Sofia Vergara: I’m Freezing My Eggs

03/19/2013 at 11:00 AM ET

Sofia Vergara isn’t counting her chickens before they hatch, but she’s definitely prepping the eggs.

“I have to be careful what I eat because they’re freezing my eggs!” she confides to Vogue as she sits down to a lunch interview for their April issue.

“Hormone pills, and then after that it is hormone injections. They want to get as many eggs as they can because usually you produce them but they’re not good. They have to be perfect, perfect, perfect ones.”

Vergara’sย fiancรฉย Nick Loeb “is 37, younger than me, never had kids,” the Modern Family star notes of her decision to start the process.

Sofia Vergara Vogue

The actress, 40, is already mom to son Manolo, the product of her short-lived first marriage. Vergara chose the name after hearing it in the movie ScarfaceSteven Bauer played Manolo, Tony Montana’s sidekick who ultimately betrays him.

“I looooved that movie, and I was in looove with Steven Bauer,” she admits, explaining that she asked her husband at the time if they could call their baby Manolo. “And he was like, ‘Okay.’ And then my son, when he grew up, he was like, ‘Oh yeah, Mom, how amazing you named me after a drug-dealer junkie!’ And I was like, ‘Shut up, Manolo!'”

Her son, now 21, is well-aware of his mother’s plans for a second child — and more than happy with them.

“Sometimes he used to scream at me when he was younger: ‘Why can’t you have another baby, so you can stop focusing on me?'” says Vergara with a laugh.

— Sarah Michaud

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kim on

what is she thinking?? freezing her eggs at FORTY??!! maybe she shouldve thought of this earlier and done it a decade ago…

Ann on

A decade ago she might not have had the money, kim. Likewise she was not even engaged until recently. Life isn’t always something you can plan out to happen at a particular age or even to know what will come later. She probably had no idea she would eventually end up meeting a younger guy and him wanting kids.

I didnt marry until almost 33 and we werent sure about kids. I am pregnant at 37. Never could have guessed that would happen this way. I know women who had babies at 43 without a frozen egg too, by the way.

Sophia on

Good for her. The nature is very tough on women, and there is no guarantee you won’t want to have kids when you physically can’t. There is early menopause in my family, I’m thinking about freezing my eggs when I can too. (Let’s all be glad there is this option at least.)

liarlairpantsonfire on

great idea! 10 years too late for her, but great idea.

Ann on

Whateva liar liar. I am pregnant at 37 and know several who had them in their 40’s without frozen eggs or ivf. Just because lots of people have kids super young doesnt mean women hit menopause at 30. Menopause happens when it happens. Until then, you can generally still have one. In her case she probably wants to make sure she collects eggs in case she is one that hits menopause early.

Ann on

Not sure where the words liar liar came from. The mobile version of comments does some funny stuff.

theo4042 on

40 is not too late! I had my son at 40 yrs old and am now blessed with baby #2 at age 42! Good for Sofia, you go girl!

Denise S. on

I will never understand why actors/actresses feel the need to share such personal details of their life with the world.

runnergrl on

She’s too old to freeze her eggs.

Guest on

Kim, I agree. She’s a bit old to be freezing her eggs. Eggs quality isn’t about what you had for breakfast that day – it’s about youth. Hopefully, for the baby’s sake, she’s one of the lucky ones and has a healthy baby at an older age.

Erica on

How refreshing for a celebrity to admit to using reproductive medicine. I think more people (esp famous) should talk about how they’ve conceived if they are in their late 30’s & early 40’s. There is nothing to be ashamed of and it can help open people’s eyes to the possibilities (and/or limitations). Way to go Sofia!

epmmrp on

Way too much information and who cares?

Kerrin on

Freezing your eggs at 40 is kinda like freezing your eggs at 50 – useless. Whatever’s left is shot. By the time you reach 40, fertility doctors will be talking about bringing in donor eggs because the ones you have left are shot to sh**. Trust me, I’m 35 and on Clomid because my egg quality stucks, I know all about this. What a joke of an article. Kinda like Gwyneth Paltrow’s near-death miscarriage – still scratching my head at that one…

Ann on

Not every persons eggs are crap at 40, Kerrin. I know several people who had babies in their 40s. It’s just not a good idea to wait until 40 to try since no one can know which category they would fall in or if you will hit menopause early. She probably thought she was done and then boom she is engaged and he wants babies. So she gets the eggs freezed while she still has them.

