Jeremy Renner Welcomes Daughter Ava Berlin

03/29/2013 at 07:00 PM ET

Jeremy Renner Welcomes Daughter Ava Berlin
Jason Merritt/Getty

It’s true — Jeremy Renner is a dad.

He and girlfriend Sonni Pacheco confirm to PEOPLE that they are the proud parents of a 7 lb. baby girl, Ava Berlin Renner.

“They are beyond thrilled,” his spokesperson tells PEOPLE in a statement. “Mother and daughter are doing great.”

Reports of a baby-on-the-way for the Oscar nominee first hit the web in January following the Golden Globes.

Renner, 42, had not previously addressed the rumors.

He is currently working on director David O. Russell‘s latest film.

— Reporting by Julie Jordan

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Nicole on

They baby is with an ex girlfriend and the baby my not be his. They have been broken up longer that nine months.

Susannah on

Haha really Nicole? And you know this how? Give Jeremy more credit than that and just be happy for him.

Kim on

Nicole thinks a tabloid knows more than Jeremy

bec215 on

Actually it was widely reported back in January that they were broken up for quite awhile before she told him….so this story sounded odd to me to.

Brittney on

Everyone just having babies just because…. It’s sickening. Close your legs and stop populating the earth

Kaylin on

Wonderful news for a wonderful guy! I send them good wishes and love!

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them! He was awesome in Avengers. Love the name Ava, but don’t like Berlin at all, even as a middle name.

Nicole – really? Why so rude? Maybe they’ve gotten back together or they had one last “reunion”. I don’t think he would have confirmed via rep if it wasn’t his.

Clarissa on

Congrats to Jeremy and his partner! Bless.

Cantaloopy on

Congratulations! I’m sure he’ll be a great dad.

BUT: I thought he was gay??? Didn’t he out himself last year? I’m aware that gay people can have kids too, but the “girlfriend” part got me. #confused

Kim on

He has stated he is not Gay

Double D on

Congrats to Jeremy and Sonni. Also, congrats to Jeremy’s step mom. I believe she had a baby too. Wow! Big brother again and dad all in one month. Hey ladies,please be happy for them.I know you’re probably bummed it wasn’t you that had his baby but all he wants is to be happy.If this is what makes him happy, and if you really do care about him,you’ll be happy for him and his new family.It isn’t necessary to be mean. What a holiday weekend at the Renner’s,huh?

Nicole on

to klutzy_girl people are able to have an opinion. It was stated when the announced that she was expecting that they had been broken up for a while. Just another baby born out of wedlock, that is probobly not his.

kamsmom on

@nicole. And tell me what is so wrong with kids born out of wedlock ???? What makes kids who weren’t born out of wedlock any better??? I have three that are born out of wedlock. Not that its any of your business .. and they are just ask smart ,healthy,beautiful,well behaved then some kids who weren’t out of wedlock born …. you should think before you speak !!!!!

Asda on

You’re not doing yourself any favours by posting a defensive comment rife with typos and poor grammar. It totally undermines your point.

kim on

who and who??? never heard of either of them. congrats to them having a normal baby name, ava, and not some kooky name like ”bertistana ”

Magnolia on

Kim, I’m sorry for YOU never having heard of Jeremy Renner! Look him up… He’s well worth the effort! šŸ˜‰

mandy on

they are not a couple.they are seperated.they have been split up quite awhile and are not back together

Evan on

Pics or it didn’t happen..

Nicole Marie on

Congratulations Jeremy! that’s one lucky baby and he’ll be an amazing father. I’m so happy for him.

marina on

I’m not sure why the big surprise, he did say that he was expecting a baby with his ex a few month ago.

To the others saying that it’s not his, that it’s a possibility I guess (how would you know that anyway, since I doubt any of you were in the room that baby was conceive), but he is giving the baby his last name and planning to raise her as his own. That make that kinda make the baby his.

Tania on

Congrats to Jeremy and his partner! Cherish this year, they grow up so fast!

To Kim on

Jeremy Renner was nominated for Oscars two years in a row a few years back (For The Hurt Locker then The Town) and has since been part of movies like The Avengers and The latest Mission Impossible along with being the lead in the latest Bourne FIlm, amongst other movies, including the Hansel And Gretel one that was just out a few months ago. He also hosted snl a few months ago.

Perhaps not your kind of things, but considering the amount of attention he has had on websites and tv over the last few years I am surprised that you haven’t heard of him.

Anonymous on

Is it his??? I’d be checkin the DNA, just sayin…

Kristine on

I can’t believe some of you are still denying that it’s true! His rep confirmed it. Get over it. It’s his baby. Just be happy for the guy! Knew it all along.

Romy on

yes, strange story. they dated briefly then split, then he’s gay, then she’s supposedly pregnant with his baby. but whatever, that’s their life and they want to be a mom and dad.

Iā€™m Standing Right Behind You on

Hmmm…there have been wide-spread reports (look it up, kids) that Jeremy is not straight and this may be a distraction and/or set-up by his PR people.

Sigh on

I read somewhere that there’s doubt that the child is his. I thought the girl is/was married.

