Beverley Mitchell’s Blog: When I Nest, I Nest

03/29/2013 at 10:00 PM ET

Beverley Mitchell Blog 39 Weeks Pregnant With Michael at 39 weeks – Rita Earl Photography

Thanks for welcoming our newest celebrity blogger, Beverley Mitchell!

Best known for her role as Lucy Camden on the long-running drama 7th Heaven, the actress most recently played Kaitlin O’Malley on The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

Mitchell, 32, and husband Michael Cameron have announced that they’re expecting their first childa daughter! — in April.

You can find her on Facebook, WhoSay and Twitter @beverleymitchel.

In her latest blog, a 39-weeks-pregnant Mitchell writes that she hopes for just a bit more time to finish the nursery — and shares her maternity portraits.

It is truly remarkable how quickly 39 weeks can fly by! At the beginning, it felt like this whole pregnancy thing was going to take forever but here I am, wishing for just a little more time.

We are so excited to meet this little miracle but I can’t help but hope for a few things to be done before she gets here. I know — she won’t know the difference and the only thing she really needs is her parents, but the perfectionist in me wants the house to be just right; the nursery done to the nines.

Michael and I have been busting our buns to complete our home renovation, and it was no small feat considering we repainted every surface of the house, put in new carpet, new tile, new fireplaces, all new furniture, new wallpaper, brand-new windows, all new lighting and re-insulated the whole house.

We really took this house project to a whole new level — I guess when I nest, I really nest!

Beverley Mitchell Blog 39 Weeks Pregnant Lounging in the sun – Rita Earl Photography

It’s funny, you’d think that this large of a project would be incredibly hard on a relationship — teamed with being pregnant, it could be a disaster! — but to our credit, it only made us stronger.

We enjoyed the process, though I will not lie — there were times where it became stressful. Especially when it came to windows — who would ever think windows would be such a big deal?! Let me tell you, they are no joke.

Thank goodness for my friends at Westside Windows and Doors for pulling through in a big way and getting our Marvin windows just in time to be installed and cased before baby girl gets here. Now she has a beautiful big window and it makes all the difference in the room. It is amazing.

And I must say after living in the house for nine years, seeing the changes we have made have truly brought new life into the home. We feel like grown-ups — it’s pretty incredible. Especially all the new furniture — our friends at Arhaus, Dominic to be specific, truly did the most incredible job. I told Dominic that I needed help thinking outside of the box and to get me out of what was familiar.

Beverley Mitchell Blog 39 Weeks Pregnant Love my husband – Rita Earl Photography

It was awesome — I absolutely love the feel of our home now. Sometimes you just need a new set of eyes to see something differently. Especially if you have lived somewhere for a long time and it has always been the same way, it’s challenging to see the potential.

In my next blog I’ll show you before and after photos — I am not quite finished, so you’ll have to wait but I promise it will be worth it! Plus I want to share the nursery and I haven’t gotten that far yet…

I am not going to lie, there were many nights where we just threw our mattress on the ground and slept in our library. It was fun — a little bit of a tight fit! — but it worked.

Living in a construction zone definitely had its challenges. I really don’t care to see Ram Board on the floors anymore and as much as I love all our contractors, seeing them every morning at 7 a.m. is something I will not miss!

Beverley Mitchell Blog 39 Weeks Pregnant With my pups – Rita Earl Photography

We did escape for a few days to the incredible Four Seasons in Westlake and definitely sprung for the most amazing massage that was so needed. The pregnancy pillow was truly the best thing ever and I am so bummed I didn’t indulge more often during my pregnancy. So often I was trying to be the tough girl and didn’t think I needed the pampering, but now here I am at 39 weeks realizing I should have taken advantage.

You don’t get any badges or awards for doing without, so soak it up. Get those massages, get the manicures and pedicures, take care and allow yourself the little luxuries — you deserve it for carrying life. I wish I would have taken a little more time out for myself to relax and kick my feet up.

Another small regret I’m having as I reach the end of this pregnancy is that I didn’t take as many photos as I’m now wishing I did — I wasn’t always the best at documenting the whole experience. Looking back, I don’t know why I fought it and should have had a little more fun with the changes.

However, I did take a moment to do a belly shoot, thanks to an awesome mommy friend who insisted, gifting me with an incredible session.

Beverley Mitchell Blog 39 Weeks Pregnant The baby bump – Rita Earl Photography

I am so glad Michael and I did it. We shot the images at just about my 39th week so I am ready to pop! Honestly, I was a little hesitant and didn’t know how the photos would turn out, but am blown away and so incredibly grateful to have them as we embark on this next great adventure.

There is something I noticed about the shoot that I definitely see reflected in the pictures — I have never been so calm and comfortable in my body. It’s quite remarkable given that I am so awkward, unstable and borderline uncomfortable as I head towards the finish line.

It is still so mind-blowing to me that in just days we will meet the little one who has been tumbling, kicking and rolling around in my belly. I have just finally gotten used to all these little movements and I have fallen in love with them — it’s so crazy to think that they will stop! I just got good at being pregnant and soon I won’t be — it’s a bit of a trip.

