So Cute! Seraphina Affleck’s Adorable New Bob

03/21/2013 at 02:00 PM ET

Seraphina Affleck Haircut Bob
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Did Ben Affleck buzzing his beard set off a trimming trend in his house?

A few weeks after he stepped out freshly shaved, the two-time Oscar winner (who’s gone scruffy again!) grabbed drinks to go with daughter Seraphina on Thursday in Brentwood, Calif.

Judging from the too-cute outing, the 4-year-old is taking style cues from her famous father.

Aside from coordinating her grey cardigan and black coveralls with her dad’s chic ensemble, Seraphina also debuted her own lighter look: her newly shorn tresses!

Not only does the sweet bob frame her adorable little face, but the fresh new style is perfect for spring.

Already fans of Seraphina’s new do, we’re wondering if big sister Violet may be the next one to jump on the bandwagon by shortening her long blonde locks?

— Anya Leon

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B.J. (the girl) on

Sera is a stunning, beautiful little girl! She looks like a little model.

Carol on

Why on earth would you do that to a little girl…? It’s a horrible haircut.

Chris on

Wow Carol you are a hateful person. If you dont have anything nice to say about a 3 year old just keep your mouth shut.

JRock21 on

Wow Carol? That’s harsh!

The child is angelic looking!

Her hair is adorable!

Andrea on

I have to agree with you. I mean, it’s cute for a grown up, but I don’t understand why people chop off their girls hair when it’s long and beautiful. My twin girls are almost 4 and I’ve never once cut their hair and don’t plan on it.

Kristine on

It’s an adorable haircut! It’s not like they shaved her head or something!

Jones in on

Carol, you’ve obviously never had to brush and take care of a little girls hair that is that long. And cutting her hair isn’t neccissarilh giving her an adult look. If anything it’s giving her an opportunity to play hard without worrying about her hair

Shelley on

Not only does it fre her adorable smile, it is probably much easier to manage. Ever try brushing a little girls long knotted head? People are too judgmental.

Doe on

I think she looks beautiful either way. I love how well behaved they are; I don’t look forward to seeing headlines on Kardashian/West brats…

ME on

Wow. Jealous over the kardashians much Doe? Geesh.

jenn1114 on

She looks like Jennie Garth’s youngest girl now, so cute

Sigh on

She’s a cutie.

Up Up and Away on

She’s beautiful. Shut up, Carol.

Theresa on

She’s beautiful!

Bree on

She’s darling!

kim on

i dont like when parents give their little girls more ”adult” haircuts…theyre only little for so long…they look so much cuter w their long ”baby” hair..

just me or... on

I had short hair most of my life. Still could get tangled but so much easier to handle! The tangles aren’t so painful. It is not an adult haircut. She still looks like a child. I can’t believe this negativity.

TiGi on


Andrea on

It’s cute, but I could never in a million years cut my girls hair. Their hair is almost to their booty and it’s gorgeous.

smailepsu on


KL on

It looks horrible.. she looks so much better with longer hair. I don’t like it at all.

Lisa T on

This child is not a celebrity and these kind of photos are creepy. Leave this family alone. If she’s a child star, then feel free, but the paps have no right taking so many photos of these children, and People shouldn’t be posting this as a story.

ellie on

so cute!

lexi on

shes such a beautiful little girl πŸ™‚ beautiful family πŸ™‚

Chloe on

She is just adorable! That little smile is just too much.

Tara on

She is a doll! Love that little hair cut!

Chris on

Maybe they didn’t have a choice but to cut it. My niece decided to cut her own hair one day, she took about 5 inches off in one chunk. My sister had to take her to a salon to get it fixed. Her once long girly hair is now a very short bob.

Phoenix on

She’s a little doll! I wonder if she’s a fan of The Wheel of Fortune. You’re never too young….

Jess on

Very cute. I like how in the 1st picture with her smiling you see her mom in her yet in the other picture with the short hair and the serious face you can really see her dad in her. She is a beautiful girl.

