Suri Cruise Gets New Bangs

03/31/2013 at 11:00 AM ET

Suri Cruise New Bangs

Seraphina Affleck isn’t the only celeb kid sporting a new ‘doΒ these days.

On Friday, we spotted Suri Cruise with super short bangs while on her way to a friend’s house in N.Y.C.

But unlike mom Katie Holmes‘s full blunt version, the nearly 7-year-old’s style is really cropped.

Actually, it looks like it may have been her own handiwork as it doesn’t really match the rest of her long, lush locks.

Either way, we think she looks adorable with or without them.

TELL US: What do you think of Suri’s new haircut?

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Barbara on

I saw this yesterday and knew right away someone did it herself. my sister did mine…but she did my whole head.

jenn1114 on

Looks like she cut them herself, lol

kara p. on

Too short-enough said.

Tee Tee on

I think it’s a pretty safe bet that Suri took scissors to her own hair.

Monika on

Yep Tee Tee! My kid did it too!

mystery on

I think Suri looks terrible with bangs. She looked better without bangs. She looked like she cut her own hair.

Dorie on


Minda on

😦 No bueno!

Laura on

Haha – gotta love kids! Home hairdressing at its best!

stacy on

My daughter did that same thing when she was three! Suri is 6, she may be too old to do that herself, but it sure looks like she did!

Lady on


Kresta on

Maybe she got sick of her hair hanging over her face all the time and decided to do something about it herself.

JS on

I don’t know my mom cut my bangs once…I wiggled a bit too much, and mine ended up in a similar fashion. πŸ™‚

SAR on

She’s a very pretty little girl.

chaotte on

Yes my daughter and all my grandkids had the same bangs lol

MommytoanE on

Stacy, My niece cut her own hair at the ages of 3, 5 and 6. So it is possible.

Honestly, It kinda looks like the little wispy hairs on the forehead just got a little thick. My daughter has long, thick hair and that tends to happen to her from time to time.

Anne Ahlefeld on

My son was in first grade and some how managed to cut his hair with safety scissor. While he was in school. The hair still doesn’t grow right and it’s been 8 years. She did it herself,lol.

michelle on

My son cut a chunk of his bangs off all the way down to his scalp when he was little…it never grew back right either, it looks like a bad cowlick 10 years later! Lol!

Anonymous on

In my case, it was my mom (and I was 9 OMG). But we didn’t have the money some folks do just to get bangs cut on a kid and my mom is just horrifically AWFUL at cutting hair. That woman should not be allowed anywhere near scissors.

In Suri’s case, she definitely did it herself. LOL It’s going to be the longest 3 months of her life waiting for her bangs to grow out.

Marky on

I’ve seen this “haircut” before on at least 2 of my children, LOL. It’ll grow out in a month…..

Miche on

Wow she looks like her mom in this picture!

Elara on

It actually doesn’t look that bad. Kind of cute in a funky way. They will grow out fairly quickly. She’s a beautiful little girl no matter what haircut she has.

melissa on

I’ve been cutting my own bangs since I was 9… never been without bangs and never want to!

Magnolia on

I know what you mean melissa except I cut my bangs once on my own… Now I never have bangs! πŸ˜‰ Everyone has that right of passage to cut their own hair… Glad it worked for you! =D

Kim on

LOl I have to laugh, she obviously did it herself, it’s way too short otherwise and what child has gone through childhood without a self haircut anyways ? She is just lucky she didnt cut all her hair off like my then 5 year old son did to my then 2/3 year old daughter like literally like a boy cut close to the head, only now just over a year after her first cut is her hair long enough to get into little ponytails lol have to laugh or you’ll cry hey πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

It’s funny and bound to happen to most kids.. just glad she stopped at the bangs and didn’t keep going through that beautiful long hair! I’m surprised Katie didn’t put a hat on her while out in public though.

Stacey on

Almost 7 years old and chopped her bangs off………….she is too old to be doing that. My child would of been in huge trouble.

Anonymous on

she totally did that herself, most kids do…mine did!

TLC on

****Almost 7 years old and chopped her bangs off………….she is too old to be doing that. My child would of been in huge trouble.****

REALLY? Over cutting her own hair? You would have given your 7 year old “real trouble?” It WILL grow back you know?

I was 2nd grade and my mom wanted my hair long and I wanted bangs (back in the 70″s) and she wouldn’t cut it. So, I did it myself the morning of SCHOOL PHOTO DAY! LOL…every kid cuts their own hair at some point. But my mom just laughed and told me that I would look back at that photo with regret and laughter in years to come, she didn’t say that I was in REAL TROUBLE!!!

I feel sorry for your kid.

dk on

Well said. There are more important things in life. At least she can cut her own hair, if that’s what happened.

