Baby Boy on the Way for Johnathon Schaech

03/21/2013 at 07:00 PM ET

Johnathon Schaech Expecting First Child
Izumi Hasegawa/PR Photos

For as long as Johnathon Schaech can remember, he’s dreamed of being a father. So when the That Thing You Do! star recently learned he and fiancรฉe Julie Solomon were expecting a baby in September, he was over the moon.

“I’ve wanted to be a dad more than anything in the world,” he tells PEOPLE exclusively. “I feel very blessed! I’m beside myself.”

Just this week, Schaech, 43, and Solomon, 28, a Nashville native and music and book publicist, found out they’re expecting a son.

“It is life-changing,” says the actor, who co-stars in the upcoming Showtime series Ray Donovan and the new season of The Client List. “Good things come to those who wait. I feel so lucky.”

Schaech admits he’s had his share of disappointments along the way. Divorced twice — from Christina Applegate and Jana Kramer — the actor is more than ready to start a family.

“God blesses the broken road,” the Phantom actor says. “Looking back, I’m grateful to have gone through what I have, almost as if it’s prepared for me for this. I’m so grateful to have Julie in my life. I feel ready and [dreams] are coming true.”

The couple is looking to their families for guidance.

“My parents are celebrating their 50th anniversary,” says Schaech. “I want to raise my son the way my dad raised me. We are both looking forward to [instilling] the ideals, morals and traditions that both of our parents have and honoring the purpose this child brings us. Oh my God, I feel so blessed!”

— Elizabeth Leonard

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amanda on

congrats! how wonderful for them !

Sarah S. on

I only remember him as the hunky guy in “How to Make An American Quilt” alongside Winona Ryder–woohoo:) Congrats to him and Julie!

Anonymous on

“God” doesn’t do anything except appear in the minds of people who want or need to have a god, and then those people decide what the deity is doing an why. Other people give up imaginary friends when they are eight years old or so and navigate forward with energy and curiosity born of alertness and humility–the humility that comes from knowing they are no more important or “blessed” than any crane fly, flatworm, peccary, boston fern, macaw or giraffe. What happens happens and all organisms are in the soup!

Kelly on

Anonymous, are you high?

KymmiKakes on

EXACTLY what I was thinking Kelly!! Lmao

Jess on

Did you have a bad day Anonymous?

Catlady on


Jada on

Good luck in hell Anonymous!

Tara on

Ladies don’t feed the troll. This poster obviously has an extremely shallow and bitter life devoid of any hope. They try to patronize anyone who may have faith out of their own fears and feelings of inadequacy. To come on a celebrity board and attempt to appear profound while doing nothing more than making themselves appear ignorant, shows exactly how empty they are. Lets continue living our lives and believing how we do while losers like this exist in their own pathetic misery.

Casey on

Amen Anonymous. The most logical post I have ever read.

Sharon on

Seriously Anonymous…wtf?!

Cassie on

Anonymous- you are an idiot!

lynn on

I remember him from “That Thing You Do” and also from a Hallmark movie where his wife died along with their baby son and he later found a life w/someone else. I’ve always liked him as an actor.

Congratulations to he and his fiancee on their soon to be new arrival. He sounds very level headed about what he hopes to do as a parent. I hope they will be very happy for many years to come.

Kat on

Hey Anonymous,
Your time would probably be better spent focusing against positive energy, and refraining from leaving such ridiculous comments and instead, keep them sealed in that negative little head of yours. This world is filled with enough negative energy and certainly doesn’t have any need for yours.

Congrats to happy couple!

Elle on

I really hope he can make this relationship work, especially for the sake of the child.

Marky on

Anonymous, what on earth would possess you of the idea that anyone on this thread is interested in your lecture on the existence or non-existence of God? This man is entitled to believe in God if he so chooses, and no, it isn’t “free speech” to ridicule him for it, or accuse him of arrested development at the age of 8. Who the he– are you to judge him either way? Honestly, whatever happened to, “I’m so happy for you, and wish you well when your baby comes!”? OR, no comment at all….

