Josh Duhamel: Fergie and I Are ‘So Much Wiser’ Now

03/21/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Josh Duhamel Fergie Having Boy?

Is a boy on the way for Josh Duhamel and Fergie?

The expectant couple haven’t announced their baby’s sex, but Duhamel referred to a boy when discussing childproofing their home.

“You know your kid is going to get — he’s going to fall and bump his head. And he’s going to do all of those things. But that to me is going to be the hardest,” the actor, 40, tells The Associated Press.

Duhamel was discussing impending fatherhood in an interview to promote his role as host of Saturday’s Kids’ Choice Awards in Los Angeles.

Fergie, 37, just announced her pregnancy in February — though the couple have fielded questions about when they’d have children since even before they married in 2009. Duhamel now says that the time is right.

“Now I get to relive my youth through my child and see my child live all that. So everybody’s got a different path,” Duhamel explains. “I wouldn’t change anything. We’re completely happy. We’re much wiser than we were 10 years ago. We’re much more ready. I think we’re so strong as a couple and all of those things are really important when you bring a little one into the world.”

The actor says he’s gotten plenty of advice from friends and family about parenthood, and has experience dealing with babies at home because he has two much younger sisters.

“I’ve just picked a lot up along the way. Whether it’s giving them structure at an early age to — when they wake up in the middle of the night, you don’t cuddle them or get their attention. You just feed them and put them right back.”

Duhamel has already been able to give parenting advice to Fergie.

“You know, I was telling my wife yesterday … she didn’t know that you can bathe kids in a sink when they’re newborn. That’s where you bathe them, in a sink, because they’re so little. She’s like, ‘Really?!'” he jokes.

Meanwhile, the couple hasn’t yet started putting together a nursery or doing other household preparations.

“I’m realizing how much work we’re going to have to do to childproof our place. Or move. We’re not sure yet,” he notes. “You start thinking about those things. You really do — things that I’ve never thought about before.”

— The Associated Press

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Anonymous on

I hope they hire a nanny! No cuddling???

MC on

No cuddles at night when they should be sleeping! It only encourages kids to wake up for social time. Sounds like they will be great parents!

Anonymous on

Ugh. When will PEOPLE and other sites get that it’s extremely common for people to refer to their baby as “he” when they don’t know the gender or don’t want to share it, and therefore doesn’t really mean anything?!

That being said, Josh sounds like he’s going to be a great father!

Anonymous on

Anonymous- The first one, he said no cuddling when the baby wakes up at night, and actually, that IS what most experts advise. Newborns need to be taught that nighttime is for sleeping (they literally don’t know the difference between day and night at first, since there isn’t one in utero!).

Obviously cuddling or interacting with them the way you would during the day isn’t going to do it! πŸ™‚

Amanda on

I wonder if josh calls her fergie or Stacy when there home. Cause Fergie’s real name is Stacy.

RelaxPeople on

Calm down, People magazine. You’re jumping to conclusions. Many people naturally say ‘he’ when discussing a baby whose sex is not known. Didn’t you learn your lesson from the many, many times you cackled that Kate was pregnant when she really wasn’t?

Bkable on

Bathe kids in a sink? Maybe in the 90s lol I think they can afford a baby tub… And if Fergie didn’t know that you don’t put a baby in the big bath tub, then I’m fearful for this child….

(and for everyone saying that he said no cuddling, NO… he was talking about teaching your baby to self-sooth! But I’m pretty sure that’s not for a newborn Josh lol)

Kimberly on

Don’t be so stuck up Bkable. Washing small babies in the sink is much easier on your back. I’d rather stand over a sink than be on my knees leaning over and into a bathtub. I’m sorry but, when your a momma it’s about working smarter, not harder. I have 3 full baths in my home and none are as comfortable for washing baby than the kitchen sink. People act like they don’t know how to clean up a sink. You’re suppose to do that anyway!

WhiteLily30 on

Poor guy is going to find out the difference between what he thinks is the right way to raise a child, and what the reality of it is actually like. Watching someone else take care of their children is never the same as taking care of your own.