Lauren on

LOVE IT! Little girls are SO much cuter with little bobs than long, stringy hair.

Happy on

All of the Affleck kids are gorgeous! For those of you who do not care for the haircut….it’s hair….it grows back.

Lyla on

probably the cutest, sweetest, most genuine family in hollywood!

Tina on

I don’t like the cut. I don’t like blunt cuts on children. It’s too harsh.

Sarah on

She is such a beautiful girl, gorgeous like her mother! They seem like such good, down-to-earth parents, and a wonderful, well-rounded family.

Dani on

The Affleck children are all gorgeous and ALWAYS look so happy. From the time of little babies and on up, they continually are smiling and appear so full of joy. This is a truly beautiful hollywood family for a change.

laurie on

love the haircut..shes adorable

emi on

it will grow back whats the big deal

Kae on

A bob or a “pageboy” hair cut has been worn by little girls for decades. This isn’t an “adult” cut and it looks adorable. Maybe she got a hold of some scissors, or maybe she was sick of getting the tangles out or sitting on her long hair every day. Maybe her brother pulled it one too many times. Maybe she asked for her hair to be shorter and her mother and father decided that was a decision that she could safely and innocently make herself, instead of them pushing their own notions down her throat?

I never cease to be amazed at people who ask how many times they have to see a picture, or read a story about a certain celebrity or their family. The answer is NEVER! Don’t go on or click through and read the story who’s link is harmlessly on the side of the page. If you are in a cranky judgemental enough mood to mock and/or ridicule a 4 year old, go get some exercise or have a relaxing bath instead of spreading your toxin. Geesh

Ainsley on

SO freaking cute! That haircut suits all little girls.

colette on

Perhaps there is a reason….played with scissors and took off a chunk. I once had to have my haircut 6 inches when I was a kid for that reason.

Its still cute!

Karen on

She looks beautiful. She looks just like her daddy. I love seeing pictures of this family. They are one of my favorites to keep up with.

Anita on

She is too cute!!

Mimi on

I had to cut my daughter’s hair in a bob because she hated having her hair brushed when it was long. It would get tangled and she fought me when I braided it or pulled it back in pony tails. Her hair is so much easier to keep up now, I’m glad I cut it.

Karen on

I think she looks beautiful. She looks just like her daddy. This is my favorite celeb families. I love keeping up with what they are doing.

Nikita on

She is adorbs!!!

Sandra on

This entire family, led by beautiful mom Jennifer, is frightenly adorable!! Love them.

Heather on

Too Cute! Carol…you suck

p on

She is a very beautiful little girl. Looks like mommy and daddy.

Rosee on

Wow, all these judgy comments about a child that is NOT their OWN! She looks adorable! A bob is not a “grown up” cut. It’s a haircut decision made by her parents (not you). People always think that girls are supposed to have long hair and if they dont then there’s something wrong w/ their parents. What dumb A**es you are. She’s a cutie pie!!!

Goolll on

Love her dimples. Looks like her mom.

Anastasia on

I think it looks beautiful on her. She is still cute as a button! Being the oldest of all my sibling, my mom was always cutting my hair short and experimenting on me with different cuts. It didn’t bother me. Most of the time I had short hair, and because it was always cut short, that is how I usually keep it now. My sister on the other hand, never had a hair cut until about 10, when she donate about 10″ to locks of love, and her hair was past her butt when it was wet. My mom wouldn’t dare cut her hair. I don’t know why, but my sister still keeps it long for the most part.

I say if the child wants her hair cut, let her do it.

zandan73 on

This little girl is adorable, regardless of her hair, but I think her hair cut is cute. And NO ONE knows why her hair was cut. Perhaps she got gum in it. Perhaps she didn’t enjoy having long hair and the time it took to wash and comb out. For crying out loud…so judgmental.

