Tamar Braxton: Why We Waited to Go Public with My Pregnancy

03/21/2013 at 11:00 AM ET

Tamar Braxton Going Public with Pregnancy
Sara Jaye Weiss/Startraks

Tamar Braxton and her husband Vince Herbert were anticipating a long battle for a baby.

So when the couple discovered they were unexpectedly expecting, the parents-to-be needed time to take it all in.

“Vince and I [were] told we were going to have fertility problems — it was a lot of information — so we had to get comfortable with the fact that it happened on its own,” Braxton, 35, tells PEOPLE.

“We decided [not to announce the pregnancy] until we were both really okay with it — that’s why we waited.”

The memorable moment they found out their first child was on the way is one Braxton won’t ever forget.

“I just burst out laughing,” she recalls. “It’s like, ‘What you talkin’ about, boo?'”

But now that the world knows, Braxton — who’s craving potato chips and cheddar cheese — is being bombarded with “unsolicited advice” — especially from her mother as well as her sister Toni.

“My sisters are making me feel more maternal because they’re crazy. They’re giving me advice on how to be a mother and be pregnant,” the mom-to-be says. “They always have a comment about my shoes, what am I wearing, what am I eating, you need to put your feet up and I’m just like, ‘I’m fine!’ They’re too much.”

However there is one thing the Tamar & Vince stars are still keeping top secret from most of her family: the baby’s sex. “I can’t tell my sisters because my sisters will tell everybody,” she jokes. “My mom knows because she won’t tell.”

“Really blessed” to be adding babies to their brood, Braxton jokes that Herbert has been busy designing the baby’s room — or so he thinks. “Right now we’re going through picking the nursery and he’s trying to decorate it, but he’s lost his mind because I’ll be decorating it,” she says.

While pending parenthood has already affected almost all areas of her life, Braxton notes that her pregnancy has particularly put a positive spin on her singing career.

“I think I sing better right now. My vocal chords are really, really healthy maybe because I’m not having cocktails,” she explains. “I’m singing all the time and not having anything spicy. No acid reflux! I’m in a good place.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Carlos Greer

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heather on

This is so fake we all know MRS,Tamar and Vince did not have sex who cares if you had sex or not keep it real alot celebrity get married different reasons i notice Tamar and Vince started kissing after fans started posting blogs about their relationship seemed fake these hollywood celebrity are holly weird i must say fake it if you want we just want see drama and you two boring as hell without THE BRAXTON Sisters this baby will not get you more ratings reason tamar is just annoying as hell her face her body movement and actions are all annoying, no one will put up with her ass long enough the show want last .

Anonymous on

You know nothing about them heather. Keep your negative comments to yourself. You only wished you had their money and life style. I feel sorry for you. Get your life… loser! !

Daisy on

That coment was exhausting to read heather!

Monika on

Sweetie! Relax, use punctuation Heather!

Kristine on

Have you ever heard of punctuation heather? Your post is so jumbled together you can barely read it!

Nevermind on

Such negativity heather. If you dont have nothing nice to say then please keep your comments quiet!!

if i must say myself on

She is not annoying and they are great together keep ur neggative comments to urself ur just jealous

Renee on

Heather sounds soooooo jealous!!! I’m not even a big Vince and Tamar fan, but I do notice hater-ade when I see it!!! LOL!!! Heather, you’re jealous of these folks and you don’t even know them!!!! I hope you get happier because it’s just sad to even read comments like yours!

Braxton Fan :) on

Heather.. It’s obvious your a hater to the core.. To actually think their relationship is fake! Honey get your LIFE! Lmao!

Marky on

It seems to me that Tamar likes to appear outrageous and crazy, but I think she is more solid than she is shown to be. She was there for Vince when he was sick, and he has been there for her and her family. Any time the editors can show drama, pr make it up, for a reality show–they will. These two have been together a long time, and both seem committed to their marriage and each other. Good for them and I hope they continue to have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby!

Monique on

I am surprised to hear they were having fertility problems. It gives people like me hope that it can still happen. God bless them!

olive on

If they indeed were real fertility problems, Monique. Remember how Kim K-Trash was saying she had “worse” problems than her (1/2) sister Khloe, when poor Khloe was trying for YEARS to get pregnant.

Congrats to both of them.

Alaina on

Heather- Are you serious? That is the opposite of who they are. She loves him with every fiber of her being. Her sisters call her “velcro” b/c she never leaves him. I’ll never understand why people are so negative.

Anyway, I am so happy for them!

Bailey on

I’m ROFLOL at Heather right now. She can’t be serious!

Just My Opinion on

Did I read where she is supposed to have said “babies”?

