Hilary Duff and Luca Shop It Up at Splendid

03/24/2013 at 11:00 AM ET

Hilary Duff‘s baby boy is growing up!

On March 15 — days before he celebrated his first birthday! — Luca Cruz joined his actress mama to pick up some new pieces from celeb fave Splendid in Los Angeles.

Decked out in the brand’s comfy Cali T-Shirt ($34) and grey cargo shorts, the towheaded tot took a few steps around the store as Duff stocked up on tees, hoodies and cargo bottoms for her Mini Me.

The sudden need for a new wardrobe? The proud mama, who donned a charcoal gray tank and a shimmery gold skirt by Marie France Van Damme ($550), joked her son is going through a growth spurt said an onlooker.

Before calling it a day, Duff managed to sneak in some shopping for herself, too, purchasing a few cute and comfy underthings from the company’s new lingerie line.

Hilary Duff Luca Splendid Shopping Spree

— Anya Leon

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Holiday on

She is such a pretty young mama! I love seeing young moms and their little ones!

Teena on

Wow, he’s big! And an early walker. Cute 😀

Anonymous on

Awww, he’s getting so big!

Ivy. on

He looks just like her! Adorable.

MommytoanE on

lol Growth Spurt. Just wait…she’ll get home, get the tags off and find nothing fits anymore. Gotta love those growin babies. 🙂

He sure is a cutie.

TV on

Teena, explain how he’s an ‘early walker’ when the boy is a year old? Babies can start walking any time between 10 to 15 months. My nephew Simon is what I would consider an early walker since he started at 7 months and has kept on going for 8 years now.

Ava on

Hilary looks like a “Real Housewife.” She needs to dress more age appropriately and do something with the hair and glasses and teeth.

Stacey on

11 months is considered ” a tad early ” for walking, 12 months is the norm. And there is absolutely NO such thing as a 7 month old who walks unassisted. Ridiculous.

Teena on

Well, my boy started walking with 14 months, so I consider 12 months and earlier early walkers. I mean free walking without holding onto sth…

MommytoanE on

Stacey, don’t be so sure, or you will eat your words. Some kids do things at different levels and ages. My brother was 8 months and walking. Not perfectly mind you, but he could walk across a room completely unassisted. Of corse, he had three older sisters always holding his hand trying to teach him to walk too. My daughter (an only) was 9 months and walking. Google “Walking at 7 months” an you will see many videos, articles and forums stating that this CAN happen. Just because you or your children did not, does not mean it does not happen.

Stacey on

” MommytoanE “, I completely stand by what I said. And Teena, you are correct, 11 months is a little early to be walking.

Someone's Mommy on

He’s so cute! He reminds me of my Owen.

joan on

a year old is pretty normal for a walker.

Two of mine were beginning at a year old, and one of mine was walking ON HER OWN at 9 months.

I have seen 8 month olds walk on their own… it can happen.

Anonymous on

MommytoanE- I couldn’t have said it better myself! Walking at seven months might not be the norm, but it DOES happen. I suggest you pick up a trivia book such as the Guinness Book of World Records or one of the books in the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! series. You’d be surprised at the things kids can accomplish at extremely young ages!

Everyone is unique, and some babies and children are just very advanced! 🙂

Catca on

I agree @Holiday, she really is a beautiful young mama! And Luca is very handsome as well. 🙂

Catca on

Stacey, babies do things at different times. Normal development for walking is 10 to 18 months, but it is not unheard of for children to walk earlier. My son was all about motor skills so he’s always done everything early (earlier than the normal range for motor skills both fine and gross). BUT, he was a little on the late side for talking because he was focused on his motor skills. When he did start focusing on his language, he caught up virtually overnight. Just like babies who are early talkers and late walkers catch up really quickly with motor skills.

The point is, no baby develops the same as another baby, and what is normal in terms of development is a range. There is no set plan for what one baby can do over another baby. By age 3 children tend to be more similar in development (but still not exact – people will never be exact duplicates of each other), but prior to that, it’s a pretty big range.