Jake Owen: Why We Switched the Order of Olive Pearl

03/31/2013 at 03:00 PM ET

Her birth may have changed dad Jake Owen‘s life, but Olive Pearl‘s famous father will be the one shaping the future.

“I look at my little girl and I wonder what she’s going to be and what she’s going to do and what is it that leads girls certain directions in life,” the country crooner, 31, tells PEOPLE.

“I think a lot of that goes back to what kind of father they had, and so it makes me want to be the best dad I can possibly be.”

Luckily for Owen, his parenting partner, wife Lacey, is the perfect role model for the doting dad, and the two tackle life’s challenges as a team — even the more unusual ones.

Jake Owen Olive Pearl Name Explained
Courtesy Jake Owen. Inset:Erin Patrice O’Brien

My best friend’s name was Pearl — [she] passed away — and we wanted to call [our daughter] Pearl. We were going to name her Pearl Olive Owen,” he explains with a laugh. “But then her initials would have been ‘POO’ so we went ahead and switched that around.”

Ever the proud papa, Owen has been sharing sweet snapshots of Pearl through his social media sites since the day she was born. And while he’s cautious to place her in the public eye, he raves that his fan following has been nothing short of supportive.

“At first I was a little leery to just post photos of my little girl all the time and kind of exploit her to the world,” Owen says. “But people really care about my wife and [me] and my little girl and they’re very nice to us.”

He continues: “I’m proud of her, I’m proud to be a dad so that’s why I enjoy posting photos of her.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Katie Kauss

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Dee on

Surely you’d change the middle name not the first!

Carolyn Herondale on

Gorgeous name for a gorgeous baby. Congrats to the family.

MommytoanE on

Cute and understandable. Initials don’t really mean much in the world…thankfully. My mom’s initials are PU. My daughter’s is ETC.

CCmommy on

wow, The baby is GORGEOUS!!!

Brooke on

Initials are important. I work in healthcare and have to initial paperwork every single day. I used to be “BLT” now that I’m married I’m “BI”… Ugh!!

Marjorie Leandro on

I don’t know who Jake Owen is, but I love seeing babies and hearing their names. I don’t think he is ‘exploiting’ his daughter (to use his word) by posting her picture. For the celebs that I do love, I love to see their babies and kids and pets. I don’t think in any way, that they are posting pictures or sharing stories of their kids in order to promote themselves in some way. Share on Jake Owen. Olive Pearl is a beautiful little angel.

Sandy on

YES dad’s play such an important role in their daughters life. My husband spends so much quality time with our girl. They explore, talk about stuff, go fishing & bird watching out in nature and just do stuff- just the two of them. They key is to have a super close relationship- so they can talk about anything. He’s on the right path to being a good father!

valeskas on

What a cutie. Dad you can be proud of her.

Georgia on


boohoobytch on

cute baby

Allison on

Cute baby and cute name, but I don’t think initials matter one bit. I have 3 elementary school aged kids and I have not once heard a story of someone getting made fun of for their initials.

Jessica on

They are such a beautiful family! I’ve had the great fortune of meeting Jake and wife Lacey and they are both kind, wonderful people. I wish the best for them and of couse, little Pearl!

Kimberly on

my initials are K.O. Knock out, lol.

retractable on

“people really care about my wife and I …”

Some of us (freaks, admittedly) really care about grammar. “People really care about I” would sound pretty stupid, wouldn’t it? You need “me” in your sentence.

That baby is way cute. And it’s nice when people consider initials; I know a couple who named their daughter Alison Rose and her last name started with an F; I pointed out her initials were ARF, and they were shocked, they had never thought of it!

Don’t worry, I wasn’t their friend, so you can’t be saying “Wow, what friend would point that out.”

It’s my job to point things out. “Pearl Olive” would have sounded like one word, as would have “Pearlowen.” Well, Oliveowen does too.”

Sarah on

Well then retractable I feel it is my job to tell you that you don’t need quotation marks at the end of your comment.

retractable on

they could have combined the names and made her “Polive.”

Lily on

As someone whose given name is my middle name…it’s nothing but a pain in the butt. I HATE IT!!! It causes problems legally, all my airline tickets have to be under my legal first name. It sucks all around. Don’t ever do this to your child! Make their given name, their first name…give them a different middle name if the initials don’t work.

Steph on

I’m glad they thought of their daughter’s feelings when naming her. Life is hard enough without being saddled with a ‘ridiculous’ name or initials. It’s different if you get married and you have initials that are amusing, but to have your chosen name/initials, spell something less than pleasant, would be awful! I do like her names!

Laurie on

POO! I love it! Pretty Baby Olive Pearl Owen! OPO!

Kate on

@Allison, I’m an elementary school teacher, and I HAVE heard kids get made fun of based on their initials.

kim on

wow. for ONCE, a celebrity who actually but some thought and homework into their kids name before naming their baby! kudos to them for not naming their girl ”poo”…

Rachel on

In this day and age, its better for the parents if they want to show there kids off to their fans to either show them on twitter or Facebook, because they control the imagine, and its not just some paps pic, unless they do their own spread in a magazine.

Anonymous on

The fact that Jake is taking something like his daughters initials so seriously (even if that may not be a big deal to many people) shows what a thoughtful, devoted and caring father he is and will continue to be.

Elizabeth on

she off to a great start , one lucky little girl best wishes to the whole family

BBB on

POO, yeah good job on changing that. Definitely the right thing to do.

JustMe on

Bahahah – POO. Good thing he saw that NOW and not later. My aunts initials were A.S.S. and didnt change even when she got married, lol.

A on

Initials can mean a bit.. Mine is ALC and I got all sorts of insinuations about drinking. My brothers is worse though. THC. He’ll be fine until he gets to high school and people start making weed jokes.

Daisy on

Wow how cute!

Selfenchanted on

Olive Pearl is a beautiful name. Best wishes to the family!

kgfrbc on

My mom’s initials spell Bag. Always made us laugh! But some kids can be mean. So I don’t blame them for changing it.

Hattie on

My nephew’s initials are BAD and my idiot BIL’s is DIM!!!!!:)

Heather on

She’s so cute just like her daddy Jake Owen is prob. The sexiest man alive in my eyes! On initials if you don’t have bad ones of course you’re not going to get made fun of but I was stuck with HO and got made fun of all the time. My mom swore that ho wasn’t a word when she decided my name. Thankfully my future last name starts with an M!

Anna on

If I had changed my name when I got married, I would’ve been A.D.D.

Susan on

Ugh. What a horrible resurgence of a terrible name.

Mary Ann on

Beautiful baby! Beautiful Family!! Best wishes!!

Alli on

Her monogram will still be POO…just saying. But Olive as a first name is very on trend.

Teresa on

@Dee-His grandmother who passed away was named Olive. That’s why they wanted to name her Olive too

Ashlee on

That is too funny. My sister really liked the name “Sloane Olivia” when she was pregnant with my neice, but her last name starts with a B, so her initials would have been S.O.B. Thankfully, she opted for “Stella Marie” instead, but we all had a good laugh about the idea of welcoming a new little SOB to our family!

Anonymous on

Teresa- She was his godmother, not grandmother.

Anyway, I’m glad they realized the embarassing intials BEFORE she was born!

B.J. (the girl) on

Yeah, my initials are BM… I could sympathize with a POO…

Guest on

A girl I know has the initials G.O.D. due to the “Olive” also!

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