Grace on

She looks like a younger Christina Applegate!

Jess on

Ya we need for positive thoughts

Gina Epley on

I remember him in The Sweetest Thing with Christina Applegate….. that was a cute movie!!

Nancy on

I was thinking she looks like Rachel McAdams.

Lopez on

I recognize this girl – her wedding was featured in an issue of Southern Living Weddings magazine less than a year ago!! Wow, quickly moved on and pregnant with another man’s baby. Her previous groom was MUCH cuter and looks like he ended up better off with out her! Hope this one works out!

meghan on

Then all you are looking at is blond hair, Grace. She looks nothing like her.

It’s nice to hear someone sound so grateful for their blessings–as well as the setbacks that brought them to the good place in their lives.

Kelly on

Given his track record with wives I hope this relationship lasts for the child’s sake. Good luck!

chrissa on

umm…shes married already, has been for 2 years….so, D list actor comes to lil ole nashville and she gets knocked up? poor Josh, Hope they have already divorced. Ive seen johnathon out many times at Losers, doesnt seem like the nicest guy…oh the drama!

Carolyn on

“Ideals, morals and traditions” that his parents who are celebrating their 50th Anniversary have demonstrated? Not quite.

Jen on

Anonymous is correct of course. Reasonable and right…the post though was a bit off topic. good reminder though

BT on

Lopez had the most accurate comment I’ve seen!

teresa on

i know this is lame of me to post but what heck i dont have a but is it me or in one paragraph it says they found out they were expecting in september and than it says in the next paragraph that they just found out this week? is it posted wrong or am i just stupid?

Amanda on

lynda on

Teresa, they found out this week that it was a boy

Momtobe on

I am also due in September and I cannot find out the sex of my baby until May (20 weeks) ! I want to know how they found out so quickly!

Robbie on

If her ex has moved on and is happy, then what’s wrong with her doing the same thing? Who cares if they have been married before…everyone deserves happiness, especially when there are children involved. People need to be more positive – too much negativity in this world as it is. Congrats to them!

Stacey on

How is he following in his parents footsteps (50 year marriage) with 2 divorces and an illegitimate child on the way? Just sayin’.

ha on

Agree stacey

meghan on

teresa, they found out about the pregnancy in September. They found out it will be a boy this past week.

BooBoo on

It’s worded poorly. Surprise.

It means that they found out this week, that they are expecting a baby that is *due* in September.

And, Anonymous, seriously? Take your negative cr@p and (in)superiority complex somewhere else. People like you are boring and hypocritical. This man has the right to believe in whatever he finds gives him strength.

meghan on

Actually teresa, it IS poorly written. She is due in September. They were not clear at all.

Robbie on

Julie and her ex husband divorced last year. That Southern Living thing was from 2 years ago (2011)- trust me I know, I was in their wedding. Julie’s ex husband already has a live in girlfriend and probably will be engaged himself soon, so get your facts straight.

Anyone that knows Julie or her ex knows this. You obviously don’t really know these people if you didn’t know that. Move on, they certainly have!

Anonymous on

Amanda- After looking at the pictures, I think people got her mixed up with someone else. The Julie in those pictures doesn’t look a thing like the Julie in the picture above (except for their long hair, of course). So I’m thinking the wedding in that magazine was of some other Julie.

Anyway, congrats to them!

ACompleteMystery on

I totally agree with Anonymous, however the comment wasn’t necessary. People are entitled to their opinion and own belief system. If this was a debate about whether God existed, it would be relevant.

Not So Much on

Let’s see, she just got married to her college sweetheart less than 2 years ago and is already pregnant and engaged to this guy. He has 2 divorces already under his belt, one from a marriage that lasted a month. The odds of you sharing your parents “50 years of marriage” values aren’t high.

Geka on

For Teresa,
they are expecting a baby in September, not they found out in September that they are expecting a baby.

Vroxx on

Kelly! I’m still cracking up!! Right on!