Cindy Reynolds on

SO DARN CUTE!!!! She obviously found Mom’s scissors and gave herself a new hair did. My daughters did the same thing.

MM on

Suri cut her own hair! No brainer! When is this child going to stop carrying animals and blankets? Poor child needs therapy!

w on

She definitely did that cut herself! my son did it at her age, and it looked terrible. lol

Magnolia on

With or without the bangs… Suri is a breathtaking little girl… She looks as gorgeous as Katie in this photo!

claireadele on

not pretty

kim on

i hope they grow out quickly, it does NOT suit her. & yes, it completely looks like she tried playing hairdresser on herself. lol im so glad neither of my 2 kids ever tried that. although, suri DOES seem to be too old to be pulling a move like that =/

caseylyne on

I dont think those were on purpose. It looks like it was done with safethy scissors …just show kids will be kids

Danielle on

Suri did it herself….no hair dresser will do such a bad job. but she looks cute…….maybe she is going to be a beautician…..? who knows….?

Debbie on

Umm, pretty sure that wasn’t planned. This looks like Suri got hold of the scissors herself.

mommaof3 on

And this is news why? My daughter did that when she was 4 and it wasn’t on!

Emily on

Did you really just ask adults to weigh in on critiquing (aka picking apart) a child’s hair cut? THAT’S LOW! She didn’t ask for fame. How would you like to be judged on the internet by millions of strangers when you were 7?

Kathy on

This looks like something I did just before my third grade pictures for school!!!!

Stephanie on

I got my scissors taken away in kindergarten for the same thing!

Megan on

Hahahaha it’ll be a funny story to tell one day. I, too, would guess she did it herself.

Emry on

god those are way too short

insanitysam24 on

Ah, I gave myself that exact haircut when I was her age. Every kid does it.

Taylor Girl on


Nannyto1 on

Hahaha… this reminds me of my daughter’s hair when she was about 4, when she cut it herself!! She cut it, then hid the scissors and hair underneath the sofa hoping we wouldn’t notice. Suri’s beautiful no matter what.

cin on

She still looks beautiful, even more so because her hair is not covering her face now.

Becca on

She is so cute. My sister chopped her friend’s off when she was Suri’s age. She even charged her friend for the “hair cut.” Suri has beautiful hair, and she looks just like Mom.

Jen on

Looks like she and and her friends got a hold of a pair of scissors and did a bit of trimming for themselves. Happens all the time. A friend of mine’s child had her hair “trimmed” by a friend. Her mother had to take her to the hairdresser to have it evened out. And it grew back, but the short hair was also cute, so it was all good.

Teresa on

She wanted a new look and took matters into her own hands. I think she should grow them out a half inch or so and keep them. She is an adorable little girl!

Stephanie on

Love it, she looks just like Katie.

Kris on

She is a beautiful little girl, stop saying mean things about her. We are adults on this site and know better than to pick on a little girl. She cut her own hair, her Mom would not have done that to her.

yikes on

They look great – she can finally see the world.

Charity on

Yep. She did it herself. Who hasn’t? And be honest!

Kelly on

How is this news?

Guest on

Little short but still a beautiful little girl.

lisa on

I think most kids at that age give themselves haircuts. My 7 year old daughter had waist length hair and after a brush with the scissors, had to take her to a salon to even it all out..she left with hair to her shoulderblades.

joan on


The Arbiter on

Oh woo hoo…BIG news here man. LOL, Next time I get a haircut I will have to issue a press release.

Sammi on

Is this actually a real story?

diane on

very pretty!

Andrea on

Those of us who are moms can know right off the bat that a certain little one was sneaky and decided to play hair dresser. I think we’ve all been there with our kids. At least it was only the bangs and not the rest of her hair! lol

Guest2012 on

LOL! Of course, she did it herself.. Or it was a trainee’s first day and she was subsequently fired, I would think.

JustMe on

LOL! Every kid does it, its a rite of passage.

BW on

She’s adorable, whether the bangs were done herself or not

Sarah miner on

Seriously. Who cares?

me on

OMG!!!! Stop the world from spinning, Sufi got bangs!!!!!! This is news Worthy????? Really??? I understand you need fluff pieces to fill in space but really, who cares????? The poor girl never smiles!!

Dietra on

Cute kid!

adeline on

It’s only hair, it grows back! She still is cute. I did it too as a kid…..

Kate on

Definitely not intentional bangs but the kind you get when you put scissors to your own hair, poor thing.

donna on

looks like an average 7 yr old who took the scissors to her own hair…come on People magazine stop making everything look like it is something important

Ginger on

What’s the fuss about; she looks cute and the bangs, such as they are, keep the long hair out of her face.

Anonymous on

Years ago my husband and I went on a trip and left our 2 & 4 year old boys with the in-laws. The 4 year old gave the 2 year old a cut just like that. The sad thing was that he was in a wedding the next week.

