Holly Madison: Breastfeeding Is the Biggest Challenge

03/23/2013 at 02:00 PM ET

Holly Madison Breastfeeding
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A mom for just over two weeks now, Holly Madison believes that parenthood is the breast — er, best — role of her life.

“Breastfeeding is the biggest challenge,” she tells PEOPLE Friday in her first public appearance since delivering daughter Rainbow Aurora earlier this month.

“I took classes — and I don’t want to discourage anyone from nursing — but I’m surprised at how much work it is and how much you’re on call,” Madison admits, adding, “I’m happy to do it since it’s healthy for my baby.”

The former Playboy pin-up and Las Vegas headliner says she “did her research” during the pregnancy, but has found that the education pales in comparison to being in the trenches with a newborn.

“It’s a 24-hour thing, as any new mom knows,” she notes. “I was as prepared as I could be and [I’m still learning] how time-consuming it is.”

Although she appeared quite slim in a blue Diane von Furstenberg dress at Cirque Du Soleil’s One Night For One Drop benefit show, Madison, 33, joked that it was all an illusion.

“I’m wearing this because it flares out,” she explains. “The skirt masked my gut!”

— Mark Gray

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ME on

Breastfeeding is the biggest challenge. After becoming a mom I understand why people give up.

But FYI… Formula isn’t poison. It’s ok to rely on formula if you’re getting frustrated.

Anonymous on

Not poison? Beetle parts, melamine and deadly bacteria have been found in formula before. Breast is best and it is a lot of work sometimes. For others it just comes naturally.

chrystal on

Chill out Anonymous.

Stephanie on

And some are just not able to make enough milk for baby so how about we don’t add unnecessary fear and hysteria to those that must bottle feed it choose to. Formula is perfectly safe as evidenced by my 6’2″ 16 year old!

Theresa on

No it’s not poison. How dare you judge me.

My milk didnt come in for a week after I gave birth and my baby lost 2 pounds and was dehydrated. What the hell was I supposed to do you ignorant jerk?

Stop judging other’s decisions regarding their children.

I feel SO SORRY for your own kids.

Ann on

All That Kind Of Stuff Has Been Found In All Kinds Of Foods We All Eat. You Going To Grow All Your Own Food And Raise Your Own Cows, Chickens, Etc All Organic All By Yourself? That IS The Only Way To GuaraOodntee Anything About The Food Supply.

Amanda on

Geez, Theresa. And a few others. Nobody judged anybody. If you feel judged, that’s your problem. For some reason, you’re internalizing someone’s remarks that suggested that breast is best. (It’s not…that implies that it’s a competition, and it’s not. Breast is baseline, breast is natural. Nothing compares to it.) If someone stating a biological fact is enough to make you feel judged or offended, you should probably stay off the Internet, because you’re far too tender for it.

lisa on

Really YOU are a contributor to women’s ever need to be perfect. Some women can breast feed others can’t so stop making others feel bad if they can’t. This is directed to all the smarmy moms who look down on others

Tia on

I’m adopted so there was no breast option. Formula was a great choice for my parents. I have a high IQ, multiple degrees, and a great job. No one can say formula prohibited me.

Guest on

Yes you can use formula in the same way that you can continue smoking in front of the baby, ME. The baby will not die but it’s obviously not what’s best for him/her.

laura on

What about those of us who can’t breastfeed. My baby starved from breastfeeding and thrived on the bottle. Congratulations to those who can, but please don’t judge those who can’t!

J tonks on

Wow you’re an asshole Guest! What an ignorant comparison!

Ann on

So I Guess You Think All Babies Whose Mom Cant Produce Milk Are Being Poisoned?

Theresa on

Guest, I cannot BELIEVE you’re comparing cigarette smoke to formula! You are an unbelievable human being!

Gosh I hope you’d kids breastfeed when they have children of their own. Sure wouldn’t want to let you down.

Ann on

WEll Guest, I Guess It DOesnt Matter How Much You Breast Feed If You Teach Your Kids TO HavE Your Attitude Issues.

Anonymous on

I nursed exclusively for 13 months bc I produced a lot milk and worked from home. I feel lucky to have had both. But to call formula like smoking in front of kids just shows a lack of education and ignorance on your part. Many devoted mother try but cannot produce enough milk no matter what they try….so should they starve the baby instead of formula????? Think people before you judge and speak!!!!!

ccct0304 on

I agree ME. People really act as if formula is poison. it was a huge challenge for me to breast feed my daughter, after 2 months, I gave up. I then started giving formula. Thank God, my daughters are as healthy as can be. I’ve never had a problem, healthwise!! If formula were as bad as ppl make it seem, it wouldn’t be selling!!

Anonymous on

No shit sherlock it’s called motherhood . Get use to it ! It’s not about you anymore !

lauren on

Looking good Holly. Do what you feel is best for you and baby and not just because you feel pressured to do so.

Hi on

Breastfeeding is actually really easy once you and baby get into the swing of things. I personally do not understand how woman can get frustrated, just flat out give up, and turn to formula. Whether you want to admit it or not, breast IS best.

Michele on

I don’t know, Hi, it’s different for everyone. I had every complication you can imagine with my second baby, to the point where a lactation consultant said I needed a break (mastitis, cracking/bleeding – I shudder to think of the pain). By the time I healed my supply was too low, even with pumping. When I finally threw in towel after six weeks, I felt guilty.

With my third I just plowed on through for six months and at times it was utter agony. I agree with the first poster that formula is not the end of the world. Women are made to feel guilty if they don’t stick it out or choose not to breast feed. Either way, it’s awesome that you had few problems! πŸ™‚

Stephanie on

Speak for yourself Hi. It’s not easy for everyone especially if you can’t produce enough to keep them full!

H on

Try breastfeeding while having mastitis that turns into an abscess that has to be treated by making a surgical incision that is left open and packed with gauze so it can heal from the inside out. Please don’t ever underestimate how difficult breastfeeding may be for some just because you had an easy experience.

Anonymous on

Some women can not breast feed, I pumped , drank the mothers milk tea, tried to nurse every 2 hours, I was heartbroken and felt like a bad mommy, however i had to take progesterone to maintain my pregnancy . I gave hormone imbalance , I am a nurse as well, so I believe breast is best and beat myself up.
I think mom’s have to be kind to each other , every one is different

Lauren on

All that silicone is probably terrible for the child anyway.

Melissa on

Lauren, most women can nurse their babies just fine with implants – some have supply issues initially but it can be done! I breastfed three kids exclusively with my fake boobs. πŸ˜‰

Mari on

Breast feeding is not easy but I’m very excited to see you are trying to keep up.

Congrats on your Little One! Keep up the great work and don’t get discouraged. Being a new mom isn’t easy. Hang in there.

Elizabeth on

Good for you Holly=) It is a big investment of time, no doubt (not to mention pain for some).

My personal experience was positive, and I breastfed both of my kids until about a year. My sister had a hard time with breastfeeding and gave her kids formula. Guess what? Everyone had some issues at the beginning and today everyone is happy, smart and well-adjusted. Congratulations!

chrystal on

Formula is regulated by the FDA. You have choices.

