Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell Welcome Daughter Lincoln

03/28/2013 at 04:00 PM ET

Kristen Bell Welcomes Daughter Lincoln Dax Shepard
Trae Patton/NBC/NBC/Getty

It’s a girl for Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell!

Lincoln Bell Shepard is here,” the Parenthood star Tweets. “She has mom’s beauty and dad’s obsession with breasts. Hooray!!!”

“My new roommate poops her pants and doesn’t pay rent…basically Dax pre-sobriety,” Bell adds. “Welcome baby Lincoln.”

Shepard, 38, and the House of Lies star, 32, announced the pregnancy in November.

Earlier this winter, Bell celebrated her baby shower while Shepard joked that he hoped their baby resembled his fiancée.

As for the delivery, the Veronica Mars star had big plans.

“I want a glass of whiskey, I want the epidural in my back,” Bell joked. “I want to get hit in the face with a baseball bat and wake me up when it’s over, because I’ve seen the videos and it looks terrifying.”

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— Sarah Michaud

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Becky on

Lincoln for a girl?… but love the use of mothers maiden for the first borns middle

Alissa on

Congrats! I wasn’t expecting Lincoln for a girl, but I think it is growing on me. Kind of a neat trend…Lincoln, Maxwell, etc. Hope all is wonderful for the new parents!

GuestX on

Congrats! Awesome couple!

Carole123 on

Another awful baby name

Sandy on

I would suggest not naming your baby “Lincoln” if you don’t like it.

Air Force on

Good thing it is not your baby then Carole.

Beth on

And Carole is such a beautiful name, right??

Magnolia on

Well Beth, Carole didn’t pick that name either!!

Beth on

@Magnolia- I’m sorry, I was under the impression that all names had to be approved by Carole…

Cruisy on

@Beth…. are you as cranky/mean in real life as you are on here?

Names4Real on

Wow. Congrats to the couple. I bet she’s adorable.

Blah on

Love this couple!!! But Lincoln..really?

merry on

Love love love the name for a girl!! I can imagine that people will hate it. When I saw the name, I said to myself nice name for a boy and then I saw it’s a girl and gasped! Beautiful! Love boys’ names for girls (wink, Maxwell).

Anonymous on

Lincoln isn’t a boy’s name it’s a last name…

Jessica on

Congrats! I love this couple and think they will be great parents!

mytwocents on

Congrats!! I was gonna give that name to my baby had it been a boy but we found out it’s a girl & she’ll be here in just a few weeks! Love the name though 🙂

klutzy_girl on

I love the name, tbh. Congratulations!

Marge on

Congrats to them! I bet she’s gorgeous!! Can’t wait to see pictures of little Lincoln.

Amanda S. on

I actually really like Lincoln for a girl. I think it just gets associated with as masculine/for a boy because of Abe.

Reminds me of the similar girl names Brooklyn, Kennedy, etc.

Anne on

My little girls names are Kennedy and Brooklyn! And I do like Lincoln for a girl.

Anonymous on

What the hell is with these starts and stupid names…..name a girl a girl name and a boy a boy name….who is gonna know this is a girl?

paula on

Welcome to the 21st Century……where new parents share the childraisising and do away with segregation of the sexes……hooray for breaking the “glass” building……when so many of us have merely “cracked” the “glass” ceiling!!!!!

Tandalaya on

I’d hate for you to find out that some of the current ”girl” names were actually boy names first; Kim, Courtney, Ashley, Stacy, Tracy, Lynn, Sasha, Dana, etc.

Beth on

I named my daughter Jordan and she LOVES her “stupid” name.

Anonymous on

Lincoln is not a name I would use, but I don’t think it’s a bad name either. People that are complaining about it need to get over themselves. I bet someone, somewhere thinks your name is weird too. They could have named her something much worse and much more weird. Or worse yet, something more popular, like Bella or Aiden… two names I am sick to death of hearing. They’re great names but enough is enough.

StephFL on

Congrats to them, but Lincoln? When did it start to become trendy to give girls traditionally boy names? Well Lincoln, welcome to the world, but get used to having to explain your name for the rest of your life.

Amy on

Congratulations on the birth of baby Lincoln. I think they will make a fantastic family!

Hayley on

I love the name!!! Congrats!

Annie on

I don’t think that Lincoln is a great name for a girl

Wendy on

I’m sure the baby is adorable. But what a stupid name. Don’t people think when they name their babies? I wish them all the best.

Mira on

Wow, that’s a dumb name. But then again, her parents aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed either.

Alicat on

Mira – And you’re basing that observation on? I’m sure the baby is beautiful!!