Anonymous on

She did her own bang cut I cut mine that short at her age

easha on

she cut them herself, looks so funny

Guest on

OMG an ugly little girl got an ugly haircut…stop the presses!

Noodles on

my son did that the day before his kindergarten pictures =) it happens! they’ll grow back

Anonymous on

this is the hair cut of -self-. I noticed it in a previous photo and thought, yep, she finally cut her own hair… lol… it will grow, hope mom hides the scissors though.

nancy on

I recognize a “diy” when I see it. My older daughter was five when she cut her bangs. My other daughter was three when she cut her whole head. Where, oh where, were those dang scissors???? I was pretty careful about stuff like that.

Mandalae Pearl on

She obviously cut her own hair. No biggie. I drew all of my sister with permanent marker when I was 1. She had no hair and she needed some, ALL OVER her body. As for the stuffed animal, I am sure when you are little having screaming photographers follow you 24/7 is scary. They are her security. Get over it.

Rachel on

mommaof3 are you for real? of course your kid wouldnt be on you are not famous and your child is a nobody to the world. you are an idiot

Lyrak on

This is definitely a 7-year-old with a pair of scissors haircut. πŸ˜€

Niky on

Look like her mother put hand on it !!

sonia lopez-santos on

She is simple, Adorable, God Bless her, forever!!!!

maureen pagano on

Did she cut her own bangs. Looks like someone just chopped them off. LOL….she’s such a cutie anyway.

sandylu on


Niki on

Yikes- Yea, she definitely did that herself.

Michele on

what the hell? that looks horrible… did she do that to herself?

Kim on

Her own handiwork…

Anonymous on

Too short!

Beth Campbell on

So what?! Who cares? She is the child of two beautiful, rich, famous people. Leave her alone!

By the way, my young daughter is the same age and got bangs over spring break too. Do you want her picture?!

me on

Wtg Katie. Not sure if it was done intentional or not but I remember doing this to my own hair and my mom making me walk around a week with my own handy work. Needless to say lesson learned and left the cutting up to the professionals.

maryhelenc on

LOL! What a silly girl!

jackson on

Never written a comment…must have been a slow news day in lala land. A seven year old gets bangs…oh the horror. People magazine is one of my favourite media outlets but this is ridiculous. You’re better than this.

mytwocents on

Just in time for spring pictures too!! Katie must be thrilled lol

Karen M. on

Wow. I cut my friend’s hair once when I was about 6 – her mom was NOT pleased! LOL

Karen on


Anonymous on

Definitely looks like she did that herself. LOL…and cute. It’s a kid thing. She’ll be alright.

Maija on

Cute child, regardless of hair cut.

dixie on

I think that Suri is just adorable no matter what…but, I also think she probably did it herself. My sister cut my hair, all over, including the bangs when I was very young….my bangs looked exactly like hers..

Stoney on

It’s amazing how much she resembles both Katie and Tom equally. It’s a perfect 50/50 split. She is a beautiful little girl, but many times she looks sad.

trixie on

looks like the scissors were not put away

Nancy on

Oh no! Someone found the scissors!

Amy on

LOL – it’s a little girl’s rite of passage to cut her own hair at least once.

Ouiser on

Looks like a little girl got ahold of a pair of scissors…

Janet on

Looks like Tom chewed on them.

Nancy on

Oh! It could’ve been a classmate’s handy work. My son chopped a little friend’s ponytail at the scalp. Only on the one side though!

Cate on

LOL. Looks like Suri’s handiwork. πŸ™‚ Nice to see her being a normal kid.

CS on

I think they’ll look really cute when they grow out just a bit.

Susan on

She looks like Toms cousin William Mapother.

And who cares if she cut her own bangs. I’m 41 and still cut mine when I can’t get in to my hairdresser for one reason or another.

mal on

lol she def did this herself! i never cut my own as a child, but my older brother did it for me! she’s still a cutie!

deb on

Kitchen bangs.

KrisAnn on

I know a “self beautician” when I see one! Have had several girls with the exact same haircut! You can only do your best to even it out until you can pull back in a barette or cut more bangs! Funny and cute at the same time!

sm on

Some little girl was naughty!

Shelley on

Aw, yeah, I think she did a little home haircut, like thousands of other kids have done. The difference is we don’t get the incident picked apart in the media. Poor kid, I feel bad for her, no matter how rich and privileged. For the person who asked when is she going to stop carrying a stuffed animal and blankie, maybe she will when paparazzi stop following her everywhere, and adults stop criticizing her bangs, her clothes, her toys, her behavior… Can any of you mean people imagine what that is like for a little girl??? Leave her alone, and People, stop doing these ridiculous stories on celebs’ kids – just because their parents are famous, that doesn’t make their kids fair game to be exploited!!!

janet on

I have had three girls cut their hair. They all looked like that after the stylist attempted to “fix” them.