Tammy Jones on

Ben & Jennifer have the cutest family :o)

Anonymous on

did they color the little girl’s hair —- WHY?!?!

Jen DC on

I think she looks incredibly darling with the bob, similar to Ali Landry’s daughter, Estela, except without the gigantic bow.

You honestly can’t see any reason to cut a 3 yr olds hair? How about she got something in it, like glue or gum? Or… maybe it gets horribly tangled and she hates having it brushed and this was one way to avoid the inevitable daily squabbling about it? How about maybe she wanted it cut to keep it out of her face?

Anonymous on

I think she looks adorable! You can definetly see Jennifer in her eyes! Very Cute πŸ™‚

littleradish on

Are you people kidding me making fun of a 4 year olds haircut? My daughter is 3 and has the cutest little bob haircut I have ever seen. She has had it since she was about 18 months. This kid just had hair for days and it was so much easier to cut it. it is better for me to style and better for her so it wasnt all wild for a growing preschooler.

Erin on

I don’t like it. – she is a beautiful little girl but prefer her longer locks much better!

Journey on

I think the new style is adorable and her hair looks more full and healthy. As a small child, I got the ‘pixie’ haircut because my hair was very fine and ‘fly away’. The pixie looked much better than long, stringy, thin hair. There was no mistake that I was a little girl neither.

DebW on

I don’t get all these negative comments about cutting a little girl’s hair. It’s just hair. It grows back. Maybe Seraphina wanted it cut. There is no rule that says a little girls hair has to be long. Personally, I prefer this cute bob, much easier to take care of, plus you don’t have too long, straggly-looking ends. Just saying.

Anonymous on

She is a beautiful little girl and her haircut looks cute.

Btw if you don’t like the haircut then don’t get it, it is her parents decision.

Susan on

Their kids are THE cutest in the industry, hands down. I adore this family.

Christine on

Absolutely gorgeous child, either way. She has the face of an angel. They are incredibly blessed.

Heather on

This is a 4 yr old-stop criticizing her hair! She seems to be a very happy little girl and that is what is important. She also looks like a cutie.

Leslee on

They really are a beautiful family. No matter which way they wear their hair, they all look wholesomely gorgeous!

Anonymous on

I think it’s funny that people are commenting that they’ve never cut their daughter’s hair, as if that’s a healthy or good thing. Why must every girl have long hair to “look girly?” My then seven year old daughter donated her hair last year (and is growing her hair so she can donate again) and her bob was adorable.

carla on

She looks a little like Suri Cruise in her new pic.

Gina on


Anonymous on

I like it. As a young 4 y.o., my Daughter wanted short hair and right through high school and now. My daughter was and still is a Tom Boy. She has an older brother she took after. She loves her skateboarding, wall climbing, roller blading, parasailing 800 ft. above Lake Erie age 4 w/her Dad, snowboards. She played basketball, soccer and t-ball in school. Hated ponytails. Hated pink. But she knew when to present herself as a young lady and wearing dresses. She’s in the US Army now, as a Combat Medic and has a 14 mo.o. daughter. Still short hair so she doesn’t have to wear a bun. I let her choose what she wanted. I didn’t force anything on her due to the way I wanted it. I let her make up her own mind. I don’t like parents who conform their children into them. My kids are their own person.

sazzle on

Seraphina’s hair cut looks adorable! So funny that people think long hair looks great on little girls. Often it actually looks unkept and straggly and you can’t see their sweet faces. I much prefer a cut like this until they can truly take care of having long hair. Let’s face it, Seraphina is very pretty and looks good with any style!

emilymoss on

She is just SO CUTE! Something about her, you can tell she is Ben’s daughter πŸ™‚

alice on

Little girls look so much more prettier with a bob, why do they need all that hair to weight there face down. Spring is in the air, so much easier for mother and daughter

Ann on

It’s very cute. What’s wrong with it? What makes it horrible? Long hair isn’t for everyone and shouldn’t have to be.

