Spotted: Gisele Bündchen’s Beach Baby

03/27/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Hot mama! Gisele Bündchen was spotted kicking back with her new little lady, 3-month-old daughter Vivian Lake, on a beach date with her very own Brady bunch.

Wearing a periwinkle blue bikini, the supermodel, 32, joined her husband — New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady — and their boys for a Costa Rican vacation last week.

Benjamin, 3, and Jack, 5½, Brady’s son with Bridget Moynahan, played in the sand with their dad while Bündchen and baby took a breather in the shade.

Bündchen, the new face of Chanel’s Les Beiges campaign, delivered Vivian at her Boston home in early December.

Gisele Bündchen Costa Rica Vivian
John Carter/Splash News Online

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— Andrea Billups

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Donn on

Little Vivian is too cute….

Rachel on

The child is 3 months old and on a beach? The child should be at home. What a stupid idiot mother Gisele is. That poor baby is all burned! Some women shouldn’t be mothers!

Wendy on

How about if she just puts her in a bubble Rachel? Would that work for you?

Aimee on

She looks like she’s in the shade. Calm down.

Happyme on

Seriously Rachel how ignorant are you?? Children need air, lights, sunshine, outdoors. Why should this sweet girl be locked up!?!?

sandra on

And some people like you rachel should keep their mouth shut. Who r u to criticize someone for taking thei baby out. Would you rather she put her in front of the tv??

Allie on

I am sure she made sure the baby was protected from the sun, and why should he be kept at home? Babies need fresh air and sunshine, too!

Chica on

Where is the baby “all burned” Rachel?

nacho mamma on

Glad her babies are healthy and happy. Her I just don’t care for. She comes across as arrogant and snotty. She is ugly due to her personality.

anonymous on

Jack is not “their” boy. He is Bridget Moynahan’s boy with Tom Brady. He is not Gisele’s, no matter how much she feels he is.

Aimee on

Jack, 5½, Brady’s son with Bridget Moynahan…

Did you keep reading anonymous? Sheesh. They’re a family, but Jack has a mom and a stepmom. Still family.

Michelle on

Harsh! Its a wonderful thing! Can’t he be both??

Jess on

Why is her baby naked?? She doesn’t even have a diaper on! She is pretty adorable, though!

Chica on

It’s good to let a baby’s skin breath without a diaper on…settle down baby police!

Cynthia on

Love love the name Vivian Lake!

Anonymous on

Rachel you are so right. Gisele needs to keep her child inside until she is at least 5. I mean even though she is in the shade and all, sun is going to hit her. Oh the horror. Really? I’m sure she has her protected. Lighten up.

Carrie M on

Gorgeous baby!

mama on

why the hell is she naked????

Vivian on

Baby Vivian looks like her QB/QT daddy…(cute)

Rachie on

I’d be afraid of getting peed on lol!

Messiejessy on

Rachel, you sound like a completely stupid, uneducated, ignorant idiot!! She’s sitting in the shade with her baby. And there is such a thing as called sunblock for infants.

I had my daughter at the end of May and sat on the beach once or twice with her as the summer was coming to an end around early September. That would put her around the same age as Vivian. NO she was not sun burnt in the least, and she absolutely loved it. I can guarantee you that she nor I were the first mothers to ever bring their babies on to the beach and we certainly won’t be the last. And NO, that does not make any one a bad parent by taking their baby out to explore new things.

Grow up and stop being so immature! Or at least don’t speak your moronic opinions out loud. You sound really ridiculous!

Katie G on

WHoa Rachel. Calm down. Looks like the baby is well in the shade. And i am sure she has sunscreen on. I highly doubt having a baby on the beach means she shouldn’t be a mom. The redness you are refering too just looks like marks from diapers/swimsuit/etc. I don’t think a 3month old baby needs to be at home all the time. And looks like typical rosey cheeks. Chill out.

sara on

what a beautiful little baby

Angie on

Rachel, there is nothing wrong with taking a 3 month old to the beach! I’m sure that baby is covered in sunscreen. A newborn I can understand about keeping him or her home..But there is no need for a 3 month old…ask a doctor! You, apparently, have never lived by a beach.