Callie on

Those aren’t bangs! Those are “I found the scissors and decided to cut my own hair” look.

Karen on

I think Suri cut her own bangs as I did that myself when I was a child. Perhaps Suri is trying to send Katie a message that she would like her hair cut.

itznia on

Awww…. She cut her own hair!!!! They look really bad but what a great lesson learned – all kids do it!!! At least she is being normal!! They will grow back!!! Hahahhaaa!!

WiddoMouse on

Alert the media. Oops. Somebody already did.

Sandy on

oops looks like Suri cut her own bangs!!!l LOL

marina on

she must have gotten gum in her hair to acquire that hot mess

Jacksgran on

She’s adorable with or without bangs!!!!

jmg on

Ummm, this is more like a young child having fun with some scissors while mommy wasn’t looking.

Tams on

Maybe Katie cut them herself…lol! I was really poor growing up so my mom was my hairstylist and not a good one at that. Needless to say my bangs looked like that on numerous occasions until I grew them out at age 11.

Suri looks so much like Katie in that picture!

Jen on

I was thinking maybe her mom had to cut them to remove chewing gum or something

kira on

she definitely got a hold of the scissors, wanted to be like mommy…oops!

Jen on

It is a sad state of affairs (and pathetic) if the world needs to know about Suri Cruise’s hair (or any other celebrity, for that matter!) And every time she goes clothes shopping and what she is wearing! With all of the other things going on in this world that are actually important (such as servicemen getting killed defending our country and our freedom), why do the news outlets report on useless crap like this? Our society is becoming dumber and dumber by the minute. How many people do you think genuinely care that a celebrity got a new hairstyle? Or that a celebrity shops at a certain store? Or that a celebrity ordered a tall, nonfat latte at Starbucks? Come on, sheeple…I mean people!

Terri on

She is as precious as they come, but I think she might have decided to play hair stylist and decided to make herself her first customer. LOL! Every little girl needs a “did it myself” story. She’s still a cutie pie.

Anonymous on

Yes looks like she is her own hairdresser πŸ™‚

Liz on

My guess is also Suri DIY. She’s still an adorable girl!

Katia on

She most definitely cut them herself! Lol! Every one of my kids did this to their hair at least once! At the time I was unhappy with the results, but looking back on it, I can only giggle over how funny it really was.

Kate on

All of us with kids can tell this is a self cut job…lol

Cristina on

You know, at first when I clicked on the story I said to myself “Omg why are you on and why do you care that Suri got bangs?”.. then I looked at the picture and laughed…. my daughter cut all of her hair a year and a half ago…. it just now grew back to normal. I feel Kate’s pain especially since her daughter is such a fashionista lol… it’s only her bangs they’ll grow back in a couple of months.

gail on

That is what happens when kids cut their own hair and then Mom needs help to fix it. Normal for her age!!!!!!

kazumi_yumi on

yep, she did it on her own…

kazumi_yumi on

i did that to my own hair before so, yep, celebrity or not, she is just like any other little girl, good to know …

Erin on

I don’t think there isn’t a kid out there that hasn’t at some point in their life, either tried to cut their own hair or that of their siblings! Good news is, it will grow back! She is still a cute little girl. Honestly people, your tacky and classless comments just amaze me.

skg on

Wondering if she cut more than the bangs?lol Looks like she’s wearing a hair piece over her hair. Such a cute little girl.

Shelley on

I think Suri is allowed to do whatever she wants – and if she wants to pick up a pair of scissors, which she obviously did, no-one stops her.. What is with the constant stuffed animal? Doesn’t say much for Katie’s parenting either. But then again, she married Tom Cruise, which speaks for itself.

priss85 on

Lol! Omg this takes me back to the day! I did this to myself when I was little too! Hahaha!

BebeH on

She DEFINITELY cut those herself! Almost every child does it at some point. It just….happens

priss85 on

@Jen, so you’re telling me that you come on this website to read about the things in this world that really matter? This is a celeb gossip site, and should be treated as such. If you don’t like it, go on a different site. Don’t spew your ignorant opinions on here because if you’re on here, you know exactly what you’re getting!

Lori on

I think she has been playing with the scissors…

Marky on

Jen (or any other sanctimonious twit complaining about the fact that there is celeb news on a celeb site), People is not the place to get your latest war updates, world news, updates on rapes, murders, or any other “major news”! It is a celeb site, and most people come to this site for a bit of relief from all the “heavy” news. If that’s what you want, go to CNN, MSNBC, FOX, or any other major news site on your computer, TV, or radio. Otherwise, get a grip on your self-righteous “doesn’t anyone except me have sense enough to realize how unimportant this is?” attitude. Yes, and thank goodness we can find a place to get a break from the horrors of so much bad news 24/7!!!