Sarah on

Ann, must you comment on every person’s comment about her being too old with the exact same response?

Ann on

Sarah must you be as rude as possible? Why do you care anyway?

mamanas on

wrong. while egg reserve soea go down it does not eliminate the chance to have children. I had my healthy babies at age 41 and 42 naturally.

Manon on

She needs to pop her implants, remove her hair extentions & capped teeth & show what she really looks like, Then she needs to shut her mouth cause she’s such a show-off.

Alex on

Grow up these negative comments who are you? If you can’t pregnant that’s your issue!!!! Sounds like u have a case of jealousy I’m 42 just delivered first child healthy & freezing my eggs. Women like you do a disservice to woman kind, you don’t have the dignity to represent the word woman!!!

Thursday on

Well maybe she’s hoping to get some good eggs that are genetically hers.That way she doesn’t have to use donor eggs.I mean so many celebrities in their late forties get pregnant “allegedly”usind donor eggs.Then lie about it.But I guess if you focused on yourself and your career for so many years.Then I guess you gotta do what you gotta do.

fiona on

why not just have a baby now? why keep waiting?

Mel on

Can’t read this without her accent in my head. ha

Lilley on


Andrea on

Wow, way to go People for referring to her son as a “product of her short lived marriage”. That just doesn’t sit right with me for some reason. It sounds very cold.

Lindsey on

Thank you!! I was wondering why no one else commented about that cold and thoughtless wording. “Product” sounds like a horrible mistake. It’s disgusting the choice of words they decided would be appropriate.

TJ on

I’m actually surprised that a doctor would give the okay for her to try to freeze her eggs at her age. She should just try to get pregnant on her own.

Ann on

TJ, it’s probably an insurance policy in case it takes awhile as she has no idea when menopause will hit. Ivf also kind of cuts to the chase too and skips straight to a fertilized egg being implanted.

Cindy on

I had a healthy baby at 40. Obviously, my eggs weren’t “completely shot.”

Karen on

I too got pregnant at 40 and gave birth at age 41 to a perfectly healthy baby girl. As long as they harvest healthy eggs from her, there’s no reason she couldn’t carry a baby at her age. And I’m sure they will make sure the eggs are healthy before they proceed ! By the way, for those who remember the actress Adrienne Barbeau, she had twins at the age of 51!

christopher brisson on

@Manon: Jealous much? Vergara’s not really a show-off–she’s just a lively personality on her show and in interviews. She’s charming and confident, which is part of her appeal. And surprise, surprise, there are women such as she who have enviable breasts that aren’t implanted. They do exist. I also thought your remark about capped teeth as some sort of masquerade was pretty funny too. Maybe you think we shouldn’t brush our hair or teeth too? You know, go for that natural, “real” look that you find most indicative of character…

trixie on

Whoa Kerrin! I had my last baby at 40 and she is perfect. I am tired of celebs oversharing their ‘hardships’ though.

Natalie on

10 years ago, I don’t think egg freezing was well known or studied. Life happens and maybe she didn’t think that she would find someone that she wanted to have another child with. It is surprising that a doctor would recommend this, given her age but it’s worth a try! Best wishes to her.

Laurie on

Karrin, why so negative? I froze my eggs at 42 and got pregnant at 42. The quality of my eggs may have not been as good as in my 20s or 30s but I was hoping to get pregnant.. My fertility doctor was willing to work with my eggs and I was blessed with a beautiful girl.

Carrow on

Lol shut up Manolo!

gb on

While it’s not ideal to freeze eggs at 40 it’s not as crazy as some of you make it out to be. She would have better luck freezing embryos though, seeing as how she has a partner she wants to have a baby with already. They have a better thaw rate. I know women who had babies from embryos which were frozen when they were 40 – 45. Not very common but depending on a woman’s egg supply possible. I wish her luck.

heather on

why does she think the world needs to know this?

Mikaela on

Wishing her the best. I hope she has one (or more!) healthy beautiful baby.

Izzy on

Wow! A bunch of haters on here. Maybe she couldn’t afford to freeze them 10 years ago. Additionally, there are PLENTY of woman out there who had kids much later in life and have PERFECTLY HEALTHY babies.

Also, those criticizing her for not having her baby right now. Well it’s not just her decision. It’s her and her fiance. Maybe she actually wants to wait until after they are married instead of the other way around like most celebs are doing. Maybe at 37 he is not ready to be a father. Just give them a break.