Lauren! on

Surprised and thrilled – I am sure that was his reaction when he found out. (note the sarcastic tone)

Jill on

I would let this man do filthy things to me. Congrats on the baby girl. Ava and Sonni are two lucky girls! Wishing them all joy, happiness and health.

Lissa on

I agree Jill!

Sharon on

Yep, here too. He is HOT!!!

Kat on

I thought he was…. well, never mind!

Susannah on

You don’t even know Sonni, Jen! So don’t make up things you have no proof of! Be happy for them! Jeremy certainly is!

Anonymous on

that is a frightening photo

Jules on

Who cares if he’s straight or gay? Who cares if he’s hooked up or not? Who cares? I LOVE Jeremy Renner and he has my congratulations on the blessing of a beautiful healthy baby girl.

Amy on

Oh FFS. The publicist has confirmed both the baby and the fact that Sonni is a legit girlfriend. There were even photos from a relative (that got pulled) confirming the same thing. Everything else was rumour and speculation. Stop making the birth of a baby such a negative thing either go ‘yay’ for the pair or keep quiet and go back to writing your fan fiction about how you were the one Renner impregnated.

Carissa on

Why are some of you people acting like you actually know him and the “true” story? Lol.Who are you to judge anyways?? Regardless of the situation he is choosing to raise the child it would seem. Celebrity or not why can’t people be happy for other people anymore? Hopefully some of you are alot less judgemental in your own lives šŸ™‚

Sharon on

Congratulations! Love the name Ava. Babies are a blessing no matter if the couple is together, married, not married, gay, straight…you get the picture šŸ™‚

KW on

Whats wrong with his face? Doesn’t look like him.

Anonymous on

Geesh, people! I doubt he would have given the baby his last name or publicly announced her birth if she wasn’t his (or even if there was any doubt that she was his)!

And to proclaim that he didn’t use a condom or that Sonni was on birth control pills is just plain silly! Seeing as how condoms and birth control pills CAN and DO fail (as can every other birth control except abstinence. Even “permenant” birth control fails on occasion!) and none of us were in the room when the baby was concieved, we cannot possibly know those things!

Anyway, congrats to them!

Anonymous on

Amy- I couldn’t have said it better myself! It even says right in the article that he didn’t address the rumors about his impending fatherhood until now (and therefore didn’t announce the pregnancy or say anything about Sonni being his ex). Apparently some people don’t know how to read!

Nena on

Some people need to get a life. Worry about your own problems. Who’s your daddy?

noor on

It was a one-night stand, she is not his girlfriend! He has to play along to ‘welcoming’ a kid that he unwillingly will have to support for the rest of his life.

noorilhuda on

It was a one-night stand, she is not his girlfriend. He was bulldozed with the news at the height of Avengers PR trail. So he has to play along to ‘welcoming’ the kid he never expected in the first place.

ct on

Ava Berlin…love it! Beautiful name.

Carrow on

Congrats to the very sexy Jeremy Renner.

I think calling her his girlfriend is a stretch. All I’ve ever read about them sounds like a booty call relationship.

Jude on

Aw, congratulations on the mini Hawkeye.

To Susannah on

I don’t believe that she knows her either, but at the same time how do we know for sure? Famous people, or people who know people connected to them, do have internet access like the rest of us.

tina on

ugh, he is a bit pathetic to me now after that viagra/flight story. seems these pr stories keep evolving around his manhood. I assumed he was gay. whatever.

Barbara on

The horrible lack of class for people to be gossiping whether a child he has announced is HIS. None of it is your business. Congratulations to the blessed mom and dad.

joules on

and here I thought he was gay,..

Marcia on

I don’t see what the big deal is. He and his partner wanted a child and they had a friend carry it for them. The baby has her mother and two fathers, one of whom is probably the biological father. It sounds like they are all at close proximity. That baby will be very loved. Congrats to them!

causeisaidso on

I believe he is bi. I remember reading that he was involved in a threesome and that they all lived together…Not sure about now but if so, it’s not a healthy environment to bring a child into…

Nadia on

>He was bulldozed with the news at the height of Avengers PR trail.

The Avengers PR run was in April of last year, unless Sonni has been carrying this baby for 12 months Ava was not conceived at that time.

Renner and his long term bf have a new baby, good for them, as for the baby mama, well she is set for life, good for her too.

Reneshia on

Congrats! Who cares if they’re still together, if he’s gay & she was a surrogate or whatever?? A baby is born, he claims her and gave her his name. She’s his! Be happy! A baby is something to celebrate!!

Asda on

I think it’s sketchy as hell that they first got together in 2011 when he was 40, and Pacheco was 19.

Hea on

Couldn’t People have rustled up a better pic of him? He looks like he’s gotten a whiff of something disgusting. haha

Anyways, congrats!

Dawn on

People…once and for all the man is not gay…he as said that many times in interviews..So leave the man alone…I am happy for him..That baby girl is going to be spoiled rotten..Love the name too..Congrats Jeremy…you’ll be a great dad..

Heidi Quayle on

That is an awesome name. It goes so well together.

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