Mary Beth on

Loved him in “Hush”…

mary on

same Julie- you can read her bio here:

I don’t know much about her marriage, but it is a quickie divorce and new baby in my opinion. But hey-it happens

UnderCover on

To all you haters…. Go on with your petty comments! Julie is a great girl and deserves to be happy! Like previously stated, her ex Josh has moved on so she has every right to. 80% of the people commenting don’t know either party involved so keep your mouths shut unless you know the FULL story!

And just for the record…. Her ex Josh was seeing someone else two weeks after their split and I know this because I, personally, saw him out with this other woman at Melrose on 8th. Go run and tell that!!!!!

Go Jules!!! Your friends love, support, and are over the moon happy for you!!!! xoxoxo

Brookie on

UnderCover, I know Josh and Julie both, and it was very clear to anyone close to the situation that Julie moved on well before Josh did. Good for Josh though, he has definitely upgraded.

Tenley on

LOL…JULIE, noone cares about your baby at out of wedlock and it is SOOO Obvious that Julie sent this to, because nobody cares about this dude and for all of you YES SHE was married last year, when she was sleeping with this D list celebrity. Very very sad…

I have seen this guy around Nashville he is short, scrawny and not attractive in person, I don’t care if he was in “one” movie that people have actually heard of, he is known as a dirt bag in LA, just like andy dick, lol.

and p.s. julie nobody thinks your special for getting knocked up by this loser, he is nothing special…but he will for sure dump you when he gets sick of you and you will be stuck with a baby…

Lucy on

Just to clarify everyones post, (Robbie, you are correct) Trust ME…I know ALL about this.

Jonathan IS a handsome, rally nice guy. She IS a beautiful woman (that people have always said looks just like Rachel McAdams) The article in Southern Living WAS her wedding to Josh (who IS also an awesome person that HAS moved on with his life, too) but their wedding and the article WAS 2 yrs ago, not last year, (although they did re run it in a smaller “special edition” at one point).

She IS divorced and has been for quite some time. The baby IS due in Sept and they just found out this week (Tuesday, to be exact) that it is a boy…

Everyone has made mistakes in their life and we have regrets, but, kudos to them for trying to do all the right things going forward. NOW, that all that is out of the way…Congrats Julie and Jonathan and heres to a happy and healthy marriage AND baby!!!

DaisyMoon on

Who cares about the drama behind the scenes of this relationship…

The only question here should be, why would such a good-looking man wear such a ridiculous bow tie?

Tenley on

This article is just embarassing and I can’t believe Julie submitted this,(which she did)…Why would you want the world to know you had an affair with a guy when you were married, got pregnant with a guy after a month of dating him..He seems like a real Loser…

Julie honey, I surely hope Karma doesn’t come back to you bc you have set yoursef up for some crazy bad luck.. Also who is this guy again? Never heard of him ever, still can’t recognize any movies he has been in his wiki page, lol…

Oh and the reason julie doesn’t look like her wedding pics is bc she has been fat her whole life and just lost 40 pounds and got skinny for the first time…she has extenstions in and fake eye lashes in this pics, but she is No rachel adams or christina applegate & has always been known as the mean, gossip queen, drama queen of her high school and college so both of these scum like ppl are perfect for each other, lol

UnderCover on


I know Josh & Julie both as well. Julie may have moved on a little more publicly before Josh did but I know for an absolute fact that I saw Josh, at the bar, with the same girl he still happens to be dating two weeks after they split up.

Maybe they were “just friends” at that point? Either way, all parties are happy now so that’s all that matters :))))

Tenley on

He is not cute at all, seen him out and I can’t believe they actually call him a “celebrity” She has bad extensions in and use to be really fat. Good for her though i guess, but did she really need to submit herself to Kinda pathetic

UnderCover on

Hey Tenley…. You should probably go look into getting a life! If you’re claiming to know that Julie, herself, submitted this then you’d either have to be one of her close friends or have seen her post it on her FB page, which she did.