Guest on

Good for her, wish I could have done. Now due to health issues I will never have a child of my own.

TJ on

@Ann Thank you for the information.

shidley on

So what if she wants to freeze her eggs. I have plenty of friends well into their 40s who have given birth to very healthy babies who are thriving. As long as your body is capable of carrying a pregnancy and gives you a happy, healthy child in the en…. what does it matter? No guarantees in life either. You may or may not live to see your children grow up. Live a glorious life and be happy!

Nicole on

I’m glad I’m 25. The technology wasn’t even around when she was my age. I’m planning on freezing my eggs at 27 or 28(when the process is even more perfected) if I’m still childless. It may not be totally impossible at 40, but successful preservation is unlikely past 35.

Ann on

Nicole – Its not unlikely, just less predictable. Even at 27 you may not have success though. Fertility is never guaranteed. Its just more likely and generally better quality eggs at a younger age although again that is different per person. Frozen eggs may not thaw well though too. You can only try & hope for the best outcome basically.

hctrouble on

Hey Kim, maybe you ought to stop being so judgmental. I did not get married until I was 36, and now at 41 my husband and I are undergoing fertility treatments to have our first child. I see nothing wrong with someone waiting until they are financially stable, mature, and ready for a family, to have one. Some people are lucky enough to find their mates in their 20s, I was older and did not want to just have a baby with anyone. I wanted it to be with the person I will spend the rest of my life with.

anne on

Still baffled by people who think it’s their business what this woman does with her body and her life. Seriously, what does it matter to any of you who hate on her, whether or not she decides to give her fiance a baby at her age? Many women have had children well into their forties and some without the aid of fertility doctors. To each their own. Live and let live. Good for her and I wish her luck.

Kay on

My great grandmother had my grandmother when she was 40…which was over 80 years ago. No IVF or donor eggs there so YES it is entirely possible for eggs to be viable at that age.

merion on


Mmm on

I know women who went through menopause and stopped completely and then took hormone replacement therapy and Wham! got pregnant in their fifties. While earlier is better playing the odds (and for producing a healthy baby minus birth defects), that is no guarantee of health. Most babies born with birth defects have moms in their twenties because they have more babies. Life is what it is and often, it doesn’t go the way we plan.

Lynocat71 on

I am blessed to have 4 biological children. The 1st at 22 and my last at 40 all are healthy and Happy children. However, I agree that irthdefectscan happen at any age. I seenaspecialist genetic counselor withmylast two and the haft they show shows at age 25 chances of a any with Down Syndrome are about 1 in 450 – for a 40 year old woman yes it is much higher 1 in 192 but, my point is age sometimes does not play a part at all it is the genetics of the egg and sperm. I wish her luck-!!!

Mar on

Sofia is nothing but a show-off!!!!

KatenAz on

I honestly think she should have done this sooner. I know I certainly would have had I known for sure I wanted a family and now that I am almost 40, my eggs are old and I have had infertility for going on three years. And I have no insurance coverage for this stuff, the cost is making infertility worst. The problem with freezing 40 yr old eggs, is the quality is borderline and they may not survive the thaw. She really needs to look at doing a fresh cycle to increase the chances of success- that means, have a child NOW or use a surrogate. It gets so much harder when youre 40 to conceive and the chances of IVF working really aren’t great. She has the money, so she may have to do repeated cycles and hope for success.

DJ on

Good for her! There is no better joy then being a mother, and sometimes we are in our late 30’s when we finally meet “THE ONE”. I met the love of my life at 36, had our first baby at 39 and our 2nd baby last year at 43!

Seriously on

You people are killing me. The average age of a mother to have a child with Downs Syndrome is 28. It’s a total myth the older the mother the more likely it is she will have a child with downs. Do some research before you open your yappers.

I say ‘good for her’! She has the money, I am sure has excellent doctors and the resources to provide a child a very good life. It always disgusts me how critical women are of each other and how judgemental people are that truly know very little about what they spout off about.

Connie on

Wow Kerrin – who peed in your Wheaties this morning?! I think the article is stupid and TMI but likey she can afford for her eggs to be screened for quality and then maybe they will do IVF. Whatever, it’s their decision and her body. In regards to your comments on Paltrow (who I can’t stand btw), I don’t really understand. You can almost die having a miscarriage; she could have had a tubal pregnancy and it ruputured or several other medical issues.

