Anna Chlumsky Expecting First Child

03/27/2013 at 05:00 PM ET

Anna Chlumsky Pregnant Expecting First Child
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She’s got sunshine on a cloudy day … and a baby on the way!

Anna Chlumsky and husband Shaun So are expecting their first child this summer, the Veep star confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

“I’m feeling pretty good so far,” Chlumsky, 32, tells PEOPLE. “I was really lucky — I did not have any morning sickness which was great because I was working.”

The actress, who shot to fame in the 1991 film My Girl, says she and So — who wed in 2008 — are keeping the baby’s sex to themselves for the time being.

Now that Veep is finished shooting its second season (kicking off  April 14 on HBO), “we’re working on getting the nursery ready,” Chlumsky says — and reading up on baby.

“I’m being judicious with which books I read because I don’t want to get overwhelmed,” explains Chlumsky. “Most of the books have to do with how to have a worry-free pregnancy and keep the anxiety down.”

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— Monica Rizzo

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Doreen on

Awww, My Girl is expecting!!

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to Anna! Will forever love her because of “My Girl” and can’t wait until “Veep” is back. I miss it!

nadia on

Vada Saltenfuss is all growns up! I love her! Congrats!

kelly bundy. on

Woooo!!! yay for her. 🙂

Kevin on

She’s certainly avoided the curse that tends to ruin the adult lives of so many “child stars.” She seems to have great focus on what really matters. She is entirely hilarious on Veep, and the second season cannot come soon enough! Congrats, Anna, and many happy blessings!

Sarah on

Congrats! “My Girl” is one of my favorite movies!

britt on

Loved her in My Girl! Glad to see she is back in the acting world. Congrats on the new addition to the fam!!

Megan on

Good for them! Congratulations!

jen on

Aww, good for her! I love My Girl!

Audrey on

Congratulations!!! We just watched My Girl again a few weeks ago, she is still just as adorable as she was in 1991!!

olive on

Respect it// MYOK!

Congrats to her she has always been a fabulous actress

Becky on

Oh, I just love her! She was an adorable little girl and grew up to be a beautiful young lady. The scene that evokes the most emotion from me and makes me bawl like a baby every single time is where she is crying that Thomas J. doesn’t have his glasses. I’m tearing up right now just *thinking* about it. She is a wonderful actress to be able to pull that much emotion out of a viewer!

Congrats to her and her husband on their upcoming arrival.

Tara on

You just made me cry Becky! I completely forgot about that scene and oddly enough my 4 year old son said that last month when we buried my mother. He said “momma, Nona won’t be able to see the angels without her glasses”.

He obviously has never seen MY GIRL so that line captures the mind of a child perfectly.

itznia on

She is adorable!!

nan on

Congrats to them! But now i just feel old!

Pam on

Love “My Girl” and “My Girl 2” – have watched them several times; like a good wine, they just get better with the passage of time. It always seemed to me that for Anna, acting came very naturally. I wish her and her husband much joy with their new child. Anna is very special!

kim on

omg! shes all grown up now. and so pretty =)

jenni on

Congratulations so happy for them

Agatha on

Omg! She is 32!!

*I loved My girl as a kid, cried my eyeballs out*

Congrats on the baby! 🙂

Doreen on

I can’t believe she’s 32!!!!

Alex on

So excited for her! Can’t wait till veep returns next month!!

Marky on

Can’t wait to see their baby! My daughter is Asian, and our grandchildren are mixed Asian/Anglo. They are beautiful (and very sweet, too!) Anna was such a cute little girl, and so great in My Girl, and she is a lovely adult, as well. Hope they have a wonderful pregnancy and happy, healthy baby!

Carrow on

I guess you say what can make me feel this way….My Girl.

Saddest movie ever when (SPOILER ALERT) Thomas dies. 😦


She’s 32???????? OMG I still think of her as 10!

Chica on

It’s so refreshing to read comments that are all positive for once!!

Jena on

I love this woman, she really avoided the child star issues that seem to plague so many. As a mommy to a biracial baby, I must also say that I just LOVE when biracial babies are born. In some weird way it brings us all closer together, and shows us just how much more beautiful we are when we blend.

olive on

@ Marky- how novel and new! For your family, to have an Asian woman with a white guy. How very exciting and new! You just don’t hear about that much, cool! Congrats!


Dona Brooks on

I have always loved this young lady! Good luck honey!

Anonymous on

Congrats to them!

Becky on

@Tara-Now, you just made me cry! How sweet and thoughtful of your son. I am sorry for the loss of your mother.

Tara on

Thank you Becky. Yes I am lucky to have such a sweet kid. And I appreciate you mentioning that moment in the movie. When my son said what he did I felt like it was déjà vu but due to his young age I know he never would have seen the movie;).