Chica on

Mira, I think Dax is a lot more intelligent than he comes off. He has an amazing essay out there about the death of his father from just a few months ago. Quit judging and open your eyes!

Sherie on

The last time I checked they were smart enough to be famous and are making more money than you. Stop hating it just making you look bad. If they want to name their child that let them. Not everyone’s going to like what you pic but remember the fact that we have freedom to do that when it pertains to our children. If they didn’t name your child that learn to keep your mouth closed. When will people grow up? I see never.

Claddagh on

I love these two! As far as giving masculine/unisex names to girls, we named our little girl Ryan so I’m totally a fan of this trend!

just me or... on


Vicky on

Love the name!!!! And BOOOO to all the haters who say otherwise!!! It’s not your kid so don’t worry about it. The name could have a special meaning to them. Honestly I like this name for a girl, so get over it people!

H.A.G. on

Oh VICKY likes it everyone. We all have to get over an ugly name for a little girl, because Vicky likes it.

… get over yourself.

It IS an ugly name for a girl IMO. You’re entitled to your opinion & I’m entitled to mine.

But I’ll leave you with one thought… What are we teaching our little girls when we give them clearly masculine names? That to get anywhere in life, they have to be ambiguous… that being a girl is something to be ashamed of, so they HAVE to have hide behind a boys name… great message.

And for those trying to “school” others with facts about names, I already know that information. I already know it’s not a new trend, it doesn’t make it any less asinine. I am willing to bet money that I have more knowledge about etymology in my pinky than you have in your entire body. Nice try though.

mindy on

I’m sorry but what a ridiculous name for a girl

jones on

Not a huge fan of Lincoln for a girl, but I like the use of Kristen’s last name for the middle name.

yay! on


Kay on

I hate coming on here and reading hateful comments say congrats and that’s enough no reason to make snide remarks about what someone names THEIR kid grow up!!

Air Force on

I agree with you 100% Kay.

Sherae on

I still don’t hate her name like I hate the name Rainbow Aurora or Blue…or Apple. THOSE are just ugly. But Lincoln is kind of cute. I’d probably call her Linx, though. To be fair, her father’s name is Dax. I mean………….

Hillary on

@Wendy – because you’re rather be named after a fast food chain, right?

I think Lincoln is a lovely name, and I bet she is super adorable.

Sammi on

I love that name! Original but not “weird”

Suval on

I love this couple very much. Congratulations to both of them. But Lincoln really? For a girl? Celebrity baby names are so crazy these days. But at least it’s a name and not the name of produce/fruit/ or a made up sci-fi name.

Megan on

I swear to god, if ANY OTHER celebrity had named a girl Lincoln, I would think it was stupid.

But Kristen Bell can do no wrong in my book–I think she’s great, and awesome and hilarious and I’m totally digging the name.

Pammy on

It’s not a name I’d choose, but it’s THEIR baby, not mine.

Sherae on

And for the record, I LOVE these two. Seem so fun

Reneshia on

I don’t think anyone has the right to judge them for naming their baby Lincoln. I have a feminine name and STILL have to explain how to pronounce it & what the hell it means.

Congrats to the happy parents!

Erin on

wtf Lincoln…..good lord…

sgtmian on

yay! welcome to the world, lincoln!

arian on

who cares what the baby’s name is as long as she’s healthy… thats what really matters.. congrats to the new parents!!

A.A. on

I actually like the name (surprisingly LOL). And I don’t think the name Bell is used as a middle name. The child probably has two last names, like many babies who’s parents aren’t married.

Kirah Doyle on

Im sick and tired of people and their snide comments about unwed parents…so you would rather them have gotten married first and then inevitably get divorced then drag the kid through the torture of joint custody..because Tom Cruise was married to Katie Holmes when they had Suri and you know that worked out so well!!!

tattedmom on

Kirah I believe Tom and Katie were NOT married before they had Suri.

Tara on

Probably my favorite Hollywood couple!!!

Elara on

I bet that baby is gorgeous! Congrats to the new family…

Marcia on

That name is awful for a girl.

Yvonne on

People always think the world will end for the child who has an unusual name. Usually, it’s the other way around. They love all the attention they get for their unusual moniker. And shockingly enough, it’s often POSITIVE attention. You all should try it, it’s nice to be nice.

meghan on

That’s a crappy name, boy or girl.

Anonymous on

If you can name your kids what you want…they can name their baby what they want. As long as she is healthy and happy…who cares? Stop judging. Congratulations to them!

Brooklyn on

Not a fan of Lincoln – for a girl or boy – but congrats to Kristen and Dax!

momof4 on

too cute! Baby Linkie?