Elizabeth A Suarez on

Vince and Tamar share that special love! The kind of love that makes you crazy when you’re not able to share you’re life with them..you know you’re best friend!!

Monica on

Why did they need time to be okay with it, when they had been talking about having a child on the show? Tamar is so fake and full of herself. Vince needs to get a backbone and stop always giving in to her silliness.

Jalica on

Everybody is different, this is their first kid it does take time to get use to the fact of you having a child…dam ease up smh Also maybe they wanted to keep it to themselves for a min just them and family….I swear ppl a trip smh

Lisa T on

Why do these people have a show?

Kelz on

Some of you all are evil.. they are married but had issues. Married people have sex. I work at one of the facility that helped them concieve bc there were issues.. They are blessed bc some people are unable to even with help. God Bless you bitter Bettys

Erin on

I never understand why people want to find out the sex, but keep it secret until some big reveal. It’s a surprise either way.

Crystal on

I love Tamar and Vince!!! I doubted them during the first season because she talked about her career so much, but she has grown to be a woman thanks to Vince. When he was sick during season two, I think fans of the show and her family saw a different side of her. I may not know her or any of the family personally, but I feel that any baby is a blessing. I am so happy for the Herbert and Braxton families!!!

denise on

Congratulations to them. Enjoy this special time. Take in all advice, once the baby comes you’ll know what to do.

loving heaven on

I’m happy for Tamar & Vince hope they have a healthy & beautiful baby. An some of these comments are ridiculous but I guess people going to hate regardless but good luck being new parents Tamar & Vince

DKJ on

I just want to say God bless Tamar and her husband Vince on their pregnancy and dont worry about these haters

Taneesha on

Congrats!!!!! I hope you have a healthy baby. Babies are a lot of work but also a blessing. Enjoy your baby and no one knows your baby like you do but help isn’t horrible.

Love me some Tamar on

First of all this comment is for Heather. Why would you give a kitty about what goes on in their marriage. Its none of our business. We don’t foot their bills. They are grown. And no matter how they conceived their child nonetheless, its none of your damn business. Tamar is doing her thing. And to set the straight, they don’t have to convince nobody about how happy or in love they are because its not your business. And with that being said Tamar and Vince congratulations and much love to you both. I wish y’all all the happiness in the world with your bundle of joy. Tamar keep doing you, Boo! You doing it well! All the Tamar haters can kiss her entire ass!

Joy on

HEATHER GET YOUR LIFE! You are fake for posting such lies on celebrities. God love marriages and fruit to multiply. Sisters got there marriages and babies. I like Tamar & Vince better than the Braxtons. I tired of drama between the sisters everybody had thier successful careers stop ganging up on Tamar. This is her life and her time!

Lady J on

I hope she get a lot of blow back on this baby. She was quick to jump on the Beyonce surrogacy bandwagon, hope she gets a taste of her own medicine. She’s always in somebody else’s business and speaking on others’ private matters; I can’t wait for the rumors on her pregnancy to start up so she can see how it feels.

Mzz. Diggz on

To all of the people hating on Tamar and the Braxton’s in general; get your life, and have several seats! I’m sorry, but Tamar is doing the damn thing! She has a loving family, supportive husband, and a promising career. Yeah, her Tamar-isms and antics can sometimes be a bit excessive, but at the end of the day, it’s evident that she’s letting her haters be her motivators! Do you, Tamar! Congrats, and much love.

Anonymous on

Erin- My guess is that couples do it so that they have some part of the pregnancy that’s just for the two of them. Also, I’ve known a few couples who have kept the sex of their baby secret until birth because the baby’s grandparents or other family members or friends didn’t want to know!

Anonymous on

Kelz- DIdn’t you read the article? They thought they were going to have problems but then unexpectedly concieved without help. If they indeed visited your clinic (which I hope they didn’t. because clinics are supposed to keep their patients’ info- including who their patients are- confidential!), it was likely because they were having a consultation to decide what kind of treatments to pursue.

Anonymous on

Jalica- Exactly! Also, I would imagine that learning you’re expecting a baby after thinking you were going to have to try for months or even years before concieving one would be just a bit of shock! đŸ˜‰

I'm rich bitch! on

Its just a show to entertain us. Babies are more than a blessing they are the future. Get your life and get it quick if your life even remotely evolves around TayTay her Boo/Baby and the Braxtons. SMH!

Cortney on

I remember following Tamar when she was on the show Starting Over…Wow she has come a long way! Good luck Tamar and Vince

blacnite on

Towanda, her older sister was on starting over.