Case on

Wow! I cannot believe all of the RUDE comments on here about her age. I am 41 years old and am pregnant with my second child. I had my first one when I was 35 years old. I know several women in their 40’s who have gotten pregnant without any type of fertility treatments (including myself) and given birth to healthy babies. Good for Sofia!!!

shidley on

You go, Sofia! Nothing wrong with wanting a baby now or with doing it in the manner you see fit Plenty of women having children “later” all the time and having the time of their lives. A family can be had at just about any age these days. What matters, is loving parents with the energy to keep up!

Watcher on

I think it’s a shame that this woman wants to reproduce herself again at all. I find her vulgar and her over-the-top accent is really, really irritating. I agree with her son. There is really nothing wrong with the name Manolo, but she named him that because of its association with a violent criminal.

Linda on

Oh please she isn’t freezing her eggs. She is making a big deal of this because in a year or so it will come out that she and her boyfriend are expecting with a surrogate. She is only saying that she is freezing her eggs so she can say the baby is biologically hers.

_Kristine on

@Seriously – yes, the average age of a mother with a Down’s child is 28, but that’s only because many many many more young women have babies than women who are 40+. The risk of having a child with Down’s is 1 in 1,300 for a 25 year old woman and 1 in 30 for a 45 year old woman. After around age 30, the odds revert from a linear expression to an exponential increase. You can’t fight nature.

And Sofia is sharing this information because she was ASKED about it. That’s what these magazine articles do – probe into the celebrity life. Whether you want to know about it or not.

ct on

LOVE her! Best of luck – I had my first child at 38 – no problems conceiving and perfectly healthy boy. I love how people are so quick to judge.

larsen on

Sheesh, what a bunch of ageists. It is true at 40 her chances are diminished significantly, but she is relatively a newcomer to Hollywood, she just started making good money, she just got engaged, it isn’t too late for her to have a baby or plan for one, more so I am glad she is reproducing, pretty people should…to counter the effect of all the ugly trolls that pop one out every year in their 20’s.

momof4 on

I must admit I now read mainly for the comments. Cranky people are entertaining!

bkable on

Why did we need to know this….?

vc on

Wow, witchy comments much? So what she’s 40 and doing it? She can afford to do WHATEVER she wants. So what she didn’t do it 10 years ago? Are we THAT bad as a society that we can’t support someone who may have reproductive issues due to age and is trying to be proactive about it? Most of the comments on here are from women. Hey girls, listen up, you don’t know everything EITHER and not supporting one another only makes you look both mean and rotten, not vindicated.

Good for you Sofia! Do what you want. Too many Hollywood couples with children don’t talk about the fertility issues they may face. What you are doing is giving hope to those that might learn and benefit.

linda on

@watcher — shut up, you are a very very stupid person

Marie on

I think it’s a GREAT IDEA! If she is healthy enough to do it, why not!

You can’t plan life … sometimes the best gifts are those that are unexpected ๐Ÿ™‚

I am 40 and 6mos pregnant with #3 and I assure you, my eggs are in no way damaged!

I am not too old, and neither is my body ๐Ÿ™‚

hkd on

she may get lucky and get a good egg or two and if she has the money to keep trying, why not? i think most people would prefer to use their own eggs if they could and could!

Aly on

My gosh, oversharing much?!

mamay on

ooooooh, 40 is probably too late!

Tara on

While I only wish her happiness, this procedure is only for the wealthy.

Holiday on

Hctower it didn’t work out well for you waiting until the old age of 40 to try for a baby. If you wouldn’t have been so selfish about not wanting to give up your younger years you probably could have conceived without ivf

BEC on

Ladies, it is incredible at how hurtful you all can be. Why so harsh upon your own sex? Let’s be grateful that we have ways to help women conceive when they are unable to.

My son died at age 4 months old and for three years of my life I grieved. Then at 38 I was told I was “advanced maternal age” and had to undergo a full year of treatments. I had the health and the egg quality, just needed help. I prayed EVERY DAY those last 10 days after my one and only cycle of IVF. I asked God to give me a blessing and I will give one in return. When I got the news I was pregnant, I became so overwhelmed with joy I didn’t know what to do. After my daughter was born, I kept my promise to give a blessing and donated the 12 eggs I froze to other infertile couples.

I hope you 20 somethings know that even at your age, problems do arise. AT ANY age! Sofia may come off as ridiculous most times, I cannot disagree there. But let’s be respectful here towards each other. Those that can conceive on your own, great and bless you! Be grateful you never have to endure IVF. It is so grueling on the body and soul. And when you put all your hope into that and it doesn’t happen, it HURTS.