Guest on

Actually chrystal since formula is not considered a “drug” it does not need FDA approval before being marketed and it’s not held to the same standards of safety as drugs. It’s treated more like those over-the-counter supplements.

Alison on

Wrong, guest. It is regulated by the FDA, as all foods are. But nice try.

breastfed my babies but won't judge on

Although I was able to breastfeed, my friend’s breast cancer diagnosis and double mastectomy precluded the possibility of nursing. I’m curious as to your intelligent judgment regarding her situation.

chrystal on

Its contents are monitored & must meet certain nutritional standards.

Uhhhhh on

You do realize the FDA is short for Food and drug association. So therefore yes, formula would be regulated by them.

one job at a time on

Here’s a novel idea, don’t do red carpet events two weeks after you have a baby, arguably the hardest (and most rewarding job) on earth. And don’t publicly lament the challenges of breastfeeding when you should be at home. You wouldn’t do that with a 9-5 job; why do it with motherhood. Two weeks after starting a new job, take time off to moonlight at another job. Smh.

Becky on

Not every woman is lucky enough to have choices of breast or formula. I was one of those that didn’t have a choice and my children are just fine after formula.

And to the “time consuming” comments – what was expected? Happy hour? Parties all the time? That life is now done – you have a child…now grow up and be a parent.

Cheryl on

Wow. Judgemental much Becky? I don’t recall her complaining it was interfering with her clubbing schedule. She was stating what is to be true: it’s very time consuming and some days you’re lucky enough to just take a shower.

amy on

Here is great resource from Mothering.com on breastfeeding:

Love to all of the babies, mamas and papas! Be gentle! Love! Enjoy!

Mrs. Davis on

People give up because it is often painful. It was painful for me when I did it the first time with my first child. I had a much easier time the second time with my third child because the second hospital gave me a cream to moisturize my nipples with. It allowed them to toughen up so that it was not painful. It is easy to give up something that hurts.

The other reason people give up is because it does take up a lot of time. Thin breast milk does not fill a kid up for a long time like formula does. You can start to feel like a cow.

Alisha on

Breast feeding is great but it doesn’t always work for everyone. It’s awesome she’s trying. I wasn’t able to breast feed either of my children. I tried and felt like I had failed. The hospital I had my first son at pressured me to breast feed. I wasn’t able to no matter what I did and he was starving. It was awful. Both of my sons are healthy and fine now. Both given formula. So either way works.

Rebecca on

I think it’s great that a celebrity is speaking publicly about how challenging breastfeeding is in the early weeks.

You can take a ton of classes and read a ton of books, but until you’re right there in the thick of it, you don’t understand that you will literally be nursing nonstop. You can nurse for 40 minutes, and then the baby’s hungry again 30 minutes later. Even though it’s perfectly normal, in that haze of new mom hormones and sleep deprivation, at some point you’re going to say, “What is wrong with this baby? What am I doing wrong that he’s always hungry??”

Once you get past those first 6-8 weeks, nursing really can be a breeze (at least it is for me), but the beginning is NOT easy, and it’s nice to hear a celebrity admit it.

Angie on

Guest above, did you seriously just compare formula to smoking? Get off of your high horse. Yes, it IS best BUT, it’s not available for everyone. Millions of babies are formula fed and are just as healthy as a breast fed baby. Worry about yourself and your family and stop judging others for the decisions that they make for their children. You do NOT know what is best for anyone but yourself.

TLS on

Why is everyone so hard on her? She didn’t say anything to indicate she wanted time to herself or to not give 100% to her baby. It IS hard, I breastfed my kids. One for almost 2 yrs. The next for 8 months due to problems that were big enough for me to throw in the towel. It does happen, and it is not easy “HI”. There would not be lactation consultants and breast feeding support groups if it were a cakewalk. We as women judge each other too much.

Anonymous on

I think it’s a shame that women are pressured to breast feed. Some women, like myself, just couldn’t do it. I didn’t produce enough, it was horribly painful, and on top of the pain, the cracking & bleeding were enough for me to decide it wasn’t best for me or my child.

Each mother has to make the choice for themself, and it’s a shame other mothers feel the need to judge that and voice their opinion, sometimes loudly and arrogantly. Calm down and do what works for you.

Candice on

It’s pathetic how there is formula-shaming on every article that slightly speaks of breastfeeding. Formula and breastmilk are both fine choices. Do what you want, but stay out of other peoples’ business.

Kellie on

I breastfed all 4 of my children with my 1st baby I could only go for 6 wks due to me having post natal depression and thinking I couldn’t cope. But with my other 3 as soon as u get into a routine its quite manageable. My other babies never had or needed formula. But each to there own really your baby your choice πŸ™‚

Manon on

I had No problem nursing my son or daughter close to 35 yrs. ago, EAT WELL, DRINK LOTS OF FLUIDS, & RELAX<< WISH U WELL!- I do understand it's scary w/ a 1st born, just try to be relaxed! U will be a FAB MOM!!

Alexa Dianne on

Your experience is normal Holly, and people think you are being a great Mom by breastfeeding your baby. Support is crucial for success, just like learning any other new healthy habit. Find a support group with breastfeeding … it helped me in those tough few weeks.

Pnut on

She looks gorgeous with some more meat on her bones–I hope she doesn’t go back to being gaunt.

Karen on

As an expectant mom, I was told in very serious tones, that if I didn’t breastfeed my children would be sickly, unintelligent, and all manner of evils would befall them. I lasted a total of 10 days. My kids were rarely ill, have excelled in academics/ACT/SAT scores. I think my decision to stay home with them made the difference much more than nursing would’ve. If you want to nurse, do, but don’t let the militant, self-righeous La Leche League moms bully you into doing it.

highdesertblue on

Beast feeding is challenging, especially those first few weeks. The longer you breastfeed, the easier it gets. I breastfed my children, and if you can tough it out, it is really worth it. My daughter is breast feeding her fourth child and the first few weeks were tiring, but she is in the swing of things now.

james on

I breast milk pumped bottled fed my baby for an entire 13 months ….and then once she was ready to move on to more than just milk, I pureed all her fruits and veggies so she would have pure fresh foods in her body to help her grow her most important first years of development………. when I was breast feeding I was miserable!! I literally fantasized cutting off my breast and throwing my boobies across the room cause I hurt so bad….I finally pumped after a month of misery…….I worked full time 45 hours a week….when I was home, I have that pump on my breast at all times it seems…watching TV yep the pump was on me just to I could pump and give my baby girl my milk……. I judge no one for giving their babies formula….but just think about it…..how can something be fresh and healthy sitting on a shelf with an expiration date of 3 years? that’s not fresh and that’s going in your baby…. mother and nature is the best….. but its 2013…women have careers…….. I just think if a woman hurts, pump….it made a world of difference!!! and to be honest, my mom, dad. my husband and others got to build a strong bond with her when the held her and fed her my breast milk through the bottle……so this worked out the best for me…..im pregnant again (4 months) and I’m not even trying with breast feeding….im gonna start right away with pumping…..I shutter at the pain and misery I was in the first go around!!!