Julie on

What a cutie patooti! I just love this family! πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

She’s the prettiest of their children, by far. I don’t like this haircut (well, the article asked)

FOR GOD’S SAKE, BRING YOUR OWN CUPS!!!! Set an example; get monogrammed ones if you want. REFILL them. No paper, no plastic, no lids, no straws. Add ’em up, all over the planet: BILLIONS AND BILLIONS. Bring your own cups and bags!! Reuse and REDUCE!

Nannyto1 on

Sweet…. but why oh why, People mag do you report on these things like you invited to take her picture and write a story, which we know isn’t so.

M on

I think she looks very pretty either way, and I could be mistaken, but did they color her hair?

Cindy on

Very cute! I love it!

tina on

She has to be the cutest celebrity kid I have ever seen.

Alyson Hannigan’s daughter Tatayana is second.

KyleKim on

For all those negative Nellies…get a life and stop picking on a CHILD. I think now we all know where BULLIES come from. This little girl is ADORABLE, and so is her haircut.

mg on


Shannon on

Nice haircut for a beautiful little girl!

noelle on

that is so cute

Faye on

Isn’t this why we have America as a free nation to do as we please. Stop the hate and just look the other way if you don’t like this little girl’s haircut. I’t a little adultish for a little girl who should be in braids but, it’s their parents choice so, we should all accept it especially when nothing is really hurt by it.

Kristine on

I think people are thinking this is a before and after photo. It’s not!! It’s their 2 daughters!

Dietra on should not allow comments on stories about minors. This girl is adorable and should not be subjected to the bitter comments of strangers

Storyideas on

They should change this site to

Karen on

I think it looks adorable. If she’s anything like my daughter, who views each hair brushing as a terrible ordeal, then the new cut will make life much easier. It’s so bouncy and cute. Love it.

Diana on

Who cares if you don’t cut your own kids hair, you have no business commenting on how terrible you think she looks. You are the reason why there are so many bullies around…picking on a 4 year old child, I bet your mommy is proud of you. Yes, there is a special place for you and it’s gonna get warm there.

She looks beautiful with or without long hair as does her sister. By far the cutest and happiest of all Hollywood children.

Carmel on

awwww so adorable! I guess you take 2 beautiful people, chances are they’ll make a beautiful kid LOL

itznia on

She is absolutely adorable!!!!!

itznia on

Hahhaaaaa to the poster who said “Shut up Carol”!!!

Guest on

@Carol– it’s no worse than “the Guncles” haircut on their daughter. Their little girl looks like a boy!! I think that Seraphina looks adorable.

Meg on

She looks ADORABLE either way! I love the Afflecks all together, one of the cutest Hollywood families! but i do prefer long hair. My daughter is 3 and has never had a haircut, i’m to scared to cut her natural wavy locks πŸ™‚

Marie on

She is such a cute little girl!

me on

Adults that have this cut are actually copying a cut that little girl’s have been getting for years. She looks adorable. BTW, it’s one thing to have an opinion, it’s another to slam a little girl. How can some of you be so harsh? Do you have that low of self-esteem?

Anonymous on

Little girls look best with bobbed hair instead of long, stringy, unkempt hair. She looks adorable and properly groomed.

Tiki on

Long hair can be harder to maintain and insanitary at that age. When parents have more than more child its easier it if is shorty. The lady who said her childs hair is down to their behind andits beautiful, I hope you put it up when she goes to school. I prefer a mid length for my daughter. I think Seraphina looks adorable.

Sherae on

How cute! Her hair was a little long for someone so small and now its much easier to maintain. She’s adorable. And all of their kids look just like Jennifer.

Marcia on

Long hair is nice in theory on little girls but it is impractical. I remember struggling with my daughter’s snarls and her fussing over having her hair brushed. I tried to keep her hair in a chin length bob like Seraphina’s. The hair frames their sweet faces and they look neat, and it’s easy to care for.