Egg quality does decrease after age 35, some get lucky, some don’t. Many factors contribute to infertility or difficulty conceiving, not just age. And at whatever age, your egg quality gets tested first before they will freeze your eggs. If you don’t qualify, they won’t freeze your eggs and will tell you that you need donor eggs.

Good for Sofia on

You tell ’em BEC! Your comment really touched me. Congratulations on your daughter. I am so sorry for the loss of your son.

pls yut up on

omg how is 40 too old?!?! my mom had me at 40 and im a healthy 22 yr old sheesh when did you guys start having kids at 19??? smfh too old my ass

LA girl on

This is without a doubt one of the dumbest things. Why not just get married and have a baby? Do these women really think they can wait for ever???? Is her career that important? How much more money does she need before she realizes what is important. Just sad.

LA girl on

Why go thru all the horomone shots and freezing eggs???

How about get married and have a baby already!!!

mamanas on

so she should rush out and marry anyone? How about finding tge right person?

victory on

Why must celebrities reveal every intimate detail of their lives?

meghan on

Leave it to Holiday to be the biggest ageist bitch in the whole thread. Just because you were stupid enough to get knocked up young doesn’t make it the right thing for everyone to do. Some people actually want to experience the world outside of playdates.

Ava on

My aunt and my former boss both had babies at age 41– naturally, and both babies were healthy. Anyway, I think it is nice that Sofia is sharing her story. Many women can relate.

Link on

My sister had 2 beautuful babies, a daughter at 41 and son at 43. While it is true that pregnancy later in life is more risky, in many cases it turns out just fine. Our Father had cancer and our family was preoccupied with that for 10 years and so we both had children later in life (me at 35). Please don’t presume to know everything about someone’s life before passing judgement.

Carmel on

Just cuz the outside looks 30, the innards are still 40 LOL And I always think it’s selfish to have a kid at 45 or something – when the child is 25, done school, ready to start life, boom they’ve got an aging 70 year old parent to take care of. Unfair

Kate on

Seriously – WHY do these celecrities have to tell the public EVERY private thing they do in their lives? Really, who cares what she does with her “eggs”?! Jeez….

Wow on

Wow, I can’t believe what I am reading out there. Since when did 40 become old? The average 40 year old, is not like our parents at 40. We are lively, vibrant and healthier. Woman can have children up until 45 or 46. And, who cares if they are older when the child grows up. Our generation is so much more healthy. I am surprsied at all the ageism out there.

Jess on

People, you need to get a life. If she wants to freeze her eggs at 40, who cares? They are HER eggs and HER life. My mom had me at forty 24 years ago and it was completely fine.

dee on

It is so annoying that this woman has became the celeb flavor of the month. I remember when she was just some blonde actress in that movie ‘Chasing Papi’. No body cares if your freezing or frying your eggs! Her 15 minutes of fame has to be close to over.

4mom on

I am in no way saying that I think she is doing the right thing, but I don’t understand why so many people think fertility ends at 30. I was 27 before I got married and had my first child at 29. I had my second when I was 34, my third at 36, and my fourth at 37. My great grandma got pregnant with her last child at 46 and had the one before her at 42. I fail to see what her age has to do with anything.

CCex on

Good for her.

Sunny on

Why should they be anybody’s business? What is wrong with people putting their personal business out there for all to see?

Lisa on

If there is one thing I take from reading about women freezing their eggs, relying on IVF, etc. it’s how little women really know about their own fertility. If you want children someday, start thinking about what that means biologically right now.

natalia on

My Mother had me and my twin sister when she was 42 and I’m glad she did or I wouldn’t be here. I think it’s great she wants to add to her small family.

M on

It’s really sad to see all the negative, uneducated comments about age and egg freezing. I froze my eggs last year at age 39 at one of the best fertility clinics in the country. I would not have spent the time or money to do so if there was no chance to have a biological child at some point. Most of what is written in the comments is inaccurate. If you want real information, visit the websites of legitimate clinics, like NYU’s or Columbia’s websites. If that doesn’t provide you with enough education, there is a website dedicated entirely to egg freezing. I don’t know the rules about posting, so I won’t type it here, but a simple google search should lead you to it. I still think it’s one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Marie on

She looks 15 years younger. People only have problems with others when they start to gain fame and more money. Good for her! Whatever makes her happy is best.

anais on

my grandmother had 8 children and she had her last child (my dad) at the age of 44!. well for all you that condemn aged mothers I am certainly grateful that my grandmother didnt listen to people like you! She lived long enough to see my dad getting married and having his own children!! so please i am here because of her and the decision she made to have one more!!

