Baby Girl on the Way for Jenna Wolfe and Stephanie Gosk

03/27/2013 at 08:15 AM ET

Jenna Wolfe Pregnant Expecting First Child Stephanie Gosk
Gosk and Wolfe – Dustin Cohen

Jenna Wolfe is sharing some happy news: not only is she expecting her first child — a girl! — in late August, she’s also coming out publicly with her partner, NBC News correspondent Stephanie Gosk.

“This is the most exciting thing that has ever happened to us,” the Today weekend anchor tells PEOPLE exclusively in its new issue. “But I don’t want to bring my daughter into a world where I’m not comfortable telling everyone who I am and who her mother is.”

“The beauty is that we live in a time where there’s no need for secrecy,” Gosk, 40, adds. “This is a spectacular moment for us.”

Together for three years, the pair began discussing starting a family and after deciding Wolfe would carry the child, underwent artificial insemination with an anonymous donor.

“We were constantly on the road,” Wolfe, 39, says. “It’s a miracle we got it all together.”

The couple is also planning to wed, but admit they’re more excited for the baby.

“For a long time I had feared I would never have a child,” Gosk admits. Notes Wolfe, “We can’t wait to start.”

For more on the pair’s journey to parenthood and an additional photo, pick up this week’s issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

— Charlotte Triggs

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klutzy_girl on

Aw, that’s awesome and cute! Congratulations to them.

Erin Byrd on

Congrats! Best wishes!!

Terri on

That’s awesome, congratulations!

Corinne on


lg on

very exciting!

Anonymous on


tassie on

I’m so HAPPY!! I LOVE Jenna and I can NOT wait for her and her lovely partner to enjoy motherhood!!! I can NOT stop smiling. =)

Jess on

Yes it’s so awesome! Hope they have a healthy happy baby girl!

Seasons9 on

YAY for babies!!! Congrats!! 🙂

Katy on

I had no clue Jenna was gay! She and Stephanie make a beautiful couple and will be great parents … congratulations!!!

BEC on

WONDERFUL!! Congratulations!!!

lifeasahouse on

Congratulations to them!

Leah on

I love Jenna. She seems so fun. And she’s beautiful. I’m sure she will be a wonderful mom!

Chloe on

Congrats! So happy for them! And also happy to see the snarky people are sleeping in today.

dk on

Oh the irony…

Anonymous on

Me, there is nothing wrong with what she said….she is happy for them and is GLAD people were making positive comments. Sheesh….lighten up.

Yardie on

Big smiles…many blessings!

Jess on

Congratulations to both of them! I know they will both be amazing mothers!

DAB on

Congrats! The world is a better place because of your courage and love to share!

Catca on

Aww – you two do make a beautiful couple! Congratulations!

Connie Schuett on

Wow two of my favorites in the business are gay and having a baby together, I am speechless! Congratulations on both counts.

Anonymous on

Damn! There goes my chances with Jenna. Congratulations to both of you.

Sarah on

Wishing you both nothing but happiness. Congratulations

Lauren on

Congrats! Hoping they can get married soon…come on SCOTUS, do the right thing!

Suzanne Necina on

So happy for them. They are a beautiful couple. I wish them good luck, good health, and much, much happiness.

KAR on

Love Jenna. So happy for her. Wish she was still the co-anchor instead of getting demoted. I’ve switched to ABC. NBC Today has lost a viewer. The ones in control there have no idea what they are doing.

Kat on

Wow two reporters I really like are together, and starting a family, awesome! Congrats to them!

susie on

Wonderful… couldn’t be happier for them both!

Sonja on

I didn’t know she is gay….

Kat on

I always felt a butch vibe from Jenna, whatever.

Lynocat71 on

Hello, I always watch the Today show and have heard her say she was not married. Not that an YN-married woman has to be gay but, I thought she might be. However, I congratulate both of them and also for her coming out on her terms.

Jenn on

Good for them! A baby is a blessing!!!

Mimi on

Yay!!!!!!!! Congrats to them! And I am SO happy to see all the positive things from everyone 🙂 double yay!

valeskas on


Karolina on

Congrats to them! They both look so incredibly happy in the picture, it is really nice to see!

Anonymous on

Great news, congrats

Janet on

What WONDERFUL news. I have liked Jenna Wolfe for years. Congratulations to both of them. They make a cute couple – hope everything works out for them and the new little one on the way.

Mel DeLlanos on

I just love Jenna!! So happy for her and Stephanie!! I can’t wait to read her posts about it. She has such a fun spin on things! 🙂

Danielle on

Congrats to Jenna and Steph for the beautiful news, I’m straight but I like the idea that every body can marry for the reasons they may have……to me it’s for tax purposes, why a person who’s been working all their lives can not leave a Social Security for some body ….?