Anonymous on

I don’t like her at all…she’s not that pretty

happy on

Rachel…you are crazy!!! Kids should be taken out in ALL elements. Gosh, in Europe, there is snow on the ground, freezing winters and still people “properly” cover their babies and you see them pushed in a stroller thru town. It’s not stupid, it’s not irresponsible…it’s healthier in fact. Worry about your own kids! She can do what she wants with hers.

angie on

I agree with so many comments here. I don’t care for Giselle either, she definitely comes across as arrogant because she is!!! It DOES make her ugly but her kids are sure cute.

I think Tom Brady is an idiot too…who would let Bridget Moynahan go, she’s gorgeous!!

I’m glad that Giselle looks like she put on a few pounds with this pregnancy too after her very rude and insensitive comments about women putting on too much weight during pregnancy. I am not fortunate enough to have children but I don’t think anyone should judge women that gain weight during this time, their bodies go through such major changes. Only uneducated bimbos would say something so cruel.

sammis on

Really you people need to lighten up. Why shouldn’t the baby be naked? She’s a baby! And Giselle doesn’t seem like the type to let a little pee upset her. If you’ve ever been to a beach in Europe or Central America, lots of folks are nearly naked – even the ones in the “golden years”!

angie on

I agree with so many comments here about Giselle being arrogant and ugly. She does have cute kids though.

Tom Brady is a moron though. Anyone that dumps Bridget Moynahan for Giselle is an idiot. Bridget is gorgeous and seems to be a much better person than Giselle.

Angie on

Just to be clear…the nasty comments are NOT from me.

georgea on

@ Rachel…wow, take it easy, calling her ‘a stupid idiot mother’. Very strong choice of words!

keilanisma on

I guess all of you who make comments about the naked baby and being at the beach DO NOT live near the beach. The rest of us who live in tropical places this is completely normal. Besides, she is sitting in the shade………

I dont see anything wrong with this picture. I took my baby out to the beach very early on and shes a water baby who loves the beach, ocean, surfing etc…

Marcia on

Babies and their cute little tushes, love it!

MD72 on

Just an FYI to everyone who’s giving “Rachel” a hard time and saying “I’m sure that the baby has sunscreen on”, sunscreen is NOT recommended for babies under 6 months old.

Karolina on

Rachel – sadly, the only “stupid idiot” here is you.

Bethany on

Rachel-you’re so ignorant.

Also, babies like to be naked.

Karolina on

You know what Rachel…sometimes its not what you say but how you say it. If you don’t believe in taking a 3 month old to the beach, that’s fine and your decision. But your nasty and rudely phrased comment says much more about you..

Lena on

Are you kidding me? She’s a bad mother because she took her baby to the beach? What the hell ever! It is possible to take a baby to the beach and not have her get sunburned. I have a feeling she is damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t. If she didn’t have the baby with her, there would be all these comments about how she is a bad mother for leaving her baby.

Jen DC on

So, so cute, the Brady babies. Papa has some strong genes, because all three kids resemble him and each other to me!

@Rachel: Nanny’d in Hawai’i for 6 mos. Parents had the baby at the beach (prior to my arrival) from… I’d say 10 days old? There are such things as: Umbrellas. Trees. Sunblock. Pareos. Tents. All these things provide shade. Plus, Gisels is from Brazil. Do you think she doesn’t know about bringing a baby to the beach? Secondly, why MUST a 3 month old baby be at home? She’s so precious, she can’t be in the world?

How do you know she’s burned? Vivian’s face looks pink… but she also looks as though she just got through hollerin’ about something, too.

Anonymous on

@anonymous, who wrote: Jack is not “their” boy. He is Bridget Moynahan’s boy with Tom Brady. He is not Gisele’s, no matter how much she feels he is.

She is a stepmother to a child, whom she likely feels much love for and wishes to treat well. Why would YOU choose to single him out? He is part of a blended family. It’s lovely that he is able to spend time with his new siblings and adults who care for him.

antibridg on

Ok, Bridget’s ‘friends’ I guess is still not over it…. They all post crap about Gisele and Tom, even though they got married first, then had their kids. And the air is good for the baby.. Rachel is really probably Bridget. HAA

El on

Rachel sorry you are an idiot ! My daughter has been to cabo at 2 months old and Costa Rica at 9 months and she was never sun burned ! There is nothing wrong w vacationing with your baby ! Your life shouldn’t end because you have children

Karen on

OK Rachel, do you feel bashed enough. Gee people. She is allowed to say what she thinks.