Brooklyn on

I am happy for her, I hope things turn out well for her ๐Ÿ™‚

Sandy on

the things modern medicine allows women to do! maybe she should just let it be and see what happens.

Susan on

So much for a woman making her own choices about her reproductive health without color commentary from every judge and jury? Good for her for stating her plans and being unashamed as she should be.

WhackJobs on

That is not a very good picture of her.

denise on

Women seem to think they are entitled to children,so they decide to go the unnatural route, fertility meds, freezing eggs, etc. Basically, they are buying babies produced through technology. Only women with money can do this. As a Catholic Christian, we are opposed to artificially producing babies but many break the church’s teaching. God will judge these women at death. II believe years from now there will be many sick women who will pay a price for their obsession to have a child. Why would a healthy woman put so many chemicals in her body? A better and healthier alternative for older women is to adopt all the precious babies who desperately need mothers. God blessed me naturally at 41 due to my excellent health and constant prayer for another child. If you mess with Mother Nature, there will be consequences . And just because you have money does not guarantee a perfectly healthy, intelligent baby. What happens to the deformed or sick babies produced by technology? There are many sides to this issue but there is really only one best course, be grateful for what you have or don’t have and be a heroine, adopt!!!!

p on

I had my child at 42! she is not too old. there are A LOT of fertility know-it-alls (aka – MORONS!) posting here.

best of luck to her! ๐Ÿ™‚

What??? on

Freeze for what? A surrogate? If she is not trying to get pregnant right now, what’s the point?

Amanda on

I’m surprised that any doctor would agree to do this at her age. Why doesn’t she try to have one the ‘old fashioned way” with her fiance instead?

lovely123 on

I don’t understand all the hoopla about freezing eggs at 40. Everyone is having kids nowadays at 40++. My son just started 1st grade and about 1/2 of the parents are at least 45.

Torgster on

My one concern everytime I hear of another “older” new parent is…regardless of how much healthier and “younger” we are than in the past, the wonders of medicine that have increased life expectancies well into our 80s and beyond. But nothing about this change is benefitting our minds! A good percentage of the new generation will be caring for their parents with dementia before they’ve even started their own families. And that’s sad.

Michelle on

So many people are really uninformed about assisted reproductive technologies.

I did IVF at age 38 and had excellent egg quality. Age is only part of the equation. However, I cannot imagine choosing to put your body through the IVF process unless it was your only option. I would have much rather conceived the “old fashioned” way.

However, I applaud her for not having the baby right now just because of her age. They both need to be ready for a baby.

Julie on

When you put your personal business out front you open yourself out to commentary from all sides not just your supporters. This coming from someone whose youngest child was born 2 years ago when I was 44 pregnancy and parenting is a hell of a lot harder in your 40s than in your 30s and 20s. I do wish them the best.

D.L. on

At 40 she can probably still get pregnant on her own. I know women who had perfectly healthy babies in their early 40’s without help.

Karen on

Why do most of you log onto a Celebrity Baby Blog if you’re going to complain about it insistently? So Sofia is choosing to wait until she & her fiance’ are ready to marry & not jump into a marriage just to have kids. She seems to have a level & logical head about her life. She’s 40, big deal. My grandmother had my mom at 40 & my uncle at 42 in the forties. My great grandmother had kids until she was 43 (12 healthy kids by the way). I have a dozen friends pregnant at this moment ages 38-43. If Sofia wants to freeze her eggs & they’re viable for either her or a surrogate than good for her. Also, good for her for speaking about it. She didn’t jump into countless marriages and have kids because she could… she waited. And not everyone was either blessed enough to find the “one” early on and/or was willing to be a statistical 50% divorcee.

Steph on

Having had 3 babies by IVF, I was aware that freezing eggs is so new and quite unreliable….I was always told that freezing embryos was the way to ensure a higher success rate. If she’s engaged and has a willing partner, I’d hope they’d freeze embryos!

huhwhatever on

Celebrities think they can fool the public. I happen to know egg freezing is a relatively new technology and has very poor success rates when a woman freezes her eggs past age 35. Sofia will likely get pregnant with a donor egg in the future, not her own frozen one.