Guest2 on

They are such an interesting, fun and intelligent couple. Their joy is obvious. I’m so happy for them!

Sarah on

Awesome! She’s so funny…I will be following her BLOGGY BLOG!

Danielle on


The procrastinator on

Jenna was worried about coming out?? Ummmm pretty sure 98.9% already knew!

Ty's mom on

She’s due the same day I am. Great day! Congratulations!

Patty Atkinson on

Wow! I love Jenna and have missed her on Today (only watched her and Lester) on Saturday. I did not know she got demoted and really makes me sad, she’s awesome at what she does and will make a great mom! Congrats!

Anonymous on

Love you Jenna, so happy to hear her exciting news! and that we are in a world today where she can tell the world that she is gay and that (most!!) people don’t care one way or the other!!!

Kathie on

That is awesome news! I love both of these reporters and wish them nothing but the best! And for the record, Jenna will be the most fit pregnant person ever!

karen on

Kids of two straight parents have it hard and kids with two same sex parents are going to have it even harder. In a perfect world it wouldn’t be an issue, but we don’t live in a perfect world and it seems rather selfish to put so much on an innocent child’s shoulders.

Theresa on

You’re a bitch Karen.

Magnolia on

You sound pretty classy yourself Theresa! *eye roll*

Lilah on

Wow! What a happy surprise! I like Jenna’s personality so bubbly and happy. Congratulations!!

Anonymous on

That is fabulous!

RachelB-MD on

children are blessings and miracles

Tammy Kelly on

I love both ladies and watch them weekly! I am very excited for both of them and wish them nothing but the best! CONGRATS to the happy couple! xoxo

Sharon G on

Yay! Congrats, Jenna and Stephanie and baby girl makes three!

Bea on

super good news…

Knollser on

Congrats to Jenna and Stephanie! And congrats to us because hopefully that will mean that Jenna will be off the air for a while!

ace11 on

Probably going to get killed for this BUT:

I am of the belief, that Man and Woman were to create kids

That was the intent

Not saying they won’t love the baby, but it just isn’t normal

Theresa on

In this day and age, you should really keep your opinions to yourself ace.

Carla on

Maybe you should take your own advice, Theresa. “In this day and age, maybe you should keep your opinions to yourself”

Bj on

Wow! She not allowed to express her opinion? I fear you and your attitude much more than her honest opinion. She has a right to express what she feels. This is not NK.

Congrats to Steph and Jenna . Be happy.

Claire on

She was artificially inseminated with sperm. Which comes from a man. So technically, a man and woman did create a baby.

Happy now ace? 🙂

Anonymous on

Ace, what IS normal? No one really knows. All i know is that they love each other and will give that little girl much love. Sounds pretty normal to me.

Becky on

Congratulations ladies. A baby is such a blessing. Wishing them happiness and love.

UnKnown on

YEA, Congrats to Jenna and Stephanie, much love and happiness to them both!

And to those stupid pathetic negative idiots out there and here, grow up get a life!!!!!!!!

Jan on

Congratulations Jenna and Stephanie on becoming mothers. I had no idea Jenna is gay. I love her on the Today Show but sad that she is no longer the anchor and was demoted. I don’t watch the Today Show much anymore as it has gone down hill big time!

Again, all the happiness to Jenna and Stephanie!!!

Jane on

How exciting! I have loved both Jenna and Stephanie for a long time so it just seems fitting they would be together! Congratulations and Best wishes to you!

Carol on

Congratulations on your ‘new’ little girl to come. I wish you much LOVE and HAPPINESS…

Myrna on

We love Jenna, have always watched her and Lester on the weekend. I was surprise when she was demoted, leave it to NBC to keep screwing things up.

Congrats to her and her partner I know their baby will be beautiful.

Rie on

A GREAT BIG CONGRATS to Jenna and Stephanie!!!

Carol on

Wishing both Jenna and Stephanie LOTS of happiness and LOVE with their new little girl, who is yet to arrive. Could not happen to two nicer ladies on the small screen. Love you both.

Cate on

Every baby is a blessing, but I’ll leave it at that.

Theresa on

Why even read the article and make a comment when you’re such a sourpuss Cate? In this day and age, you need to get over your homophobia.

Magnolia on

Maybe the issue is the mothers personalities… Why would you ASSUME the worst? :-\

TM on

They are both lovely!