Anyway, I think Vivan is adorable. I never hear Bridget say anything about Gisele. Gisele seems to really care about Jack, which is the only thing that is important. No child can have too much love.

Dawn on

Though Gisele may not have given birth to Jack she has been in his life since birth. What’s wrong with showing children unconditional love? Much like adoptive parents, they don’t show any less love to the kids they’ve adopt over kids they’ve given birth to. People can be so immature…grow-up!!!

Anonymous on

My stepdad considered my brother and I his from the very beginning. Once it was evident that our bio-dad was not interested in us anymore, he adopted us. I’m not saying Gisele is going to do that, but it is great as a kid to know that even though this person isn’t your biological parent, they treat and love you like they are. I’m sure she knows her place and Jack’s mother appreciates her son is loved genuinely.

Angie on

MD72: You CAN put sunscreen on a 3 month old. American Academy of Dermatology and the American Academy of Pediatrics have both stated that there is no evidence that small amounts of sunscreen on a baby under 6 months old is harmful…It IS safe to use sunscreen on an infant. Obviously not something you would do every single day, but occasionally, there isn’t a problem.

sojourner on

This is a tasteful and modest photo, especially in comparison to many of your featured photos. I am glad Gisele has found happiness and fulfillment in her private life. I’m sure she is a wonderful mother. It’s refreshing to see a baby being allowed to enjoy her natural state, as clothing is uncomfortable against their tender skin. And they ARE sitting in the shade. Brava Gisele!

Ayanna on

The baby doesn’t have sunscreen on because her mom (Gisele) doesn’t believe in them. I believe she was quoted saying she would never put that poison her skin

UnKnown on

Lmao GROSS I feel for those kids, they are just as ugly as Gisele LoL

Nana on

I’m brazilian just like Gisele is and she is not arrogant! although we, brazilians, would love to see her around here more often we know her life is in US but in all her interviews she seems so down to earth, a really great person! and about the baby, she is so cute and 3 months old babies r not meant to be stuck inside their houses!! i’m sure she takes care of her kids!!! PS: sorry if there are errors in my spelling

Stacey on

I don’t think she is that cute right now-maybe she will be as she gets older. Her name is beautiful though!

Lauren on

Now THAT is a cute baby!

Nadia on

I see a lot of blended families and it’s really refreshing to see a step parent care about a step child as much as if it were her own. I don’t see what was wrong with the comments she made. She didn’t say he was her child PERIOD, she said that she “feels” like he was her own, which translates to “I love him as much as I love Benjamin or Vivian.” That’s the way it should be. Unfortunately, that’s not the way a lot of step parents feel.

Just My Opinion on

Did I miss something in my parenting guide? I did know there’s a age limit on the correct age when a child can go to the beach?

Nadia on

And to all the people who are ragging on Tom Brady being an idiot for breaking up Bridget Moynahan. Were you also involved in the relationship?? You know neither of them, you have no idea what went on. Just because two good looking people get together doesn’t mean they’re perfect for each other. And while you may think Bridget is a better person, she also dumped her boyfriend of 3 years the minute Tom Brady smiled at her. Get over it!! People are free to date and marry who they want. Tom Brady is free to date and marry who he wants. It’s his life!!

Manomer on

Oh wow….Rachel they are at a beach. I am sure that baby is not out in the sun with oil on getting a tan…some people are just so ridiculous. Yes that baby is 3 months old please hide in your home until it is at least 2. So ridiculous.

klutzy_girl on

Me thinks Rachel is a troll, just breeze past her comment folks.

Cute pic of Mom and daughter!

jaintn on

Shut up Rachel. You’re living proof that some people shouldn’t be allowed internet access.

Tara on

That baby is chunkier than Gisele and look how adorable she is! (and yes I like Bridget more as well, but she deserves a better man than Tom Brady).

Angie on

Ayanna, she was misquoted due a language barrier. There is actually an article about it on People. “She buys her sunscreen at Whole Foods, so she can find ones that are free of harsh chemicals.” Then Gisele goes on to say: “Of course I put on sun block. I don’t want to look like a shrimp!”.