Meaning if you’re a close friend and your speaking about her this way that says a lot about you! Bringing up comments about her weight is so stupid and immature! Too bad you can run your mouth and say such foul things yet can’t reveal your identity. Hiding behind your computer. Smh. Maybe take a long walk off a short cliff!

Love you Jules!!!!!!

Tara on

@tenley,Brook, undercover- if any of you are an indication of the type

Lucy on

Jealousy issues?? Wow! you are really wrapped up in Julie!

Guest1709 on

Tenley clearly has it out for Julie, and I have no idea why. I’ve known her since high school, and she was and still is beautiful (not fat, which you keep so rudely saying) and one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. She’s a great girl, a good person…no need for such negative comments from people who probably don’t know any of the parties involved!

Guest1709 on

Congratulations to the happy couple!

I have known Julie since high school, and she is a beautiful and kind person. She’s honestly one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, and such a great girl. No need for such negative comments (Tenley, who really seems to have it out for her…)!

Guest1709 on

Oops I didn’t realize my first comment had posted, didn’t mean to post twice ๐Ÿ™‚

Jess on

Congrats to him and Julie a baby is ALWAYS a blessing! Boy does he have a type Julie reminds me so much or Christina Applegate during her “Married With Children” years.

Julianna on

She’s beautiful! Congratulations to the happy couple – their little boy is going to be gorgeous, I’m sure.

meghan on

Tenley, get a life.

Paige on

Congrats to Jules!!! All of her friends and family are beyond happy for her and her new family!

She is a beautiful person inside and out and deserves a beautiful life to match!

Haters gonna hate Jules, because jealousy is human nature. Take what is said with a grain of salt and know the people that matter know the truth.

#Team Jules!

T1111 on


Steff on

3rd marriage to a woman 15 yrs younger? hmm..not a good track record

Your Mom on

“I recognize this girl โ€“ her wedding was featured in an issue of Southern Living Weddings magazine less than a year ago!! Wow, quickly moved on and pregnant with another manโ€™s baby. Her previous groom was MUCH cuter and looks like he ended up better off with out her! Hope this one works out!”

Oh, you recognize this girl from Southern Living Weddings?? Is the magazine something you frequently look at or subscribe to? Give me a break, you are obviously someone that knows her and/or has a serious issue with her or Josh.

Even though these two are no longer married, they have remained friends and are supportive of the other moving on. Hating on one is like hating on both. Yes they were married, but it ended.. And needed to end. Both are much happier and better off with the person they are currently with.

Julie is a great friend and has (if anything) been very quite and humble about everything that she has gone through including becoming a mother. A press release announcing her own pregnancy? Seriously?

If Julie is guilty of anything it is being excited about whats to come. She and Johnathon are very happy and excited to bring a life into the world. We should praise them for doing the right thing and taking on the challenge of becoming parents.

I love you both! #teamjules

UnderCover on

Tara- I was speaking up for Jules. Please don’t include me. Thanks.

Robbie on

Tenley- wow, you’ve been this obsessed and jealous of Julie since highschool and college huh? 10+ years of built up jealously must really eat at you. Must be AWESOME living in your skin!

First off: Julie would have no power to submit this article- this article wasn’t hers, it was Johnathon’s. It was most likely his team (managers etc) that set it up. If you had half a brain or an ounce of common sense running through your body, you would know that.

Second: I don’t think starring in over 30 films makes someone a “D list” celebrity. His IMDB website is chalked full of stuff. So while you waste time obsessing over Julie’s life and being the horrible creature you are – the “D” list celebrity will continue to make millions.

Third: It doesn’t matter what you think of him, you don’t even know the guy and every comment you have made has been gossip (which you seem to be a pro at). And the degrading comments you made about Julie’s beauty, her body and her previous marriage are so ludicrous that I won’t even dignify those with a response.

She is going to be a MOTHER- and a gorgeous one!! That is such an amazing gift from God and the fact that you would be so shallow and immature to degrade a mother-to-be like that is sick! Regardless of what you think you know or your opinions (that do not matter) about the situation.

