Beverley Mitchell Welcomes Daughter Kenzie Lynne

04/01/2013 at 08:00 PM ET

Beverley Mitchell Welcomes Daughter Kenzie Lynne Exclusive Courtesy Beverley Mitchell

Beverley Mitchell is in seventh heaven!

The actress and her husbandΒ Michael Cameron welcomed daughter Kenzie Lynne Cameron on Thursday, March 28, Mitchell’s rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

Making her big debut in Santa Monica, Calif., baby girl weighed in at 5 lbs., 15 oz. and measured 18Β½ inches.

“We have fallen instantly in love and can’t wait to be the best parents we can to our beautiful little angel,” the new mom, 32, tells PEOPLE.

“Thank you for all the love and well wishes. Mom, Kenzie and Dad are settling in perfectly!”

Since announcing her pregnancy in November, the PEOPLE blogger has been busy prepping for parenthood, including recently celebrating her baby shower and sharing her 39-week pregnancy photos.

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— Anya Leon with reporting by Michelle Tan

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Emmy on

Congrats to Beverly and Michael!!! What a cute name!! Although I have to wonder if it was meant to be an homage to Mackenzie Lyn Rosman (aka Ruthie on 7th Heaven)!!!! Either way I’m sure she will feel honored!!! πŸ™‚

cupid on

caNt you read Emmy? It’s Kensie not Mkensie! Why would she feel honored? Duh!! Can’t you just be happy for them and stop reading into your pathetic thoughts?!?!

liliana on

so little!! big congratulations to them and a cute name, too!

Megan on

Little bitty baby! Congrats!

Anonymous on

I love the name Kenzie

Anonymous on

Tiny! That’s about the size of my 33 week twins! Was she early? Anyway, congrats!! I bet she’s beautiful! πŸ™‚

Candy on

Love the name… congrats!

Anonymous on

What a horrible name!! Kenzie???

Amanda on

I love the name!! And I’m so happy for them! Kenzie is a tiny baby! So cute! Congrats to them! πŸ™‚

noelle on

i love the name!!!cute

Kat on

Congrats! πŸ™‚

kim on

did she name the baby after mackenzie rosman, her costar of 7th heaven?

Becky on


chloe on

I like that they waited a few days before announcing instead of two seconds after birth like many others… And what a gorgeous name.

Buffy on

Congrats!! My daughter was 5lb 8oz and was 40+ weeks when born. Healthy babies come in all sizes!

haven on

That is a small baby and i thought my baby was small at 6 lbs 6 ozes because everyone else giving birth around that time had 8 lbs baby as long as baby and mom are healthy. Congrats!

Aimee on

Kenzie isn’t a name that will fit an adult, but I guess that’s the “thing” these days.

smc on

Really Aimee? Because I have a family friend who’s an adult and her name is Kenzie… she seems to be doing okay with her name as an adult.

Megan on

Congrats. Love the name.

Ness on

That’s how much my youngest weighed. Small but healthy!

Anonymous on

Finally a smart celb baby name love it!!!!

Susie on

Love the name! Congrats! πŸ™‚

Carmen on

Congratulations!!! What a beautiful name! My first baby was full term and weighed 5 lbs 14oz and 18.5 in. What a precious little gift from heaven!!

E on

We are just at about 5 pounds at 35 weeks so not too tiny. She was full term so sounds like baby is nice and healthy, pretty much 6 pounds.

Andrea on

Very cute name! 5’15 is pretty small but her mommy is tiny herself. Congratulations!

Jood on

5 Pounds 15 ounces (I ounce short of 6 pounds) is within the NORMAL range. Do you really not know the normal range or are you just competitive?

DaisyMoon on

Wonderful…Congrats to the new parents!

Great normal name, Hallelujah!

Latrice on

Congrats to the new parents I like the name.

Anonymous on

Congrats You! What a joy

Amanda on

What a peanut πŸ™‚ 3 of my 4 were less than 6lbs, I have their tiny first outfits still. Congrats! I am sure she is beautiful!

Annon- her blog said she was close to her due date, either 39 or 40 weeks I believe.

Mary on

Bet she is a cutie, love the name.

Anonymous on

I liked your character in “7th Heaven”. Congrats to you both. Best wishes for a healthy, happy child. This child seems rather small. Was she full term?

TJ on

Love the name! NCIS LA fan?

Sure seems most celebrity pregnancies go fast unless your name is Jessica Simpson…Seems like she is pregnant for years before she delivers!

rach on

I wonder if it was a coincidence that her 7th heaven costar is Mackenzie Lyn. Or maybe that was done on purpose, Mackenzie was one of her bridessmaids.