Beth on

Let’s not all jump on Rachel or Gisele. I was in Aruba in February, on the beach, with fair skin like a baby. I was in the shade, but there was a wind and that can burn as bad as the sun. Plus there are UV rays that are reflected by the sand and water. I forgot to put sunblock on my thighs and got a nice burn that peeled for 2 weeks. But, let’s give G. the benefit of the doubt that she put a high SPV sun block on the baby.

As for the nakedness, maybe she has a little diaper rash-some exposure to the sun helps a rash.

kristy on

She’s too precious for words. LOVE HER!!!!

Me on

Gisele and Jack are kissing, so cute and adorable. In the end love won, Tom and Gisele are perfect together, overcome it, Bridget has surpassed.

Laura on

Rachel, let me remind you Gisele is Brazilian, we start going to the beach when we are just days old (and never stop!)… Clearly you must not see a lot of sun where you live and are sadly scared of it, but I have news for you, there’s a world full of different people, landscapes and cultures outside your city limits 😉

Nikita on

All of you judgmental’s calling Tom Brady names for ending it with Bridget Moynahan ..have you ever heard of the statement “it takes two to end a relationship?” DUH! Grow up people.

Sherae on

She’s a baby. babies are always naked. Plus, this is clearly a paparazzi photo. MAYBE it was taken in the midst of a diaper or clothing change. Relax. And WOW Tom Brady has the strongest genes. She looks JUST like Jack did as a baby. Adorable!

Tam on

Wow so many rude comments! How would you like it if someone criticized a picture of you and your baby on the beach? They are a normal family just like the rest of us.

bebe on

I don’t find her or her husband attractive in the slightest, however that baby is beautiful!

AmandaC on

OMG why is she not locked up in her mansion with that baby, getting fresh air and enjoying family time, now that’s child abuse! (disclaimer – I am only kidding)

Anonymous on

Give Rachel a break, guessing she doesn’t have children or she would realize there is such a thing as baby sunblock and that fresh air and sunshine is a good thing for a child. I live in Canada and when my son was 3 months old he would nap in his carriage in the winter outside. Bundled up and the wind cover over the carriage of course. My Mom and all her sisters did this with their children and everyone of us are very healthy.

Tara on

I look at this photo and see a mother with her daughter, on a beach. The mother, who just happens to be a supermodel, is gazing lovingly and seems content. Really, what is wrong with this picture, how can you see negativity here?

While looking at this picture, I thought to myself….self, lets scroll down and see how many miserable and crude comments by bitter women there will be. SHOCKER!!

You ladies who post negative comments here on what seems to be a beautiful picture between a mother and daughter or just horrible, bitter women who probably sit at home and judge everyone in their path. I feel sorry for all of you.

And Racheal, learn to shut your pie-hole.

kmc on

for all of you bashing Rachel – just so you know – you’re just as bad. throwing insults back doesn’t make you better. it makes you the same as her. judge not lest ye be judged yourself.

CanadaGirl on

Naked babies are perfectly happy babies. This is very common in South America and some other continents. Baby is well loved, well sun-protected I’m sure, free as a bird and clean and happy and well fed…what more could Vivian need? Certainly not criticism of her mother! I’m sure al lot of you mean well but traditions are not the same everywhere.

I Am Standing Right Behind You on

She is a cutie…I would think twice about having a naked baby sitting on my lap…too un-predictable!

Hea on

I think Gisele looks beautiful. I’d love to have her body, especially after two kids! As for Vivian being naked – what better way is there to air a diaper rash? 🙂

gq2006 on

I think Gisele and her baby look great. I am not sure why people think she should live in a bubble with her daughter who looks happy, loved and well cared for. I’ve never found Gisele to be arrogant. She has an opinion and chooses to raise her children the way she and her husband see fit.

Maybe Tom Brady left Bridget because she’s boring and mean? The relationship didn’t work and trying to get pregnant after breakup sex didn’t get her the ring.

Gisele can’t win or lose as it related to her step-son. If she is loving to him people think she’s trying to take him away from his mother. If she were mean she would have hell to pay too. Bridget should be happy her son has a loving step-mother. A lot of kids don’t have it that well.