Angie on

Guest, you do realize what the “F” stands for in FDA, right? It’s FOOD and Drug Administration. They don’t only regulate drugs, they regulate food as well. People like you and Hi are so frustrating, judgmental and arrogant. Mothers that choose to formula feed their baby are not poisoning their children.

I breastfed for only 6 days with my first, he’s almost 13 now and never gets sick and never has. He has been on antibiotics maybe once in his lifetime. Same with my youngest, except I didn’t breastfeed at all due to medications I was on and the inability to stop taking them. He’s four years old and just got his first fever a week ago.

However, my 2nd child who’s 11, was in the hospital for 6 days when she was 2 months old due to RSV and I was still breastfeeding her at the time. Regardless though, they’re all healthy, intelligent, bright children whom I adore!

chrystal on


Lisa on

I think she looks great with a few extra lbs. – not as harsh. And I like her honesty.

yikes on

Breastfeeding a challenge? OMG – women from 10000 BC and to the present breastfeed their children without classes without a hulabuloo without even talking about it.

Here’s an online instruction.1. pick up crying or non-crying infant 2. bring babys lips close to your nipple 3. kind of shove your nipple in babys mouth 4. hold baby close to you and maybe put a pillow under baby for your comfort. That’s all there is except for 5. stop baby after 5 minutes and burp. 6. chnage to other nipple and repeat directions.

Do you young women have any brains at all?

Theresa on

Are you for real yikes?

I feel sorry for your kids.

Ann on

Wow, Yikes Why Are You So Harsh On Other Women? Were You Born Perfect?

Kristen on

Switch sides after 5 minutes – that is very poor breastfeeding advice as the baby will not get the fatty hind milk.

de on

Years ago I was told to take a toothbrush a few weeks before my due date and rough up my nipples. It helps to toughen them up for nursing. It also caused major contractions thus the near due date suggestion. After all that, I still needed nipple shields lol.

My first baby hated nursing, (she had major nipple confusion thanks to the hospital giving her formula inspite of my request not to) but we did it for 5 months before I gave up. My mother made me feel guilty when I wanted to quit much sooner. Luckily my other two were great nursers and we had no issues.

Nursing is not for everyone. It is very time-consuming,can be painful. Many women cannot produce quality milk and their baby isn’t thriving on the breast. It happens more than we think it does. Being judgemental about something like this is silly imho.

Nancy on

She looks stunning. Hef blew it by letting this girl go.

Cindy on

I couldn’t breastfeed my first one and really Anon, you don’t have to be such a catty B*tch..EVERYONE when they have their first child is scared and MOST of us were pretty selfish before we had our first baby, we had no reason not to be so quite acting like she is saying something that is new. We all do the best we can. Congrats Holly ❀

La-La on

Didn’t breastfeed. Glad that I didn’t. Each to her own.

emily on

I cried when my week old baby screamed when I put her up to my boob. I went into the bathroom and cried because I felt like a failure as a new mother. I pumped every 2 hours so I could bottle feed her breast milk. I did this every day for 4 months, while still occasionally attempting to let her nurse without much luck.

It’s so incredibly sad for me to see comments from women who act like martyrs, and say how easy it is. It was NOT easy for me, and I had all intentions, read all the books, did everything I could, but it just didn’t work out for me. My kid is now almost one year old, smart, healthy and so beautiful. You’d never be able to pick her out from a lineup of exclusively breast fed children.

And by the way GUEST- the FDA regulates FOOD and DRUGS. Formula is a food. Seriously, educate yourself.


Breastfeeding can be extremely difficult in the beginning. My nipples were in serious pain for about 6 weeks before they finally toughened up. Even if the baby is latched on correctly, some women just have really sensitive nipples or skin or whatever and that can really make the whole process of breastfeeding a nightmare. Once I got past that initial phase, it was a great experience.

Angie on

Yikes, what happened before 10000 BC? Just curious…I mean, there were humans then too. I’m sure those women also had problems breastfeeding at times. It’s not simple for everyone. Please, do some research.

Ann on

I ImaginE That Some May Have Had To Turn To CoW Or Goat Milk Or The BAby May HaVe Died If Mom Didnt Produce Enough Milk. There Was A Lot Higher Mortality Rate Back Then For Various Reasons.

Ann on

Oh Yeah ANdAlso They Used To Have Wet Nurses. I Doubt You Have Many Women.Lining Up To Do That Nowadays. Not To Mention Who Could ReaLly Trust It Is Safe.

lele on

I remember thinking I can’t wait to breast feed.I ended up pregnant with twins my complications were so bad I had an emergency c-cestion. My body was not healing quickly I pumped ever two hours for 3 months straight with only 2 ounce milk every two hours I had no skin left on my nipples my health was not getting better and at 3 months I stopped so I could properly care for twins. Ladies please let’s not judge we work so hard and have to do what works for each person

sister7 on

Breastfeeding is the best for the kids. No money to spend on formula..no bottles/bottle cleaning..everything you need is ‘right there’. I have no clue what baby formula is made out of. Our water already has fluoride and who knows what chemicals in it. Why give your baby poison?! Food additive and preservatives is what is why there are so many behavior problem with kids. Nurse if you can! La Leche league helped me.

Kat on

And here begins another round of moms judging other moms. Do what works best for you and YOUR baby. Stop the judgement!

sister7 on

YUK..like I trust the FDA..EPA. They are bought and sold department heads. EPA still puts fluoride in our drinking water and TONS of food. Look at the chemicals in Pepsi/Coke and any bottled beverage. FDA turns a blind eye to many food substances (Saccharine..Aspartame..to name just a couple).

Anonymous on

I always love the comments on here. Lots of judgment and instead of commenting on the article, people end up commenting on one another’s posts. So funny and more entertainment than the articles usually are.

joy on

Breastfeeeding with silicone boobs is probably a challenge!

Marguerite on

um you can always get a breast pump and pump the milk and feed her with a bottle. then your fiancee can help. yes its work but there are ways to help make it better. or just get organic formula

put child first on

Nursing is a lot of work and there are a plethora of challenges from supply to pain. Nonetheless there are ways to cope.

My first was a horrific nursee and had a poor latch, so I WS bleeding, cracked, got infection, etc… I still didn’t give up. I sought professional assistance and used a hospital grade pump. My daughter never became a pro and I nursed and pumped for 2.5 years and yes I work full time. She never received an ounce of formula and I have no regrets.

My 2nd WS just as tricky but also had a complicated birth. He had a bit of formula at birth because of sugar levels but as soon as I got a supply I pumped, nursed, and mixed. Ultimately I exclusively pumped and periodically nursed him for 2 years. In all he got less than 8oz of formula.

You do what you can, but never give up and explore all options. Being a parent isn’t easy but well worth every moment.