Linda on

Lincoln??? Congrats to Mom and Dad on the birth of their baby daughter.

Lyoness on

Congratulations and welcome Lincoln!! This is one of the few celeb couples that I’ve been watching to see when the baby gets here. I really like her name!!! Maybe they’re into history and Americana. Maybe the name is for a special family member. People will at least know how to pronounce it. In the past, Tiffany, Ashley, and Courtney were all “male” names and now they’re feminine.

Anonymous on

Very happy for this couple, just wish they had picked a better name!

akri on

yay..happy for them..i like him a lot..but couldn’t they have chosen maybe linconette? or linette?

Sandra Reed on

Not a fan of the name but congrats nonetheless.

Kris on

Wait til she is standing at the alter. Do you Lincoln take (whatever guys name that she marries) will sound like two guys getting hitched.

Guest on

By the time she gets married, it won’t e as shocking or unusual as it is today.

LC on

I was just watching the season 1 finale of Veronica Mars and thought of her/wondered when their baby was coming. They are a cute couple and I wish them the best! Congratulations on their sweet new baby.

Holly on

Tho its not a name I would pick, its not that bad. There are much worse, such as Rainbow. But every parent picks a name that means something to them. Maybe this name has special meaning. Do not judge until you actually talk to the parents. And for the record, boys names for girls has been around for a long time. I love it! I named my daughter LucaBella and tho no one had heard of it before, now all I hear is how beautiful it is and other people are naming their daughters it. Original names are a lot better then having a classroom full of the same copy cat names.

Lyoness on

@Sherae – I agree… Dax isn’t a common name and no one gets on his parents about that. That’s his actual name too and not a nickname because he’s a junior.

mg on

Love these two. Congrats!

Kelly on

OMG people really? Why all the judgement on what people name their kids, it doesn’t affect you in any way. Get a grip. Congrats to the couple!

Dawn on

Who are we to judge what someone names their child. To each his own. Congrats to the parents!

Showbizmom on

How funny! I knew a lovely gal in College named Lincoln. Before the day’s of sonograms her parents where told by a elder in her temple that it was a boy, because of some munbo jumbo. So they went with it, till she was born and opps he’s a she. They had already fallen in love with the name Lincoln and couldn’t see naming her Sally or Nancy. It fits her to a T! It’s a great name for either sex. Congrats to the happy couple!

Terri on

Maybe they can call her “Penny” for short.

Taylah on

Congrats to Dax and Kristen. Welcome to the world little Lincoln xx I love love the name 🙂

rhonilu on

So, so happy for the couple. They are such a deserving couple. They spread nothing but love, compassion and understanding. That precious girl will only deepen the love they have for one another.

Anonymous on

I happen to really like this name, and will be naming my daughter a traditionally “male name” (had the name picked out since I was 5, so it’s not because of a trend – it’s *gasp* because *I* like it for *my* child) … People need to stop saying “that’s a boy name” or “that’s a girl name” … It’s only one because YOU make it one, and we as a society keep making it one! If you don’t like it, don’t name your child that name. Simple as that.

Untwist those panties people … No wonder our kids make fun of other kids names – look at the example grown adults are setting. Hate and judgement isn’t innate, it’s created.

Congrats to them!

Melissa on

Lincoln, is kinda cool. People can call her “Lin” (Lynn) or “Bell” (Belle) 😉

I like it better than, Rainbow, Blue, and Apple!


Anonymous on

what’s with last names being first names?? see she survived the whiskey and baseball bat. congrats!!

melody on

good for them she is a good actress

Storyideas on

Real life Parenthood love it. Awesome name from an awesome couple. 🙂

Emily on

LINCOLN??! Oh my! The name is…strange lol But I do LOVE Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard!! Congrats and may you call her a cute nickname. 😀

Lauren Kaminski on

Please call her Bell!

Elle on

Did she grow up on Lincoln?

paula on

Congrats to two terrific actors!! Love that celebrities r breaking another segregation…..that of the “sexes”…….breaking the glass building as opposed to those of us that merely “cracked” the glass ceiling!!” Love blessings to the Bell Shepard family……

Sonia on

I like Lincoln, it’s historical and represents a great president but also who cares if it is for a girl. We need to move past gender stereotypes. Who said that certain names can only be for boys and certain names can only me for girls. It is not a crime. Stop with the judgement people.

Laurali on

My sons name is Lincoln…it’s a great name! Congrats!

A on

Since when do people use boy names on girls? … since forever. This is not a new trend. Ashley, Loren/Lauren, Laurie/Lori, Sydney, Rene, Addison – they all used to be traditionally male names.