Emmy on

Every time any of you get ugly about Rachel, remember you sound just as, if not more, judgemental! Every person has the right to state their opinion.

Anonymous on

Cute baby… To every asking why she’s naked, you’ve never held your baby for just a min before putting another diaper on? No one here knows these people but feel pretty sure she didn’t go around naked all day.

Tina on

Wow, some nasty Comments going on here. I’m not a fan of the woman, but have never considered her rude or arrogant and she had always expressed love for her stepson, whim she has been a part of his life from the start. Also, what so shocking about a naked baby? The picture is tasteful and it’s not like girly parts are flashing.

Jaye on

NOT a Giselle fan at all but Vivian Lake is adorable!

I like Bridget much better, just sayin!

ChimChim on

Adorable baby, and there’s nothing wrong with taking her to the beach. She still needs a diaper on, or else mama is going to have a lap full of something.

Lisa on

That is a CUTE baby!

Ty's mom on

Before you trash Rachel, know this, this is the only pic from this vacation that shows Vivian in the shade. Here in Boston our media follows the Brady gang closely and many other pictures from the same vacation show the littlle girl clearly in the blazing sun with her head and skin exposed. Also, for the use of sunblock, its technically not for use on children under 6 months. The AAP also states children under 6 months should be kept out of the sun. I’m just glad they didn’t post the pics of Tom, and Gisele riding a Vespa around with her wearing baby Vivian in a Bjorn type carrier.

dancer92136 on

Took all my children to the beach as babies…kept them in the shade or with a hat, but I don’t think it hurt them one bit. Rachel take a chill pill. By all accounts Giselle is a wonderful mother. Beautiful baby.

Alma on

Rachel – the only “stupid idiot” here isYOU

Anonymous on

If Tom Brady was my husband I’d have 500 babies at the beach on my lap! The baby looks like a sweetie heart! ♥

Prc on

Take a chill pill. Everybody knows jack is not Gisele’s. I’m sure it pisses u off she’s not a nasty stepmother to him, which many of u seem to prefer. That way u can feel better about demonizing Giselle . Men are the most selfish creatures on planet earth. If Brady wanted to be with Bridget, he would have left Gisele & go back to Bridget when he found out she was pregnant. He’s with Gisele because that’s what he wanted. It is his life after all.

Katia on

The baby is adorable. And Giselle is very beautiful. How foolish do these envious women sound when they try to say that a super model is ugly! That is a joke! Post YOUR photos, Ladies. I want to see if you are more beautiful than Giselle.

And the ones who go on about his old girlfriend… Are you for real? Tom and Giselle have been married for like 5 or 6 years. First marriage for both of them. Why would you bring up one of his old girlfriends, that he broke up with 6 or 7 years ago? Was she your friend, or sister, or maybe you are her!!! Lol. And any child of your husband’s is a child of yours once your married. Some of you would be awful step-parents judging by the way you talk!

What?; on

@ rachel, sounds like u don’t have kids.

Erin on

children aren’t supposed to have sunscreen under the the age of 6 months….look it up genius mommies

Lili Fran on

In Brazil is normal to have a baby naked at the beach. We dont have perverts there like we do in USA

Jen on

I think Tom Brady is an idiot too…who but an idiot would let Bridget Moynahan go, indeed. Especially for a mindless twit like Gisele.

LMS on

Rachel – did you not read the article? It said Gisele and Vivian were IN THE SHADE! Many parents bring their babies to the beach!

Anonymous – you didn’t read the article either – they DID say that Jack was his son with Bridget Moynahan.


Kelly on

I’m so glad Gisele has all you hens to tell her what she is doing wrong and how to raise her child! HOW IN THE WORLD would she manage without you all? And how many other people are offended by this adorable naked baby?!?! I am scarred for life (heavy sarcasm implied, here). Heaven forbid she was breastfeeding her at the time this picture was taken…some of you all might have had a cow! Sheesh!

rocket scientist on

Her baby looks just like Tom!

Ang on

would love to see that baby have a blow out on her

Janet on

How many of you have asked your doctor about sunscreen for a baby? I did and mine told me she would prefer I not use it on my baby for a year but definitely not before six months old and to keep my baby out of the sun until after I can use sunscreen.

self-employed on

Better put a diaper on her. Accidents may happen.