Dana on

I think we’re forgetting the most important thing is to simply love your child. You could be the meanest mom on earth and exclusively breast feed or be Mother Teresa but need to formula feed. Kids turn out fine on both the breast and the bottle, but they don’t thrive on either without love.

M on

Totally agree! There is so much more to a healthy, smart, happy child! I love breast feeding and always count my lucky stars it came easily for me as I have watched family and friends struggle. By the way, she looks amazing!

Anonymous on

I think Holly is a beautiful woman and will make a fabulous mother. Dumb blonde certainly does not apply to her. Many blessings to you and your family Holly!

Danielle on

Breast feeding is a challenge for every new mother, specially with those implants…….!

Megan on

Maybe it’s just me, but it sounds like a lot of the anger toward Holly in these comments is just coming from some level of jealousy. I agree you should spend time with your baby, but who says she cant go out for a few hours and have fun? Since when must a woman’s life revolve entirely around her child? No one would say that to a man…

mommy giggles on

Amazing all the parenting advice being posted but the one that is apparently lacking is “if you can’t say something nice, then shut the f–k up.” You’re not in her shoes. You don’t know what her life is like. So I’ll just say….. congrats to momma and baby. Congrats to holly for trying. She’s trying to do the right thing by breastfeeding. Haven’t read anything about a nanny, sooo congrats on that. Parenting is hard for any mom and is especially hard for others. Congrats for remembering that even as a new mom, you should still make time for yourself.

Megan on

What I meant by jealousy….it sounds like a lot of women are angry that Holly is able to afford someone to watch her baby for a few hours and take a night off.

victory on

Newbies! Nursing is a piece of cake. If Holly is in a hurry to get back to socializing and doesn’t have the time to veg w/her newborn daughter, put Rainbow on the bottle. Nursing is a short term commitment, a woman has to relax and nurse every two hours, for me, on demand. Such a sissy.

Ann on

So You Think You Can Speak For Everyone Else Because You HAd It Easy? Did It Ever Occur To You ThAt Others May Not Have Had THe Same Experience?

Ann on

I Find Calculus To Be Easy. Does That Mean You Are Dumb If You Dont?

deutsche001 on

Why are we as women so critical of one another? Let’s stop the hate and jealousy and support one another.

deannefox on

‘Hi’- people can get frustrated because some babies just really have a hard time getting into the swing of it like you called it.

The nurses in my hospital gave my daughter a bottle against my wishes and I had a very tearful painful frustrating time getting her to latch on. It was my second baby and I was not expecting difficulties. As a result of her difficulty latching on I never made as much milk as I did with my 1st baby and she ended up being supplemented with formula and I got mastitis on top of it. It hurt so bad I cried every time I nursed.

Just because ‘you’ don’t get why it’s hard for some people doesn’t make their experiences or choice to switch to formula less valid.

Carolyn on

Hi-SO glad it was easy for you. I had six kids and each one of them were very different. My oldest just had a baby and it was NOT working for either of them. Mom’s guilt trip and pass judgement on each other enough, personally its no one else’s business what they do and they shouldn’t have to feel like they need to defend themselves. As long as mommy and baby are both happy, THAT’S all that matters!

Addison on

Some of you are so terribly arrogant it actually makes me ashamed to be a woman.

I have 4 kids and my fifth on the way. I can understand where holly is coming from. Those first few weeks of breast feeding are painful and frustrating, especially for a first time mom.

How is any woman having their first child supposed to go, “oh yep that’s how I do it” from day 1? None. Sometimes it takes a while to get into the swing of things.

It took me 6 weeks of pain to settle into a routine with my first baby & by that time I wasn’t producing enough milk for my daughter.

I’ve also had breast cancer. And I was breast fed. I was only in my 20’s and was trying to conceive my second child when I had to have a double mastectomy. Due to that I couldn’t breast feed….

How the hell am I supposed to even try if I don’t have the ability too.

At least shes trying & that’s something that counts.


You either want your child to starve or to be thriving. And if formula feeding is the only way then so be it.

Charli Mabriel on

Of course it was easy for you that are judging us – clearly you were able to do it. You will never know the guilt that those of us who tried for months (nursing and pumping to get 1-2 oz. total).

I guess you mean women would rather we just sat there & cried over our defeat in motherhood – or maybe sent you nursing champs large congratulations bouquets, begging for your vast knowledge in – oh yeah, releasing milk from your body.

Who gives you the right to look down on anyone, or assume you know what they are going through, especially a fellow mother?! Please stop judging each other!!!!

Lastly, Karen I agree wholeheartedly. Staying home w/ my kids has made their lives much better than my inability to nurse has harmed them.

beverly on

Honest to goodness I don’t see the big deal about NOT breastfeeding. Women are pressured so hard into breast feeding and it’s getting ridiculous. I formula fed my child from day one and he is absolutely fine. He’s never been sick aside from a simple cold and he’s healthy and loving and has not a single issue wrong with him. Mother’s who breast feed bitch when they are judged for doing it in public because they are “feeding their child.” Why the hell should mother’s who formula feed feel guilty about doing so? It’s the same thing, we’re feeding our children. We’ll keep our noses out of your business, if you keep your nose out of ours.

Ini on

I am surprised how hateful many mothers are. I have been breastfed, but now mothers who could not do it. Still, they love their babies the same way and all turned out fine. Why do mothers turn into these vile monsters that judge other mothers? I hope motherhood doesn’t turn out like this because from the outside, it’s not pretty!!!

Colleen on

Even though breast feeding is natural and good for the baby, there have always been women who have had trouble with it. Some women just don’t produce enough milk. That is why there have been wet-nurses through the ages. Before there was formula, women who could produce lots of milk nursed the babies of women who couldn’t produce enough.

And Holly looks great at two weeks postpartum. In another month her body will be healed and much more back to normal.

Kristine on

A friend of mine’s milk dried up after a month with atleast 2 of her 3 kids. Some people just can’t breast feed!!

Brianne on

FYI, fluoride in drinking water is actually kind of a good thing! Great for your teeth!!!

CK on

Most of these posts are anti-breastfeeding. Formula feeders get so defensive. Yes, breast is best, it is a fact. Formula is #4 in the hierachy of infant feeding according the the WHO (#1 breast milk from the breast #2 mom’s own milk pumped #3 donor milk #4 formula. It can be very hard, but it is worth it. Only 10 percent of women truly have supply issues (most are just a misperception). Formula should be rarely used!

I can understand if you tried or you or your baby truly had a medical issue in which breastfeeding was contraindicated (cancer treatment, medications for which there were no alternatives, death of mother), but I think mothers who just feel that breastfeeding is “not for them” are selfish.

Ann on

Um There Is No Way I Would Let My Baby Drink Donor Mik. How Do You Know They Didnt Have A Communicable Disease, Just Took Meth, Etc. I Am Sorry, But I Would Go For Formula BeforE Disease ridden Donor Milk.

Mel on

Donor milk is pasteurized, Ann.

