Jamie-Lynn Sigler: Pregnancy ‘Definitely Threw Us for a Loop’

04/02/2013 at 02:00 PM ET

Life has certainly thrown Cutter Dykstra plenty of curve balls — but discovering that he and Jamie-Lynn Sigler were expecting a baby may have been the most surprising one yet.

“We definitely thought it was going to be a slow relationship process and possibly an engagement — I felt like it was coming — so the baby definitely threw us for a loop,” the Guys with Kids star, 31, tells SheKnows.

And with the minor league baseball player, 23, popping the question shortly after the couple discovered they were expecting — they’ll welcome a son in August — Sigler’s life has been nothing short of a whirlwind of excitement.

Fortunately, with many of her close friends simultaneously expanding their families — Beverley Mitchell welcomed a daughter last week while Joanna Garcia Swisher‘s baby girl is set to arrive in May, followed by Jenna Dewan-Tatum‘s delivery surprise in June — the mom-to-be is taking full advantage of her support system.

“It’s really cool to be able to go through this with all of them and I’m due last so … I can see what to do and what not to do,” she quips.

Jamie-Lynn Sigler Expecting a Son
Courtesy SheKnows

While she’s quick to pick up tips and tricks from her pregnant pals, Sigler is steering clear of pregnancy books, choosing to let nature take its course.

“It’s a bizarre thing, but also a beautiful thing. It’s the most natural thing your body can do,” she says. “My body knows what it’s doing. I’m just a vessel, I’m just the ship that’s carrying this baby until it’s ready.”

One read the couple may want to purchase? A baby name book. “We have our list of names that we’re playing around with, but it’s a lot of pressure!” Sigler says with a laugh, adding Dykstra is “very indecisive.”

Searching for a “strong name,” the proud parents-to-be can check a few off their list, the actress jokes.

“It’s not going to be a name that you can call anything that you can eat,” she says. “It’s not going to be spaghetti.”

— Anya Leon

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Anonymous on

imagine that, surprised that having sex leads to a baby?? *eye roll*

fiona on

“accidents” do happen, I myself became pregnant while taking the pill. *eye roll*

Angie on

What? You do realize that many many, if not MOST, pregnancies are unplanned, right? Some people may be married so it doesn’t seem that way but they’re still unplanned.

Planning a pregnancy doesn’t mean that you’ll love the baby more or be a better parent by any means. That has absolutely nothing to do with it. What matters more than anything else is that the baby has a happy, healthy home with parents that love him or her.

Some people choose to let things happen and live in the moment rather than plan every minute they’re alive…People that “let life happen” are much happier generally because they leave plenty of room for spontaneity to occur.

Puddytat on

So basically she will be raising TWO babies. He is way too young to settle down.

sunny on

IMO. there is no such thing as an accidental pregnancy. There is a way to get pregnant and if you are doing that, then your odds of having it happen begin at 50/50. Why are people “surprised”?

Ali on

“…. so the baby really threw us for a loop.” So, they didn’t know that having unprotected sex could lead to a pregnancy? Gimme me a break. These two seem like airheads to me. Good luck to the baby!

MGuggey on

So he popped the question because of a pregnancy? *eye roll* I hope these two can manage. Having children can test relationships.

Carrie M on

This gal is not the sharpest tool in the shed. She seems like an idiot actually…..

Deb on

Condoms….. Birth control pills… There are ways to avoid pregnancy.

ugh on

Not all birth control is 100%. Have any of you considered maybe they were in shock because she was on birth control and it failed? Just saying.

D on


Mina on

There’s a difference between an “unscheduled” pregnancy and an unplanned/surprise pregnancy.

An unscheduled pregnancy happens when two people in a relationship (married or not) make a conscious decision to forgo birth control and let nature take it’s course. In that case, the pregnancy itself isn’t a surprise; the couple just doesn’t know exactly when it’ll happen.

