Brooke Burke-Charvet: My Daughter Wants to Wear Heels

03/22/2013 at 11:00 AM ET

Brooke Burke-Charvet Daughter Heels
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Raising four kids is tough, but raising a teenager is a whole ‘nother ballgame.

Lately, Brooke Burke-Charvet has been getting plenty of practice on the playing field: Her eldest daughter Neriah recently celebrated her 13th birthday.

“Thirteen is a big deal. She’s outgrown me and outgrown my shoe size,” the Dancing with the Stars host, 41, told PEOPLE at a Thursday screening of her Claritin Challenge short film.

“I’m glad she cannot wear any of my shoes because they’re not appropriate. But her foot is now bigger than mine so I’m off the hook.”

Well, not completely off the hook. Says the mom-of-four: “Now it’s, ‘Can I wear a wedge?’ And ‘How high can the wedge be?’ And ‘When can I wear a high-heel?'”

Just as dipping into her mom’s shoe collection is off-limits for Neriah, so is borrowing bottoms from her younger sisters, Sierra, 10, and Rain, 6.

“[Neriah’s] little sisters can still wear booty shorts, but she can’t wear booty shorts anymore because now she’s got a body,” jokes the former model.

Adapting to her children’s individual needs has been a constant learning curve for Burke-Charvet, who is also mom to son Shaya, 5.

“With four right now, they’re all growing up and becoming their own little people,” she explains. “When something works for one, it fails for the other. I’m sort of learning a new language every month, it’s crazy.”

As for the notoriously difficult work-life balance, Burke-Charvet says she and her husband, David Charvet, are a team.

“It’s a joint effort — my husband is very hands on,” she says. “We don’t have much of a social life because we really believe in family time. Family is first for us in our household.”

— Caitlin Keating

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Pam on

If a 13 year old girl is skinny enough to fit into her six year old sister’s clothes, that’s a problem.

Mommy on

I think it’s the way People reported, Pam. She was just saying that they can wear short shorts but the older one cannot. People added the borrowing from her sisters part.

fanofboardwalkempire on

Just love Brooke and her family!

blessedwithboys on

Well she lost me with the booty short comment but it’s nice to read that she thinks 13 is too young for heels.

Sarah on

I was a bit worried when I saw that Brooke’s 13 year old daughter can’t wear her 41 year old mother’s shoes, because they’re inappropriate…

aleshamom4 on

my 11 yr old is obsessed w heels, too..the complete opposite of me. I have arthritis, CFS,’s the age we live in, they see all of the tween, teen “stars” wear them & think that it’s ok. The more I say no..but I am sticking to no..when she’s 18 she can choose, but under my roof, I will not allow her to ruin her still growing feet

kim on

@ PAM, im 39 yrs old and can fit into my 8 yr old step-daughters clothes. we are both a size 2. maybe brookes 6yr old is large for her age…

just me or... on

With complete respect ma’am, my mother raised three girls to be modest young ladies. We wear knee length shorts, at least a cap sleeve, no plunging necklines or strapless or spaghetti strap dresses for example. We could wear heels at age 12. We were not minature adults or whor**. We learned well. And we treat people of all kinds with respect….

shea on

My 17 yr old is far from a who**, she is very modest (more so than I am), she is very focused on school and getting scholarships for college instead of boys, she plays soccer, is active in many clubs at school and church youth group…yet she has worn heels since she was 13 as well as make-up. She is also 17½ and 4’11 and 92 pounds and very fit and healthy but she can wear her little nieces clothes and some are actually too big in the waist for her. She wears a 00 jeans.

Julie on

To each their own. We let our 13 year old wear heels, not heels meant for grown up ladies basically a kitten heel as we called them back in the day.

Kate on

She allows 10 and 6 year old girls to wear booty shorts, but heels on a 13 year old is inappropriate??? There is something wrong with this woman.

ProgressivePatti on

How bout we don’t call them “booty” shorts, huh?

Dottie on

When I was young and wanted to wear heels they were not six and eight inch towers. We were thrilled to have a one or two inch heels. I will be so glad when these hooker looking shoes go out. I think they are awful and would not have worn them years ago. Can’t understand why women want to twist their ankles and ruin their feet and back just to look like you belong in a Strip Joint. Women need to look like ladies again.

Jessica on

I happen to wear the platform heels with the 5 -5.5 inch heel and I love them. I find them to be more comfortable than the average stiletto because of the platform. I am FAR from a hooker or a stripper! I wear them with jeans and modest skirts. Thanks for the judgemental comment though. D**che bag!