Shauna on

at least she is being honest, yes it is hard, but well worth it πŸ™‚

Carrie on

Breastfeeding can be difficult if the baby has latching issues or health issues that make it difficult for them to nurse.

My son has heart issues and I breastfeeding for about 3-3.5 months but he found nursing to be uncomfortable after he had a Nissan and he was unable to burp on his own and I pumped until he was 7 months but his breastmilk had to be fortified because his body was burning so many calories.

People need to stop judging those who do things differently. Some women are unable to produce enough milk, some babies are unable to breastfeed. Breastmilk is best but formula is fine too. As long as the baby is getting fed and healthy that is the important thing. Breastmilk can also be bad if mom is eating things the baby can tolerate or has an allergy to. Or mom is drinking or doing drugs.

Kate on

She looks healthy and beautiful. Breasfeeding can be difficult for some of us. Also loving her hair color, a lot prettier.

Sammie on

ho ho ha ha you will be working and on call to this child for the rest of your life. that’s funny.

Melody on

Dear Hi. You’re not “all women” so making assumptions based on your own experience makes no sense.

Mariana on

Give it about a month Holly! My newborn (born Feb 19) didn’t latch on for nearly a month.. I tried everything and decided to feed him expressed milk in a bottle instead. I’d try to give him my breast, it didn’t work! Then, one day last week, he latched on without any problems and we’ve been nursing since then. It’s a delicate dance between two beings who’ve never done it before.. it just takes time!

haven on

Oh my its only been 2 weeks! She will get some gut she just had a baby relax it will shrink down with time. Yes breastfeeding is like that especially newborn nurse every 2-3 hours so it can be demanding that is why you can pump so her husband can bottle feed the baby while she get some snooze in.

Melody on

I have a splendid idea. Genius, in fact.

How about mothers do what they think is best for their child. A novel thought! And how about those same mothers keep their thoughts to themselves about what other mothers should or shouldn’t be doing, or what’s best for somebody else’s child. Even more novel!

What’s easy or desirable for you may not be so for another person. Please, to the militant breastfeeding mothers out there – stop acting like martyrs, stop being judgemental and nosy, and pay attention to your own child, not everybody else’s. You’re giving everyone a complex.

Sarah on

Yes Melody! Thank you!

Amanda on

I lasted maybe 6 weeks breast feeding my twin boys. I was home by myself with the twins about a week after having them c-section. I went 37.5 weeks. They were both 6+ pounds. I wasn’t getting the help, the rest, the water, or the nutrition that I needed to keep up with their feeding needs. My one boy had colic and reflux pretty bad also. He would just throw everything up. My supply was going down because I was now basically just nursing one. I switched to formula.

Now they are both 4, and are smart and sweet boys. My third son was a big baby at 9+ pounds. I had more help this time…but I was still exhausted having a newborn and 2 2year olds. I think I lasted 6-8 weeks breast feeding him again because of lack of myself not meeting my personal needs – eating healthy and drinking a lot of water. I just felt like I had no time.

All three of my boys were on formula. They are all fine. Don’t feel guilty about not breast feeding. Yes, it is best but maybe not entirely possible for all mothers.

Anonymous on

It’s a matter of opinion, I guess. I breastfed 5 kids and loved every minute of it!!!!

mommameg on

I am extremely blessed that breastfeeding came naturally for my three babies and I, but major kudos to her for trying despite having issues.

I think I am in the minority of breastfeeders, having an easy experience, it’s great that she is out there, hopefully letting other mamas know they aren’t alone!

Sara on

She’s so gorgeous. Welcome to new mommyhood!

MP on

Breast feeding is hard. So hard and you do your best. Don’t judge people. To each there own. Judgmental moms are who think they know best are so annoying. Go find something better to do with you time. Help needy children and keep your self righteous BS to yourself.

Willa on

Hi, how are you supposed to NOT get frustrated and turn to formula when your milk drys up and your baby is screaming because she is so hungry and you don’t have the ability to feed her yourself?

Lynsey on

I think that it’s best to take a step back and not to judge moms. Nearly all moms just wants what’s best for their child and themselves. What that is exactly is different for everyone πŸ™‚

Heather on

I get so angry at people saying it’s natural, and should be easy, and if it hurts you’re doing it wrong… I breastfed three babies, and had pain and cracking each time. A breast shield saved my life with the three of them – only to give me a break, and I eventually weaned myself off it, and I had enough milk to feed quadruplets.

Everyone is so quick to tell you how things are and don’t do this and that. Do what works for you. If you’re sore, find relief somewhere, before you get yourself to the point you have to give up. Be it supplementing with formula, a breast shield (my saving grace, and I’d do it again in a heartbeat), or whatever you have to do to make it work. EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT! Some people have tougher skin and can acclimate to it easier, some people are more sensitive. That’s reality. It’s nobody’s fault it it’s difficult, or they can’t do it. It isn’t easy for everybody – not because they’re doing it “wrong”, just because it comes easier to some that others.

Try different options, if one thing doesn’t work, try another. You aren’t “wrong” and you aren’t “horrible” to give your kid formula if you have to. Some people have better supply than others. In the end, do what you can, try different things – don’t starve your baby in the name of “breast-feeding exclusively”. It may not be for you, or your baby – or it may be the best thing you’ve ever done. Don’t beat yourself up!

There is way too much pressure out there about this. Find what works for you and your baby and go with it! –Also, trust your instincts. You know better than ANYBODY what works and what doesn’t. Don’t question your own instincts. Ignore the haters, and know-it-alls. Have faith in yourself.!

CE on

Why are all these comments so b*%##y and judgemental? Why can’t we all support each other in motherhood? It’s not a competition. We’d all be better moms if we stopped trying to out do each other and put other women down.

Jbp on

I was allergic to breast milk and almost died because of it. As soon as I was switched to formula I bounced back. Just think if people had been so horrible to mother about this and forced breast feeding on her, I wouldn’t be here 33 years later. Thank you formula!

Sarah on

I am so tired of hearing about this issue. Seriously, everywhere I look I am reading another breast/bottle feeding debate. How about we let moms do what they need to do and stop making it a debate every time!!! Aghhhhhh!!!!

Someone's Mommy on

I commend her for speaking her mind. I think too many new moms sugarcoat parenthood for fear they will appear as if they are inadequate or perhaps not enjoying the baby. The beginning, especially for first time parents, is often really difficult. It’s not helpful to hear that everything is perfect.

As for nursing, I was unable to but it wasn’t until my baby was later diagnosed with overall low muscle tone that we realized the reason why he was unable to latch/nurse.

Prior to learning of his health issue, comments from lactation consultants (formula is crap), my pediatrician (I feel like you’re giving up), friends (you’re not drinking enough water/you’re too stressed out) and even my husband (but we bought a pump/we didn’t plan to formula feed) were not helpful and really made me feel worse.

Being a new mom is hard enough – let’s tone down the negativity.

Trisha on

I really appreciate reading realistic stories like this, and I think Holly seems very real and humble.