You have nothing better to do than complain about what someone you don’t even know names their child? Shouldn’t the bigger picture be for congrats and well-wishes for a happy and healthy baby?

soph on

I’ve always loved the name Lincoln for a boy, with the nickname Linc. Lincoln on a girl is just lame…especially after all the attention given to last year’s film.

Shannon on

I love the name. It has a nice ring to it. Congrats!

Maggie on

Lincoln???????????????????? not a girl’s name sorry.

Kat on


Next thing you know they’ll start naming their daughters Jacob, John, Stephen…. what a time we live in.

Guest on

It’s not her maiden name. You have to be married and have changed your last name for it to be called that. It’s just Kristen’s last name.

Curly Sue on

Isn’t it more important that the baby. Is healthy & happy instead of how weird you think her name is…jeez people, get a life!

kim on

jeeezus!! LINCOLN??!! for a girl??!!!!

Kim on

Who cares what they named their child… It’s not your kid, so don’t worry about it!! If you commented just to bitch about the name…MOVE ON! Congrats to them both!!!

Bb on

my daughters name is Hayden and I have a niece named Lennon so I personally love boys/ unisex names for girls. and I love this couple! congrats

sat on

Congrats!!!! Love the name.

Hattie on

I bet she will end up being called Lindy or Linny.

Ivy. on

What a perfect day to be born! (It’s my birthday, too ;-)).

Romy on

so bad, but Bell was a cute addition after Kristen

Gerri on

Congratulations! Don’t care for the name Lincoln for a girl, love it for a boy!

weezer on

It’s a better name then Apple!!

Vixyn on

Contrats to the happy family – even though it seems with these “celebrities” they really wanted a boy instead of a girl and decided on keeping the name.

Anonymous on

Who made the rule that girls have to have girl names, and boys have to have boy names??

Emry on

at least they didnt name their child hashtag, or rainbow.

Anonymous on

I bet Lincoln Bell will do better in life with her name than Rainbow Aurora! Congrats to the new extended family 🙂

Cassie on

Liberty Bell would have sounded cuter. But, oh well. Congrats! 🙂

DaisyMoon on

It’s not even a great name for a boy, nevermind a little girl…

sunny on

Congratulations to all of them. And for all of you naysayers regarding the name, get over yourselves. You ,nay just have no imagination and named your child something boring like Bill or Bobby or whatever and your kid will just blend in with all the other overused names when they enter school and find out there are a half dozen other kids with the same name.

Abi on

Why is it ok for people to give baby girls boys names but I wonder what it would be like if someone started a trend giving girls’ names to baby boys? How would that go over?

Tara on

I like these people. I do.

Amanda on

its their choice about what to name their baby, but there have been pleanty of names that are now used for girls that seem to originially been boys names, Carroll (Carroll O’Connor), Marion (John Wayne), Sidney (Sidney Poitier), Leslie, Alex, Taylor, Kelly, Kim (Kim Coates), Stacy (Stacy Keach), Terry (Terry O’Quinn) to name a few.

Congrats to them and I am sure she will be a beautiful and happy baby…

Sarah on

Congrats to Kristen and Dax! Such an adorable couple who are low key.. love love love the name for a girl. who cares if it’s more of a boys name ..who cares its not your child . people need to quit hating name your child what you want maybe Lincoln means something to them. their baby is healthy and that’s what matters . I also bet she’s adorable and precious .

Kimberly on

I adore these 2 people! Although, Lincoln…? Really??

This trend is okay, but the name is strictly for a boy!

Vanessa on

Lincoln? Really? The poor child. You can’t even girly that up in any way.

Shana on

And I thought Olive, Apple, Blu Ivy and Maxwell were bad. Geez!! They do this crap on purpose…just to bug us! 🙂

Crystal on

What is wrong with the name Lincoln? As an fyi, names like Ashley and Sydney used to be considered masculine too.

pk on

Love the couple, love the name!

Carol on

Lincoln can be called Lin….maybe when she’s a teen, she might even add an ‘N’ on her own….Linn. That’s not so bad. Even her middle name, Bell could be changed by her to Belle, if she wanted. My son, Stephen, spells his name Steven and I don’t care.

haven on

Why lincoln? Not a fan of the baby girl name the poor kid will grow having to explain her name it reminds me to abraham lincoln and he is not at all handsome man.

Laura on

That is not a good girl’s name…imo

Lola on

LOVE the name Lincoln!

Anonymous on

To one of the very coolest couples in all of Hollywood. CONGRATULATIONS. That kid has two incredibly hilarious parents! Love the name! Very strong!! All the best to you!

believe it on

Aww! They seem so down to earth. Congrats to them. I’ll bet they’re ecstatic.