DaisyDuke67 on

Get a grip Rachel, she knows what she is doing.

Kris on

Jack is not “their” boy. He is Bridget Moynahan’s boy with Tom Brady. He is not Gisele’s, no matter how much she feels he is.

At least she is a good stepmother and loves her husbands first born child!

Vivian is adorable and looks very alert for a 3 month old.

Ness on

They should have shown her riding on an ATV with the baby!

Maria on

I can not stand her or pretty boy, but how can they not have beautiful kids.

Steph on

Cute baby, but, put a diaper or a swimsuit and sun hat on her. Poor little baby is too young to be naked on a beach like that. When my babies were that age, they weren’t even old enough for sunscreen.

Sarah on

She is a very cute baby but there is no way I would ever allow my child to be naked in public no matter how old they are. You never know who is watching or sneaking pictures. Pedophiles live for stuff like that. My husband is a Corrections Officer and you would not believe the stuff these sickos have done to victimize children without the children or parents ever knowing it!

Carrie on

Rachel shut the fuck up, she’s in the shade come down,who are you to critize some else’s parenting

Brooklyn on

Vivian is super cute!

Laine on

that is an INSANELY adorable baby!!!

KC on

Awww, so cute! What an adorable baby girl. Remind me how Gisele is the highest paid model in the world???? I get that she has a fabulous body, but I don’t think she is the most beautiful gal on the planet. I personally don’t think she is pretty. There are lots of everyday females that I see around here and they are gorgeous. Don’t. Get. It!

Niko on

Rachel, shut it. Its not like Gisele is taking a dip in the ocean holding the baby. What makes you think that baby is “all burned”? Are we looking at the same pic?

Haters love to say stupid stuff. Always overreacting simply due to deep-seated hatred. Its so pathetic

Anonymous on

come on lady this baby is not sun burned at all ….why should this child stay at home???are you that crazy not realizing the baby is in the shade and being taken care of???

sara on

Why can’t the baby be on the beach? they are in the shade….and the baby is naked because they are on the beach. Gisele is from South America and they are in Costa Rica-not a stuffy, wear long shorts and long sleeves American beach. Not all countries are ashamed of their bodies like most Americans.

LM on

Cute pic!

And for all those saying Gisele is ugly, she’s the highest paid supermodel in world. I get that beauty can be subjective, but you don’t get to be a supermodel by being a total dog. Y’all reek of jealousy.

Katia on

Giselle is a down to earth, natural person. When she is not working she allows herself to be photographed in her natural skin – sans makeup. You rarely get to see most models and other celebritie with bare faces and unstyled hair. If you did you would be surprised how “ordinary” they look in their unenhanced state. When Giselle is made up and hairstyled and dressed for work, she looks beautiful, as all models do. And of course they are photographed at their best angles. I like it that this woman is not self-conscious and doesn’t mind everyone seeing her au natural. To me that is beautiful.

gracie on

It always amazes me how jurgemental and insulting people can be about people they don’t know and have never met. Really, we have no clue about Tom and Bridget’s relationship but it seems to me that all the parties involved have acted as responsible adults should have put the best interests of Jack first. He seems like a happy child and Bridget has said her child is surronded by adults who love him. As for little Vivian, I am sure she is well care for. She certainly is very , very cute.

Anonymous on

I think that all those haters should really keep their opions to themselves…. parents think different and raise their children different. Don’t judge! Whether its biologicly or step/adopted children, its family. It’s her family whether you like it or NOT. There are sure alot of Rotten people out there!

Gisele and Tom have a Beautiful Family

Brenda on

@Rachel, lol. Your age shows….Seems like some of you posters have never been to the beach with your kids, and BTW the pops dont follow you all around for a reason….

Renee on

Wow! What a bunch of haters here. A mother can’t got to the beach with her baby and family? Get real people there’s nothing wrong with that. If kids would get out more and the family with them OBESITY in this country wouldn’t be the number one preventable health problem in America.

Grow up and let it go!