Elara on

I think she is an adorable little girl in both pictures. So what if YOU don’t like it? Get over it. It’s not your hair. Perhaps Sera was the one who wanted it cut shorter. Ever think of that? Besides, it’s hair. It will grow back. Don’t be hating on a CHILD. How cruel can you people be?

Cindy on

I love bobs on little girls.

soldiersdreamz on

I absolutely ADORE this family!!

LuluAZ on

Carol….are you kidding me??? She looks adorable. I guess you think a little girls should only have long hair. Boo to you!

Stacey on

Liked it better long-but she is SOOO much cuter than her sister and brother.

Marian on

She looks beautiful either way. This haircut is easier to take care of and great for the warmer weather.

marina on

Carol, Put your mug up here RIGHT NOW !

Dennis on

she is a cutie

Carolyn on

Kristine–this is a before and after of Seraphina, not a picture of Seraphina and Violet. I think the bob is just so cute, much better than a long stringy non-haircut.

Dee on

Some of the people on here are such bullies! She’s 4! Calm down. The page boy started as a childs hair style. Such haters 😦

soph on

“Wow Carol you are a hateful person. If you dont have anything nice to say about a 3 year old just keep your mouth shut.”

What a sweet, non-hateful comment.

And hey, Elara? marina? Relax. It’ll be okay.

Josie on


Sharlene on

I think short haircuts are the CUTEST on little girls! They’re practical, adorable and let a little girl be more than just a “little princess”.

Lesley on

Uh, jenn1114, maybe you should read the article closer. It’s Jennifer Garner’s daughter, not Jenny Garth’s.

mj on

Carol why on earth do we have to put up with rude people like you. For anyone to slam a child just shows what a very little person you are. That little angel is adoarable!!!

Paula Martin on

She looks adorable. I don’t understand why so many people would make a negative comment about a child. If you don’t like it, just move on, but to say hurtful things about children only comes from negative people. Shame on you!
Jennifer and Ben; your kids are sweet angels and you seem like super parents. Don’t listen to any of the haters!

Gabriel on

sometimes I wonder if is ok to expose little kids like that… I mean, her parentes are famous but…poor little girl! she is only 4 yo and we are already talking about her style, ensemble, etc. let her and the other starΒ΄s children alone…

Susan on

The haircut is cute. But, it also looks like she got a dye job. Sad!

cleeo on

Maybe she wanted it cut that way. When my sister was a little girl she always had to have a bob. It’s cute either way.

sailor on

cutest kid ever

iheartmick on

Sera looks so cute and very pretty!
I like her new hairstyle, it suits her πŸ˜€
She’s an adorable tot!

ProgressivePatti on

You do realize that they go to the Starbucks everyday for their photo shoots, right?

Ashley on

Some of you need to get a grip. It’s the cutest haircut I think I’ve ever seen on a girl that age. I suppose it does help that she’s an absolute angel.

Susan on

@ProgressivePatti Exactly! It’s sad how the Affleck’s exploit their kids.

Jenn on

Oh Jesus, back off if Carol for disagreeing!!! Not everyone has to sing a haircuts praise because the person who received it is 4. I think it looks adorable, but, at the end of the day if the CHILD is the one who wanted it cut, that’s all that matters!!! I bet they chopped it off to make life easier with having 3 kids… cut back on time getting the kids ready! Easier to con a 4 year old girl to do it then their 7 year old daughter……DONT do it Violet!!!!! Lol don’t let them cut off your gorgeous hair!!!

Tiffany on

Maybe the little girl wanted to cut her hair. She looks cute both ways but I personally like the long.

Julesy on

She is so adorable! She looks so sweet, too.

lola on

Just adorable! A beautiful new bob style. Love it. Little girls look beautiful with long or short hair. I bet she’ll enjoy brushing it more now. Less tangles with a short do.