Karen on

Lincoln is not so bad compared to what other celebrities have named their babies….Blanket, Apple, Pilot Inspektor….etc.

katiekillscandyx on

Lincoln Shepard? Sounds like the name of a car. Stupid name.

Ariana on

It’s very hard to name girls, parents have to be creative, there are just too many girl names…Lincoln is cute, it’s different and that’s all that matters

maryhelenc on

I like it. It’s different. Congrats to them!

Annie on

What a dumb name for a sweet girl. Wow. What are they thinking?? Hope they call her Bell.

waynexbond on

Even though I’m a boy person I think this name is fine. Wishing them the best!

Annie on

PLEASE call her Bell….! Lincoln is just beyond awful.

Nikki on

I think celebrities just want to be different from other people,…and crave the attention…but guess what…they are ordinary people just like the rest of us…..What a stupid name for a girl….everyone knows that Lincoln is a boy’s name!

Indira on

Three surnames no first name that sounds like first name….

april on

Hilarious responses here. We named our daughter Lincoln 15 years ago. She went by “Linnie” when she was younger but has recently started using her real name in high school (because she loves it). People have always been very vocal in how much they love her name but other than that, it hasn’t been a big deal at all.

People’s negative reactions here (and elsewhere) are laughable.

Jasmine on

Congratulations to a wonderful couple !!!!!!! We watch both Parenthood & love Dax and House of Lies and Kristen is such a great actress……congrats once again on the birth of your daughter, Lincoln !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gail on

I think Lincoln is a fine name to grow up with. Boy or girl. My husband and I chose names that were unisex before the time of sonograms. I have a son Robin and daughter Dana.

Tracy on

Congratulations to Dax and Kristen. They are both great actors. Love the baby’s name. Thank God it’s a normal name and not some Rainbow Coco anus name.

Janet J. on

I love the name. People seriously get too hung up on gender specific names.

Sheree on

Not a fan of the name AT ALL for a little girl! But ❤ Dax and Kristen! Congrats to the new parents!!

missy on

LOVE the name Lincoln Bell, but Lincoln Shepard sounds really awkward when you say it out loud.

jane on

the name is a little out there, but i like them both so much that i think it will grow on me!

Shon on

why do people think their opinions on baby names are important? its not your child so get off it. congrats to the beautiful couple.

Mandie on

Congrats to them. I love the name Lincoln it is cute.

chiavet on


Anonymous on

Love, love, love the name Lincoln for a baby girl!! And using Bell as the middle name is just darn cute! Love this couple and bet this little girl is gonna be a stitch as she grows up! Congratulations to the new mommy and daddy!! ❤

Tab on

Congrats to the Kristen and Dax!!!

In my opinion, Lincoln is neither a girl’s or boy’s name because it is a last name. I personally don’t like last names for first names, but I’m sure Lincoln is a beautiful baby girl. What’s important is that she’s happy and healthy, not the name she was given.

Alayna on


Holly on

Yay! I love her! Cute name!!

SusieKJ on

Wow, 40 angry elves say this story makes them mad. What the…?

Teresa on

Congrats on your baby girl!

Edie on

Congrats to the new parents and to baby Lincoln???

The trend to blur the names of the sexes is NOT a trend that I would follow. Is Mary next for a boy’s name?? Just asking?

Leave it to Hollywood! But many blessings just the same…

Dale on

Congrats to the new parents! I really like this couple, but I wish they would have named their baby a girl’s name. Having been given a boy’s name at birth really screwed up my life. Any new teachers in my school expected a boy, everyone wanted to know how I got a boys name, etc., it’s always been a real pain and I have always been mad at my parents for giving me this terrible name. It’s been a real negative in my life, but I hope that little Lincoln Shepard rises above her terrible name and has a happy life.

lucyfurr666 on

Congrats to them both. But whats up with naming your daughter a boys name? Maxwell, Lincoln? seriously Lincoln? as in Abe Lincoln, yeah like that kid wont be teased!

kris on

Awesome name! Lincoln is my daughter’s middle name. Congratulations!!!

Lena on

I don’t like the name for a girl. To each his own. That’s what makes the world go ’round. I’m not being judgmental, and I already know that this is not my kid. I know that they can name their child anything that they want. So, those arguments don’t work with me.

Congratulations, and here’s to a healthy, happy baby!

Anonymous on

OMG Really people are bashing the name Lincoln for a girl. I know men with the name Lynn, Ashley, hell I even know a Brittany. So what this is not your child so you don’t have the right to judge the name.

Elizabeth on

Well aren’t you a hypocrite! People have the right to voice their opinions on the name all they want. And don’t go around judging people for judging the name….hypocrite!!