I have to end this entry by saying that throughout this entire process, I have fallen more deeply in love with my husband. Michael has not only been my rock, my champion, my hero, he has also been the most incredible man I could have ever asked for.

Beverley Mitchell Blog 39 Weeks Pregnant The whole family – Rita Earl Photography

He has worked so hard in getting this house right for our family. The poor guy has moved everything from room to room at least 100 times — and that is not an exaggeration! — while prepping for paint and all the other work we were doing.

He has been a rock star and there is nothing more precious than hearing him talk to my belly and seeing his clear excitement in response to her movements. It truly melts my heart. I can’t even imagine what the moment will be like when I see him meet our baby girl for the first time.

This is all such a surreal experience but I am so grateful to have Michael along for the ride — the man of my dreams, the love of my life.

So off to the next adventure! Next time I write, I will have a brand-new house and a beautiful little girl. Wish me luck! I am honored to be sharing this incredible experience with all of you.

Beverley Mitchell Blog 39 Weeks Pregnant Can’t wait to meet her – Rita Earl Photography

Thank you for the love,

— Beverley Mitchell

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Sara on

What cute portraits! Pregnant women are so beautiful. 🙂

Tee Tee on

Out of all the celebrity bloggers I’ve read on this site, Beverley is by far and away my favorite. The pictures are lovely and I can not wait to hear all about her sweet baby daughter! Hopefully she’ll share a picture or two with us! Praying for a happy, healthy!

Jodi on

Hi Beverley, I am a fan of yours from 7th Heaven and from the Secret Life, you have been my role model and an inspiration. However, after this blog I am in awe of you. Being so open and honest about everything you have been going through these past few months, the good and bad, exciting and terrifying.

I look forward to your new blog all about your new little baby girl and your brand new home. Good luck for all your adventures in the next few weeks, you can do it! And of course your rockstar husband will support you one million percent! Lots of love all the way from South Africa, a fan and now an admirer. ❤

Bugsmum on

I love your blogs so much!! They never fail to trigger memories of my pregnancy with my wee girlie Bug.

I think you are incredibly brave renovating your house while pregnant, moving house at 22wks was hard enough. All the best with finishing the house.

I wish you nothing but the best for your upcoming adventure and look forward to hearing of the safe and healthy arrival of your daughter.

Sandra on

The third picture is absolutely stunning – your husband looks so much in love and proud 🙂 Love it.

Carrow on

Beverley I grew up with you and watching you on my television every week. I would like to congratulate you and your husband on the impending birth of your new baby!

I am enjoying your blog very much and am excited to follow you as you experience the best moments of your life once baby arrives. =)

Alissa on

Love the blog! I loved watching Beverley grow up as Lucy Camden. I really like how tasteful her portraits were done. I hope she continues to blog after the baby is born.

Amanda on

Good luck with your new little girl! Enjoy these last few days of your pregnancy, expecting your first child is truly one of the most amazing experiences there is in life, not that future children aren’t just as amazing but going from a couple to a family is a big, wonderful transition.

A word of advice from a 4x mom, listen to your gut and keep calm. Work for what you really want and don’t worry about the rest, do not stress about the little things just do what works for your family and not what other people say you should or shouldn’t be doing.

Rhonda on

Pregnancy is the greatest thing a woman can experience and I’m happy for Beverley and her husband.

However, the photos that she’s showing should be for private viewing only. Contrary to popular belief, the world does not want to see an exposed belly. Ladies, please cover yourselves!!

Rose on

I think she has a beautiful belly and think her pictures are beautiful. If you don’t want to look at them then don’t no one forced you to do it. This isn’t playboy for you to be complaining about covering up.

H on

Oh, Rhonda. Grow up!

dk on

Rhonda, they’re tasteful and based on the title, you should have known her belly would be exposed. You have only yourself to blame. I will never understand comments such as this.

DaisyMoon on

They’re all beautiful, but the up-close shot of her hands forming a heart, Ah…I’m dying…too precious.

Chloe on

She looks adorable- and her husband is so cute! Beautiful family and I love their dogs!!

Anonymous on

Wonderful advice Amanda. I agree. I also think people should cook lasagnas, taco meat, etc. prior to the birth and freeze them so dinners are easier. My first was an unexpected c-section and cooking was the last thing I wanted to do mainly because I was more interested in just holding my son. With my second, I cooked up a storm and was so glad I did. I love hearing from women who are so excited about pregnancy and their baby. Pregnancy made me feel beautiful.

Shawna on

Rhonda – speak for yourself – I think the photos are beautiful and I have no problem with seeing her bare belly.

vanessa on

Beautiful pictures! Is it just me but do they look like brother and sister in a way?

Caity on

Most of these shots are sweet, but having her belly exposed in EVERY single one is overkill. Being “bump-proud” is awesome…in the right setting. This is too much.

Lisa on

The photos are absolutely beautiful. Very classy and tasteful. Beverley is glowing. I bet she is excited beyond words. She is going to be such an amazing mom. I, for one, and over the moon with joy for the happy couple. May their hearts and hands overflow from unconditional love and happiness. My thoughts and Prayers are with Beverley on a fast, healthy and safe delivery and recovery. God Bless. God is good.