It’s easy to get a little irritated at his shallow confidence, especially when he says he won’t cuddle his own child at night, but he’ll learn and quickly! He’ll try that strong arm method for three nights in a row and then he’ll scream into a pillow with frustration, listening to the baby crying non-stop. Then he’ll realize that the child has more needs than just being hungry, and he’ll cuddle the poor thing until it falls asleep.

Thankfully for the baby, his wife will have some stronger maternal instincts guiding her and she’ll very likely have some pity on the little one quicker than he will. I don’t doubt he’ll end up being a good father – he just needs some on-the-job training before he’ll get there.

Anna on

Totally agree with everything you said. I know I did all kinds of things I said I wouldn’t do. It’s very different with your own baby. You don’t go by the manual with your child own. You go with your heart and what feels natural. Which is usually ends up being something different than what’s the experts and books say to do.

They seem like they will be loving wonderful parents. Congrats to them. Nothing can prepare you so throw away the books and guidelines because it’s a waste of time. You will end up doing things your way in the end. That’s just how it is.

Anonymous on

I never bathed my children in the sink,…so unsanitary. That’s what baby tubs are for.

stella on

I would disagree. A baby is not a manipulator and his/her only way to communicate is through crying/fussing. I always went to my son when he was an infant to provide comfort or to make sure he is safe. He slept through the night when the time was right for his schedule. You can never know if something is really wrong. And new parents will regain those years without sleep. It’s life! Enjoy but be safe and cuddle your baby anytime they need you.

Melissa on

The “no cuddling” is at night. He’s right. If you stimulate a baby at night, they get their days and nights mixed up.

Everyone learns with their 1st πŸ™‚

Jbp on

What parent is perfect? Who didn’t start off with one idea and it changed inces your child was actually there. Saying he’s not going to be a good father based on an interview that probably is taken out of context is a little sad.

karen on

First of all, congrats to Josh & Fergie.

Secondly, I must weigh in on the “self-soothing” that has been mentioned. It actually saddened me to think that there are people out there who believe that a newborns “need to be taught” the difference between daytime and night time. REALLY???? Newborns are in survival mode for the first part of their life; they are not capable of “manipulating” in order to get their needs met. Nature gave them the ability to cry (which happens to be their ONLY way to communicate in the beginning) as a way to get their needs met. A newborn baby does not stop crying because it has “soothed” itself…it has stopped crying because it is exhausted from crying. I’m not sure what kind of a parent could lay in bed and listen to their helpless newborn baby cry!!!

Mandy on

I don’t cuddle my 10 month when she wakes up at night. I hold her while I give her a bottle, sit her in her chair, & wait for her to go to sleep. Once she is I put her back to bed. I cuddle her all day long.

Anonymous on

Do any of you really think your opinions and comments matter? At all!? Put your energy into your own lives instead of criticizing those of others.

Kim on

Anonymous, you might want to take your own advice. I seriously doubt anyone else commenting cares what you think either.

boohoobytch on

she’s veeeeeery lucky

theyknow on

It is not unsanitary to bathe your baby in a sink if it is a clean sink. No different than the tub. Some people still use that method and there is nothing wrong with that. Its actually quicker.

And he is right on the part about the cuddling, but we all know things change when the baby actually gets here. You hate to hear them cry so you automatically wanna hold them πŸ™‚

JustMe on

If they have a boy Coach Ferguson (her dad) will no doubt turn him into a little foorball player!

AmyP on

I hope that child gets its father’s looks!

Anonymous on

i absolutely love these two.

Anonymous on

“The actor says he’s gotten” Seriously People. You’re a publications. Please use the English language properly.


We all know Josh is going to cuddle,I mean really?!:)

Anonymous on

I totaly agree with that most people refer to call babies “he” when they don’t know the gender. But if it is a boy and he looks like his daddy, WHOA!

blessedwithboys on

Josh used to be so sexy to me but that gross comment about not cuddling his baby at night changed that real fast. 😦

holly on

Congrats to you both you guys do what feels right to you when it comes to caring for your baby. Enjoy your little gift.

Lisa T on

Fergie. Stacy. Tranny. It’s all the same.

Lisa T on

Fergie is an idiot. How could she not know about the bathing thing? I don’t have kids and I know that you don’t bathe a newborn in the tub. Duh! Scary she’s going to be a mom.

