Look for Less: Penelope Disick’s Easter Chic

04/02/2013 at 10:00 AM ET

Kourtney Kardashian Penelope Disick Mischka Aoki Dress

So cute!

On Sunday, Penelope Disick and her family (mom Kourtney Kardashian and big bro Mason, 3) stepped out to attend church for Easter.

And the 8½-month-old looked adorable in her all-white ensemble, including a Mischka Aoki Dream of a Thousand Flowers dress ($482), floral headband and ballet flats.

But this isn’t the first time Kourtney’s baby girl has worn the designer. The little diva-in-training donned one of the brand’s frocks for the annual Kardashian holiday card.

Love Penelope’s sweet outfit? You’re in luck. We’ve rounded up similar styles — all under $28!

Amazon Little Lass Infant Knit Dress
Courtesy Amazon


Let your mini fashionista show off her sassy side in Little Lass‘s Infant Knit Dress ($12 – $28), which features a lace bodice, flouncy ruffled skirt and matching bloomers.

Amaxon Mud Pie Baby Headband
Courtesy Amazon


Whether she has long locks or still growing her hair out, Mud Pie Baby‘s Chiffon Flower Soft Headband ($10) is a pretty way to top off her look.

Nordstrom Bloch Dansoft Flats
Courtesy Nordstrom


The key to a polished ensemble is classic footwear. Our pick: Bloch‘s Dansoft Flats ($16) — they’re comfy and chic.

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Sarah S. on

I like the more affordable choices shown below. They’re cuter for a baby, and I’m sorry…$482 is outrageous!! Even if I had the money, I wouldn’t buy something like that one-shoulder dress for a baby.

Gizelle on

That’s a homely looking baby.

Robin on

Honestly that dress doesn’t look like it would be comfortable for the baby…poor kid…

NRW on

Love that the clothing is affordable. She looks just like her dad, especially making that face! And is her hair red? I guess Khloe isn’t the only one in the family who grabbed hold of a random pair of genes!! LOL, She’s soooo CUTE! GOD Bless.

Mia on

She looks more like Khloe than Kourtney – however … I see a lot of Scott in her face.

Stacey on

LOVE her outfit, but she is not cute, at all.

Michele on

P is freakin adorable!

Alysia on

Oh my that look penelope has on her face is so scott! So adorable!

Nana on

Come on people all babies are cute! Just because shes making a scott face don’t judge. Future pics will show shes as cute as Mason.

Nana on

I would like to know how much the seamstress was paid for sewing that $492.00 dress?! Any ideas

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Sorry but as others have said, don’t think she’s that cute, not a ‘pretty’ girl IMO. OTT outfit too!!

ddavis on

Shes a beautiful baby…post a pic of yourkids..

Anonymous on

very sad that a BABY dress costs close to 500.00$ it’s not reality. People read PEOPLE to dream, and to see what is ‘in’ but 500.00$ for a dress for an infant. wrong. they should try to be a little more frugal.

Ashley on

And Nana sorry, but that is not cute at all. I find Mason to be a very homely little boy, and I am not alone.

Mira on

She’s kind of cute. But Mason is one of the ugliest celeb kids around.

CCmommy on

I feel horrible for saying it, but I agree w/ some of the comments. Her kids are NOT cute at all. I’m pretty sure that they will grow up to be stunning, but for now…NO:(

Bkable on

She sent HOW MUCH!?! On a dress for a baby?!?! A drooling, pooping, spit-upping BABY!?

My Lord, I think someone has too much money. This was a momma who was a couponer only a year ago!

Elle on

$482 for a baby dress? Are you kidding me? I don’t care how much money you have, that is just insane. I swear these Kardashians don’t have a clue how to properly spend money.

SMH on

How catty and miserable does a person have to be to call a baby ugly? It’s funny because none of you saying cruel things about this child would ever have the nerve to say this to any mothers face.

diana on

UNBELIEVABLE!!! Some if you are outrageous I can’t believe you would make comments like that I think her children are precious! And yes she spent a little too much on the outfit but its her money not yours!!!

ddavis on

I agree with the last two ladies. Both comments are inappropriate and childish.

Amy on

NOT all babies are cute. This baby is not so far. mason isn’t cute either.