Erin on

could this child be any cuter

me on

lmao. All you people wondering why people end up cutting their little girls hair? We ended up cutting our girls hair because in grade school believe it or not you still have lice that goes around. Also younger one’s hair is a lot finer and knots and believe me not all shampoos are tear-free even if its written on the bottle.

amy on

She is darling!

Sambec on

And suddenly, she looks like Jen! What precious children. I think they look so well behaved.

LMS on

If any of you have hairdressing background, you know that the ‘baby’ hair is growing out and her ‘regular’ hair is growing in. It’s healthier to cut out all the baby hair. Either way, she looks adorable.

Carol and rubblebubblecake: STFU

Anonymous on

Aiyo…what is the problem for a kid with a new haircut?? Things happen with a reason…just get on with your own life..
If you don’t like the affleck’s family, don’t even click on their news/ have your life, and they have theirs…move on..

MommytoanE on

Gee thanks Carol. I had that haircut from the time I was 3 until I was 12. Its not horrible. its adorable.

IMHO Seraphina looks cute as a button. No matter what her haircut. She’s a stunning child and her hair will grow back. Who’s to say there wasn’t a reason behind the haircut.

texas on

Thank you Kae, well said.

Crystel on

I know I am due for an eye exam but this picture proves it!! Not only does she have a playful look in her eyes, I think her and Suri Cruise could be sisters! I think Seri could probably teach Suri about how to have fun and games. I know I am not the only one who thinks the two could be sisters!!

Trixie on

It is adoreable! I’m sure it’s easier to manage. Long hair to your booty is not the only way to have beautiful hair! It’s also about what fits your features. Now you can focus on her sweet face:)

Shiloh on

Obviously some of you aren’t Mom’s and if you are I feel so sorry for those little brats of yours. How about first and foremost, a shorter haircut like Seraphina’s is easier to maintain. If you’d were lucky enough to pro create and have a darling daughter you’d know this. Ignorance is bliss!

KC on

For those harping on how little girls should have LONG hair; do you not remember what it was like when you were a child? Cutting your own hair, getting candy/gum stuck in it, absolutely HATING getting your hair brushed/combed? I had a horrendously short cut, what was known as a “pixie” or “Dorothy Hamill” when I was in kindergarten. Wow folks, get a grip! Her hair is still long enough to put up in pig tails, barrettes, ribbons & such. Wow, some folks just scare me.

Jackie on

People chop off their children’s hair because they ask for it. Where’s the rule that young girls MUST have long hair? My daughter BEGGED me to cut her hair short. It’s easier for her to take care of, and she loves it. Guess what? It grows back. She looks beautiful.

Marina Mercado on

shes adorable ❀ thats all i can say.

Mel on

Nobody else sees the resemblance between her and the alien boy on The Neighbors?

Nadia on

What the hell is people’s problem with this little girl having a short haircut?? It’s a freaking haircut!! It’s not colored, not styled provocatively or crazy looking. It’s short hair!! It’s doesn’t make it an adult hairdo. Lots of little girls have short hair. Perhaps that how they want it, perhaps that’s how their parents want it. Long hair gets tangled and short hair is easier to maintain, especially for little girls who might not want ponytails or pigtails. If you have a daughter, by all means, let grow as long as Rapunzel’s, that’s your choice. But don’t b*tch about someone else’s little girl getting a haircut.

Sara on

I love it! She does look more grown up, but I think that’s also due to the more serious expression on her face. These kids seem to be very active. Short hair is easier.

Candy on

What a little cutie. Jennifer was on Ellen a few days ago, and refers to her as Sera.

Blah on

I think it looks WAY better! Did she dye it too?

Julianna on

Sera is adorable with her new hair. And I think it’s so cute how she, Vi and Sam look like their mom!

Teri on

Oh my gosh… those dimples!!! My youngest 2 girls have very deep dimples. LOVE them. Her hair is adorable! Very cute little girl.

