Camila McConaughey: I’m Always Running to Breastfeed

03/27/2013 at 07:00 PM ET

Camila McConaughey Breastfeeding
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Just three months after delivering son Livingston, Camila Alves McConaughey is already back at work, promoting a new Macy’s I.N.C. line as the brand’s spokesmodel, but she’s the first to admit it’s not easy.

“It’s hard to be back to work with such full force early on because your brain is not fully there. You have baby brain,” she jokes to PEOPLE.

“I was on The View answering a question and halfway through, I lost my train of thought. You just laugh at it.”

Part of returning to her schedule includes striking a balance between her professional duties and tending to her children, including nursing her baby boy.

“It’s three little ones that need mom all at the same time,” Alves McConaughey, 30, says. “I’m running to dinner, running back to breastfeed, go do this, run back to breastfeed, breastfeed all night, start your day at 5 a.m., lack of sleep — all of it.”

One component the multitasking mom seems to have nailed down is regaining her post-baby body, the look of which Alves McConaughey says she’s achieved with pieces from the I.N.C. collection.

“There’s a few items I absolutely love,” she says. “They have this one pair of white denim that’s really stretchy and feels really soft. I grew up with stretchy denim and it’s really hard to find in the United States. It gives you a good backside, I must say.”

“The peplum is a great top that they have,” she adds. “If you’re trying to hide something in the belly area, it’s very forgiving as well.”

Following her work commitments, the model will return to husband Matthew McConaughey‘s home state of Texas, which the family moved back to in 2012.

“It’s great for [Levi, 4½, and Vida, 3] because they really get to have a regular life,” she says of trading Los Angeles for Austin.

“People are not looking at them — they’re not impressed by anything. You go inside of a restaurant, no one’s turning their faces, looking at the door every five minutes to see who’s coming in. Everybody’s really doing their own thing.”

But while the family’s move may have been inspired by Austin’s abiding of Matthew’s “just keep livin'” philosophy, there’s one thing that Alves McConaughey admits wasn’t:

“No! We never made that [connection],” she says of the inspiration behind son Livingston’s name.

— Kiran Hefa

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blessedwithboys on

Wait… Is she on light duty and unable to pick up her kids while recovering from surgery, or is she back to work full-force?

CCex on

Can’t find stretchy denim in the US? What is she talking about?

Anonymous on

CCex- She said it’s hard to find, not that you CAN’T find it! 😉

MommytoanE on

Well Blessed, it has been three months since the baby was born….so it sounds like she’s back at work full force. Generally the rest time is 6-8 weeks, so she’s about 4-6 weeks past that rest period.

LOL and I agree CCex….lots of strechy pants found here in the US. Heck, we seem to be the spandex capitol of the world.

Anonymous on

MommytoanE- That’s correct, but that’s when you have a “normal” pregnancy and delivery. And Camila said just a few weeks ago that she did not and therefore was still recovering and couldn’t do a whole lot, including lifting her kids.

However, it sounds like the “work” she’s doing isn’t much more than walking around or talking with people, and I don’t see why she can’t do that even if she’s still recovering from her difficult delivery! 🙂

Angie on

Austin is the best! That’s why I moved back here after being gone (in Destin, Florida of all places..and it’s beautiful there!) for 16 years! Would love to run into these two. 🙂

Kelly on

Well Angie, sounds like you and I are kindred spirits here…I’m four hours from you in Corpus Christi and my husband and I grew up in Gulf Breeze, Navarre, and Fort Walton Beach, respectively. And seriously, what’s not to love about Austin? 🙂

Sigh on

Wow, product placement talk.

Jen on


Becca on

Moved to Austin three years ago…….awesome place!

Like it is!!! on

If she brings back stretchy denim…I might just buy it!

Carrow on

Welcome back home Matthew and family. Austin is the most progressive aka liberal city in Texas. Very laid back and full of self confessed weirdos which is just how they like it. =)

I heard that Camila doesn’t have nannies. Just her family. Don’t know if that’s true but if it is I commend her for not taking the Hollywood route.

Anonymous on

Much cheaper taxes, too! Very smart move!

Heidi Quayle on

How did they not connect Matthew’s life mantra and company name with their baby’s name (LIVINGSTON/Just Keep Livin’)? Their daughter’s name Vida also means Life in Spanish. Anyhow, she’s gorgeous, and they seem happy, so cheers to them.

Anonymous on

Her husband is the biggest turn-off in the universe so it’s hard to pay attention to what she says without thinking of him. 😦

Diane on

Back to work? When was she ever at work? I believe she was a waitress before she became kept.

blst3xs on

Glad she is nursing! Her children will benefit in the long run.. mine have .. they are hardly sick compared to their peers!

shidley on

Breastfed, non breast fed. Grief…you do the best you can. Kids get sick, get ear infections, can be slow to develop whether breastfed or not. Many women are unable to do it, it happens. And formula is just fine too.

ME on

100% agree shidley!

nbcvgjc on

Really? Their kids names ALL refer to “living”, as in Matthew’s company Just Keep Livin. Levi is “live” scrambled, Vida means “live/life” in Spanish, and now Livingston??

Stacey on

With all the money they have she cannot take time off to be with her kids?

liz on

Austin is one place in Texas that’s not so uptight about everything.

Curious on

I like them both but it’s hard to find stretchy denim?? Where the heck is she shopping. That’s ALL I can find. :-/

haven on

She seems like a nice woman down to earth, sweet and a great mom to all her 3 kids. She is also very pretty. Brazillan women usually are very attractive. They are lucky to have each other.

I dont know about stretchy jeans because there is plenty of stretchy jeans around. She is trying to make some money i suppose so she doesnt feel useless with just living off her husband money.

Dietra on

Beautiful family! I love INC clothes too!!

Marcia Rzad on

I bet they came up with Livingston as a name because of beautiful Lake Livingston in Livingston, Texas (Matthew’s home state.) 🙂

krystin on

Love Austin! I’m glad I moved here!

Crystal on

Matthew has stated that the reasoning behind Livingston’ s name is because people usually name their children due to their way of life. That’s why they named him that because they want to keep on living.