Aba Ivette Agudelo on


Susan on

When was the decision made to demote Jenna as weekend co-anchor?? I really liked her and Lester, and I don’t care for the replacement; what are they doing??

Jenna and Stephanie are a very attractive couple – had no idea Jenna was gay; always thought she was just a tomboy, and wondered why she wasn’t married or dating because she was so cute and fun. So that was a surprise, but they seem very happy. Congrats to them.

Barbara on

Congrats….so happy for them.

Amanda on

What a lucky little girl!!! Two smart and beautiful Moms. That is soooo awesome. Congratulations to the couple

katie on

They look alot alike to me

Brooke on

Beautiful couple!!!

Debbie on

Congratulations to two of my favorite people. SO happy for you.

Rachie on

Yay! I’m due around the same time and am also very impatient for things (besides sickness) to start happening;).

amalia on

@Ace11, in this case also, a man and a woman made the baby :). It’s just that two lovely loving women will raise the baby. Nothing wrong with that! A lot better than single parenting.

Anonymous on

What a wonderful news! Congratulations Jenna and Stephanie, wishing you both lots of happiness.

Princey on

Wow, didn’t know they were gay but who cares. They look great together! We usually don’t see Stephanie smiling much. I think she tends to get assigned more serious pieces. Glad to see she is smiling just like her always smiling partner. Congrats!!

mg on

awesome news! congrats to you!!

Patti on

My response was WOW! But in a good way. I didn’t know. But this little girl will have a wonderful life with her loving parents. The only thing that would make it difficult is close-minded people that don’t teach their children to love and accept and not judge. Congrats to them. 🙂

Guest on

This woman drives me crazy – so loud!!!! Glad she’s happy and congrats on the baby but, I was so glad when they downsized her participation on the weekend anchor desk. SO LOUD!!

tnthompson on

Great news for them. I want to know Jenna’s workout routine now that she’s pregnant. I need tips for how to stay active when pregnant.

Lynne Laettner on

That is awesome news. Congrats to both Jenna and Stephanie. They will make great parents.

Kat on

wonderful news! wishing happiness and health to this family 🙂

Allison on

I am SO HAPPY to see all the positive comments for a gay couple! I had no idea these two were together, but I love it and them! Congrats!

Gina-Nicole on

Beautiful couple…happy news! Bless them all!

sister7 on

I didnt’ recognize the picture of Stephanie above..she IS SMILING!! She is so serious on NBC news. Both are so happy…and congratulations on a baby. Nothing sweeter than that!

Kate on

That’s wonderful! They’re a beautiful couple and it’s about time they get this gift. Congratulations to the happy moms-to-be! 🙂

Teresa L Bolding on

very happy for you both! Congratulations!

Kaitlin Cahfee on

congrats to them both and the baby. I am the daughter (not biological) of two mom’s. I love them both sooo sooo much but their is not a day that goes by that i didn’t wish i had a dad. it is very hard for kids like me that are different. no matter how accetping are society is. i have men in my life – my moms’ friends but it is not the same. please, don’t get me wrong, i really love them both but i guess i’m just saying it is not the same. -KC

ace11 on


Sorry you are offended…but the Bible says Adam and Eve

Not Jill and Eve or Lisa and Eve

So deal with your delusional fantasies

Chiedu on

Beautiful couple and I’ll admit it — all the positive messages for this new family have made me a bit teary. Let’s keep loving each other!

amalia on

Dear Kaitlin Cahfee,

I understand your point. It’s the same as of millions of people that grew up without a father figure. Either because their fathers didn’t take the responsibility and left them, or because of a divorce, death, estrangement etc. The phenomenon has been around since forever, it has nothing to do with homosexuality. Thus nothing to do with this thread.

Family is that close circle of people that offer you love and care unconditionally and create you a solid environment to educate and develop.

Just as a little detail, I had both parents around as I grew up, but my dad had never been a father figure, nor involved at the level I needed. It was just a personal experience that I overcame just fine. Love is everywhere!!!

Lori on

Congrats however I don’t care for Jenna. She comes off as being smug…kinda like all of NBC.

amalia on

@ace11, your Bible might not be Theresa’s Bible, just like your Bible interpretation might not the correct one …

Without reading and understanding the Bible, you should know that no one has the right to judge anyone. And most of all, God is love! God loves everyone!

sambec on

They are SUCH a beautiful couple. I’m glad they’ve decided to share such private but empowering information with us.

Marcia on

Babies are always good news, congrats to them.

alex on

how wonderful for them both! wishing you the best!

C on


Life is hard, but that difficulty is eased by having two parents who love their child, and teach him or her to be smart, strong and confident, despite their differences.

