BumpWatch: Evan Rachel Wood – Shady Lady

04/01/2013 at 11:00 AM ET

Evan Rachel Wood Pregnant
KVS/Pedro Andrade/Pacific Coast News

Belly’s up!

Keeping cool with drinks to go, mom-to-be Evan Rachel Wood and her husband Jamie Bell stayed in step while out strolling in Los Angeles Saturday.

Since announcing her pregnancy in January — and debuting her bump at the Sundance Film Festival — the actress has been Tweeting special moments from her experience with pending parenthood.

Her latest memorable milestone? Feeling her unborn baby’s movements — and seeing her stomach shift before her eyes.

“Whoa, just saw a kick. Key word being SAW. Through my stomach. So cool!!” Wood, 25, Tweeted recently.

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Kelsey on

Awwww, happy for her! I remember when she started out on Practical Magic and Once and Again! Cant wait to see what she names her baby!

Kaylin on

I’m so glad these two found happiness together and made the greatest bond two people can share. I hope they have a great life together!

Jess on

I completely understand her excitement over seeing her baby kick. I remember when my sister was pregnant with my nephew I would sit with her and we would watch her belly move. It was the coolest thing. He is almost 21 yrs old now and I can still remember it like it was yesterday.

Aimara on

Yummy they are having Bubble tea’s!

Monica on

May we please BUMP the term, “baby bump”?!! Geez!!!

HH on

Showing off…or just going for a walk while pregnant.

cupid on

Aren’t you a wee bit bitter HH? What’s the matter? Are you so jealous that you can’t stand to see her going for a walk- in a photo? Go away Troll. What does it matter if she is showing off or just going for a walk? Congratulations to Evan!

Ceeteefeebs on

You missed the point HH was making: that magazines sensationalize even the most trivial things celebrities do. She’s not “showing off” her body to anyone; she’s taking a walk with her husband. Ease up, sweetie.

Dany on

I you haven’t seen her and Kate Winslet in “Mildred Peirce” – you NEED too!!

AMAZING performances and Beautiful Production. R.E.W. is just awesome as Veda!!! So good as being so Evil!!

jen on

I love her! The best of luck to her and the baby!

Lauren on

What a ridiculously stupid headline.

Hey People, what’s your definition of “showing off”? Personally, I don’t include “being stalked by paparazzi while walking on the street” in my definition of “showing off”.

I wrote more informative and accurate headlines in high school.

Jocelyn on

@cupid, I think you misunderstood. She was questioning PEOPLE. It’s obvious Evan Rachel Wood isn’t showing off in the slightest. She’s running out for a drink in a hoodie. She’s been really private about pictures and stuff of her pregnant, that’s what HH is referring too.

Blankita on

So happy for her:) wish them all the best

sunshine on

aww,yes it is very cool 2 actually “see” ur belly moving! Happy 4 her! : )

amy on

IT should be illegal to use the word “bump” when referring to a pregnant woman’s stomach. It’s trashy and low class.

lovely123 on

Two of the best things, feeling your baby kick for the first time, and hearing the heartbeat. Of course when the baby comes out too.

Colby on

Find it so very annoying the folks that attack other people on these boards..jealous much? bitter? troll…all cliche and just flat out mean spirited. Might not agree w/ everyone, but we are all certainly entitled to our opinions.

Ninahod on

why are people so damn sensitive over the term “bump”? Seriously get over it already. There are bigger issues in the world, and even in your own life, than to get annoyed by the term “baby bump”… grow up people.