I do wish we wouldn’t be so hard on each other here. My first child never latched on and I pumped for about a month before switching to formula, and then my daughter was an excellent nurser and I was thrilled. I struggled with the decision to put my son on formula, but I’m confident that I made the right choice for him.

Breastfeeding my daughter wasn’t always easy (I remember literally vibrating from the pain when we were still getting used to it) but it was a joy, overall.

Big Fan on

Some try, as I did, but don’t put out enough milk for the child and must supplement with formula. It’s not giving up, it’s what hand you are dealt with.

Zil on

Good lord ladies! Women should be supporting each other not bashing.

Is breast best? Yes. It’s been scientifically proven. But the physical and psychological hurdles prevent some women from doing it. Every mother’s journey is different.

And I applaud Holly for speaking about the hardships of breastfeeding and motherhood. Breastfeeding was the hardest thing I ever did next to giving birth. And if motherhood isn’t hard you aren’t doing something right. If Holly wants one night out, I’m sure her baby is gonna be ok.

Welcome to the motherhood on

Congrats on your baby girl and welcome to the club new warrior mother! Motherhood, like breastfeeding, is hard and alot of work sometimes but its totally worth it.

Everyone’s journey is different. Holly if breastfeeding is what you want to do just get help. I’m not sure how it works with implants, but my friends say for them it can be done.

With my son I was surrounded by family that didn’t know anything about breastfeeding. They didn’t know how to help or support me because they didn’t have the support when it was their time, so my son got both breastmilk and formula because I didn’t know how to increase my supply and he wasn’t gaining weight. Not the end of the world but its not what I wanted.

With my daughter I armed myself with a doula/lactation consultant who breastfed all five of her kids and a pediatrician who breastfed her two sons so I had a lot of support. It can be done and it does get easier. Just get help if breasfeeding is what you want to do. My daughter and I had some small issues with my supply but my tribe was able to help and that includes my family that helped by cooking and cleaning because that was their way to help so I could nurse around the clock. If you have supply issues nurse around the clock and try more milk plus herbal supplements,which helped me.

My baby girl is now 4 months and we are going strong. If its what you want to do it does get easier. You just have to give it sometime.

You can only do your best and only you know what is right for you and your baby. Congrats and good luck!

sage on

Human breastmilk is best for human babies. Formula contains cow’s milk and cow’s milk is designed to turn a 70lb calf into a 1000 pound adult animal. Hardly naturally occuring bovine growth hormones (organic included) that humans need.

Robin on

I had my first son when I was 37, he is now almost 17, and I breastfed his for 2 years straight!, I was a homemaker then, and I still am, and my other son I had when I was 42, and breastfed him for only 6 months as he keep being rough!, it is hard to breastfed a child, whether you’re a homemaker or a working Mom!, and I chose to nurse my children, but I don’t think you HAVE to breastfeed your kids, it’s a matter of choice!, and women shouldn’t be made to feel bad, if they don’t or can’t!, people shouldn’t judge a mother just because she doesn’t breastfeed!

Sivad1998 on

Hi – I had two preemies and tried to breastfeed. They never latched on because they werent allowed to nurse for their first month of life due to prematurity. Don’t be so judgmental. Breastfeeding is not easy for everyone. I had to pump. People are mean sometimes. There are different reasons why babies cant latch on. Thankful for breastfeeding and lactation specialists. Glad for you that it was easy for you.

Anonymous on

Breastfeeding IS HARD. Once woman are allowed to admit this openly, and not be judged by other women than they will be more likely to hang in there. But when we are dis-illusioned into thinking it’s supposed to be some sort of magical experience, it only make us feel more inadequate and guilty when it’s harder than anticipated.

blessedwithboys on

This doesnt need to be a debate on normal vs. artificial infant feeding…this needs to be a discusion of why in the world anyone in their right mind would leave a 2wk old infant!

Diane on

Lovely Holly, being honest. That’s why we love her!

Snow on

@yikes, Your ignorance is just mind-blowing. I wish other people would judge you to your face about your own struggles as a parent. But even then, you’d probably be whining like a bitch and wondering why everyone is being so unfair to you. Well guess what? Your so-called “advice” is just the ramblings of a bitter, judgemental, hateful bitch. You’re being unreasonable and extremely unfair to people who have valid reasons for not breastfeeding. Your kids will probably grow up to despise you if you’re as catty and awful all the time as you are here. I know I would hate you and be ashamed to have you as my mother.

Emma on

Anonymous Breastfeeding is the best of course but when you lost a twin and you have to feed your baby and you don’t have milk anymore what you gonna do let your child hungry because you think formula is not good don’t say things you don’t know.

alc on

I am really getting sick of this whole “breast is best, bottle is less”! A mother and family as to do what works best for herself and for the welfare of the baby and the rest of those who live in the household.

I wasn’t really given the choice to bottle feed with my first baby but I insisted that was what I wanted. Everyone, nurses, well-meaning friends, people on the street told me what harm I was doing to my child my not breast-feeding and I was feeling like quite a pariah but I stood my ground with him and his two sisters to follow. And guess what? They are all healthy, self-sufficient, polite adults who don’t hold it against me that I didn’t breast feed them. They seldom got ear infections or anything else for that matter, outside the regular kid stuff.

Breastfeeding was not my thing and you know what, it isn’t for everyone. I didn’t try and do it until my nipples bled and cracked and both baby and I were screaming in pain, fatigue and failure. I knew the bottle was our best choice and I had to stand proudly on that side as I was ridiculed and told what a sh***y mother I was but you know what, I wasn’t! Mothers can be the most judgmental, mean-girl people you may ever meet but don’t lose sight of the fact that as long as your baby is getting the required nutrients and the maximum bordering on overload of cuddles and kisses, there is not such thing as “you can’t bond with your baby if you don’t breastfeed” and “bottle fed babies get fat and sicker than breast fed babies”! Lies, all of it.

My husband loved his time at 4 am, feeding our kids in the rocking chair while I got some much needed sleep. They are all grown up and live away but I know for a fact they are healthy, happy and well-adjusted, in spite of being fed by a bottle. It should be a woman’s choice to breastfeed or not and she really doesn’t need the whole freakin’ world commenting on it because she is probably (esp first time moms) insecure enough as it is. Lighten up people, be a present parent and the rest will all work out.

kayla on

I tried to breastfeed my son but it was awkward personaly, it was excruiating and it felt wrong. I know its healthy but I could not do it my son didn’t want it so forcing it made me feel like a child molestor

joan on

before bottles, there were wetnurses…other women who could breast feed babies for whatever reason. and then they developed bottles, and put the milk in there.. and formula has been around for a while, developed in the mid 19th century..

Alison on

Wow. I cannot believe some of the comments women are making. Breastfeeding is NOT easy. Ever. Even when you have a baby who is good at it, it is HARD. So to all of the Holier-than-thou “mothers” who say formula is poison and condemn those who use it, all while telling FFing moms they should be ashamed they “gave up,” JUST SHUT UP. You know NOTHING. Formula feed or breastfeed. IT DOESN’T MATTER. THE BABY WILL BE FINE EITHER WAY. Grow up.