I on

She’s a cutie she smiles like her daddy : )

Amy on

Her hair is adorable! I cut my 5 year olds hair the other day. It gets so tangled and she has a fit getting it brushed. I cut it and it is so much easier on her and me. She loves it! I agree wither another poster, little girls have worn bobs for years and years. No, they didn’t dye her. My daughter’s hair was dark blonde and it now looks a little darker from cutting it. Most of the lightness is on the ends.

kaemicha on

ADORBS! I do not understand how people can say anything negative about this adorable family. The bob is totally cute and the rest of the family-beautiful and great role models.

Leslie on

First of all, I think she is absolutely adorable..with long hair or short! Carol,that is low. Haven’t you learned if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it. Now for YOU, rubberduckiecake you are another one. I happen to enjoy seeing pictures of this family and watching their adorable girls grow up. I highly doubt any of us would want to see pictures of YOUR family.

Anonymous on

Cute and I hope she becomes an actress. They have 3 kids so one of them should follow in the family business

Sus on

Cute haircut!

Arian WIlliams on

maybe the child wante her hair shorter. When I was a child, my mother made me have very long hair and I hate it. I would cry and beg her to let me get it cut. not until; I was 8. my siste was made to have hers short. She would cry and beg mom to let her hair grow. NO . When we got to the point of making our choices of hair length, my sister went very long. I went short and it has been short for years.. Isnt it weird that some people just are so interested in the hairtyules, clothing , whatrerever of celebrities and their children. the child is cute, regardless of the hairstyle.

T. on

Seriously! It’s a hair cut on a KID!! Not the end of the world! Geez! Nothing against the KID, but who cares!!???!!

Montana on

@Carol the fact that you would make a comment like that about a 3 year old is sad. If you are not a mom and I pray u aren’t never have children you will be no good at it. As for your own mom we all see she failed you and failed you big time. For that I give you mympity and your mom my disqust.

Carol on

I think she looks adorable either way! Very cute little girl!

Tanja on

I think it’s cute.:)

It’s kinda mind boggling that people who simply don’t like her hair-cut are being critisized here.

Gosh,it’s their opinion.

I had to laugh about a person here (don’t remember the name) who went ballistic and said:” Why are you judging a kid that isn’t your own?”

My question: Why do you care about what others say about the hair-cut of a child that isn’t yours?;)

Funny that some people don’t seem to be allowed to write their opinion.People who like Seras hair are allowed to say so and the others need to “Shut up.”



Catca on

Aw, she looks like the book character “Madelein”. Very cute (and very little girlish!)

Brooklyn on

She’s adorable!

Traci on

I love the whole Affleck family. Violet, Seraphina and Samuel are all very cute kids. I think Sera’s hair is adorable.

Ally on

LOL honestly. Every time I see people aghast over celebrity babies’ looks I just think, “Are your own kids not cute enough for you, that you have to live through better looking people’s kids?” Make whatever comments you want to make about the parents, but that is a four year old you whose appearance you are judging, and there is nothing about that that isn’t pathetic. That said, I absolutely ADORE that haircut, my best friend’s six year old has one very similar. I don’t find it adult at all, I tell her all the time she looks like a little girl in a story book. I have to wonder if the people saying they can’t bare to cut their kids’ baby hair would feel the same if they had a boy.

Cooper on

To those screaming about the cut, did you ever think that brushing her hair is a daily nightmare? Some kids scream like crazy when you try to comb it, and it’s worse when it’s really long.

Chrissy on

Are you guys kidding me with your crappy comments. She is a little girl with a bob haircut. Brushing long hair on a little girl everyday is a huge pain, so practical reasons short hair is probably a time saver and plus it is cute. No rule book says all little girls need long hair.

anna dritsas on

she looks adorable!

glen hart on

stop putting people’s kids in your magazine to make them the fodder of gossip and ridicule to fill your coffers you DBs