Rebecca on

Congrats to the proud new parents!!! Love the name, but I may be a little biased – my niece’s name is Kenzie πŸ™‚

Anna on

Love her name!! I can’t wait to see a picture of her….her parents are a cute couple.

Anthony Coggins on

Congrats to the new family! My wife and I are big fans and we wish you all the best. Your lives have changed forever – all for the better! Much happiness to you, Michael, and little Kenzie Lynne

Julie wamboldt on

Best wishes to Beverley and her husband Michael and their new adition to the family. It’s nice to see that they had the good sense to pick a name that the little one won’t ate them for as she gets older.

Carolina on

Congrats! I’m sure she is beautiful and is thriving!

Lani on

Don’t think she was that early sadly she was at least 39 weeks.

Romy on

I don’t care for the name, thought she’d go more traditional. Kenzie sounds made up or like a nickname to me. JMO

mrsh1220 on

Love her name!

bevvie on


Sarah on

Love the name! Such a cute name! She weighed the same amount as my daughter πŸ™‚

meghan on

It might be, Emmy. I think Mackenzie was one of Beverley’s bridesmaids, so they are still close…

Addison on

She wasnt due til mid April I think. As long as she is healthy πŸ™‚

Congrats to the happy couple. Kenzie is such a cute name πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

Congrats to her and her family! Seems like her pregnancy flew by!

SV on

Congratulations, Beverley! I have to wonder about the timing of your last blog post and the birth of Kenzie, because this says she was born on March 28th and your post was on the 29th, and you wrote as if you were still pregnant and posted pictures of you at 39 weeks. Anyways…

I am glad she was delivered safely and I agree with the first comment on here about her name possibly being homage to the actress who played Ruthie on 7th Heaven. Could you possibly clarify that at some point in the new future? Enjoy your new little bundle! =]

Pam on

Congrats! Love the name! I have also chosen that name for my daughter someday. πŸ™‚ It’s so cute!

Anonymous on

Love the name!!!! It’s my daughters name too πŸ˜ƒ

robinepowell on

I like her first name. Kenzie is cute and original, not to mention an actual name for a person. What’s funny is her middle name is the exact same spelling as my mother’s name.

Lisa on

Congrats to the new parents! I love the name Kenzie. My daughter was also 5lbs 15oz when she was born πŸ™‚

MommytoanE on

Awe! She’s so tiny!! Such a sweet name tho. Much more normal than some out there. Congrats to the happy parents. πŸ™‚

mommyof5 on

congrats i had two lil babies 5.8 and 4.8 they will be a great set of parents

Lauren Kaminski on

Wow cute name!:) Congratulations!!!:)

Aimee on

No she was full term!!! Congratulations on the birth of Kenzie.

Deb on

Yay Congratulations! Finally a celeb with some sense and a lovely baby name that’s actually for a little girl. πŸ™‚

Teena on

Aw, that’s tiny. My son had about the same weight and length and was born at 36weeks+3days. Congrats to the happy family!!

Jamie on

Kenzie? Not sure on that name. Mackenzie would of been nicer. Congrats all the same to the family.

Karateleshi80 on

Gorgeous! I wonder if Kenzie is short for Mackenzie? Either way I like her name best celebrity baby name so far this year! I like her middle name Lynne too although I like more unusual spelling like Linn, Lin. Then again it may be carrying on name already in the family.

Robin on

Seriously, there are several people on here who are angry and mad, that a married actress and her husband, just brought a new life into the world!, Really?, shame on you people! Congratulations Beverly and Michael!, and welcome into the world little Kenzie!

Sherry on

Congrats to you both!!!

Carole124 on

A normal baby name in hollywood! Hallelujah!

Debs on

Cute name, congrats to the happy parents!

dancer92136 on

I am sure she is beautiful and I can’t wait to see the pictures. I will bet Auntie Jessica is going to spoil this baby.

Carol on

Congrats to the new parents! Kenzie Lynne, what a nice, normal name!

Anonymous on


3kittymama on

Thank God she named the child something normal. I like it a lot!

Missy on

I love the nickname Kenzie! Not sure if I would use it as a legal name but its cute either way!

@anonymous-she was due in sometime in April but never said when, so the baby could have been as much as a month early or as little as a couple of days. I got the impression from her last blog that she was due towards the beginning, but who knows?