Also I don’t see anything wrong with a very modest kitten heel as another poster said. As far as moms shoes go yeah they are inappropriate at that age cause they are too high and fancy for a 13 yr old but a nice little wedge or kitten heel is ok. And WOW what judgemental people there are on here!

Guest on

It’s amazing how judgmental some mothers are. Here’s an idea: worry about your own kid.

Anonymous on

Okay, how exactly do high heels make girls look like wh*res or tramps? I don’t really understand their appeal myself (they look incredibly uncomfortable, and if I don’t know how anyone can manage to walk in them without ending up in the ER!), but they’re just shoes, for crying out loud!

Adult shoes that 13 year olds whose feet are still developing shouldn’t wear, but shoes none the less!

That being said, I hope Brooke compliments and allows a wedge. I don’t see any issue with those on 13-year-olds! 🙂

london on

@Kim…. your 8 year old wears a size 2 already?!? That’s disgusting. You need to put her on a diet!!!! It’s not normal for an 8year old to wear a woman’s size 2!!!!!!!

Guest on

You’re disgusting for judging someone you never met and know nothing about, london. This story is about this Brooke chick not whether or not YOU think someone’s child is disgusting! Children are off limits to judge anytime… So mind your own business!!

Anonymous on

london- Guest pretty much said it all, but there are a few things I’d like to add. First of all, the eight-year-old is not Kim’s kid, if you’d read the post better. She is her step-daughter, and therefore it’s not really Kim’s place to make decisions about putting her on a diet. That’s for her husband, the girl’s mother, and the girl’s doctor to decide.

Also, it’s very possible that it’s the step-daughter’s height rather than her weight that’s above average. I would imagine that a very tall eight-year-old would be able to fit into a woman’s size two without much trouble.

katty on

I’m 16 and I wear heels…

Granted they aren’t 5 1/2 inch sky-high heels, they’re still heels. The tallest pair I own is about 4.5 inches and I’ve worn them once, to a wedding! Just because a teenage girl wants to wear heels doesn’t make her “dressed like a slut”or anything like that. It’s called being a “girl” and stereotypical “girls” wear heels and like it. You don’t want your daughter wearing them, fine. That’s your choice. But just because other girls wear them doesn’t mean ANYTHING. I got my first pair of heels at 13 – 2.5 inch ones from Payless. I don’t wear them everyday, just when I go to a fancy party. Jesus. People will find ways to sexualize ANYTHING nowadays.

Deep in the Heart of Texas on

We are talking about someone who has shown her body her entire Adult life and is worried about heels on her Daughter? The ole’ saying must be true, “don’t do as I do, but do as I say”

Deep in the Heart of Texas on

Okay so let me get this straight, you dont’ want your Daughter to wear heels and/or booty shorts, but you have practically shown everything the Good Lord has blessed you with for years and you are worried about wedged heels? Guess saying is true, “Do as I say, not as I do”

mistie on

@ deep in the heart of texas, you said it perfectly right her ADULT life, not when she was a child. I’m pretty sure her younger girls are not wearing lil booty shorts, but put them on a taller 13 yr old they would be.

It amazes me how much judgement woman take over anothers way of raising their childre.

Cherry on

I don’t understand this shoe thing…my aunt has really tiny feet so I could fit her shoes at age 5, and I loved wearing her heels. And I use the word heels in the loosest terms; 2″ when I was 5 isn’t all that comparable to 6″ when I’m 22. I never put up a big fuss about wearing them all the time; I wore them to parties. It was never a big deal because my mom never made it a big deal. and a little bit of heel is not damaging to a kids foot. I’ve never broken a bone. Also, I have a lot more poise wearing heels as an adult than anyone I know who was bared from wearing them until they were older; I’ve never tripped in heels. It’s not a big deal people…

Ivy on

I can only hope that my children’s decisions adults will be a reflection of the values I wanted them to have and tried my best to teach them. I have been far from perfect especially in my personal adult life. While I wouldn’t want my kids to make the same mistakes, it hasn’t (and with me being human and all) and likely won’t stop me from making them from time to time. I think this is true for most parents, all doing our personal best to teach our kids some truth, whatever that is, prepare them, and shield them from all of the ugly out there.

Brooke has basked in the adoration of her beauty for a long time. Maybe there’s an ugly side to that life that she wants her daughter to avoid? I Don’t know about that but I know that I am a little disturbed by how girl’s clothing is made soo grown up now. It’s not the girls. Look at the store! I went to one major retailer for shorts for my 12 y/o sister and found NONE to come close to the knee. I must admit I was disgusted. I’m dreading summer because of all of the teens walking around in shorts that show things only their doctors and maybe their mothers should see. Good job for Brooke wanting her kid to be a kid. Besides, moms are never as strict as they claim lol