Bert on

Happy for Vince and Tamar again God BLESS

Arva Jay on

I was so happy when Tamar announced her pregnancy on Good Morning America. I think some of these “fertility specialist” are exaggerating the possibility that a couple cannot have children in order to make money. We have existed for thousands of years prior to these “doctors” and will continue to pro-create. Congratulations and may God bless!

Renee on

Yes, and for thousands of years women thought they couldn’t have babies and just settled with that. Now there is technology and medicine to help women who are having trouble getting pregnant. We absolutely DO need fertility specialist. We need God first and foremost… But on earth these doctors DO help many many people!

Sandra M. B. on

Happy for Tamar and Vince! New Chapter, New Life and There Will Never Be A Dull Moment!!!!

chocolaterobin on

Congratulations Tamar and Vince. Tamar enough of the white make up and botox, you look like the white chick in the Wayans movie.

Alonda on

Congts! To Tamar and Vince on their new addition 2 there family. The lord might not come when u want him but he is always on time! And now this is ur time boo!

Melanie on

Tamar and Vince are enjoying their life together. I think that none of the reality shows on TV today are 100% real and unscripted. According to a recent interview that Tiny did, and was listened to by Tom Joyner’s Radio audience this morning, Tamar is having a BOY!! Congratulations Tamar and Vince.

RachelB-MD on

If the baby has his head….SHE IS GOING TO BE IN TROUBLE come delivery time!!!! OUCH!!!!

diana on

I believe it is possible to fall in love with someone that may be fat or unattractive because in the long run, it is the heart and personality that counts. But, i believe that tamar braxton married vince because his wallet is as big as he is. He seems to be a nice man, tamar is a mean,abrasive, overbearing shrew, who deserve to be unhappy. I hope that vince wakes up and smells the coffee before he wastes his whole life on Tamar Braxton.

Triesh on

@ heather, really, come on now. They have been together for 11 years, and married for almost 4, so you can, as Tamar would say, get yo life!!

Amber on

This comment is directed to HEATHER, it is shocking to me , that low life people (such as yourself) still exist. It seems like you not only have an issue with Tamar but successful woman out there!! It sad to say that you envy those , who you believe that don’t deserve it! Your life has obviously went a negative direction , which has caused you to miss direct your anger on Tamar Braxton! If you are a looser , be a quiet one! You do not have to announce to the world that you are! In other words GET YOUR LIFE!!!!

Kelly on

Wow…some of these comments seem very staged…if someone has a comment reflecting THEIR OPINION, even if it seems negative, there is always a staged…I mean person that just has to reply calling them a hater…how funny is that? It’s THEIR opinion…its so childish to call someone a hater if they don’t agree with you.

heather on

TO The Anonymous Nobody you get a life stop kissing up tp someone you do not even know I have a right to my own opinion sweet heart. I have my own home and business you get a life. I do not need no one’s life style but my own ” Now ”maybe you wish you had her life secretly and think everyone else do too NOW!!! Your the Freaking low life I’am happy with the life that god has given me you sound like a little kid you wish you had their money grow up and get a life and a job. This just a blog and that is my opinion ……………….

heather on

Amber get a life I have right to my opinion your reading other blogs you need to get job…… I have my own home and my own business BLOOP !!!!!!!!!!

Miss Carolyn Harshaw on

Miss Tamara Braxton.com’ Looka Here'” you know your sisters are right about the way you’ve been acting out… Well now we understand better… Baby girl ‘Soiled By Toni’ Your belly we pray has a Little Wonder ! Now be nice and Really Listen to your Mommy Miss Evelyn with all do respect. You can go back to Miss. Tamar Braxtn.com a little later. Shalom to your whole family…amen

Emily on

Congratulations! I have been a Toni Braxton and The Braxtons’ fan since I was a little kid. Tamar is my favorite from Braxton Family Values. She is HILARIOUS! Best wishes and baby dust to you and your man, girl. I can’t believe how crappy some people are. Spewing vitrol and ugliness when two people are celebrating their impending parenthood is beyond distasteful. Your TACKINESS is showing. Anyway, congrats, Tamar and Vince! A baby is a blessing.

Anonymous on

I LOVE Tamar because she cares about the thoughts of no one but herself and her husband. Also to the Beyonce defender please don’t bring her and her fake belly toting self into this lol

Ed on

This is just my opinion and my opinion only but I think Tamar was taking some form of birth control and not telling Vince. She was holding her womb hostage until Vince got around to focusing on her music. Kinda funny that NOW shes pregnant after she cut her first successful single.

Anonymous on

Congrats to every one who had a baby.children are a blessing♥

ranger on

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