Mel on

Katie did it.Google her wedding photo’s and you can see the same sort of wispy fringe.

Yulia on

How cute! I think every girl did it with their own hair. I even did it once when i was 20, but since then only with help of hairstylists! :)))

mamay on

I was not happy to see the “suri has bangs” headline. My daughter has had every haircut suri does – but we had it first! I had my daughters hair in a cute bob then suri did. then I grew her hair out, then suri did. then I just gave her bangs a few weeks ago so when I saw this I was like “oh no” everyone is going to think I’m suri obsessed but we really did do it first! Luckily, my daughter’s bangs aren’t that short so I don’t think it will look like I’m making her into a suri wannabe. Although my daughter did cut a chunk out of her hair recently, it was on the side not the bangs!

kgfrbc on

I always hid my scissors when my two where really young. I didn’t want unwanted hair cutting or other things like curtains cut. Hide your scissors folks if you don’t want your little one doing what Suri did. Just saying!

Sophia on

Definitely looks like a bit of self-stylin’ haha. I think it’ll look pretty sweet once her hair grows a bit and gets straightened up. Don’t think this girl could looks ugly if she tried though, she’s such a cutie.

Angie on

I agree with everyone else..She totally did this to herself. Why didn’t People catch that?

Sandy on

Reminds me of the time time my six-year-old sister grew annoyed with her cowlick and gave herself a mullet with the scissors at home. She looked like a human toothbrush for a couple of months. Love it when kids cut their own hair!

Robin on

Anybody who cares to review the photos of the past several years of the Cruise phenomenon can clearly see that child NEVER looks like anyone’s taken a brush to that hair! Glad the hair dresser or the kid herself to have the sense neither one of her parents do to get that rats nest off her face!

Aud on

I woke up this morning and read “Suri Got Bangs.” I was about to post a sarcastic snide remark about posting something newsworthy, and then I saw the picture. LOL. Yeah, someone was left too long with the scissors.

Clarissa on

1 – Bangs don’t suit her.

2 – It’s so sad that people treat Suri as some fashion icon of sorts, following her style choices and whatnot. It’s a KID people!


Trisha on

$10 Says she did it herself.

Grandma of Four on

Been there…Done that! With myself and then my own kids did the same thing! Actually, my son did such a number on himself, we had to go to the barber shop for a SUPER buzz cut!

bluebuns on


AmandaC on

Holy crap People the kid chopped her bands, a lot of kids do, why make a big deal out of it, it’s pretty obvious she did it herself and not a “new hair do”.

Anonymous on

thanks People magazine, i really couldn’t make it through the day without knowing this news.. lol I just had to click on this headline because it made me laugh!

Ruth on

Wow must really be a slow news day

leslieD on

LOL–yes, I think she was her own stylist with this look. cute.

Tree on

It takes a very beautiful girl to pull off bangs that short.

Angel on

I think some little girl has found the kitchen scissors. LOL What little girl has not.

Kris on

Leave this poor spoiled brat alone! Who cares if she got bangs? It does look like she cut them herself but what little (or big) girl hasn’t done that?

Danielle on

Tom is a holiday father., yes…only for Christmas and Thanks giving….the rest of the year…….where is your Daddy…? poor child. Thank God she has a wonderful caring mother.

Mari on

This is considered news? Scraping the bottom of the barrel aren’t we People?

tina on

Yeah, she must have done those herself. My sister did that to herself when she was about her age LOL

Monica on

According to my Mom, I cut thru an entire pony tail and she didn’t realize it until she starting talking my hair down for bath time. She freaked because at first, she thought I was losing my hair!! She was not happy, and, sadly, I was certainly no beautician!!!

Anonymous on

Suri has GORGEOUS hair – and I think she would look great with bangs; but the bangs she has were definitely not done by a ‘grown-up’. My son did a better job when he cut my daughter’s bangs though (and he was 3yrs old)……… I think they could probably fix them a little bit better.

Lynda on

Any kid I’ve ever known has done this. It’s in the Kid Rule Book! LOL My Granddaughter took out many chunks of her beautiful hair, mommy wasn’t watching her close enough……

Michelle on

Why are they so short?

Anonymous101 on

Hopefully Katie didn’t pay someone to do these and Suri just did them herself. Hair grows, no big deal.

TT on

Too funny! Back in the day I did my own AND my cousins, Cyndi Lauper style with pinking shears (jagged edge scissors). My aunt was p.o.’d!!

Anonymous on

Maybe time to cut the rest to give her a cute look.

