Harold Perrineau Welcomes Daughter Holiday Grace

03/21/2013 at 03:00 PM ET

Harold Perrineau Welcomes Daughter Holiday Grace
Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

Another lovely lady for Harold Perrineau!

The actor and wife Brittany, 37, welcomed their third child, daughter Holiday Grace Perrineau, on Thursday, March 21, the couple tell PEOPLE exclusively.

Weighing in at 7 lbs., 5 oz. and measuring 21 inches long, Holiday arrived at 2:54 a.m. She joins elder siblings Wynter Aria, 4½, and Aurora, 18, at home.

Despite a sleepless night, the proud new dad says he and the family are ecstatic.

“Holiday Grace is here, and we couldn’t be any happier,” Perrineau, 49, tells PEOPLE.

“Our family feels complete. Mommy and baby are doing well and big sisters Aurora and Wynter are [thrilled].”

Perrineau shot to fame with roles on TV’s Oz and Lost. More recently the New York native had a pivotal role last season in the FX drama Sons of Anarchy and appeared in the Oscar-nominated film Zero Dark Thirty.

— Monica Rizzo

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Emry on

so, hashtag, rainbow and now holiday?? Where are people finding these names???

holidayisok on

The guy looks 30ish, the mom mid to late 20’s, wonder what their secret is & would like a peek inside their beauty / youth preserving chest at home and watch their daily skin routine…

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them! Unsure how I feel about Holiday Grace as a name. It’s definitely interesting.

Still a little bitter TBS cancelled The Wedding Band. I liked Harold in it!

Lisa T on

He was the bomb in Oz. Wishing them the very best with their new ‘Holiday” 🙂

Leslee on

I like the name Holiday. There is something about the name that leaves a good impression and a unique signature without being too weird or “hippy.” Guessing they might call her Holly, for short.

What did strike me was the three girls have a travel brochure theme going, “See the Aurora on your Wynter Holiday.” lol

UnKnown on

Congrats to Harold and his wife on their new arrival, much love and happiness to them 🙂

olive on

myok geez

Loved him on LOST!

Denise S. on

I have a feeling Aurora is 18 months, not 18.

Lana on

No, Aurora is 18. This was brought up when Wynter was born too.

Mellissa on

No, Denise, their eldest is 18 years old.

Ivy. on

3 girls!! Poor Harold. And the first 2 are stunning and I expect nothing less from the third. He’s got his hands tied. Their names aren’t any of my personal favorite, but I think they all go really well together.

Em on

Not a fan of unusual names as a rule but I think this is a sensational name. I love all their daughters’ names. They are feminine and whimsical.

Besides, she can always just go by Holly.

Kate on

His wife looks a lot like Diane Kruger! The name is different and I bet the baby is absolutely gorgeous! Congrats to the happy family on their new addition. 🙂

soph on

Denise S., nope. 18 is correct. But nice assumption.

nokturnl on

Congratulations to the entire family. Love the names of all his children. What people consider normal names seem so boring to me. Having a name that is different than anyone else is great. Now that they killed his character on Sons, I’m hoping to see Harold on something new. Great actor. Quite versatile and I can see many roles for him in the future.

lola on

So Ivy, why would you ever say such an idiotic thing?!! “3 girls!!! Poor Harold. As though having one or all sons would be better? Many Fathers of all girls are very happy and blessed with the women in their lives. If he is anything like my husband, his daughters spoil him rotten. Daddies are their little girls 1st loves. Think before you speak.

Charli on

Wow they both look at least 10 years younger than their age.

Charli on

Her name is Holiday nad they could call her Holli.

meghan on

That is a really pretty name.

Lynda_Claire on

I just look it up Aurora was born in 1994 so she is 18 years old, Not 18 months old

Melanie on

Lola, Ivy was CLEARLY being facetious. Maybe you should learn how to read a person’s tone?

Jojo on

Gee Melanie, since you have this perfection thing down pat, maybe you should bottle it and sell it. Then people like lola can rise to your greatness (just so there is no confusion, that was sarcasm).

Maybe Ivy wasn’t being facetious at all. Maybe she was just amazed that two people who look so young, could have a child that old. Just because you read the statement one way, does not necessarily mean that you are correct. People who jump to conclusions sometimes have a hard fall.

Sharon on

Jojo what are you even talking about?! Ivy’s comment had nothing to do with them having a child that age…she made a comment about Harold having 3 girls and how stunning the first 2 are!! Maybe YOU should be the one to read the statement the right way.

Anonymous on

Congrats to them!

MollyF on

Beautiful name. They can call her Holly or Holi for short.

I love how some people love to criticize others about their choice of names. How would you feel if someone said your choice of your child’s name was bad? Why care?

Congrats to both of them. 🙂

Sharon on

Very cute name…i had a professor in college named Holiday. Congrats to them..3 little girls…sweet!!

JustMe on

I’ll take Holiday over Rainbow or North any day! They are a lovley pair indeed!

kc on

Um, Lola. What in the world was that angry post about? I don’t mean to speak for Ivy but I’m sure the “3 girls!! Poor Harold.” was meant as light-hearted observation. While your post, Lola, was just weird and completely missing the point.

jmm on

What is the obsession with shortening names? Her name is Holiday. Why isn’t it assumed that she’ll be called Holiday? It’s certainly not the oddest name to come out of Hollywood.

stee on

oh man, Wedding Band was cancelled?!?! I didn’t know that. Loved that show.

TM on

They could call her Holi! What an adorable name!

Julianna on


soph on

lola’s just defensive and insecure…obviously.

Sara on

Their girls have beautiful names!

Anonymous on

jmm- Because most people with long names go by nicknames, at least here in the U.S. And people are saying she COULD go by Holly, not that she will or that she has to. Relax! 🙂

Holiday on

I love the name! Congrats your baby girl!

Kim on

Congrats to them. I met them and one of their daughters last fall and they were very nice people. And for those who make comments about name choices, honestly, it is a very personal choice.

saywhat on

God what’s with these names lately, Rainbow, Lincoln, Holiday???? Really Holiday? okay, wow…

disgusting on

sickening coal burning skank.
burn in hell you abomination.

Pod on

White female/asain male marriage is also all time high. No wonder why so many angry white men are shooting up the concert, schools ect. 😁