Amanda K on

At the beginning it’s hard but once you establish a proper latch it’s not a lot of work. Yes it’s tiring but much more convenient than messing around sterilizing bottles for formula while your newborn is screaming. Breastfeeding was the best decision for me but I understand it doesn’t work for everyone.

Anon on

I was so appreciative of donor milk from a milk bank for my preemie daughter. She received it for five days as I recovered from severe Pre-eclampsia. I began pumping as soon as I could but was so grateful for the help! Milk banks do a number of things to ensure the safety and quality of donor milk.

Bambi on

For heavens sake, she was being honest that being a mom and breastfeeding are hard at first. She also admitted she doesn’t have a perfect body yet. Hallelujah. I think this is what we need to hear- not “I’ve lost all my baby weight in two days,” and “everything is so perfect and not one single thing is hard about this.”

We women and especially we moms need to be honest and supportive of one another. It is the most wonderful (but sometimes the most challenging) job in the world.

g8grl77 on

I am so sick of this debate!! I breastfed both of my daughters but wouldn’t presume to tell another mother what’s best for her or her baby.

Ann on

Holly looks good and she was be a awesome mom……can’t wait to see a picture of her baby…..

ANJ on

Although ‘breast is best’ the differences are not staggering: a few additional IQ points and a few less gastrointestinal illnesses (that by and large can be treated with modern medical care). Breast feeding can also slightly reduce Mom’s likelihood of breast cancer. Is it worth it? I think so, but to compare formula to cigarettes is ludicrous.

cmonppl on

I agree. I was shocked at how difficult breastfeeding was. I gave up after 3 months.

cmonppl on

I love all these people who say their milk dried up. That is very rare. Just be honest and say that breastfeeding is awful and you didn’t want to do it anymore. I agree! I gave up after 3 months, it was just too much. At least my son got some, better than none.

ct on

Motherhood is hard enough without everyone scrutinizing you over breastfeeding. For some women, including myself, it was very difficult and for the record I have been breastfeeding my child for almost a year. Do it if you can, but if you can’t, don’t sweat it. You child will be fine.

Karnesha Slaughter on

No one said you can’t formula feed. But breastfeeding is THE best, there are immune boosting factors in it that just can’t be replicated in formula. I would think that all mommy’s want their kids to start out with a natural supplement and not something man made :/

Army on

Why does everyone have to judge. I’m in the army an breast feeding was only an option for the first 6 weeks and even that was hard. My job does not afford me that luxury to stop and pump mission first. My baby has thrived on formula. Holly your doing a great job women need to support each other more no matter how they choose to feed their child. Key word it’s their child.

Laila on

why not take the recommended 6 weeks before hitting the red carpet? that’s not to say you should be in the house the whole time, but umm…I’m sure that could have waited….

Anon on

Best advice I was given: Give breastfeeding 12 weeks. Supplement with formula if the baby isn’t gaining weight. (yes, it is possible to do both – formula and breastfeeding aren’t mutually exclusive – I don’t know why people are discussing as if they were)

I had a rough time with my first. Baby lost weight and lost weight. I kept going back to the hospital to see the lactation consultant. Joined LLL. Mastitis, cracked nipples, and general pain. Around week 8, something clicked and nothing hurt. I went on to nurse for 2 years.

Anon on

Kudos to Holly for breastfeeding and saying it’s hard! Why are people ragging on her? Breastfeeding for first-time moms is often a shock and difficult. Nursing every two hours (from start to start) is a lot of time.

Best advice I got: give breastfeeding 12 weeks. Supplement with formula if baby is not thriving. but don’t give up. I had all sorts of problems and stress with my first baby: cracked nipples, bleeding nipples, mastitis, failure to thrive. But I kept at it. Around 8 weeks, something clicked and nursing no longer hurt. I went on to nurse my child for 2 years.

Stick with it!

Ayla on

I personally like the breastfeeding option better than formula, and hope to be able to breastfeed my babies when the time comes.

That said, to all you narrow-minded, fascists, witches, who think it’s ok to put down those who decide on using formula because they can’t (or won’t) breastfeed, and freely compare formula to poison – to all of you: I hope you rot inside and cannot ever ever breastfeed, let’s see how that feels then. You deserve no less for wanting other women to feel inferior for making a different choice, either because they have no other option, or because they feel it’s the best for their kids.

Elisa on

WHY leave home just two weeks after having a baby? what is wrong with these people, seriously? I’m not saying stay home and dont have a shower for 40 days but let your body recover!

PG on

How are breasts not compromised when they include implants. Just asking, because I really don’t know. Does it depend on where the implant is positioned???

Michelle on

I agree with everything Holly is saying.

You can take all the classes, read all the books, ask everyone for advice, and babysit all your nieces and nephews but NOTHING prepares you for the reality of being a parent. It wasn’t until my son was born and we had been home from the hospital for a couple of weeks that I really came to appreciate how sleep deprivation can be such a useful tool of torture, LOL.

And the nursing…I remember sitting on the floor of my bedroom, crying about, well, everything and saying to myself, “Just do it for 6 weeks. After 6 weeks, you can stop.” For some reason, my brain was fixated on nursing for at least 6 weeks.

Of course, by the time 6 weeks came along, nursing had become so much easier, and I was able to continue well beyond that 6 week goal.

But it IS hard work, whether you choose to bottle feed or nurse. It’s hard and overwhelming and scary and even the most prepared or experienced mom can feel like she is staring in her own, personal version of Groundhog Day. “Didn’t I just finish nursing/changing the baby 20 minutes ago? It’s time to start all over?”

Jen on

Lot of moms have problem in breastfeeding.. But except these moms, the rest have no problem about it, but even so, they prefer giving formula.. Formula isnΒ΄t the best to the baby. Some moms are lazy.. and the excuse is: itΒ΄s hard… i give up!

Teena on

I only judge those who don’t want to nurse their children (not even giving it a try) because it doesn’t fit their lifestyle and who don’t want to ruin their figure. Every mom who tries to breastfeed and can’t do it due to physical or other problems has my uttermost respect. You gave it a try and it didn’t work for you and your baby. Nothing wrong with that.

Tammy on

I am just sick & tired of Moms who breastfed making me feel like I am a horrible, horrible, no good mother because I didn’t breastfeed my 4 children. For your information, not that it is any of YOUR business, but I have a chronic illness that needs to be controlled by medicine so I had no choice but to feed my babies formula. And before all you haters ask why I had children if I have a chronic illness, the answer is, because I wanted to. I don’t know if I passed it onto my children, we won’t know until they are older, but it is not fatal, and they will live a long, happy AND healthy life. Would I have perferred to breastfeed, yes, but I couldn’t so I did the next best thing…gave them formula…and they are fine.

dee on

Keep it on topic..all of a sudden all you childish people posting up are arguing over breast vs formula…no ones judging..everyone has a right to their own opinions..grow up people..post maturely!!!

