, one does not get pregnant by accident anymore, especially a grown woman. Obviously she wanted to get pregnant and she did. And it’s “all so very proper”. Not quite – you are not married, you got pregnant accidentally on purpose. She is a piece of work. And I hate it when she refers to Kurt Russell as her parent! It’s stupid. She has a dad – Bill Hudson, whom I imagine she has disowned, and since her mom never married Russell, he is not even technically her step-father. He is her mom’s “boyfriend”. I can’t stand it when these Hollywood types make up their own rules as they go along. She is talentless airhead, and can’t seem to do anything but BAD romantic comedies and has done absolutely NOTHING noteworthy lately, except have an OOPS baby out of wedlock.
What an idiot! Cannot stand this woman.

Nadia on

If they were going for the old fashion route, then they probably shouldn’t have had sex. Shocking she got pregnant!

Basketcase88 on

Will be surprised if they ever get married.

Bianca on

I have to agree with @Sandra on this. I find it funny how people bash just because she has money. I mean, c’mon people. Her way of living works for her and her family, some may not agree, but in the end. That is her life and she’s not asking anyone for anything. People need to stop being so envious.

Annie on

..right – what kind of proper is she talking about? Nothing proper about it…

Lindsey on

yea, um, “proper dating” and geting knocked up after only two months don’t go together. Nice try though. Keep telling yourself those lies. whatever gets you through the day.

Stacy on

LOL Lindsey 🙂

Alex Genie on

Not impressed with how thin she is looking in these pics. Bobble Head. Hope it’s just a photoshop error, and she hasn’t dropped all that weight.

Izzzyy on

Pregnant after 2 months? And yet all musers go on about how fertile Chris is, pfff, hey guys, let’s look at Matt for a moment… 😉 hahaha

bdawn8403 on

That is a terrible photo of her (the black and white one). Looks unhealthy.

jones on

I think she has an interesting approach to relationships (and I am trying to be polite). She admitted she moved in with her first husband within a week or so of meeting him and now admits she got pregnant within 2 months of dating her current fiance. The first one bothers me less b/c she was younger and did not have children. She is a mom and should set a better example for her children about relationships.

Tams on

For the people commenting about Kate referring to her mom as mum. I am not British but I do in fact call my mom, “mum” and call myself “mummy.” My grandmother is British and it’s a name we’ve also used in our family even though we are North American.

Lyoness on

What in the world happened to Kate Hudson?! Did they photoshop her to death or is she really this thin now. She was always a thin/normal sized person. She looks sickly… 😦

melody on

i love her acting

Erica on

Just to clarify my earlier comment: I wasn’t saying that birth control protects against STDs, I was making the point that I was taught that unprotected sex will almost definitely lead to either a pregnancy or an STD (or even both).

And for those who are getting defensive about getting preggers on the pill…unless you are in the .01% of ppl who use birth control correctly yet get pregnant anyway, odds you are 1) using birth control incorrectly/inconsistently or 2) you weren’t using protection to begin with.

Statistically speaking, most women (not ALL women) who claim to get pregnant while using birth control are either lying or were on antibiotics or other drugs which rendered the BC less effective. All gynos should educate their patients about this.

Anonymous on

I guess some people have a NEW WAY OF OLD FASHIONED AND PREGNANT!

Really on

She is full of it….

Anonymous on

Nasty! unprotected sex after two months! that means she did it like that with every hot guy she encountered, she sure is lucky to not have caught anything, well as far as we know…

Missy on

I had to laugh at the “old fashioned and proper”..! Yup preggy after 2 months is very much so (eyeroll). The photos don’t even look like her!

Pammy on

Erica – I got pregnant with my first daughter while I had an IUD. With my son, I was trying to get pregnant and it took 18 months. I was on the pill (faithfully and without a missed day – ever) when I got pregnant with my third child. I love them all and couldn’t imagine my life without them, but I certainly did not get pregnant intentionally with my first or third. Stuff happens…

Denise on

“It was all very old-fashioned and proper, and we went on lovely dates,”… Now getting knocked up from someone you just met is olf fashioned and proper ? HUH?

azriel on

How on earth does someone just get pregnant after two months? Also, a man wouldn’t have to “prove” himself if there was “proper” steps taken and a couple was married. I’m not seriously old fashioned but me and my husband were together for YEARS before I got pregnant. I only got pregnant because we stopped taking precautions.

KO on

Typical groupie.

Guest on

Have any of these “stars” heard of the pill? or a condom?

Anonymous on

Proper, old-fashioned???? Spreading like butter and getting knocked up at 2 months into a relationship, but b/c he took you on some dates turns it into old-fashioned, huh!?! Hollywood has everything very backwards and it gets old to hear that nothing seems sacred anymore. Good luck on the 2nd marriage.

microphilia on

well, Kate, when did you “prove yourself?” Is this an egalitarian relationship at ALL? Did you talk about keeping or not keeping the baby, as a team? good grief. and what did she “prove” when she got the big fake tits? she seems reckless to me.

Maria on

Yes Kate, lets talk in a few more years. This relationship won’t last either.

steph on

actually when u use comdoms, pills, the implant you still get pregnant as nothing is effective enough you get told this by the doctors, this women is my idol, she’s helped me through a dead end relationship that i had two kids, helped me be a stronger women that my kids needs as id be a mess if i didn’t read that u find love after splitting up from your kids dad then id of been a complete mess, Kate Hudson obviously didn’t say mum hell she didn’t even write this, the women who works at Elle wrote it;

mindy on

I wish EVERY commenter had their life under a microscope they way PR lay out the lives of actors. There is no perfect person, EVERYONE makes mistakes &few of us have EVERY word we say examined, dissected, ridiculed. Get a life. Do u read these articles 2measure ur life against? Try being happy for others. Live your life as you like. Many Blessings Kate Hudson.

shirley on

pretty sad when a kid is brainwashed into blaming one parent over the other for their parents breakup. that is a sign of POOR parenting. kate that may be why you can’t keep a relationship together. just saying. kurt’s a grown up, he should be able to handle reality.