Anonymous on

I am so glad they put this as front page news….I mean this story was begging to be told and so much more important than Heidi Klum saving her kids in the ocean or Shain Gandee’s death….both of which you have to search 3 pages into the news to find.

Jocelyn on

She definitely did them herself. Look how crooked they are. She probably got tired of her hair always being in her face.

Lisa on

I’d need a security stuffed toy or blanket if I had photographers following me around all the time or had people judging my every move too!

Hooty on

The expressions I’ve seen on her face have always looked like she has some kind of brain damage or something of the sort. Not talking bad about her at all, she just doesn’t have “normal” children’s facial expressions to me.

Mikki on

So many comments about how she is too old to do this, it looks terrible, etc. Maybe now this little girl is finally getting to be a little girl and do all the normal childhood things and not a fancy doll trotted out to be shown off. It is refreshing to see her do the things all children have the right to do. And yeah, she may be getting a bit old to carry a stuffed animal but if it makes her happy, she really isn’t hurting anyone. After all, at least she is walking and not being carried all the time! Her hair will grow out and she will let the stuffed animal sit on the bed someday. For now, let her have her childhood.

Maggie on

She cut her own hair for sure.

vada on

Looks like she did it herself but she is still one of the most beautiful little girls in Hollywood.

twcsmom on

definitely a do it yourself job.



Kristen on


Erika on

Seriously?! This is news?! What a waste of journalism.

Pat Hayes on

Does anyone actually think Katie Holmes would get her bangs cut like that? Obviously she cut them herself.

jsp81355 on

I was going to ask – Did Suri cut her own bangs? It sure looks that way. My brother cut bangs on my aunt when she was sleeping years ago. They probably looked like Suri’s once he was done.

Fin on

LOVE IT! proof she’s a regular kid who does wacky kid stuff like cut her own bangs! I did it too as a kid, as did most of my girlfriends! LOL

Sharon on

I’m sure she did it herself.She thinks she is grown cause at age 3 she was wearing heels.How awlful to let her grow up so quick! Even her face looks older than she is.

Julie on

Haha! Looks like Suri gave herself a haircut. Lol! I’m sure her mom doesn’t find it funny, but I laugh because one of my daughters did the same thing at about that age. Her older sister had just had her hair cut and she wanted the same. Boy was I mad! She had the longest waves since birth. I crack up thinking about it now, eight years later.

Gary on

I feel sorry for her. There’s no way she’ll grow up normal. If “People” reports her freakin banks at this age, she’ll be a spoiled brat no matter what her parents do.

JC on

Its really sad that adults are making rude comments about a child. She is a spoiled brat just bc her parents are celebrities? She cant help that. My kids are spoiled and I far from a celebrity as I am sure most of your kids are as well. As for her being too old to have stuffed animals and blankets…she is a little girl! Let her be little! My daughter is 8 and still loves every stuffed animal she sees and sleeps with a little blanket that she has had since she was a baby, it doesnt mean she has issues. Grow up and act like the adults that you are suppose to be, stop bashing on little kids.

Stephanie on

Looks like Suri found some scissors and cut her own hair – I know that all kids do that at some point in their lives.

Melissa Kelly on

It looks like she cut her own bangs lol.My cousing heather did that once when we were little and as my daughter and son did 😦

Sandy on

She has sad, downturned eyes.

One Two on

Suri is just gorgeous.

Anne on

Pretty sure she did that herself. Lots of kids do that when they’re little. My neighbor and I cut each other’s hair when we were about 5 yrs. old. She didn’t do a bad job on mine, but hers didn’t turn out well. Her mother was not happy. Mine just laughed and said it would be ok in a few months.

Denise Schmidt on

~She looks better, her hair isn’t hanging in her eyes now, and I think the *cropped* version of the bangs is really cute on her, any longer and they would look messy for her. This is very adorable on her, shows her pretty face, and makes the rest of her hair look long & full, and lush. It’s all she really needed a bit of fringe on her forehead. Perfect for her πŸ™‚ People actually DO get their bangs cut in this cropped style. Very cool

Shana on


limbuck on

Who really cares about this kid already i mean really? and that stuffed animal everyday at 7 years old..

Anonymous on

She looks adorable and I don’t think she did it herself. It’s a great cut.

Donna Carnathan on

Her bangs look exactly like her mom’s did on her wedding day – that also looked like a huge mistake.

pjg on

Surprise, surprise. Seems as if Suri is just another normal girl, cutting her own hair.

Catherine Beaupre on

Oh my LEEERD!!!!!! So freakin what…u people need a life..Is this what u get paid for??? She still has more than u!

Mel on

Oh leave the child alone….we, the public, have no interest anyway. What about the two oil spills in two days….are you covering that to play to your corporate paymasters?

Teresa on

Def DIY haircut!