Kate on

Hate the name Lincoln. Why not just use Belle as the first name. Anyway, congrats to them. They seem like down to Earth people.

Estoria on

I really, really, really dislike traditional boy names for a girl. I think it’s horrible. Yes, that’s my opinion. Ugh! I’m sick of Riley, Mackenzie etc. I will be happy when this trend ends.

Candice on

“Who made the rule that girls have to have girl names, and boys have to have boy names??”

It’s a valid point, but no one would name their son “Emily” or “Elizabeth” now, would they? It wouldn’t be because they simply didn’t like those names, it’d be because those names promote femininity.

Anonymous on

My Friend just named her son Lincoln last week. Never thought of it for a girl, but I have a Peyton (girl) and that was traditionally a boy’s name. Congrats to them!

Elaine on

Horrable name!

Guest on

Love the name! It’s good to break from tradition and go against the grain sometimes. Lincoln is very classy! I’ve known women named Kennedy, Reagan, Tyler – why not add another prez to the bunch :). Congrats to them!

curlyk on

I knew a girl named Kennedy and she was adorable! Kind of a cute name.

dawn9476 on

I knew she had to be farther along than she let on and fudge the due date by a couple of months. Congrats to her and Dax, though.

Nicole on

I am very happy for both of them, first and foremost everyone is healthy and doing well. I think Lincoln is a very cute name for a girl, to be honest, I like it better for a girl than a boy…

Kate on

Soo.. was Lincoln after his dad that just recently passed away I wonder? Curious. I haven’t kept tabs on this couple much but bless them both and sad for the loss of his dad most recently. Kudos to the parents and here’s to many happy years!

abbey on

never got made fun of growin up. my twin sister Reagan, did. lol

Sandra on

Love the name Lincoln, so much we named our son that 2 years ago! On a girl its definently unique! Enjoy your baby she will grow fast 🙂

Dawn Contreras on

What a beautiful name for a beautiful baby. Congrat’s Mommy and Daddy and family.

tattedmom on

I wonder how much she weighed because her belly was huge (in a good way)!

Elizabeth on

Terrible name. Also , I don’t understand why everything Kristen says is a joke…and a very unfunny one at that. Glad she finally had her healthy little girl…now hopefully we can stop hearing about this loser and hear about REAL celebs!

Janet on

Congrats! Couldn’t be happier for them. 🙂

Katina on

I love it!!! I love unique names. Congratulations to the happy family!!!

amy on

Lincoln? really? What’s next..Penelope for a boy?

Annie Mouse on

Lincoln. Were they high when they named their daughter?! This is a SURNAME. It’s a crappy first name for a girl OR a boy.

Annie Mouse on

“Lincoln Shepard.” My condolences, kid.

mickey on

Congratulations to the new parents.Love the name

Heather A on

Dax Shepard owns a 1967 Lincoln that he absolutely loves so maybe he wanted to name his baby after his car. Really, it is between Dax and Kristen what they name their baby. I personally think it is an adorable name for their baby girl.

Congratulations Dax and Kristen. I bet Lincoln is beautiful. I love these two. I think they are probably the funniest couple around!

dk on

Lincoln is sure better than Rainbow!!

Cooper on

Why does she add that bit about Dax’ sobriety. Not something to joke about TBH. Another weird name too.

Celebrities! UGH

Charli on

I always liked Lincoln for a boy and never thought about it for a girl but I actually think I like it-kinda like Ryan.

Anonymous on

Oh my gosh..Lincoln? Really? I am convinced Hollywood has their own baby name book! Poor baby!

Catca on


I guess the time it became popular to give girls traditionally boys names was about the time parents started naming their daughters Leslie, Ashley, Meredith, etc. All the way up to the 1950s, those were pretty much exclusively boys names. This is not some new trend but has been happening for decades now.

larsen on

OK, this is weird, I love the name and I kinda hate it too.

Anonymous on

Lincoln Bell is a beautiful name ❤ Congratulations Dax & Kristen!

Mike C on

I still say Dax looks like Zack Braff with dyed blond hair and a gym membership

Catherine/St. Paul on

Then don’t get pregnant ever again if you don’t prepare for childbirth like one does for their job, etc. Change your attitude about terrifying because you are living some kind of shamed based ideal.

Stacey on

Celebrities live in their own world. Lincoln for a girls name; it’s stupid. Just as the Emperor had no clothes, celebrities have no brains!

krissy on

I adore the name. I think both parents seem pretty awesome too. Congrats!

Chickadee on

I love the trend of “boys names” for little girls these days!

Maxwell and now Lincoln!