What is “kinda pathetic” “Tenley” is your behind the scenes low-down comments about 2 people, one of which you have probably never had the pleasure of even meeting, who are happy, in love and creating a beautiful baby, exactly what life is all about! If you ever become a mother one day I already feel sorry for your children, that this is the kind of character and example that they will grow up with.

You would probably never have the nerve to say any of this to Julie’s face, because you are probably one of those people who have always been so sweet and nice to her in person. I bet she probably thinks you are a friend. You’re nothing but spineless! Julie is amazing- with some really protective friends- and there are a lot of us- and Nashville is a small town- and we probably have a really good idea who you are already. I would tread lightly…

Cindy on

He sounds he will be a loving father.

Best wishes to the couple.

chrissa on

wow..its just 2 people having a kid, happens every day all over the world.Calm down.Im pretty sure noone will ever hear about her again and sorry guys but, Im 26 , I have no clue who he is but congrats to both of them!:)

Sue on

Sarah, another fan of “How to Make an American Quilt”, he was gorgeous. He was Gwyneth’s husband in “Hush” too. Congrats

Robbie on

Woohoo!! Congrats to them! So deserving!

Robbie on

Brookie- doesn’t Julie’s ex date a part-time bartender? Don’t really see how that is such an “upgrade”…

UnderCover on

Robbie- Don’t know who you are but your post was awesome!!! You’re right, Julie does have some very protective friends!

Brookie on

Robbie, try not to be so lofty. I was just paying her ex a compliment.

Susan on

Congrats !!!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Liz on

I was so thrilled to see this article- congrats to this couple! I know them from Nashville and they are wonderful! Some of the comments are truly off topic and unnecessary though.

Tenley, do you live in a cave and have never seen a red carpet photo before? OF COURSE she’s wearing extensions and fake eyelashes, she’s on a red carpet! I would like for you to try and find someone on a red carpet who is not wearing those things!

And you must be blinded with envy because Julie is a striking young woman. Her old wedding picture you mentioned is gorgeous and the picture on her work website is gorgeous! She really does look just like Rachel McAdams in person, only prettier in my opinion.

You seem like a really sad person. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I hope you find happiness in life- as someone who is in their late 30s I can tell you, life is too short to be so cruel. You seem very young and misguided, you will learn one day.

Congrats Johnathon and Julie and new baby! Raising a family is the most thrilling challenge in the world! We are ALL rooting for you in Nashville ๐Ÿ™‚

Zoe on

Julie is one of the funniest, sexiest, most lovely people I know. Absolutely pathetic that anyone would have anything to say about her obvious happiness. Grow up, get laid, stop spreading your vitriol around, your jealously is palpable and sad. If I ever find out who you are and have the misfortune of seeing you, just know that I will reduce you to a puddle of bisquick batter and laugh when I see your inner and outer ugliness.

So excited to meet your little baby julie, even though it makes me feel old.

Robbie on

Congrats to the beautiful couple!!!

I too know them from Nashville…and LA. They are nothing but the sweetest, most giving, loving, gentle, humble, generous, beautiful inside & out …couple I know.

Not to mention so talented, smart & funny! Johnathon has been a working actor for years with nothing but respect from his “D” list co-stars such as Tom Hanks, David Decovany, Ed Harris & Jon Voight to name a few.

Julie owns her own publicity firm & is so loved in Nashville & LA. She looked stunning on the red carpet ..and she looks stunning with not a stitch of make up on!

I’ve been close to her for a long time & never heard her say a bad word about anybody…that my friends says something about somebody!

God gave them another chance at love & happiness…something that WE ALL..even you Tenley…would pray for. That is nothing to be made fun of or looked down upon. Nobody is perfect…that’s why we have grace & forgiveness.

It’s absolutely assinine to make fun of someones physical appearance…and especially someone who looks like a movie star…times 10! That screams JEALOUS & everyone knows it.

They look like a gorgeous Hollywood couple & I am so excited to meet their little baby blessing.