Barb on

All little girls of age her age cut their own bangs. Why would she be any different. She is a cutie!

Kafa on

Am I the only one who likes them? I think they look adorable. She is getting really pretty.

Crizzy on

Unfortunately, children are allowed to have their own scissors at age 6 for school work and crafts. The scissors are blunt, but sharp enough to cut hair. My daughter did exactly the same thing when she was 6 and her bangs were exactly as short as Suri’s. I evened them up, but there was no way to make them longer lol.

Crickett on

She is adorable regardless of her bangs. She just might have created a new short bang look………

Anonymous on

who cares

Faye on

She cut them herself but she did a decent job….

BTM on

Really? Is this a big deal?

Edie on

Looks like what my mother did to me when I was a kid, just before school picture day. UGH!

observing Suri on

Good thing she, or mom, did. We all know they can’t afford to go to a salon.

Memo on

Funny! Every year, as a school teacher, I would see a couple of kids with the same style bangs. The funniest ones were the kijds who shaved off one eyebrow! What’s a parent to do?

It’s always adorable- because it’s so funny, and so common.

jo on

looks foolish reminds me of jim carey in dumb and dumber

jo on

silly chop job.looks like something a sibling would do right before they tell you this is the new style go ahead cut them off.. lol

Anonymous on

who gives a crap!!!

Anonymous on

Geez, ths is the most normal thing in the world. She is still totally adorable. She is a 6 year old, people! Just relax! If she cuts bad bangs into her hair and carries a stuffed toy around when she is 16, THAT might be a problem!

talamox on

She got tired of all that hair in her face. One of my sisters did the same only worse when she was 4 or 5.

Terry on

I feel so sorry for Suri. I blame her parents for her terrible life.

Crystal on

I had to laugh when I saw this. My daughter at around the same age decided she would cut her own bangs- they looked, not surprisingly, the same!

Tina on

She def has her dads nose. And for the hair, her mom has a hairline like this naturally. Wouldn’t be surprised if it naturally like this.

Emily on

I think it looks great, so if she did it herself, she’s quite the little hair stylist. I think it was done purposefully. Seven is nowhere near too old to be carrying around dolls or toys. It’s nice to see she’s a normal kid.


WOW! that’s short!! clearly, this wasn’t by the choice of her mother-lol. kids with scissors.

Shirley on

Methinks she did it herself, or began it herself, tho it is not bad

Sabrina on

And we should care what a 7 year old does every minute of her life? Is this really news worthy?

--- on

It looks like someone came along and chewed her hair into bangs. It looks ridiculous.

Jan T on

Love it when kids get creative like that. We had a tradition in our house. In the summer my son could wear his hair anyway he liked. Come September it was back to school cuts.

Mira on

I think she’s growing up into a Rumer Willis, if you get my drift.

Calibeach on

I love them. It’s obvious she cut her own bangs. Every kid has to go through this little rite of passage. It just shows she knows what she wants and has a little artistic side to her.

Peg on

LMAO. SOMEBUNNY found the pinking shears.

Peg on

Dag. And she’s not an attractive child to begin with.

Annetta on

I don’t know why, but I’ve just always HATED “baby bangs”. I’ve never seen them looking flattering on anyone. Well, to each his/her own, and..thank goodness hair grows! Now if Suri would just stop (constantly) carrying a stuffed animal around! She’s a tad too old for that and it’s kinda creepy!

Lorae on

As a long time hairdresser for families I can say Yep she cut her own bangs….every kid or at least little girls cut their hair at least once or twice. My first question is where did she get shears that are shape enought to cut hair??? Kitchen shears maybe….They will grow and be just fine by middle of summer….I think she looks cute with or without bangs…and remember just a feew months ago short cropped bangs were in, maybe they cut them that short cause her hair grows fast…..I can hear Moms across the country saying “cut it short, no shorter…..her hair grows fast” happens everyday!

D on

Looks like the art supplies at home should be put under lock and key lol

Irene on

Many people have posted that they never see Suri smile. Google “Suri Cruise, smiling” and you’ll see plenty. As to her carrying around a stuffed animal.. what’s wrong with that? My 5 y.o. granddaughter slept over last night and brought along her fuzzy blanket.. it’s a comfort thing and you people need to get over that and stop being critical. I think she has wonderful parents who adore her, I think she’s happy and I think those short bangs are adorable… seems she is normal.

Bobi on

At least it’s not hanging in her face now. She needs to get a little of the length cut off now! Her hair never looks good.f

Adrianne on

Honestly People ! Who cares??

sdk on

WHO cares!!!!!!!!!!!, i got a pimple on my butt and i’ve got pics too.

Francesca on

Looks like a little girl who, like many other children in this age range, took a pair of scissors to her own hair. Luckily, she didn’t cut to the scalp…so there was enough left to salvage and adjust…calling it a “New “Look” ! Glad to see, in some ways, she’s just like other kids !!