Anna grew up to be as gorgeous as I thought she would.

Becky on

@Olive-What does MYOK mean?

Teena on

OMG. My Girl. One of those movies where you know that you’re gonna cry, tell yourself to get a grip, watch the movie and end up…crying. Still, a great movie.

Congrats, hope you’ll have a great and relaxing pregnancy without any complications and a smooth birth 🙂

Tim on

Wow, I really feel old.

Katie on

She is stunning!!! My children are half white half asian. Since she is a star she won’t get asked if she adopted her children like I get asked all the time. People have been down right rude to me saying I’m passing them off as my own. How did I get one of those? I thought only chinese girls were up for adoption (after I had my son)?

My oldest is 6 and hears people ask and says are you my real mom or do I have a real one somewhere else? I had to show her all her after birth pictures. I’ll show her the stretchmarks at a different time in her life. I’ve cried many tears but now I’m stronger. Now I just say they came from my uterus! (These comments are obviously while my husband is not with us.)

Tara on

People are ignorant Katie. I would not even give them the time of day. I will say that the majority of individuals who express their “confusion” are for the most part just a bit provincial. They most likely don’t mean anything malicious.

My neice is Asian and she was adopted from Korea. Ironically due to my families Mediterranean coloring and almond shaped eyes I actually think people assume she is biologically ours. I learned a long time ago that most people mean well they just may not be as “enlightened” as others. Good luck.

Anonymous on

She was on Andy Cohen’s show (watch what happens live) on Bravo last night and said she is having a girl! I love Anna and am so happy for her.. cant wait to see this baby!! Congratulations Anna and Shaun!

boohoobytch on

lol, MY GIRL…loved both movies – congrats to them

Caroline on

She said last night on Watch What Happens Live that they will be “dressing her up a lot” when Andy asked if she was having a boy or girl. So sounds like she is having a girl!

Angie on

I’ve always thought of her as the little girl from My Girl! I didn’t know she was older than me! She is still just as pretty as she was back then. 🙂

Mia on

Congrats!!!! My Girl is one of my favorite movies and I even named my daughter Veyda :o)

Anonymous on

On a side note, she has one of the most beautiful smiles ever!

Sun on

Love My Girl movies! Congrats to them! Hard to believe that she is married and have a baby on the way! Hope to see her again in movies in the future

Sarah S. on

She’s 32? Wow, I guess I will always view her as 11 in “My Girl”. Such a great film; and she’s a wonderful actress.

Congrats to her and Shaun! 🙂

anonymous232 on

@Katie on March 28th, 2013

I’m in the same position as you! Have a 5 year old boy and my gf constantly gets asked if he is adopted, VERY ANNOYING. And its not as if they are nice about it either… just straight off, total strangers, “did you adopt him”? And another classic is “why didn’t you pick a girl?” It’s not like he is particularly Chinese either, neither me nor her, just a mix. Which apparently is enough to look foreign.

It’s OK though I’ve come up with some nice insults over the years. You should tell your husband to start being a wise ass towards these rude folk, I certainly wouldn’t let it drop if total strangers came up to my gf and son and spouted that rubbish at them. I don’t care if its ignorance, anyone with an ounce of compassion would know it can potentially hurt the person.

anonymous232 on

Oh yeah forgot to say, I grew up watching My Girl as a kid, very weird seeing her all grown up…

Becky on

Wow, I cannot imagine the amount of pure ignorance one must have to think it’s OK to ask anybody if their child was adopted. What business is it of anybody’s? Such a personal question!

@Katie-There is a blog I read called “Peopleiwanttopunchinthethroat dot com. The writer, Jen, is in the same exact situation as you are with people asking her if her biological children are adopted because her husband is Asian. I think I recall her also saying that she answers them the same way when they ask “Where did they come from?” She quips “My uterus!” So clever! Or if someone asks her “What are they mixed with?” she answers “Love”. And these people say these things to her right in front of her kids! I really can’t believe the gall/stupidity of some people! Geesh!

Sharon on

Aaaww congratulations!!! I cant believe she is all grown up….My Girl is one of those movies you can watch over and over, and cry every time!!

lovely123 on

Becky, true story…I was in the market and hadn’t seen a teacher for a couple of years. I had my new (well 1.5 years old) with me. She asked when I started to foster. I must have had the questionable look on my face because she then asked when we adopted. I thought it was funny, and did not take it personally.

Alayna on

Congrats!!! Veda is expecting! LOL I love that movie, not I think I have to go rent it and watch it. Wishing baby and mommy (and daddy!) an easy and healthy pregnancy

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