Shep on

Wow, congrats to Jenna & Stephanie! Very exciting news. I agree with many of the comments below, I was surprised when she was demoted. I have been a loyal NBC viewer, and watch the Today show every morning. However, amidst the recent rumors surrounding Matt Lauer, and following the firing of Ann Curry, I may need to switch networks.

Congrats on the baby news nonetheless!

swimmerkw on

Ace-Why did you even read and bother to comment if you don’t agree? Did you just have to ruin an otherwise wonderful comment thread with your opinion (which, by the way, most commenters here don’t care about)?

LucyRicardo on

Yup, Kat . . . I felt that vibe too, especially when she was “out-jocking” Lester Thomas one Saturday morning. Thought it might just be my imagination.

maggie on

Congrats, may you have many loving years together with a happy, healthy child. I am also pleased that most comments are positive, love is love and the world is so empty and sad without it.

Magnolia on

I love Jenna and will be excited to see how he daughter turns out! Congratulations!

Erin on

why didn’t they adopt instead of get artificially inseminated…..I mean what would people do back in the day when this fancy bizarre technology didn’t exsist

MollyF on

Erin, why do you even care? They’re having a baby.

I love how most of the people here are are happy for them, but it really irks me with the small amount of people who are still closed minded about a same sex couple having a a baby.

Paul Delmolino on

Congrats Jenna & Stephanie. I luv Jenna. Thought she was getting the heave-ho from Weekend Today when i didn’t see her for awhile and Erica Hill came on board. I said; ‘oh no, another Anne Curry debacle’. Luv Jenna and her huge personality and sense of humor. She’ll make a great mom.

amelia on

I wonder why they didnt want to adopt? anonymous donor seems so unnatural…

Amanda on

@ Ace11 – the Bible doesn’t cover everyone! The Bible isn’t a requirement for marriage or having children. So stop using the Bible as your soapbox and get over your delusion that everyone still cares what this book that’s been translated, and retranslated (1000’s of times) says. You Bible Thumping Christians seem to pick and choose your sins. The last time I checked, it wasn’t your place to judge, it was our Father’s. With that being said, STFU!

dancechair on

Congratulations to Jenna and Stephanie. You both will be amazing parents

Kathy on

I hope the Supreme Court makes marriage between two consenting adults legal in ever state and gives them the same rights as heterosexual couples. However, I don’t agree with anonymous sperm or egg donors for gay or straight couples. It’s not fair to the children to create them knowing they will never know their biological parentage or siblings. There are more ways to have children without creating this situation. If biology doesn’t matter, there are many children in foster care waiting to be adopted.

Kathy on

I’m the product of a my mother’s egg and a sperm donor. I love my parents but I don’t agree with the fact that I will never know half of my biology or my siblings. I will never do that to a child. If I can’t have them, I will adopt. I hope more couples, gay and straight, consider adoption and foster care.

Kathy on

Please adopt. There are so many children in the world that need loving homes.

LM on

Congrats to the beautiful couple! Wishing them much love and happiness.

Elaine on

I’m so happy for you both. I have always enjoyed watching Jenna on the Today Show. God Bless you both and your new little bundle of joy. Congratulations!!!

Melody on

ace11 – If we are going to be technical about this, then a man and a woman DID create this kid. So your issue is…?

Melody on

Karen, they’ll probably only encounter issues because people like you will foster that kind of thinking in your children.

Surprisingly, a great number of people in society do not bat an eyelash at same-sex parents. Especially children. It’s often about as incidental to them as what they ate for breakfast.

amy on

Aww, how sweet. Congratulations to them both.

Marky on

Kathy, I am the adoptive mother of a child who was abandoned on the street with no identification in another country. We adopted her as an infant who was assigned a birthday, a name, and any other information, including what town they thought she might have been born in. Children born using sperm donors are not the only children on the planet who may never know their biological heritage, or bio family, etc. You know half of it, and frankly, I’ve known many people who discovered their bio parents and siblings, only to wish they had stuck with the adoptive parents they knew. Your insistence that knowing bio family makes all the difference in your life is exactly why many people nearly kill themselves to try to have bio children rather than adopt or foster. Believe me, your parents’ worst fear was the thought you would end up saying all the things you have posted here. All they wanted was to have a family, and when you “father”came to grips with the fact he couldn’t do the deed himself, they probably chose to do what they did so you would be related to at least one of them. I know people who were from your same circumstances and they feel very differently. Adoption and fostering, both of which I have done, is not some easy road, either, depending on personality of the child. There comes a time when you need to accept your circumstances and live the best life possible, not to be harsh in any way. Most people make the best choices they can, under their circumstances, when choosing how to build their families.

eph on

I feel sorry for that baby. Jenna is the most annoying, corniest, inappropriately sarcastic, abrasive anchor on the today show. I have completely stopped watching weekend today because of her…

Poor kid… I like the wife, so maybe she’ll take after her other mother.. (& yes I know its not actually possible, I’m being inappropriately sarcastic… I learned that from Jenna)

Anonymous on

Congratulations! That is a beautiful picture….they look so happy together. I wish you much love and happiness!!