And as far as publishing their beautiful news…I’ve got news for you ignorant imbeciles who thought Julie submitted it herself…UM…it’s one of the most respected forms of entertainment & world news…it’d not the “want ads” You can’t say …”hey…I wanna tell you something…” People wanted to share this news & they did. Period. And they don’t do that for just anybody.

It’s a shame to see jealous, insecure cowards skulking around where they have no business spewing negativity about this couple that I know would give them the shirt off there back if they were in need.

We all know what you spew it’s just a sad reflection of you.

Congrats again guys! Lots of love & blessings your way xo

Bethy Poo on

Julie and John, a million congrats. Don’t let negative and obviously green-wtih-envy people take away this joyous news. All who know and love you know what special people you are. I’m so happy everyone has found love and happiness. Unfortunately, in this world, people will always have something negative to say. And if you are more in the public eye than most, you will unfortunately hear and read those negative thoughts. Just take them for what they are, hate words from miserable, jealous individuals who are so livid with envy they can’t even see straight enough to mind their own business. Folks will always speculate and assume they know your story, but those ‘folks’ don’t matter now do they?

I’m sure it’s still hard to read and hear about though. Just imagine them fat and cowardly sitting behind their computers writing these hateful things and that should make you giggle! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Love to Josh and his new gf and love to Julie and her new life. Love all around, people!! And PS, Tenley, take it from a publicist who knows, you can’t ‘submit’ articles to People, honey. They come to you. Try submitting your own news and see how quickly they publish it.

“But I say to you, love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you.” Amen and amen!

Josh & Chelsea on

Hello all, this is Josh, Julie’s ex-husband. My girlfriend Chelsea and I are writing this together. We recently found out through word of mouth what was going on here and we want to set the record straight.

First, let us congratulate Julie and John on their pregnancy. I’ve known Julie a long time and she has always dreamed of being a mother. There have been a lot of comments made and we can’t address them all, but we do want to cover a few.

First off there is no scandal here. Julie and I filed for divorce this summer and it was final in September. We divorced for mutually agreed upon reasons. We have both moved on and are extremely happy.

Some of the comments were probably made trying to defend me or stick up for me and while I understand the gesture, this is not what I or Chelsea want at all. For those of you that know me I am extremely happy in my current relationship and it would be best for everyone if we could all just move on.

Comments were made about upgrading or downgrading or whatever and I don’t agree with any of them. The truth of the matter is we’ve both found people that make us happy and that’s all that should matter.

Comments were made about Chelsea being a part-time bartender, she is so much more than that. She is an accomplished model and aspiring writer as well.

All that I ask is that we all let bygones be bygones, allow everyone to live happy private lives, and that everyone rejoice in the fact that a baby is being born and there is no greater innocence in this world than that of a child.

Peace and Love to Everyone!

The END!

Angie on

Oh the drama of a small town. Isn’t there something in your favorite book down there that says, “let he who is without sin cast the first stone”. What a bunch of hypocrites –Which of you hasn’t gone through a break up or a heartache? And better yet — Which of you has the conviction to pursue your dreams? Life’s too short. Get a life / define your purpose.

Congrats to the happy couple and their new found purpose. A baby is a blessing in whatever religion or life you sprout from.

beth on

Anonymous is far from an idiot, not negative, and won’t rot in a hell that he/she doesn’t believe in. While it wasn’t a particularly relevant comment to the article, Anonymous is spot-on.

Cara on

Is this just a bad picture or is he looking really bad these days? He has always been so handsome, but he looks so thin and pale. Just hoping he is healthy and okay. I agree that the bow tie has to go.

Bettina on

“Robbie” = obviously Julie or John

iammorethanamom on

As a mom of four, I can tell when someone really wants to be and SHOULD be a parent. I have personally known John for a long, long time. My husband and I have always believed that what he wanted more than anything was to be a father. I’m so glad that day is coming. He deserves the happiness, joy and love that only being a parent can bring. As for folks who don’t know John, or his work, that’s okay, not everyone can be as lucky as I am. I haven’t met Julie yet, but I’m looking forward to it. Congratulations to both of you!