An unplanned pregnancy happens when 2 people make the mistake of having unprotected sex despite the fact that they don’t want to get pregnant and aren’t ready for a baby. Statistics have shown that only a very small percentage of unplanned pregnancies happen because properly-used birth control measures failed. In the vast majority of cases, the parents-to-be were just irresponsible (or engaged in improper use of birth control).

I have no patience for people who claim to be surprised by a pregnancy when they were having unprotected sex. Unprotected sex leads to pregnancy, whether you “plan” it or not.

Elaine on

i do not understand all of the mean comments. I have 3 kids, ONE was planned. I suppose everyone would respect her more had she stuck a vacuum up there and sucked that unplanned babyout?!?! Babies are a miracle. They don’t always come the way you planned, but they still deserve to be celebrated. Is her guy a bit young? yes, but that doesn’t mean he is not a good match for her. Congrats to both of them!

Lynocat71 on

Totally agree with your comment Elaine. I have 4 children. They are all healthy, happy and loved and we consider them miracles from God. That being said we planned and were trying for two out of our four children. I had a devastating loss at 28 weeks after an Amniosythesis. We tried again for baby number 3 after and were blessed. Baby # 4 we were not trying for but, it happened. She is now 20 months old. I pray they have a healthy and happy Baby Boy-

Dee on

Condoms break, diaphragms probably don’t get inserted properly, IUD 2 out of 1,000 women become pregnant, Depo Provera could cause breast cancer, Birth control pills not always effective. (I became pregnant while on the pill). So for the lack of a better word “accidents” do happen. The only sure fire way is abstinence.

Mina on

Yes, it’s true that “not all birth control is 100%,” but most unplanned pregnancies don’t happen because the condom broke or birth control pills failed. Most of them happen because people have unprotected sex, plain and simple.

Dee on

No one can say for sure she wasn’t taking precaution during sex , no more than I can say she was. Maybe the surprise was a physician told her she was infertile & couldn’t get pregnant.

HereWeGoYetAgain on

This is the same nonsense that Jessica Simpson spewed about both of her supposed ‘surprise’ pregnancies. No need to insult us with your babble, celebs. It’s truly none of our business that you wanted to have a child so you got pregnant. Just stop with the ‘GASP! It was a total shock!’ nonsense.

Charli Mabriel on

Angie, Angie, Angie – huh? Let life happen – can’t agree with you there. Of course life happens (lost job, condom breaks, etc.) but you can’t just throw up your hands and say “well, what’s going to happen to me today?” You have to take as much control as possible of your life. I also had to LOL when you say that those people are happier – of course they are, those of us that plan our lives are taking care of their spontaneous accidents (welfare, bankruptcy, etc.). Sounds like you’re preaching a life of unaccountability. A child won’t be happy or healthy in a crazy, spontaneous life (take some time to read about stability in a child’s life).

Lisa M. on

Many people who get pregnant while supposedly “on the pill” didn’t follow the directions. When you skip a day, you don’t take it the same time every day, or you’re on antibiotics, you are supposed to use backup.

dsfg on

I had a lot of friends when I was in my 20s who would either forget to take their birth control or use it incorrectly. And then they didn’t tell their boyfriends because they were afraid their boyfriends would stop sleeping with them. So when these girls ended up pregnant and said it was a surprise and they were on the pill . . . I didn’t really buy it. I also had a few friends who were only using condoms and the condom broke.

Not everyone wants to use condoms or the pill, and that’s fine, I completely understand. And it’s still an unplanned pregnancy if you didn’t plan it, regardless of whether or not you’re using birth control. But I get so tired of people saying they’re in shock they’re expecting a baby when they were not being too careful with birth control.

stacy on

She’s only 31! I thought she was much older. Good thing, since her fiance is young.

de on

I got pregnant using the pill 100% faithfully. No missed ones,9 am daily.I miscarried. It happens. I have family members that got pregnant with an IUD,using condoms and the pill.

My second baby we were using spermicide and I just stopped breastfeeding completely. Hadn’t even had my first period since baby #1 so I figured we were safe enough. Things happen. Only thing that is 100% is no sex at all.