Sharon on

Congratulations Jenna and Stephanie! I am so excited and happy for you! I wish you the best 🙂

Grace on

Best wishes and congratulations.

tgflux on

Mazel Tov! All the best to the adorable family!

Rhonda on

I had no idea that either of them were gay!

Marj on

Congratulations on the baby! Congratulations on coming out, too. Glad to see so many positive comments. I, too, hope the Supreme Court passes gay marriage federal benefits, at the least. My conservative state won’t pass it in my lifetime. I’m 61 and have 3 grown sons from a previous marriage. Very happy with my partner of 19 years!

Mary on

I am sorry but I agree with Ace, we are entitled to our opinions just as you all are. Why is it when someone has a difference of opinion everyone is so nasty? I personally don’t agree with most of you.

Kayte on

I’m not suprised that Jenna is gay or that she’s pregnant.– I’m shocked that she’s 39!! She looks so much younger. Congrats to the happy couple.

adoptedkid on

Kathy- I was adopted and don’t know my biology? At least you know half of yours.

Becky Kobi on

I think that is fantastic!!!!!!! And it might show that all people know matter who they, they can be happy with their choices.

Randee on

Super!! Healthy Happy wishes to the family.

Chana on

To those wondering why they didn’t adopt, I have a couple of responses: first, adoption isn’t as easy as some people seem to think it is. Single women and gay couples are not considered ideal adoptive parents, and there is a good chance this couple wouldn’t have gotten a child, or would have had to wait years and years. Second, why should they adopt just because they’re gay? I don’t see comments saying “why didn’t they adopt?” when it’s a heterosexual couple having a baby — people are just congratulatory to them.

I just don’t get this whole “why didn’t they adopt?” phenomenon. Most of us give birth to biological children instead of adopting — what’s so weird about that? No one ever asked me why I didn’t adopt instead of giving birth to children!

B. Juris on

Great world we live in always admired both of you as newscasters.All the luck in world.I will be following this journey.

A. on

@ace11 & karen, this is not a debate forum. This is a pregnancy announcement post. No one needs a bible thumper preaching about how someone should live their life on this type of post. It’s not appropriate and in bad taste. Not to mention it also makes you guys ***holes. Ace, if you’re so concerned about being chewed out then don’t respond in the first place.

mtnrunner on

Congrats!Jenna.Had no idea she was gay, maybe naive but who cares! She is a hoot! I so miss her next to Lester.NBC must have had a brain fart when they hired Erica Hill, what a downer…she doesn’t fit in. Jenna and Lester have a special chemistry, she gets along with everyone. I have nothing but well wishes for her and Stephanie. Jenna will be a great fun Mom.What a lucky little girl that will be raised without the “Kardashian” BS as so many of the girls are today. Jenna is so much more Classy than KK. Perhaps people should follow her classy attitude, secure and happy. Far more of a “role”model than our girls are getting in the media today. YOU GO JENNA!

roscoe on

I read the article on Jenna Wolf and Stephanie Gosk, and their expected baby today. I am very happy for them, and adamantly supportive of gay/lebian couples and marriage. I am not even remotely supportive of anonymous sperm or egg donors however; and have always had some issues with surrogacy for that reason. Jenna Wolf said “We want the child to be raised with two parents and never the question of “Is therd a third”; which proves that Jenna is clueless about adoption and surrogacy issues that the children face. OF COURSE there is a third party, a biological father, that fact cannot be denied. As an adult adoptee, I know for a fact that even in the best adoptions (and spem/egg donation is basically adoption by another name) adoptees have some lifelong issues because we are adopted. Human beings are not puppies, you cannot separate us from our biological roots without consequence. While I grant that biology does not make one a parent, it does make one a contributor to the make-up of another human being. As human beings who we are is 50% environment and 50% biology. We NEED to know our origins in order to fully understand who we are.

Crystal on

I understand what she is saying..why would you PURPOSELY deprive a child of a biological parent? This isn’t a “hate” comment lol, just a question 🙂

Ed on

Crystal you are wrong you have nothing at all

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