Deanna on

I have been following Beverley’s blog throughout her pregnancy and have loved her since her 7th Heaven days! Congratulations to both Beverly and Michael!!! Such an exciting time for them and I’m sure they are over the moon πŸ™‚

erilynne on

My middle name is Lynne too!


Tee Tee on

Congratulations, Beverley and Michael! Kenzie Lynne is a beautiful name. Looking forward to hearing all about your baby daughter in your next blog post!

Stacey on

cute name and NORMAL, yea!!!!!!

gramma2twins on

Awwww….you missed my birthday by one day! Congratulations to the three of you. Beautiful name & beautiful parents. (Love the name Kenzie too because that’s what we call our granddaughter Mackenzie Marie!)

Danni on

She was full term. There was a blog posted on this site that showed her pregnancy pictures. In one of them she was 39 weeks. Congrats, Beverley!

Marissa on

Since when is having a baby a weight contest? Women are so hard on other women, especially mothers. Team up ladies, my goodness!!!

Anonymous on

Congrats to her & her family. I love the name. As for the baby being small. I carried full term & my son was the exact same size. Some babies are just tiny πŸ™‚

Brooklyn on

Congrats to Beverley and Michael! Really like the name!

Alicia on

That’s a tiny baby! And no, she wasn’t premature!

shelby on

Wow, jealous much!!! If she was your baby, you could name her whatever you wanted. I think it is a gorgeous name. Keep your rude comments to your self.

tina on

So happy for you guys. Congrats love the name. She was born on my 10 yr old son birthday. It’s so neat πŸ™‚

shannon on

I LOVE her name! Congrats to the happy family.

Stormy on

Congrats and I think she was right on time … my daughter was born 2 1/2 weeks early and weighed 5 pounds even beautiful name for a new family

Anonymous on

I’m so glad to see a celeb give their baby a normal name!

Michele on

Cute name

Kelseu on

I love the the name kenzie and im not just saying that because my daughters name is Mackenzie Quinn but we call her kenzie. I just love the name:-)

Jami on

I just had a baby girl on Saturday and named her Kenzie! Congrats!!

Kathy VanBlarcum on

Congradulations on your daughters birth.We loved you as and actress and now motherhood will be awesome.Oh and love the name and how you spelled it.

meghan on

@cupid, take a sedative and chill out.

First of all, it’s Kenzie with a Z, not an S. Second, Kenzie is a common nickname for Mackenzie, as several people have already pointed out. Third, it’s not a giant leap to suggest that Beverley may have chosen a variation on her friend’s name because she thinks it’s pretty. They have been a part of each others lives for seventeen years or so. Didn’t Holly Madison just name her kid after a childhood friend?

Either way, even if the baby’s name has nothing to do with Ms. Rossman, it still doesn’t warrant the level of vitriol that you are attacking Emmy with. Talk about pathetic.

Anonymous on

Congrats to them! As far as the weight issue goes, I weighed four ounces less than Kenzie did at birth, and I was born not quite two weeks before my due date (and therefore was techinically full term, as two weeks either side of the due date is considered within the “normal” range for births!).

So I don’t think Kenzie was neccesarily early.

Bkable on

I love her name πŸ™‚ though I’m probably bias lol

(and Aimee, I’m 23 and I think my name is perfect – even as an adult)

marie on

Congrats to Beverley!!

A normal name! on

A normal name for Hollywood! What will the kid do when she goes to school πŸ˜‰ She will be bullied for not being named after a “thing” or a “fruit” or a dead President!

shelley on

I find it very cool, my daughters name is Kenzie, born at 5 lbs 15 oz 18 1/2 inches. I guess Kenzies meant to be tiny πŸ™‚ congrats to them!

Lisa B on

Yay! Congrats on your bouncing baby girl. One of my school mates has a 7 yr old girl named Kenzie (who is actually a child model/actress now). It’s a cute name for a cute little tot!

And for the 18 people who hit the “mad” face…..really? LOL

Emmy on

@ Cupid- πŸ˜›
@ Meghan- Thanks! πŸ™‚

Mel in STL on

Usually I’m not a fan of people giving nicknames as the actual name, but Kenzie Cameron could not sound cuter! I can’t believe that with as big as she got her daughter was only 5 pounds! Congrats to both of them! What a cute couple!

sunlight on

kenzie is also actually shoe brand name…no lie!

Cathy on

Welcome to the world baby Kenzie!

Grace on

Congrats on your baby girl! My cousin was the same weight as your baby girl when she was born (she was like 2 weeks early) but 14 years later, she is a tall beautiful healthy young lady! Kenzie (its probably short for Mackenzie or Mckenzie, don’t know which way they spell it).

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