Veronica De La Cruz Welcomes Son Hartley Eric

03/25/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Veronica De La Cruz Welcomes Son Hartley Eric
Adele Godfrey

Veronica De La Cruz is a mom.

The Early Today and First Look host welcomed her first child, son Hartley Eric, on Wednesday, March 13 in New York City, her rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

Weighing in at 8 lbs., 4 oz and measuring 21 inches long, baby boy — whose name honors De La Cruz’s late brother — arrived at 11:08 a.m. with green eyes and a head full of dark hair.

The anchor founded the Hope for Hearts Foundation in memory of her sibling, who passed away in 2009 while awaiting a heart transplant after struggling to get health insurance with a pre-existing medical condition.

“Before my brother died, I started an online campaign to raise money for a life-saving heart transplant,” notes De La Cruz, 32,.

“Thousands of compassionate Twitter followers came out to support the effort and we lovingly referred to them as Eric’s Twitter Army. They all displayed banners on their online avatars that read, ‘<3 Eric’ — which is where my son’s name comes from. If you look at my own social media profile, you will still see a heart followed by the name Eric. That is what inspired my son’s name.”

“After the pain and devastation of losing Eric almost four years ago, having a healthy baby feels like an incredible miracle,” she adds. “Of course, he couldn’t be any more beautiful. I think I can safely say I have finally met the love of my life.”

Prior to joining MSNBC in 2010, De La Cruz spent over five years at CNN, where she was correspondent for American Morning, anchored the Asian In American series and covered major breaking news stories. She also was a competitive figure skater for 10 years.

Veronica De La Cruz Welcomes Son Hartley Eric
Adele Godfrey

— Sarah Michaud

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KiKi on

Beautiful baby! Glad both mom & baby are doing well!

aleshamom4 on

Love, peace, joy to the family

Meg on

What a sweet baby!

Melissa on


Kristy on

He’s just Precious. Congrats!!!

hailey on

so cute happy for her

lynn on

That is a beautiful baby. She sounds like a really good person and I wish her well with all of the work she has been doing for others.

Margo on

I’ve always LOVED the name Hartley, and I never thought of it for a boy…but now I love it even more!!!

Cip on

the baby is beautiful

Patrika on

Wow, he is such a beautiful baby! I know she is going to be a wonderful mother! I love the name Hartley, and it’s great that she gave her son such a meaningful name. Best wishes to both of them!!

Ann on

What a beautiful baby! Love his name too! Many congratulations!!

guest on

Gorgeous baby! Congrats to the family ❤

Mona Kayhan on

Go Veronica!! What an insanely gorgeous little man. He is stunning – and look at all that hair! He is lucky to have such a smart and talented woman as a mother.

Molly on

He is so cute! The name Hartley on a boy is growing on me, and I love the story behind it.

Scott Stolberg on

Congratulations Veronica! I am so happy for you and your son. I will you all the best, Always. Scott

Kathy on

Beautiful pics! Mom and baby! Hartley is a wonderful name!

haven on

Cute baby nice name

Tee on

Oh he is so precious, all that hair and chubby babyness. He’s beautiful and love the name.

Tash on

Beautiful baby and Beautiful Mommy! Lots of Love!

Stacey on

I am sorry for her loss – BUT – Folks – how about you buy health insurance instead of paying for your cell phone, nails, starbucks etc. MANY people who say they cannot afford health insurance manage just fine in paying for all this other crap. Just as you wouldn’t expect to buy car insurance after the fact of an accident, same with health insurance. Get your priorities in order.

Sharon on

What a precious baby, and i love the name!!! Congratulations! Your brother is definitely smiling down on you 🙂

suzy diamond on

What a beautiful baby boy!

Torgster on

Stacey, I suggest you use your money for vision care insurance as apparently there is something wrong with your eyes since you failed to notice that he couldn’t GET insurance! Wise up.

Lori on

What a beautiful baby..

Jen on

He is so chubby and cute! He looks like a little shrunken Elvis!

JJ on


His situation was not so simple, he had pre-existing conditions that would not be covered by health insurance before the Affordable Care Act. It has nothing to do with sacrificing nail appointments, Starbucks, etc. He tried desperately to be covered but could not. The article has a link that goes into more detail. Reading comprehension maybe?

Shawna on

What a gorgeous little baby boy!

Louise on

I didn’t like the name at first, but thats a beautiful story. Congrats to the family.

MR on

Sorry for your loss. The name is beautiful, but I think Eric Hartley sounds better, it has a better ring to it.

AmandaC on

What a stunning baby! Adorable 🙂

bwahbwah on

Wow, I’m at aw with your son. He’s stunning. So happy for you both. Sending you many many blessing and happiness.

Anonymous on

What a beautiful boy!!! Such a precious gift!

AllisonJ on

such a cute little boy! Congrats to her!

Cara on

His nose is super crooked for a baby…I have never seen a crooked nose on an infant like that before.But, regardless…he is a cutie pie! All that hair is divine!

MommytoanE on

He’s absolutely beautiful. Look at those long lashes! Any woman would die for lashes like that…unless of corse they were blessed with long lashes. The name is a beautiful tribute to her brother.

MommytoanE on

Stacey, you are just a hater and really need to stop eating Grumpy Charms in the morning. As someone with a preexisting condition, I KNOW that insurance is not only impossible at times, but super costly. Perhaps with the silver spoon in your mouth, you’ve never had a problem like that. But insurance CAN be impossible to get.

Many insurance providers won’t even cover someone with a serious condition, or will make insurance impossible to get. If a person is lucky enough to afford the insurance, it won’t cover even half of the medical treatments. Many treatments are considered “experimental” and insurances won’t cover ANY of it. Not to mention now days insurances are barely covering anything.

Maybe instead of judging everyone all the time, you should stop being so ignorant and start learning about the real life and the real world. Not everyone is ignorant thank the heavens and many people understand things like this.

Or how about this…if you can’t say anything nice, Don’t say anything at all. EVERY comment I have seen from you is judgemental, rude and just down right mean. Step back, buy some Cheerio’s instead of your regular Grumpy Charms and stop being so mean.

Anonymous on

Congrats to her, and the baby is absolutely adorable!

Catca on

Wow – he’s a looker! Congrats Veronica. 🙂