Janet on

It looks like precious SURI CRUISE just might have cut her own bangs……! No worry here. She is so beautiful, and it is only hair, and it WILL grow back….

Susan Gooch Spence on

Looks like Katie needs to hide the scissors!!!

Michelle on

She still looks cute just the bangs are really short, doubtful any hairstylist did this, UNLESS….Suri got gum/candy in her hair. But more than likely it was a self given style

Greg on


Gregory on

I cannot believe how many people commented on this.

Anonymous on

At least put a headband or clip on it, got too close to the paper shredder!

jenny on


Christine on

What girl hasn’t had a bad hair day in the early spring and grabbed a pair of shears and whacked away. Good thing is hair grows faster in warm weather!

Lynn B on

It is VERY sad that something like this makes the news !

Who gives a damn about her hair ~

brenda on

I thought the same thing, my daughter cut hers with her kindergarten scissors

maritza on

she is super nice ,with short band or long.

Anonymous on

It’s nice to know that she gets to be a kid.

MaryMc on

I had a hairdresser do that to me when I was 18. I wanted to physically hurt her.

Gabbs on

Looks like what I did when I was 4. It happens. It’ll grow out.

Anonymous on

I just wasted 2 minutes of my life that I will never get back clicking on this rediculous article. This is news———why ???

ali on

Is inconsistent with an innocent face

Megan on

I did the same exact thing when I was little….except that I did it to a friend. Her mom was furious with me, and she let my mom know it, too. From then on, I just cut my own bangs, and never touched anyone else’s hair – ever! lol!

jane on

Home job. Every little girl does it . . . and hair grows.

Chris on

Who really cares?

Nancy on

Whether she did it herself or had someone else do it, it looks terrible!

Anonymous on

Looks fine. Mom needs to start having her “security blanket” an AT HOME only only thing,though.

Anonymous on

As a professional hairstylist, it looks like she did it herself.

Suzanne on

She is cute. I like her bangs. She looks just like her beautiful mother!

Anonymous on

All little girls play beauty parlor at one time or other. One of my granddaughters cut her cousins hair . She was as old as Suri. My daughters both were horrified. But enough long hair was left to cover MOST of the wacks.

Beth on

There’s a question about who cut them? Really? Of course she did it herself. And no, she doesn’t “look adorable.” She looks like any dopey, average kid who got hold of the scissors and started hacking. Six is a little old for that, though, so she’s probably acting out, rather than thinking she can do the job as well as a stylist.

Anonymous on

kids do the dernedest things….
kids will be kids, and if this is the worst
she does, then she is not in such bad shape…

Moqqi on

Hahaha! I gave myself that very same hair style once! Not only for me, but for my Chatty Kathy doll too!

Nancy on

I think she decided to style her own bangs…
I did this at the same age, my three (now adult) daughters did the same thing too……no big deal, bangs grow back……

andrea on

Love~ the bangs! So happy to see Suri doing what countless other kids have done over the years. A priceless pic for mom and dad.

Chris on

This is one fugly kid…..bangs or no bangs. I can’t stand the sight of her.

Cheryl Arnett on

Looks like she cut them herself. I think she would look really cute with bangs done by a professional.

Caroline on

I couldn’t even care more about other people’s hair. They can do anything with their hair they want. I have mine and I can do anything I want with my own hair! For this, WHO CARES!

Elaine on

She is an adorable little girl, who just decided to take matters into her own hands (with scissors) – it will grow back in no time. Definitely her own idea, I can bet on it.

Meia on

I would defintely say she cut them herself, I hope she did anyway!

tigrezz on

WHY is this newsworthy?? Did she have a runny nose we dont know about too, geez. She cut her own bangs looks like to me, big deal. By the way, I would expect it from like a 4 yr old to do but she is a little old to be trying to cut her own hair and messing around with the scissors, dont ya think?? Nanny and Mommy watching at their best :p

heather on


Parley on

I think it is a rite of passage for kids. I did it, my brothers did it, my son did it…….They all do it

Tara on

Funny my granddaughter has these exact same bangs. She cut hers just last week as well. Clearly Suri got a hold of some scissors.

Stephanie on

New hair style done by Suri herself. Anyone who is a mother or grandmother – knows when a child cuts their own hair. You just have to let it grow out and hope she doesn’t do it again.

Gabriela Bett on

I tell you! she was playing with the scissors (like a ordinary child)…

AShley on

LOL, a do it herself job!

sma on

Looks like Suri has some diy bangs. My 6 year old niece did hers the day before my wedding. My sister-in-law was freaking out. I just laughed because I did the same a few times when I was her age.

Quynh Phuong Tran on