I’m Davey btw!

junesscarloni on

Its pretty sick how these celebrities name their children all these weird crazy names. Some of these weird names they give their children are going to haunt them as they get older and begin school. Im sorry but some of these weird names are going to attract bullies when they children get up in the age starting school. They need to think about their children’s future before they start naming these children weird names like this.

Anonymous on

Those of you who are criticize celebrities for the names of their children need to look around…there are millions of people out there who name their children unique and original names, not just celebrities. The only difference is celebrities have every little detail of their lives plastered in magazines while the rest of us have the tiny little birthing section of our local newspapers to announce our new addition. Take 5 minutes and read it, you’ll be surprised at how many creative names that the average person names their kid. So stop the hating and keep the negativity to yourself. If you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say it.

junesscarloni on

But for the record its their children not mine so who am i to judge?

jenni on

Congrats I love that name for a girl

sharon on

horrible girls name jeez

JustSayinIsAll on

Could have been worse…Could have been Charlie-Ballerina…or Pilot Inspektor…or Apple…or Hopper…or Bastian Kick…or…really Lincoln is not that bad!! Congrats I am sure she is adorable!!

dilitant on

I know she is joking around and it’s kinda sorta funny I suppose, but I definitely wouldn’t want to know my mother announced my birth by saying I liked big breasts or compared me to my father when he drank. I swear, I don’t take myself that seriously but this just sort of bothered me. Congrats to them all the same – babies are true blessings!

Karen on

As long as she doesn’t end up LOOKING like Lincoln she’ll be fine.

dmarie217 on

They can call her Linny or Lin…ehhhhh

jj on

I like the name. But really, they named it after Dax’s 650hp hot rod Lincoln? And it’s better than his other car – a Tatum Baja 1000 racer. Besides, Tatum’s been used already.

sookie on

Cute couple, stupid baby name.

Cammy on

I know Kennedy is used for a girl name, and that’s kind of cute, but Lincoln? A president, city and car, but a girl’s name?

soph on

april, yeah, about as laughable as naming a girl Lincoln 🙂

Savvy on

To the people complaining about Lincoln’s name: It’s not your baby, it’s theirs.

Asha on

Wow. I would not name my son Lincoln, but really pretty for a girl. My daughter is Leighton 🙂 she’s beautiful and her name fits her perfectly.

Anonymous on

My name is Serena and growing up no-one else had that name when I wad little people thought it was weird. Now who’s judging!

Denise on

Gosh, how I love these two. It’s so refreshing not to read that they are ‘over the moon and head over heels in love’. I laughed at their announcements, little Lincoln must have a hoot with these funloving parents.

I’ve always loved girls with ‘boys” names, I love Lincoln for a girl too. Some of you really need to relax and just step away from the 1950’s.

cmonppl on

Do celebrities just try to one-up each other by naming their kids the dumbest things they can think of?

cmonppl on

I don’t even like Lincoln for a boy. I just automatically think Abraham Lincoln

lg on

Lincoln….wow, well, at least it wasn’t Les Mis Bell Shepard!!! Love them both, so it’ll grow on me.
…someday in the future some couple will name their daughter Jane, and it’ll be a big deal!!! sigh…

MollyF on

I’m so happy to hear Kristen and Dax had their baby. I’ve been a HUGE fan of Kristen’s since her Veronica Mars days. Lincoln is an interesting name for a girl, but it’s their choice and not my place (or anyone else’s) place to judge their decision. Congrats for both them.

Bob on

Linc? I keep picturing Linc Hayes (Clarence Williams III) of the Mod Squad.

Niko on

Lincoln–like Maxwell–couldn’t be more masculine. These aren’t names parents should be naming their baby girls, IMO.

Having said that, I congratulate Dax and Kristen on welcoming their bundle of joy…

molly of two on

Congrats and love the name! So cute and the couple couldn’t be more hysterical. Have fun with your new little one- they are a blast!

Jeanine on

Thier child their choice of what to name her. Congrats to the new parents on their new little angel.

MommytoanE on

Its definitely a different name, but it has a nice ring to it. Lincoln has never been a popular name for a girl…most baby name graphs don’t even show a hint of it being for a girl…but its unique, old fashioned and kind of sweet. At least she wasn’t named after a food like Broccoli or Asparagus or something.

Can’t wait to see what she looks like. Grats to the happy parents.

kirsty on

to me its sounds like a law firm, like the law firm of Lincoln and Shepard. To me its awful, but everyone can name their kid whatever they want. I have a niece named Wilhelmina, and I hate that name and think its awful, but I have never told my relatives that.

maryvee1 on

Lincoln as in Abe Lincoln? Congrats but WTF? Like this kid wont be teased down the road…

Bonnie on

Congrats! Love the name Lincoln for a girl!