Pam on

Pregnancy portraits are so cheesy and cliche in general. Please someone come up with a better concept than the hands forming a heart on the belly – puke!

Big Fan on

Love her, she’s so down to Earth and pretty, she’ll be a great mom!

Lauren Kaminski on

Beautiful pictures! I am so happy for them!:)


Why is it that people are so bothered by seeing a pregnant bellies, but it’s ok to see a skinny woman wearing a bikini and her belly is showing???

Anonymous on

She lives across the street from my Dad’s house….looking forward to seeing the changes to their home.

Jay on

I like Beverley and I can’t wait to see her baby, what her name is and the house renovation but I can’t help but wish there was more of a variety of pictures. Not just the same one with her belly out. Maybe in a pretty dress or form fitted outfit? She looked beautiful at her shower and the dress she wore was gorgeous.

Anyway, I know her baby will be gorgeous!!

Julie on

Beautiful family and pictures, welcome to the world little one! Its a bright and wonderful world for all its quirks! I think the belly photos are touching.

cmonppl on

sorry but weird pics. don’t like the bare belly in all those shots.

Carmen on

Love Beverley! ! She looks beautiful, prayers and wishes for a healthy baby ! !! Congratulations!!!

Tara on

beautiful pics, I wish I had captured some belly shots with a professional photog but didn’t think of it. I have always been a fan of yours Beverley, many people have said we look alike! i have 2 daughters, they are such a blessing, enjoy every moment!

shalay on

Rhonda, please don’t speak on behalf of the world. I, along with MANY others, love pregnant bellies! Just because you have a problem with something doesn’t mean everybody else feels the same. Beverly looks amazing!

Anonymous on

Those are some beautiful photos! Everyone looks so calm, relaxed, and happy, including the dogs who are just lovely btw–you can feel the love in those pictures.

Good luck with the baby’s birth and best wishes to your whole family!

LizaOhm on

The picture with the two of you, your husband, and your dogs is just great, because it shows the entire family with +1 baby soon to come. You two look really happy.

Congrats on the baby girl and can’t wait to see pictures of her later!

Rebecca Campbell on

Thank you Beverley for allowing us to share on your very exciting journey. All the very best for the birth of your daughter. Enjoy those precious moments when your baby is born, they only stay little for such a short amount of time.

Halley on

It seems like all of her blogs are really just ads for some company or another. Its kind of distracting. She looks fab though. Best wishes for the new baby.

Jamie on

Why would people click the button for angry. She is pregnant and it is a beautiful thing.

Lisa on

Congrats to her but all the product placement was kind of nauseating. She must be trying to get some of her renovations paid for. Can’t wait until the next blog where she showcases the renovations and name drops 1,000 times. I am excited to hear about her baby and see the nursery though 🙂

yessssss on

Yes Lisa! I really enjoyed her previous blog! This one seemed like she had to fulfill “free swag” obligations. Now, she could just be very appreciative – but somehow I think she received monetary gain from dropping the names.

Jeannie on

That is a great story, fabulous pics! My daughter in law is 36 weeks pregnant and we had her baby shower today. My first grandaughter, its weird, last I remember, it was me pregnant and before you think enough time has gone by….your 21 year old son is grown and will be a father soon. I had three kids, and was in a bad place all three times and missed out on a lot. Its different now being a grandmother, but thankful to hear that some people really take it seriously and getting pregnant is taken seriously! Many blessings to you and your family! Happy Easter! xoxoj

Teena on

Wow, talk about product placement :/ This blog entry seems like a prospect. 😉

Pretty and tasteful pictures! I especially like number 3. You both look so beautiful and proud.

Have a great and comfortable birth, Beverley. 🙂

Jen on

what a beautiful wonderful blog beverley!!

such a beautiful family and with baby will be even more filled with love!!

your article and the pictures nearly brought me to tears.

congrats on your soon to be baby girl!!

Janette on

Beverley you are beautiful. I am so happy for you and your Husband.You will be awesome parents.

Stacey on

Looks like a petite baby in there!

Melody on

Beautiful pictures Beverley. Congrats on baby Kenzie! Can’t want to see those pictures! (and the house reno ones!) I hope you all have a wonderful blessed life together!

Sally on

Wow! I didn’t know she was 32. I thought she was way younger than that!

Colby on

Pregnancy pics are just cheesey.

Samantha on

My husband and I grew up watching Seventh Heaven.. it was such a cheesy show sometimes but also one of the greatest shows of all time. 🙂 I wish you the best, your family is absolutely beautiful.

Cricket on

Gee, wonder who took the photos? LOL The two pics with the dogs were kind of strange with the bare belly. I don’t know why. To me they would have been much nicer with the belly covered up. The others are cute though.

lisa on

I have always loved Beverley. You have to be one of the most beautiful preganant women. Just glowing….. So happy for you and your husband. Congrats!!!! May you and your baby be blessed with all with all the love, health and happiness in the world.

Laci on

Thank you!

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