Shirley on

Chill out! So he said he won’t cuddle at night, he may and he may not. Until you hold your baby in your arms, you never really know how and what you will do as a parent. And I’m sure they as 2 adults figure it out.

Myranda on

Is she super short? Or is he super tall? Wow!

Amanda K on

Congrats to them! As for the no cuddling, I tend not to care what so called experts have to say. Every child is different and what works for one may not for another.

Marky on

Anonymous, really? Do you think he said they would not be cuddling their baby? What he said was, when you feed in the night, you feed them and put them straight back to sleep so they learn to go back to sleep without a 2 hour “up in the night, mom and dad never need sleep” session with every feed. Huge difference between that and “no cuddling”!

I did that with 2 of my children, and they quickly learned to sleep at night; (one at 6 wks, and one at 4 months) all night from 9 pm to 9am. They got lots of cuddles and attention–just not up all night long, so they never learned to sleep.

haven on

There is no way i will ever bathe my baby in the kitchen sink that is dirty and not clean. Ok yeah people say you clean it first i dont care if i clean it first its just gross. You wash or rinse dirty dishes in there and dump greasy food or what other stuff in there yuck! Get a baby tub.

H on

And people wash their a$$es and naughty parts, and sometimes urinate in the shower, haven. How is that any less disgusting??

Megan on

It seems like bathing the baby in the sink is easier because you can stand and do it. While bathing them in the tub you have to squat down awkwardly…

Anonymous on

haven- He said “sink”, not “kitchen sink”. Most people have sinks in their bathrooms, too. πŸ˜‰

Lisa T. and Bkable- He said that she didn’t know that you can bathe kids in the sink “when they’re newborn”. To me that indicate that she thought a baby bathtub was the only way to bathe a newborn, not that you should put babies in the big tub!

And actually, it IS possible to safely bathe babies of any age in the big tub safely. If the baby can’t sit up yet, all you have to do is use a bath sling or an inflatable bather that floats (google them if you want to know more!). And obviously you only put a few inches of water in the tub!

Anonymous on

I also wanted to say that I see no issues with bathing a child in the sink. Heck, my grandmother used to give me baths in her laundry tub when I was little, and I loved it! πŸ™‚

Anon on

Everyone is so critical! I find it refreshing to read about a celebrity dad who is interested in parenting decisions. All of his comments make sense. He will adjust when his baby arrives, just like all parents do.

When will people start supporting parents instead of being critical about every decision?

Cindy on

I never gave my daughter a bath in the sink.

I had a small plastic tub.

And I never gave my grandson a bath in the sink either.

Babies can get germs from a sink, one of the dirtest places in your home.

Jadey on

Not cuddling at night is a good thing to do when trying to get them to sleep through. Not a gross comment to make at all!!

Jenni on

I gave both my kids baths in the sink when they were newborns, the sink is cleanable people. It would kill my back to lean into the bathtub!!! Both my kids are very healthy and rarely even go to the DR because they don’t get sick.

As for cuddling at night, don’t do it!!! I did and ended up being up every hour with my son, he would only sleep good if he slept in bed with me and my husband, all because he wanted to be cuddled all night.

They will be great parents!!!

stacy tinnelle on

Hey Fergie, my name is Stacy too. I remember Josh as Leo from all my children. I diffently think its time, better late then never. GOD BLESS U & UR BUNDLE OF JOY!!

Anonymous on

Just curious, does anyone actually use baby bathtubs anymore? I’m asking because most people seem to be saying either that they bathe/bathed their babies in the sink or in the big tub. πŸ™‚

M on

I never knew there was so much drama about a sink!! I switched between the baby tub and occassionally used his bathroom sink, which wasn’t really used for other purposes since it was his bathroom. And it was cleaned regularly. My child turned out fine. πŸ˜‰

Khi on

I just wanted to point out that Josh D. may not have been talking about Not cuddling your newborn. It sounds as if he was talking about things in general he’s picked up about parenting. I took it to mean older kids. It’s funny how so many people can read the same thing, but interpret it differently. Then we judge based on our own pre-conceived notions. Just saying. :). And I may not be right either.