Why do names have to be gender specific? Just because that’s the way its always been doesn’t mean it’s right.

Noneya on

Congrats Kristen & Dax!! I LOVE the name Lincoln!! Like they really give a rats arse what any of us think!!! It’s better than Moon Unit or Blue or Kal-el so………… And the bottom line is – it’s THEIR child! Enjoy every minute you have with your little Lincoln, kids grow up so fast!

my honest opinion on

Kennedy is now mostly associated as a girl name, why NOT Lincoln? Its feminine if you think about it -aside from Abe…it kind of reminds me of Linda…Best Wishes! Love this couple!!

Cara on

For all the people harping on giving boy names to girls, what exactly constitutes the gender associated with a name? If you think about it, Ashley and Shannon were traditionally male names , but are now considered female names. Get over yourselves. Maybe they don’t want people to know she is a girl at first so that she won’t be labeled OR maybe it has a family meaning (like Jessica’s with Maxwell Drew). Stop being so judgy. I’m sure all of you calling the name stupid picked the absolute best names EVER for your kids.

boohoobytch on

cool name, thank God they didn’t name her Liberty

Monica C. on

Congrats to them both!!!!!

Annie on

My only disappointment is that she didn’t give birth to a actual sloth.

JS81 on

I think these two are the sweetest couple in Hollywood. What a lucky little girl.

Messiejessy on

Love these two as a couple and LOVE their big personalities. They are constantly finding ways to make people laugh and their senses of humor are great!

Congratulations and I wish them the best. I have no doubt Dax will be an excellent, doting and proud papa!!

Tyler’s Mom on

Congratulations to the new parents. It took me a second to get that name, but I love it. More importantly, they don’t need mine or anyone else’s approval. I am such a huge fan of this couple!! They seem like people you want to hang out with.

GeeMoney on

She can go by Bella.

Elle on

Love the name! Congratulations!!

Kyle on

What’s the big deal with naming her Lincoln?! My name is Kyle and I am female. I am 37 now and never had a tramatic childhood from having a typically male name. There were a few times when teachers were expecting a boy and surprisingly got a girl instead. Otherwise, there was no drama. I love my name and always have. I always felt special and unique because of it. Get over it. People can name their children whatever they want.

Virgogal on

I think if the name was spelled Lyncoln it won’t be as bad

1isOK! on

Stupid name for a girl. They certainly are comedians.

jillianblackburn on

I love boys names for girls! I’ve never heard of Lincoln before, but I think it’s beautiful!

Jen on

Congratulations! I love this couple and even though the name is…unique, I think it clearly has meaning to them. Perhaps they named her after Dax’s “mistress”/car Lady Lincoln…?

Shondra on

I love the name Lincoln for a little girl!! LIncoln Bell is very pretty!! I just had a baby girl in February and I named her Hudsyn. For all the haters who stalk the blogs – Hudsyn was my grandmother’s name.

Rae on

I love all these people who think it’s cute to give a baby a weird name and that they’ll love the attention. I’ve got a weird name and believe me it’s NOT fun and you don’t love the attention-or having to constantly explain/spell your name. I love this couple but why can’t people give girls a feminine name-at least give her a middle name she can use if she hates her name. It’s the least you can do.

Emily on

I don’t like the name. It’s a boys name not a girl’s name. Glad to see another cutie has come into the world, just not enthused about the name. Eh.

Jae on

Boy names for little girls…. hmmmmmm, I just don’t get it!

Kris on

my husbands friends named their son lincoln and i think it’s a dumb name for a boy, let alone for a girl. especially spelled this way. but, not my kid. congrats to them both and glad they’re all ok.

1isOK! on

katiekillscandyx on March 28th, 2013
Lincoln Shepard? Sounds like the name of a car. Stupid name.

Or a DOG! 😉 But in “Hollyweird” this kid really won’t be picked on for such a different name!

toria on

My son’s name is Lincoln!! I think it’s an adorable name for a girl- very nontraditional, but still strong!

toria on

@kris- What do you mean, ‘spelled this way?’ How else do you think Lincoln is spelled????

Karen on

Very stupid name for a girl..

Jenn on

I work w/ a guy named Lincoln and we call him Linc. It’s a good name. I’m sure they’ll call her Bell.

Alex on

I like the name lincoln.So what if it’s for a girl. At least she wasn’t named Strawberry Serbert or Pecan pie. How much want put on Ms. Shepard being the class cut up? LOL.

Traci on

There’s nothing wrong with Lincoln Bell Shepard.

Get a grip people.