Anonymous on

Why shouldn’t she be naked, she’s a baby at the beach. Babies need time without their diapers on them 24/7. What better place than the beach! I think it is a sweet photo and a precious baby girl.

karlee on

Mothers take their babies to different locations for them to experience different things. Babies at the beach is normal and babies being naked is also normal at the beach, you want sand in the diaper giving her a diaper rash? please…..they are in costa rica not a ca. beach or in fl. on the beach. not sure why everyon eis hating on giselle, I haven’t seen anything that would make her ugly, or an idiot. to say a mother is in idiot for taking her child to the beach is ignorant and someone else thinking you should keep your child inside til they are 5, really???? now that is laughable. it is a beauitful picture of them sitting in the shade not the sun and they are having family time, which many families do not do together. lord help us. lol

Addison on

A little bit of sun is not going to kill the baby. It’s really good for her. Babies need vitamin d from the sun like adults do or they get sick so, she is doing absolutely nothing wrong. If Vivian was 2 weeks old then yes, probably should not be at the beach.

You can’t put a kid in a bubble. Those are the kids that get sick all the time because they haven’t built up an immune system to be able to fight of colds and flus and other viruses.

As for the baby being naked, uhm who cares. She’s 3 months old. She’s at the beach. You can’t see anything you shouldn’t be able to see. It’s actually a very cute photo. Babies love being nude. My 4 year old twins would love to be nude all the time if I’d let them.

Angela on

I don’t care for Giselle, at all, but the baby is super cute.

It is so disrespectful to Jack’s mom to refer to Jack as “their” son, especially the way Tom Brady treated Bridget when she was pregnant. They just really rub me the wrong way

Melissa on

These comments are hilarious!!!! Just enjoy the beauty of Giselle and her adorable daughter.

BeBe on

Rachel why so angry? Calm down please its gonna be ok . You are angry. Its ok for the baby to be outside just relax. WOW angry women

ronni on

Obviously you are not a mom. This is perfectly normal to have a 3 month old out! Grow up

ronni on

What is wrong with you people?? I am almost positive that most babies were naked at some point and not in diapers! You guys need something else to do

Catca on


I think the problem with Rachel’s comments were that they were disrespectful and frankly bullying towards the Brady clan. There is such a thing as tactfulness and manners and not a blank ticket to write whatever you please no matter how hurtful just because you are hiding behind your computer. Words still hurt whether delivered in person or on the Internet and yes, celebrities are aware of the comments made. Having said that, the responses to Rachel weren’t exactly respectful either so your point in terms of how the Internet community treated Rachel is well taken.

Anonymous on

First off, I can’t believe how many people are hammering poor Rachel. Geez, she has a right to voice her opinion. I think the babys face is a little red. I would have a diaper on the baby as to not expose her private parts to sand, etc. Also, I would try to be considerate of anyone who will be sitting in the same spot as G and her naked baby because it looks to me like the baby is peeing between Gs legs and onto the sand. If you are taking a baby anywhere, and it urinates or defacates, it should be diapered for sanitary purposes. Other people do go to the beach other than Gisele and her fam. Personally, I don’t know what the big deal is with Gisele and Errand Boy Tom Brady. She seems mighty uppity and superior which can turn a lot of people off. However, I wish her and her family happiness and health as anyone deserves. We all need to consider others around us and not just ourselves. Now, to get on with life.

CP on

Wow I must be horrible then as I had my youngest in July and less than a month later we were spending days at the beach! We just made sure to stay in the shade and she loved it! Slept for most of the time with the sea breeze.

Oh and My babies have also loved their diaper free time! Nothing wrong with it!

Diana on

Rachel……she looks like she’s in the shade. What’s your problem?? Are you one of the Gisele haters..jealous???

Anonymous on


Anonymous on

If I remember the story correctly, Tom left Bridget before either he or she knew she was pregnant. And it looks like he has been an engaged father in his son’s life. A man leaving a girlfriend and dating another girl doesn’t make him a bad man or the other girl a bad woman. Breakups happen in the dating world. He didn’t love Bridget thats all…if he did he would still be with her. I think its time for people to get over this very old story. And if Bridget hasn’t yet, then she’s the one with the problem. One more thing…you would think that any woman who children are part of a blended family would want the stepmother to love their child wholeheartly …just like if she ever remarries she would want her new husband to love her children as his own.