AS on

I get so tired of moms who find breast feeding “easy” saying all moms should find it easy, as if we’re not “trying” hard enough. I had a preemie jaundiced baby who needed milk to bring his levels down and he latched poorly (as do many preemies) and I tried and tried but I barely produced any milk. I pumped, continuously tried and the milk was barely there. I had to supplement. I wholly support breastfeeding and feel bad enough that I was unable after a month of trying w/out other moms implying its easy for everyone. Its not! But I do believe in trying at least, and I did!

Anonymous on

Breastfeeding is hard? I really will never understand that. Especially in the case of a celebrity, who has the resources for a support staff and the time to stay in bed with baby.

Tania on

I have silicone implants and I am breast feeding my child and she’s 5 months now. Implants do not affect breast feeding. They are under the muscle and do not interfere with the milk ducts.

Regardless of the implants, breast feeding is challenging and takes a lot of work. Kudos to anyone who attempts it!

Robyn on

I agree…breastfeeding is harder than people make it out to be. I ended up quitting after a few weeks with my first daughter. With my second daughter, I was more prepared and we’re still breastfeeding over a year now! It’s been awesome and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Elizabeth on

She was just being honest. There are a few who are fortunate enough to have no problems at all breastfeeding. I am very glad for them, because I would NOT want them to have to deal with what I did.

Both of my kids had latch issues that had to be semi-surgically fixed. They both had to have their frenulums and upper labia clipped/lazered as it drastically interfered with latching/sucking. They both lost weight, my baby boy the most at a lb, due to this. Then they both had severe milk protein allergies, which meant I had to avoid all dairy like the plague in order to breastfeed them.

With baby boy (now 4 months), I had severe engorgement with pitted edema (so engorged no milk could come out), deep cracked nipples, blocked ducts and then mastitis – all due to the earlier latch issues. It WAS hard – and painful.

That being said, after getting past all of that, its now pretty easy. BUT, I dont judge anyone who chooses to use formula. It has to be what’s best for mom and baby.

Missy on

Some people have an easy time breastfeeding, for others it’s hell and no matter how much you try to nurse, visit lactation consultants and try everything under the sun it doesn’t work out.

No one should be made to feel guilty about breastfeeding or not.

Bottom line is you need to feed your baby and however that happens, breast milk or formula is ok.

Ava on

I hope Rainbow doesn’t get too much silicone in her milk.

Siabird on

I couldn’t make breastfeeding work for me so I pumped for a year and bottle fed the breast milk to both my babies. You do the best you can and what works for your family.

Cammy on

I always wonder if women you have breast implants have trouble breast feeding. I’m not judging – just wondering. My own milk never really came in and was told to supplement by the midwife. I was so sad, and unhappy. The next nurse said just try again, and I did with my son and breast fed him for 10 months. I felt so good, and only was able to do it with coaching and help and assurance I did have enough milk!!!

Melissa on

Cammy, I posted above that I exclusively nursed my three kids with implants. Just to expand on that, I had them done at 22 and was very clear with my doctor that I wanted to breastfeed any future children.

Instead of making the incision around the nipple (which can sometimes sever the milk ducts), he made it in the crease to avoid any issues. He also placed them under the muscle.

I didn’t have my first child until I was 31 and like I said, had no problems. You really have to make sure to be your own best advocate and if nursing is something you think you will even consider, make sure your surgeon knows so they can make the necessary adjustments and work around it. Of course, you may still have supply issues, but better to be proactive and try to head off any potential issues before you even think about getting pregnant.

melody on


Charleen on

I think one of the reasons she likely finds breastfeeding very time consuming is that she has unrealistic expectations of what is normal when it comes to time spent feeding a baby. I doubt most moms moms in the days before formula complained too much over it being to time consuming becuase they just saw that as normal. Bottle feeding becoming the standard feeding method in the mid-20th century lowered mother’s expectations as to how much time is normally required in the early weeks to feed a baby. There are ways for nursing moms to make it easier for themselves such as learning to nurse hands free using a sling so your not tied down so much. Also, they need to be told that it often takes less time to nurse as the months go by and baby becomes more efficient at it so they don’t mistakenly think the early week represent the norm for the entire first year.

Sandy on

No Fair! How can she look that good? I was a haggard mess with leaky breasts, no shower for a week!!! Unreal!

Yourtexassweetheart on

I just want to say if it wasn’t for formula my daughter wouldn’t have been able to be fed due to I had major surgery due to complications during child birth and I was on so many medications that were not safe for my new born even though I wanted to breastfeed but wasn’t able to because of them and I was on them for over 3 months so I say it’s awesome if you can breastfeed and if not no biggy your baby will be healthy and youa great mom reguardless

Rachel on


It’s the same old stuff everytime someone mentions breastfeeding or formula.

I would be more interested in what happens AFTER the breastfeeding, seeing as USA and UK are mostly obese. Yeah yeah they’ve found a ton of things in Formula eh??? Whats in your burgers then??

It’s not a ‘I’m the best Mum’ competition.

Yasminda on

The breastfeeding experience is very different for every mom and with every child she may have. The first few weeks it is very draining especially breastfeeding on demand & around the clock. Hang in there it usually does get better and easier. Regardless if you stick to breastfeeding or change to formula or maybe even both the most important thing is that the baby is growing and is healthy.

Anonymous on

I agree that breast milk is wiser-but I take issue with Hi’s comment about “giving up”. I had breast reduction 4 yrs before my son was born and wanted very much to breastfeed-I even had La Leche League come to the hospital to help…unfortunately he simply wouldn’t stay latched on and the hospital started him on formula. If I could do it over I would pump. Point is that sometimes it just doesn’t work out.


globetrottingfreak on

Something I always liked about the Playboy girls is how candid they are. The woman admitted to having post baby gut lol.

Rachael on

Well done for breast feeding Holly! People are way to quick to have a go at one another these days.

My 5 month old gets bf and also formula due to working. And my 2yr old was bf until she was 14 months old. As long as baby is happy,healthy and growing no need to worry which way it is done!

Megan on

Some of these comments are ridiculous. This shouldn’t be an argument. Breastfeeding is natural. The only purpose that breasts naturally serve is to feed babies. Quit whining and giving excuses and do what’s best for your baby. From experience, I have seen countless benefits of nursing and never subjected my baby the possible harms of formula feeding. I am still nursing my 16 month old who has only had one minor cold and no other illnesses in her entire 16 months. It is also obvious to me that she is both cognitively and emotionally advanced. She started signing at 5 months old and hold full conversations with adults through signing. She speaks over 40 words and uses sentences. She extremely affectionate and has shown clear signs of empathy. I have to attribute at least some of that to nursing. Also, if you have heard about the babies in Africa who do not cry because their needs are met immediately, I saw this first hand with my daughter. She went through a two month period without crying before I went back to work when she was 6 months old. It’s amazing. I learned through nanny cams that my daughter’s first babysitter was neglecting her. So, she started crying again at that point. But when I fired that babysitter, things got better. The possibilities are truly phenomenal when people learn to put their children before their own selfishness.

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