They seem very happy and excited about the baby so congrats to them!

alison on

people, people…let’s be real – we all got to this earth by accident, or are still here by accident….

Anonymous on

Charli Mabriel- Most of the people who end up on wellfare because of having children are those that were irresponsible and didn’t use birth control (or didn’t use it properly) when they really weren’t in any shape financially or otherwise to have children.

The ones that Angie was talking about (the ones who decide that they won’t actively try for a baby but won’t do anything to prevent having one either), don’t make that decision unless and until they know that they will be able to support (financially and otherwise) a child and give him or her the love and attention s/he deserves.

Dee- Exactly! It’s also possible to get pregnant while using multiple forms of birth control (key word being “possible”. Obviously using two forms of birth control correctly and having them both fail is highly unlikely!). And even so-called “permenant” birth control fails once in a blue moon.

Bottomline: Sometimes you just can’t stop mother nature!

perabo on

can everyone stop fucking acting like pregnancies just “happen?” don’t have unprotected sex if you don’t want to get pregnant. stop acting like this just happens out of thin air.

AmandaC on

why do everyone of these celebs do the…omg I’m pregnant, how did THAT happen???? They can’t all be that dumb!

Trixie on

All these comments make my day. Thinking each one. LOL!

Charli Mabriel on

Anonymous: unless you are Angie, please don’t tell me what she meant by her comment.

However, since you did – I don’t think you really read her comment and/or were only looking for what you wanted to read. Angie specifically said people (no clarification of age/marital status, etc.) that “let life happen” are happier. Your comment is valid IMO (a key word phrase in these comments) but hardly a correct interpretation of Angie’s.

Kristin on

As someone who has struggled with infertility, I find comments about “surprise” pregnancies completely insensitive. If you are having sex, pregnancy is one possible outcome (even if you are using protection). The pregnancy might not be planned, but its not a shocking surprise. For those of us who would give anything to have a healthy pregnancy, its just a slap in the face to constantly be told by celebrities that they can conceive even when they are trying not to. Please be more senstive. A simple, “We may have not been planning for this, but are completely happy…” is sufficient. We all get it.

Sweet on

I’m really tired of these “surprised I got pregnant” stories by grown women who know what birth control is and how babies are made. Give me a break.

Shondra on

Pregnancy can through you for a loop whether you plan it or not. I don’t think any woman is prepared for the rush of emotions and hormones that comes especially if this if your first child. My pregnancy was planned and I was totally shocked that I got pregnant. I had some medical problems a couple months before we tried. The first time my husband and I tried I got pregnant naturally which I wasn’t expecting. So I do think pregnancy can “throw you for a loop” whether it’s planned or not.

Anonymous on

Kristin- “The pregnancy might not be planned, but its not a shocking surprise.” Maybe that’s true for you, but it’s not neccesarily true for everyone. Don’t tell people how to feel!

Shondra- Very well put! I don’t get why some people seem to be convinced that it’s impossible to be surprised or shocked by a pregnancy. Not using birth control (or using it incorrectly) when you have no known fertility issues is one thing. Obviously it shouldn’t be a surprise or a shock if pregnancy results in that case.

But if you get pregnant while using birth control or when you had reason to believe it was not going to happen without assistance, then it’s perfectly feasible to be “thrown for a loop” as Jamie-Lynn put it.

And unless we are Jamie, her fiance, or her doctor, we can’t possibly know which set of circumstances she got pregnant under.

cbaker on

glad to see i am not the only that doesnt understand why adults havent figured out yet……if you have unprotected sex, you are asking for pregnancy. dont be surprised when it happens. these women are not young teenagers that can get by with that excuse, they are adults that should know better.

Becca on

There are reasons that I am waiting untill marrige to have sex and this is one! My brother and his (then) girlfriend now ex-wife got pregnant and they tried to work it out but then she left didn’t want either of them. I have learned from my brothers screw ups. Sex is for a married couple so I am going to wait untill I meet my soulmate.