Jones on

Whoa! A super model with her infant on a beach!?! She won’t be happy when she loses her career due to 90% of skin damage from the sun! Gisele should know better to protect her baby and herself from direct sun exposure. There isn’t even protective clothing or an umbrella.

christy myndzak on

uh duh jack is not there baby its in the story and was a story after they got together they found out bridge was preggo’s , way to read the story anonymous and say the obvious.

Rosey on

holy crap nazi mom Rachel….. There is this thing called sunblock that’s invisible which is why People didn’t report that…..

Anonymous on

Okay, I’ve seen other pictures of this outing, and Vivian has a shirt and a diaper on in most of them. Therefore, I’m guessing this particular picture was snapped while she was having a little diaper-free time during a diaper change!

Also, I hope none of you freaking out about Vivian possibly relieving herself on Gisele are parents. Accidents can happen even WITH a diaper on, and a little baby pee or poop never hurt anyone! 😉

Anyway, Vivian is adorable, and I actually think she looks a lot like Gisele!

Catca on

My goodness, anonymous. You actually think the baby looks like it is urinating between Gisele’s legs even though Gisele is clearly sitting with her legs together? And more to the point, since when were public beaches sanitary? You do realize wildlife walks on the beach defecating and urinating all the time, don’t you?

Linny on

The baby is beautiful but what is the mother thinking taking this baby all naked on the beach where she could get a major sun burning.. Baby skin is so delicate that even staying in the sun for 15 minutes could cause a problem.. She needs someone to help her on her mothering skills.. Never liked her anyway.. shes too into herself..

mariah on

Wow Bridgets 3 friends need to get over it! you have done nothing but slam this family to the press for years. and when you see them happy it makes your face turn green. Funny I’ve never heard stories of Bridget donating MILLIONS to poor people or visiting sick young cancer patients like Gisele does. Tom’s family also LOVEs Gisele if you read their interviews. they are seen in pictues ith Gisele all the time and going on vacation with the Bradys. They never liked Bridget she is an awful woman to have to pose with her child on a tabloid for a paycheck and to talk bad about others to the media. Gisele doesnt do that. Just get over it, its 2013. Bridget was nothing but his ex girlfriend. they never married etc! and no He did not leave her…they mutually announced their split in November 0f 2006 to People magazine! Gisele and he didnt began dating until Janaury 2007! get your facts straight.

Kris on

Hey Erin, you are wrong read the article! They use to say babies under 6 months should not have sun screen on, but not anymore. Here is the link to help you out!!

Anonymous on

The baby is super cute! and it loos like she is enjoying herself. The only thing on this article that bothers me is Bündchen as the new face of Chanel’s Les Beiges campaign…. what is that about? She is so arrogant and I DON NOT see her as being that classy for CHANEL…my opinion!

SAR on

I’m not a fan of Gisele, but she’s obviously a very devoted mother. Sweet pic.

cbaker on

wow i cannot believe Gisele is out in public without having the perfect body….she has a tummy and cellulite on her legs/butt !!!

She was such a witch after her first baby telling women how they should do this/that/the other to be like her.

Now dont get me wrong, I think she looks great – especially having a three month old. But she is NOT perfect by any means.

Jillian on

Nana, REALLY? You don’t know Giselle personally, so you have no idea if she is arrogant or not. Her actions and choice of words have shown the US otherwise. Many would welcome her back to your world since there have been SEVERAL inappropriate comments from her!

J on

Feel better now, kmc? (rolls eyes)

Anonymous on

Jillian- “Nana, REALLY? You don’t know Giselle personally, so you have no idea if she is arrogant or not. ” Um, neither do you!

Jones- And how do you know she doesn’t have sunscreen on?!

Linda on

They’re the rare celebrity family whose children all have normal names.

Dakota on

Messiejessy sorry to say this but Gisele don’t use sun block on her children. I read in interview stated Gisele don’t believe in using sun block. She talk about not using sun block with her first child with Tom Brady.

Evie on

Love Gisele! She is an amazing mama to all three kids,so don’t worry about little Viv. So many people are still mad that Tom is with Gisele??? Really, its not like she is his WIFE.Get over it, these two have/

Cip on

what a beautiful little girl